T-Mobile LG G7 ThinQ now getting its Android Pie update



Looks like we can cross another device off the list of models waiting for their Android 9.0 Pie update.

T-Mobile has released Android Pie for its LG G7 ThinQ. The update is a big one, coming in at 1522.1MB, and it’s now rolling out over the air. TmoNews reader Chuck already received the update, and you can check for it yourself by going into your Settings app, selecting the “General” tab, and then tapping on Update Center > System Update > Check for Update.


Neither T-Mobile nor LG appear to have a changelog for the update quite yet. If the T-Mobile LG G7’s Android Pie update is anything like Verizon’s LG G7 Android Pie update, you can expect features like the option to use Home touch buttons with gestures like swiping up to switch to your overview or app drawer and swiping right to go to your most recent app, and a Part Slo-mo that’ll let you record a video with up to five scenes in slow motion.

That update also included an album bar that’ll let you quickly move photos or jump to other albums in the Gallery as well as a Dual App feature that enables you to run two of the same apps simultaneously with different accounts. For example, you can run two instances of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Skype at the same time with different accounts.

If you’ve got a T-Mobile LG G7 ThinQ, be sure to let us know what you think of the Android Pie update when you get it installed!

Thanks, Chuck!

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  • Glenn Gore

    So is the V30 going to be left to rot? By all reports and speculation, it was supposed to get Pie by the “end of Q2” but mine is still sitting there with the March security update. I am ready to throw the thing in the trash.

    • Trevnerdio

      The V30 was my biggest regret for an upgrade, especially coming from the S8+. I jumped ship on it pretty quickly.

    • gramps28

      Look for it at the end of July. It got pushed back a month.

  • Jay Holm

    Well how bout that!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Holm

    I tried going to settings, no update available as of yet.

  • JiGSaW525

    Finally can update my wife’s phone with an OS that will be updated again next month (Android Q). Great job LG and your dedicated software center!

    • Alex L.

      i wouldnt count on getting Q anytime this year. based on how long it took them to get P to us, i would say that we will get Q around this time next year at the earliest

      • JiGSaW525

        I honestly don’t expect Android Q at all on the G7. I will not be purchasing another LG headset unless running Android One going forward. Last nail in coffin for me.

        • Alex L.

          i think that the G7 will see Q, but i could be wrong. tbh, im most likely going to the pixel for my next phone (if only they had expandable storage)

  • Jay Holm

    These companies have no shame at all how long they take with these software updates!!! None of them!!!

  • Matt

    Updated mine today, gesture nav seems to be broken for me. Can’t do anything with it, clear all button doesn’t work either.

  • AmAn GoEl

    Still no update for the indian variant in ASIA. No news from LG ..

  • GeeOne

    After using Android phones since day one, I don’t get mad/worried/apprehensive about updates anymore. They hit when they hit. To be honest, some of that “new and improved” crap does nothing for the daily use of the phone. So, chill cause as soon as you leave LG for another company, you going to experience the same delays.

    • Alex L.

      unless you get a pixel.