T-Mobile rolling out Magenta Insiders program to get feedback from customers


T-Mobile CEO John Legere often says that listening to customers is a priority, and now it looks like T-Mo has rolled out a new program to help do just that.

A new T-Mobile program called Magenta Insiders has launched. Reddit user BountyHunter177 shared photos of a package from T-Mo with two “I <3 T” t-shirts, a Samsung Galaxy S9, and a card welcoming them to the program. “With your feedback on our latest products and new ideas, we’ll ensure T-Mobile continues to lead the industry in wireless innovation,” the card reads. “And that deserves some epic thanks. Please enjoy this new phone ON US — seriously, no strings attached.”


The card also points to this page on the T-Mobile website, urging Magenta Insiders to watch out for incoming emails and texts from T-Mobile. The FAQ on the page says that members will periodically be asked to answer brief surveys about how T-Mobile is doing. There are limited spots in the program, and while members can’t invite people into it, anyone who is interested in becoming a Magenta Insider can visit this page and submit their info to be considered. Only one person per account may join the program.

The signup page notes that Magenta Insiders will be required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement because they may get early looks at programs and services that aren’t commercially available.

Reddit user BountyHunter177 says that the package was delivered unexpectedly. Twitter user Tiffany Ewing got a Magenta Insiders box as well, and she says that while she knew something was coming, she didn’t know what it was. Ewing also posted a clip showing the welcome video from T-Mobile CEO John Legere, and I’ve included the text from that video below.

“…obsessed with their customers. But here at T-Mobile, it’s not just rhetoric. We actually do something about it.

I’m excited to announce a new program for customers like you. It’s called Magenta Insiders. As a Magenta Insider, you’ll get the latest services and programs from T-Mobile. And on top of it all, you’ll get the latest superphone on us. That’s right. This phone is yours, and we’ll help ensure that you experience all T-Mobile has to offer.

We’ll be counting on your feedback and your insights to help to shape our strategy for the future. We’re customer experience obsessed, so who better to guide the future of T-Mobile than our own customers?

I’m fired up to be the first to officially congratulate you and welcome you to the inaugural edition of Magenta Insiders. I can’t wait to hear from you.”

T-Mobile hasn’t made any formal announcements about the Magenta Insiders program, so it’s unclear how members were selected. As I said before, Legere and T-Mo love to talk about how they listen to their customers, and now it looks like some of them are being chosen to give feedback on T-Mobile’s current and future offerings to help make them better.

Via: Reddit, Twitter
Source: T-Mobile

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  • stuman19741974 .

    I hope I get selected!

    I’ve been part of a Best Buy Tech Insider program for the past few years. Some items I pass on, but others are worth trying, writing a review, and keeping for personal use.

  • Alex L.

    tmo used to have a program like this a long time ago and it was shut down. i was in that program, but nothing really came of that one. i hope this one is different

    • gramps28

      I was in that program in 2011 also and it was pre LeGere so he must be running out
      of ideas.

      • yankeesusa

        Running out of ideas? Like LTE speeds increasing across the board and the 600 band being one of the best things that has happened. When i started with tmobile i had the htc 626 which only had HSPA and back then over 7 years ago i was already getting speeds around 30mbps. Now that’s the average and at my house i get close to 90 on my s8. I don’t even have a 600 band phone yet.

        • Alex L.

          thats not an advancement in so far as a new program or promotion. thats tech advancement which would happen with or without John legere

        • yankeesusa

          I guess att and verizon didn’t get the memo. Their advancement is raising prices and not improving their current network until they absolutely have to. I got so tired of hearing about this xlte and my brother in law expecting his phones to be faster. Things just got more congested. I finally also had to take my mom of att because it was the same thing there. And now they are all touting fake 5g. It’s all good though. I gave verizon a try and att a try and finally chose tmobile and whether he has run out of ideas or not i’m sticking with them for now.

        • Alex L.

          now youre just off topic. but glad you saw the light. while tmo doesnt have the network reach of vzw (which is what your really paying for, not bandwidth) tmo really is the best as far as being competitive while keeping data flowing quickly.

        • gramps28

          I drive for work and I have a 600 band phone and the coverage really lacks and I’m just south of Chicago. The higher ups keep “advertising ” these tower upgrades , which in turn are the same cities all the time.
          So yes , they are running out of ideas if they can’t expand their coverage. My wife is living in Arizona and has a 600 band phone and they have “advertised” tower upgrades in the city she’s living in but yet she still relies on wifi calling so how is the 600 band the “best things that has happened”

  • Nate

    This looks fun!

  • mueller2051

    Maybe he should talk to his long time coustmer like myself

  • dtam

    signed up, would be nice to get selected…but probably won’t be

  • Shanita

    I hope that I’m selected. I would enjoy giving my input. I’ve been a TMo customer for a long time

  • francob911 .

    Requirement should be 10 years plus Customers

    • ChristianMcC

      Wouldn’t we love that. For this type of program, from a statistical PoV, best to get a mix of newer and long-term to get the best idea of customer satisfaction.

    • dcmanryan

      IMO that’s what they don’t want. Why? I think they’re after comparison info. In your case, how do you know vanilla is the best ice cream if that’s all you’ve had? They could get some long term improvement statistics from you but T-Mobiles business model is bashing the other guys and I think they’re after info from people that have switched more recently. I could be wrong, but the wireless world has changed so much in the last 10+ years it’s unreal so any info or experience you’ve had with previous carriers is meaningless.

      • humpfh

        Longer term customers are a little less likely to have an entitled attitude. They can also report where issues have improved or degraded over the years.

        Also, they’re older than many newer customers, and their concerns are different. Generally speaking a 21 year old is not going to have the demands of young children, aging parents, a sick spouse and stress at work all at the same time.

        It’s not that new users or old users have bad or good data. They just have *different* data. And a mixture is what would give the best outcome.

  • Lord Kensington

    The only feedback they want is the ass kissing kind. they do’t want actionable feedback where they’ve lied and you call them out on it.

    • yankeesusa

      hmmm. I called them out on issues with signal by my house and by my job. Within a couple weeks they got back to me and got techs out there and said there was issues and they would be resolved. now my speeds at my house are over 80mbps and at my job they are close to 30mbps when it used to be only 13. I know i’m just one user but as that one user i am happy and i know several of my friends that have had a similar experience.

    • Andrew Singleton

      if you put your business hat on, that doesn’t make sense. in actuality, negative feedback is more likely the only type of feedback they want. “thanks” doesn’t gain t-mobile customers. “coverage in durango, colorado could use work in the high mountain areas where main street is” gains a thousand customers, and to create a red carpet for that type of feedback is a great idea.

  • Dan

    Did they have to add a line?

    • Disqus5218

      Add a line + trade-in*

      • Francisco Peña

        and get the package on an EIP for 24mo

        • Alize Jen Alfonso Martinez

          36 months

        • Eric A

          Have to wait two months for credits to appear.

  • Jason Caprio

    I’m sure many of you have known me to be very critical of T-Mobile, but I have to say, this is guy is very passionate about building up his company and I have great respect for that. He turned T-Mobile USA around from near failure years back, to becoming a true STRONG competitor.

    Yes, they still have more work to do, but they have done many impressive things over the years. Props to John Legere for being so connected to his customer base.

  • Plow Rox

    “But here at T-Mobile, it’s not just rhetoric. We actually do something about it.”
    BULL pucky! They have done nothing about the vendors they select to update their products in a timely manner! Take my flagship (sic) lgv30 Crappy updates! Still behind in android versions. I’ll never ever buy LG again!!!!!

    • Ascertion

      This isn’t necessarily T-Mobile’s fault. They just test and set the standards for their device OTAs. It’s up to the OEM to create and push out the update.

    • yankeesusa

      They can only do so much to be allowed to sell a manufacturers phone when other companies like verizon and att will do the same and on top lock their phones down even worse. Actually tmobile has been pretty fast at trying to get updates pushed. My s8 has the december patch already and so does the tmobile 6t. Samsung and tmobile have done pretty well, not like pixel phones of course. LG is just junk though. I stopped using them after the g3.

  • Nearmsp

    I have been a T-mobile customers for 15+ years with 6 phone lines. I do hope I am considered. I have been looking closely at Google Fi in case the Sprint and T-mobile merger goes through. I have a feeling that the new company will not remain a uncarrier for too long. Many here seem to believe otherwise.

    • Steve Park

      Ive been a customer since the Powertel/Voicestream days, 1999, when I retired from Verizon, but could not and still can’t get Verizon service where I live because of a non-compete agreement they sign with a podunk cellular company here in Kentucky. Have not heard a word about this.

  • s38uqsid

    There’s no way I would sign up after having read what you have to give up, based upon their Privacy Policy here:


    They require you to provide your Social Security number, bank account information, credit card information, credit history, etc. NO WAY!

    • Ver

      Unfortunately I read that after I applied. But I haven’t given them that Info yet unless they already have it from past purchases which I hope they don’t.

    • stacks3000

      you know you gave them that info when you signed up for tmobile, right?

    • yankeesusa

      hmmm. that is what you give tmobile if you sign up for a post paid account. Well the bank account information you don’t unless you pay with that. As far as credit history, they can find that themselves. Social security number, you gave that when you sign up.

  • yankeesusa

    Yea, DM is a lot faster and you don’t have to give them call details anymore. Just the location you are at and what is happening. They check several things and then decide if it’s phone related, network related or an issue with needing a tech to go to the area. So far communicating via twitter has been the fastest and easiest way to get a hold of them. And things actually get fixed

  • Thomas Hornes

    I received a box as well and the free s9 galaxy phone and t’s. This is awesome as i needed another line for so i could separate my personal from my business. Thanks T.