T-Mobile will offer free MLB.TV subscription to customers for 2018 season


For several years now, T-Mobile has treated its customers to free Major League Baseball (MLB) games using the MLB’s streaming service. Today we’ve learned that that offer will be available again in 2018.

T-Mobile will offer a free MLB.TV regular season subscription to its customers through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. You’ll need to redeem your free subscription between March 27 and April 2.

Because you must be a T-Mobile subscriber to get this deal, you’ll need to be connected to the T-Mo network to sign up. The offer is also only available to new MLB.TV subscribers, so if you’re currently signed up for the service, you’ll need to cancel by 8:00 pm ET on March 23.

An MLB.TV subscrption allows you to watch every out-of-market regular season game live or on demand. You can choose either home or away feeds when watching a game.

A season-long subscription to MLB.TV normally costs $115.99 per year, so this is a pretty great deal for baseball fans on T-Mobile. It’s great to see this deal return for another year, and I’m betting that for some customers, it’s one of the main reasons that they stick with T-Mobile.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Sharti24

    Useless if you want to watch your hometown team

    • Nate


    • Fernando Molina

      No it’s not useless, you just need to know how to get around it. I live close to LA and I was able to watch the Dodgers games. You need to mock your location.

      • beachtrax

        Thanks for that information Fernando :) I am also near LA and watch the Dodgers.

        • Fernando Molina

          No problem

      • Sharti24

        Can you watch on a tv? Say using the roku streaking stick

        • Fernando Molina

          I watch it on tv but I use the smart view option from my phone. I am not sure if there is any other way to do it.

        • Francisco Peña

          Maybe chromecast

      • steadymobb

        How do you do that?

        • Fernando Molina

          You need an app like fake GPS and follow the steps. Before I start the at bat app I change the location with Wi-Fi off, I confirm with Google map that the location I selected is working, then I start the at bat app start watching the game and switch to Wi-Fi if I am home

        • Sal Monella

          With the app on Android, turning off GPS, or using a VPN will not work. If you watch on a computer, a VPN or proxy will work.

        • Fernando Molina

          I use the fake GPS app and it works once you mock your location

    • Steve

      It is actually the local broadcast stations that are behind the blackout. I am not sure how it works for many of the other teams out there but here in NY, if you are in the NY viewing area, you can watch on your smartphone or tablet via either the NBC Sports App (Mets) or FOX Sports App (Yankees) so it’s not an issue here.

      • Sharti24

        You need a cable subscription to watch your local teams on those apps though

        • Steve

          Correct, as you still need to authenticate. This is the same for many apps, even CNN (if you want to watch on your device).

        • Sharti24

          That kinda defeats the purpose though. All i care about is watching the Indians. I live in Akron so i cant watch via the mlb.com subscription because im in their market. If i had cable i wouldnt need the mlb.com app.

          I understand that the cable companies struck a deal not allowing the mlb to broadcast in market games because that would take away from cable sales. But i should be able to watch the vistor teams broadcast when the Indians play another team. Seems fair

        • Brad C

          Cable companies have nothing to do with it. In Ohio it’s FSN that is to blame for it.

  • Pook

    heck yeah!

  • Madmac9

    One of the best parts of tmobile. Love watching games across the country.

  • stuman19741974 .

    Yes! As a previous paying MLB.tv subscriber, this is my favorite perk from T-Mobile.

    And I look forward to next season when they have Harper still as their spokesperson…but in a CUBS uniform! :)

    • Sayahh

      Do you remembet having to cancel or could you renew without issues?

      • Steve

        Since the MLB.TV subscription is an annual purchase, you should have been deactivated after the 2017 season. I have just continued to renew using my same MLB logins once the T-Mobile promo period comes around. I’m glad that we have a week to do so as opposed to the T-Mobile Tuesday last year (only 1 day to sign up).

        • Sal Monella

          Yes. You can no longer sign in with your email ID from 2017, so you don’t need to cancel, just sign up on March 27 with the same email if you want. You only had one day last year, so I would do it on the first day.

    • Steve

      I have continuously tweeted Legere and Sievert about getting rid of Harper. He is an absolute lowlife and a clubhouse cancer. Even his minor league team was thrilled that he got called up just so they didn’t have to be around him. Also, when he was playing travel baseball, he would stay back in his hotel room if there werten’t going to be any scouts at his game. Before you say anything, I have heard both from multiple sources. I’d take Trout any day….he’s all about the team, not himself.

  • Fernando Molina

    I got it the last 2 years, you just need to make sure you do it right on the dates that we were told and make sure you dont pay for a subscription before that date

  • Dustin

    That is completely false. It’s open to all T-Mobile customers. You just get a one-day window to register for it. March 27. Miss that date, miss the entire promo.

  • amr gharib

    What about Russia 2018, a deal with Fox to use their app to log on using T-mobile to watch worldCup games!

    • Francisco Peña

      That be nice, but you can watch fox anytime

      • amr gharib

        I do not have tv service, just Netflix and Hulu.

    • steveb944

      This is because T-Mobile sponsors MLB.

      Try overseas streams or Telemundo.

  • Mark

    Also, as the article says, if you’re a current MLB subscriber (paid OR through T-Mobile), you need to call MLB before the end of the month to cancel your automatic renewal. Then, sign up through the T-Mobile app when it’s offered.

    • Sal Monella

      It automatically cancels your account at the end of the season or the end of last year, until you sign up again with the free promotion or pay for it. You only have those few days for the free promotion or pay the full price. FOX is the only one allowed for local streaming on Sprint, so not sure why anyone would pay for this, unless your favorite team is in another state.

  • PhantomOps

    Anyone know if this is the type of deal that’s free for the first year, then you get automatically renewed the following year at full price?

    • drpoochix

      no it is not, no credit card required

  • ABC123

    I also want to say you’re wrong. I’ve done this the past two years as an existing customer. I hope people don’t believe this and miss their chance as a result.

  • Al William

    Had it for the last 2 years with no problem. Maybe you’re not doing something right?
    Like missing the time frame to download it? Or using wi-fi instead of the Tmo network to sign up? Remember you have to turn your wi-fi off and use Tmo network to sign-up.

  • Peril_Sensitive

    Good news. I’ve been enjoying this perk for a couple of years. Prior to that I’d wait for the in season sales they would run. Once you sign up on your phone, the subscription can be used on any device. Watch mine on a smart tv and listen while driving. Anyone know if MLB blocks location masking VPNs?

    • Nowheresville

      I’ve been able to watch some of the post season games on MLB.tv using a VPN (they are otherwise the playoffs are audio only in the US).

    • crackers8199

      smart DNS to mask your location worked fine last year, but who knows if they’ll figure out a way to block it this year…

  • Doug S

    I am new t-mobile customer with 4 lines and this sounds great. So far I am really liking T-mobile (I was with ATT for over 15 years). Question: If I have 4 lines (probably 2 of the 4 users are interested in the MLB-TV offer), do I sign up for 2 different accounts or just the one? Does it let you sign up for more than one (assuming both phones have the tuesday offer app)?

    • you can literally sign all 4 lines up with diff emails

      • Doug S

        Thanks BiGMERF!

    • Al William

      You can sign up all 4 phones using 4 different emails and make sure you have the wifi OFF and only using the Tmo network. After that anybody can sign-in and watch on any device supported by MLB TV.

      • Doug S

        Thanks for the reply my friend, I am loving T-mobile. Was with ATT for over 15 years and wish I had switched sooner.

  • Thank you so much for this… def my fav gift for the past few years .. sincerely new york city transplant now living in Florida… whom is a giant Yankee fan !!

  • coakl

    Per the MLB TV help center at mlb dot com, computers with Windows 7 as well as Xbox 360’s are not supported. You must have Windows 8.1 or 10.
    That sounds like a very dumb and stupid decision, since most PC/laptops are running Win 7, not 8.1 or 10.

    • The One

      Win 10 adoption finally surpassed windows 7. It is no longer the majority OS.

      • TaskForce141

        Maybe true globally.
        But baseball fans are typically older, with older computers/devices.
        Win 7, Vista, even XP are everywhere, with this part of the population.
        They keep their PC’s until the machines die.
        Win 10 and 8 have terrible reputations. And many users have not upgraded from 7/vista/xp, after hearing the experiences of their friends and relatives. Or went back to 7/vista/xp, after trying out 10/8.

        • Brad C

          Um, those “older” customers will tend to get the service from their cable company.. and not stream it.. There’s still plenty of us “millennial” baseball fans ;)

  • steveb944

    Definitely the best incentive. Wish it was NBA, but I’ll take MLB especially this season.

  • The One

    I love the idea, but REALLY wish it was a subscription to the NBA package. MLB action is just too slow to watch on TV.

    • Al William

      Tmo is a major sponsor for MLB so they’re able to do this.

  • John

    Love this perk! Looking forward to using it again this year.

  • Brad C

    I’ve had it the last two years.. you’ve just gotta be on a semi-current plan to get it.

  • I will not be missing any Mike Trout or Shohei Ohtani highlights this year. Thanks Tmo.

  • whitewolf9

    did I read this right? You can be a current t-mobile subscriber but you have to cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe to get this offer? Somebody has been smoking a little too much gangee, if you know what I mean