T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active shown off in new image leak


Following rumors that claimed that the Galaxy S8 Active is coming to T-Mobile, a new leak has surfaced that shows off that device.

Images of the T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active have been shared by @evleaks. This model doesn’t really look all that different from the AT&T version that’s been available for a couple of months now, save for the “T-Mobile” network indicator in the upper left corner of the screen.

The T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active is expected to be available in Meteor Gray and Titanium Gold. When it comes to specs, the Galaxy S8 Active includes a 5.8-inch 2560×1440 Super AMOLED display, 12-megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front cameras, Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a microSD slot, and a 4,000mAh battery.

Of course, one of the main draws of the Galaxy S8 Active is its toughened body. The phone has a metal frame with bumpers and a textured back for an added grip, while the standard Galaxy S8 has glass on its front and rear. The GS8 Active is also shatter, dust, and water resistant.

There’s still no word on when T-Mobile will launch the Galaxy S8 Active or how much it’ll cost when it’s available. AT&T is currently asking $849.99 for its Galaxy S8 Active, so T-Mo’s model may come in somewhere around there.

Are you interested in T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy S8 Active?

Source: @evleaks

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  • det_b

    Would have loved to get this phone back in June. They dragged their feet sooo long releasing it for AT&T, and who knows when it will actually hit TMo. I think I’ll wait till the 9’s come out now.

    • IThoughtAsAChild

      My exact thoughts, if it were out months ago maybe, but the S9 will be fast tracked for January or February release right?

  • achusaysblessyou

    This does look like a normal S8 w/ a bulky case.

    The thing that does intrigue me is the increased battery size of 4000 mAh!

    • Philip

      It doesnt have a kick stand.

  • IThoughtAsAChild

    I think I may Jump to one more device then I’m out the phone game, way to expensive, resale ain’t what it used to be.

    • Koolme666

      I agree, phones are getting too expensive AND people with good credit are punished and still have to do a big down payment because people with bad credit complained they have a bigger down payment. I’m seriously on the s7 and it’s getting worse everyday and I’ll have this phone for a year this February. Got it on sale for 350 at tmobile. The v20 is looking pretty but I hear mixed reviews on it. It’s 300 right now at frys and best buy unlocked

      • T Redd

        I bought an s7 edge around that time to. It’s been horrible. The lag is insane. I jumped ship to the iPhone 8 plus. I may get a v30 sometime next year.

      • IThoughtAsAChild

        My S7 I had for one year, it started acting wonky right around the time the SO was released…I now have and S8. Maybe it was in my mind but the phone was getting weird, doing things it never did, crashing and such..

        • Koolme666

          I’ve had mine less than a year and this thing turns on on its own it randomly shuts off and freezes a lot, now it won’t hold a charge it says weak charge detected like what the hell? I have to call T-Mobile today I’m really just having bad luck with Samsung phones I never learn though. Even my wife when she had her note 5 it shut off on her 3 times and had to get 3 replacements

      • keepitreal25

        the people with high down payments before still have higher down payments then less qualified customers , it’s because T-Mobile has a set limit on how much phone everyone can finance .

    • Peter Smith

      I get you totally. I use to be one of those people that had to have the latest phone but it’s just not what it use to be….resale is terrible (cheaper good phones like Oneplus), all the new flagships are pretty much the same (except a few different features) and it’s to expensive to get the latest and greatest.

      Find a phone and be settle with it for at least 3 years is my game now.

      • IThoughtAsAChild

        Absolutely. I think I may go Moto G Series..

  • Sergio Tamez

    Perhaps the Wed – Nov. 22 gives away the release date??

    • Angel Jaquez

      Ha! Nice catch….. Nov.22 it’s official …. lol I hope so at least.

  • Mschmal

    is this the PROMISED Sammy phone with 600 mgh support?

    • keepitreal25

      Looks that way so far band 71

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    S8 with bulky case.

  • webdev452

    wish they had the maple gold version. Hate at&t and their holding on to their stupid exclusives like colors