MetroPCS offering unlimited plan for $50, additional lines for $25 each


MetroPCS today kicked off a new unlimited data plan deal.

Starting today, you can get a single line of unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data on MetroPCS for $50 per month. With this plan, video streams at 480p and there is no mobile hotspot. If you’d like to add hotspot, you can get 8GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot for $10 more per month.

You can add more lines to the base $50 unlimited plan for $25 per month. That means that you can get two unlimited lines for $75, three lines for $100, four lines for $125, or five lines for $150. As with the single line plan, you can pay $10 more per month to get 8GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot on up to five lines.

MetroPCS has another deal for switchers. Customers that switch to Metro can get a $100 instant rebate to put toward a new phone. This makes several devices free, like the LG K20. You can get this $100 rebate for each line that you switch, up to five lines.

Source: T-Mobile, MetroPCS


  • Sharti24

    Umm hasnt metro had the $50 unlimited (no tethering) plan since feb?

    • riverhorse

      That’s what i was going to say also….and with no 480p limitation…unless if that plan was minimum 2 lines…
      At any rate, the present $60 Plan is better(than adding $10 Hotspot to this new plan}, as streaming not limited to 480p.
      UNLESS if single $10 covers ALL lines in this new plan…even then…

      Metro phone selection continues to be awful…T-mo & Teltik look more and more attractive.

      • Andrew Addison

        You misunderstood the whole thing wrong. 10 Dollars more for mobile hotspot 8GB Data would equal out to switching right on over to the 60 Dollar plan that comes with 8GB of mobile hotspot, verses you being able to make use of the 50 Dollar Unlimited Data plan that has no mobile hotspot access. To make use of Mobile Hotspot 8GB Data, is when you would have to pay 10 Dollars more for the 60 Dollar plan. 10 Dollars less without mobile hotspot data would come out to being 50 Dollars for just Unlimited Data and everything else without mobile hotspot data. As for the 480p limitation, it is just defaulted at such resolution. You are still able to view HD Videos at 720p to 1080p HD video Quality resolution on other apps like Youtube, Movie streaming apps, Facebook Live etc. I still have gone above 480p video streaming with not much buffering or slow downs whatsoever. I’ve actually had this monthly plan since March 1st of this year 2017.

        • riverhorse

          Exactly what I said. You have a different plan.
          If you change to this new one and then pay the extra $10, 480p is the max.
          Signing up for the $60 plan is much safer too, the other way you expose yourself to a future price raise on the addon.

        • Andrew Addison

          Well okay, but I guarantee that Im absolutely right that in order for you to make use of the 8GB of mobile hotspot data, means that you would have to switch right on over to the 60 Dollar plan for full featurings. Remember now, this previous plan/new plan here is not allowed tethering= meaning NO mobile hotspot data. Sooo again my friend, how about you go do more research verses assuming, that this plan here is way different than the previously launched 480p video streaming of video deal on at 50 Dollars. Sorry, but this new relaunched 50 Dollar Unlimited Data 480 video streaming plan is the same as the previously launched plan. The only difference is, is that they finally started to publically speaking out about this new 50 Dollar Unlimited Data plan at 480p defaulted streaming of video with no tethering=mobile hotspot capabilities. Read the fine print Please? lol Oh n yes, there is no way for you to add 10 dollars to this 50 Dollar plan for the mobile hotspot data feature to be active. I also spoke to a couple of more in-store reps as well as the ones over the phone about that matter, and they said to me that I was absolutely correct with what I’m explaining to you about once again. Call up MetroPCS or look the information up for yourself Please. Thank you.

        • riverhorse

          I am now very dizzy. If I recuperate I may be able to.

        • riverhorse

          Misunderstood wrong = understood correctly.

        • Andrew Addison

          Misunderstood once again my Dear Buddy. It is okay, we all Make Mistakes.

        • Steve S

          Yeah his written English is tough.. Maybe not his first language.

        • Andrew Addison

          No you are wrong. He misunderstood what MetroPCS was saying about the whole 10 Dollar 8gb mobile hotspot add on you idiot. So therefore I was totally correct with the english language and what I was talking about referencing the whole MetroPCS 10 Dollar 8gb mobile hotspot deal. Please re-read my paragraphs. Loser.

  • AJ2

    What’s the difference between the metro pics plan & Tmobile one. As a single person I’m not paying $70

  • Zeitori Brandon Huiett

    This is actually cheaper is every situation the metro has offered within the past year. I was just paying $100 for 2 line with the no bike hotspot. Not with this plan I pay $60 plus $25 – $85 total for the same thing. The one catch but I can’t confirm is the mobile hotspot lint on old plans versus these. Never plans.