T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge receiving security updates


It’s time for a new Samsung Galaxy S7 update.

T-Mobile is now pushing updates to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The S7 is getting version G930TUVS4BQE1, while the S7 edge is getting G935TUVU4BQF6/ What they’re both getting are the June 1 Android security patches as well as “various system improvements.”


These updates are now rolling out over the air. TmoNews reader Rick already got the update on his Galaxy S7 edge, so if you’ve got one of these two phones and haven’t yet updated, keep an eye out. You can manually check for updates by going into Settings > Software update > Download updates manually.

Thanks, Rick!

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S7, T-Mobile Galaxy S7 edge

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  • Phil

    Works 4 me

  • Alon

    It gives me the black screen of death over and over, even after a full factory reset. This version is buggy! Something they modified is causing issues. I received the update several days ago…

    • Phil

      That sucs!
      firmware boot up black screen was present few times for 5-10 seconds lots of lag during screen unlock.
      I went into device maintenance cleared catch etc then power key reset.
      Boot up was flawless all has been good since.

      • Alon

        Yeah, I did that as well. Full reset helped too. I still get random reboots now, all in all, very odd stuff. Not sure if it’s T-Mobile or Samsung that is causing the issue.

    • dtam

      hm, i feel like my last version was buggy, that’s why I’m updating…right now, hope to not be on the same boat as you

  • Cary David Hoffson

    They should upgraded s7 with the same things that s8 has when it to update your phone

  • Kevna

    Wtf t-mobile, this is the 2nd month in a row now the s7 and s7 edge get an updated security patch before the s8. S8 on t-mobile is still on May 1st.

    • Tonio Norman

      Are you really that impatient for minor security patch? It makes very little different for us lol

      • Kevna

        Yeah i agree it doesn’t really do much. It’s not the security patch I care about. Just pointing out that the older phone has been updated before the newer model lately that’s all.

        • Juan Collins

          I totally agree with the confusion. The only reason I can guess is because each time they’ve updated the Galaxy S8/S8+ it’s had feature enhancements included. As for updating the S7/S7 edge with the same software features it will be hit and miss because there are some things that are beyond the snapdragon 821 capability.

      • bkat11

        Got a feeling Samsung has bigger plans for the S8 such as feature enhancements, maybe 7.1.1?

    • Dominimmiv

      Think that is bad my J7 (on Digits line) got the June patch in the middle of June, 2 weeks before my S7E…

  • Justin A. Stewart

    I got the update I’m wondering if we are getting version 7.1…I have the S7.

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    My phone has been slower and I had to reset my Android watch and start from scratch.

  • Steve

    My Galaxy S7 Edge will not connect to the mobile network following the update. I can connect to WiFi though. Anybody else having this issue?

    • Jordyn Pennyfeather

      Same here Steve. I have to connect to wifi to be able to use anything other than texts and calls.

      • Steve

        My phone just connected to 4G. It was just sitting on my desk…

        • Jordyn Pennyfeather

          Mine is good now too!

  • Randal Sutherlin

    Mine got this so-called security update a few weeks ago and it bollixed
    my battery life, I’m now lucky if I can make it through a full day
    without my S7 Edge dying! When I got the phone in August of last year it
    was still on Marshmallow, didn’t get the update to Nougat until well
    after the first of the year. On Marshmallow the battery life was quite
    good, often going a day and a half with no problem. After the update to
    Nougat the battery life diminished substantially but was still
    acceptable… Now, not good at all. Anyone else experience this?