T-Mobile LG V20 receiving update with security patches


Heads up, LG V20 owners, because a new software update is coming your way.

T-Mobile has announced a new update for its LG V20 that bumps the phone to software version H91810j. According to T-Mo, the update includes Android security patches from Google, a fix for an Android Pay bug, and an audio quality patch.

TmoNews reader Stephen received this update on his V20 this morning. The update weighs in at 583.3MB and brings the phone’s Android security patch level to December 1, 2016.


This update may not be a bump up to Android 7.1.1 like some owners were hoping for, but at least it does improve the security of T-Mobile’s LG V20. The update should be rolling out over the coming days, so you can either wait for it to hit your device or check for it manually by going into Settings > General > About phone > Update Center > System update > Check for update.

Thanks, Stephen!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Aleks

    Sweet. Very big update but still downloading it. Hopefully it improves on the last update and makes things a bit much quicker. Although I must say, I am highly awaiting the successor to this great phone. The LG V20 is a workhorse and it gets things done as far productivity goes. If the upcoming LG G6 is any indication of what we could expect with the LG V30, I’m all in. Great phone. One of my top favorites from the last quarter releases.

  • It mentioned an audio quality patch too. Anyone know what that is specifically?

    • Daniel Armstrong

      There is an issue with the main speaker or its amp overloading and causing popping noises during volume peaks. Happens on my US-996 often and a power cycle fixes it.

      • I never noticed it on mine luckily. Thanks for the heads up Daniel!

  • Bella

    This sure lower my audio on my phone ..smh

  • wilfredo sandoval

    I just downloaded mine haven’t noticed any changes yet let’s see tomorrow

  • Sushimane

    Anyone have the problem with headphone? I plug in my head phones all the way in but and when i play music or watch youtube the sound still come out of the speaker. Is there a special headphone i need to get to get the hifi to work out something? I have the b&o headphone.

    • Corey Jalette

      Try cleaning out the headphone jack. Used to happen to me all the time with a lot of phones. Just get a q tip and gently swirl around to get dust. Hope this helps!

      • Sushimane

        Ok thanks

    • Miguel Gatchalian

      Insert the 3.5mm jack until you hear the click sound.

      • Sushimane88

        I did that too the hifi symbol would come on but some times it doesnt.

  • Skinny Foley

    Where’s the Nougat update for the Galaxy S7? Probably come out after the S8 is released.

  • Trevnerdio

    Praise the Lord, finally! Of course though, check for updates and it says none available…LG Bridge, here I come…

  • Stuck on 7.0 while my S5 is running 7.1.1. Yikes.

  • Doug Baker

    Ever since I updated the T-Mobile app has been draining the crap out of my battery.

  • Ore Joseph Lindenfeld

    Since the update my battery is draining far too quickly.

    The phone didnt have the greatest battery to begin with, and now it is worse.

    Counting the days til I can upgrade back to a samsung…