Florida woman drives SUV into T-Mobile store, says she was having a ‘bad day’


A woman who recently had a “bad day” decided to take it out on a T-Mobile store.

A video posted online shows a woman driving her SUV into a T-Mobile store in Palm Springs, Fla. Shinobia Montoria Wright is said to have visited the store on Wednesday to exchange her cracked iPhone, then returned the next day and drove her vehicle into the store. It’s said that she then started smashing glass displays with a squeegee and hit an employee on the neck when he tried to stop her from going into a storage area.

After being taken to the hospital, Wright explained that she was upset about being told that she’d have to pay for her replacement phone even though she had insurance. She also told police that she was having a “bad day.” Police say that their preliminary investigation shows that neither drugs nor alcohol were involved.

It’s pretty crazy to watch this SUV hop onto the curb and drive through the glass windows and into the store. Thankfully, no lives were lost. Wright had surgery as a result of injuries to her forearms from driving the vehicle into the store, and one of the store’s employees injured his knee after a display case was knocked over by the SUV. It’s estimated that the store suffered more than $30,000 in damage.

Wright has been charged with aggravated battery, battery, burglary, criminal mischief over $1,000, and reckless driving, but she missed her initial appearance in front of a judge due to her injuries.

In other news related to this incident, today comedian Chelsea Handler tweeted that “A woman drover her car through the front of a T-Mobile store in Florida, it’s the only place she could find service.” Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure commented on the joke, saying, “So funny and so true!!” T-Mobile CEO John Legere told Claure that “many lives were endangered & it was a criminal act. It’s actually not funny.”

Source: Palm Beach Post

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  • cromo8

    As an employee for 4+ years. Paying a deductible is probably what she is referring to. Which does indeed suck at shouldn’t be a thing.

    • livewire1981

      Why? If I have a car and an accident… I have a deductible to fix said car. So do you think all deductibles are bad?

      • John Doe

        They should sell a plan with no deductible…yes it would be expensive but its an option and it would be available.

        • Acdc1a

          An option sure, but that’s probably a $15+ monthly proposition.

      • cromo8

        No I don’t think deductibles are bad. But cell phone deductibles are criminal. Pay 30% of the value of the phone after paying the monthly fee? It’s ridiculous.

        With my car I’m paying my monthly and if I were to need it I pay like 2% of the cost of the car.

        • Asa

          Well to be far around half of people will damage their device while owning it, with the average time being 10-14 weeks from the time of purchase. So if a customer only pays $240 to have insurance on the device total for two years, and uses their insurance benefit once, the insurance company takes around a $410 dollar loss on the device. (Assuming it’s a high end device like an iPhone 7 Plus for $750.) Thats where the deductible comes in. They charge $175 to help offset their loss and the other half of people who won’t break their phone will also pay $240, but won’t cause a loss in most cases. So whats $175+$240? $415. Or just enough profit to make it worth it to offer the insurance.

        • Critic4U

          They don’t take any loss, they get back your old phone, repair the issue with the cheapest parts they can find then sell it to the next person for the deductible amount. I only know this because I worked for sprint and talked to a Phone Insurance Co Supervisor on how it all works and told me that this is how all the phone insurance companies work.

          I will not go on record with information other than that because of NDA.

        • Zark Muckerbarn

          It`s also not mandatory

    • Critic4U

      What really sucks is that they are selling you a refurbished model, then take your old phone fix it with the lowest end aftermarket parts that they can find and then sell it to another person. So if you paying almost 12 bucks a month on the jump insurance, plus deductible of $175 and if your almost better off just buying a used one on craigslist or ebay.

      • TylerCameron

        “fix it with the lowest end aftermarket parts”
        Yeah, sure. I’m sure they’re putting knock off CPU’s and cheap-o ram on those logic boards.

        Is this really what people think about refurbished models?!

        You are right in that it makes more economical sense to buy a replacement phone on *Swappa and sell the broken unit. Much more worth it than paying monthly AND a deductible.

        • Critic4U

          I did say “the lowest end aftermarket parts that they can find”, but a processor and board would be out of the question. I think at most they would probably purchase those parts from overseas overstocked sources.

      • Zark Muckerbarn

        Hopefully she has Device care on her SUV

    • William Beach

      That doesn’t make any sense. People know the cost of the deductibles and they elect to have the insurance coverage. Do you understand how business works?

  • livewire1981

    Leave it to Sprint to try and get publicity off a horrible act. Glad all are OK.

  • Bruce Wayne

    So let me get this straight. She was mad because she found out she would have to pay to fix her phone which would probably cost a few hundred at most so she drove her car into the store and caused damages in excess of $30,000 and now she will have a record, possibly end up in jail and also have to pay back that money.

    That sounds like a completely logical and rational thing to do.

    • John Doe

      She also said she was having a bad day so maybe her day was worse than all of that. Who knows?

      • Zark Muckerbarn

        she still had gas in her SUV. Her day couldnt have possibly been that bad.

    • Zark Muckerbarn

      yeah man. It`s the new-age àmerican way“

  • Melissa Cardenas

    I should of done that when I had Verizon they made me have some HORRIBLE days Everytime I went to the store to tell them why they charged me a lot .
    But anyways hey it’s Florida all the crazy stuff always happens in Florida!

    • Andrew Leonard

      It’s why I love living here. Warm weather and sunshine mixed up with hurricanes and crazy people.

      • Zark Muckerbarn

        I hope the Antarctica ice shelf breaks off soon. I keep hearing that will put Florida underwater overnight. Meh, one can always hope….

    • Omar Boyer

      Haha u should of done it

  • Omar Boyer

    In those cases you can do anything I learned the hard way when I worked at At&t this drunk girl started acting up went to her car got a hammer and started smashing the display phones with the hammer I got so mad I took the hammer from her and pinned her to the floor and and kicked her . ..I also ended up getting fired and locked up. Police took both of us . I just couldn’t help it I don’t know what came over me I just got really mad . Because she was cuzing us out . And then did what she did .

    • Melissa Cardenas

      Omg I would of probably also been locked up haha . That’s why I’m not good at working retail .

    • Critic4U

      I would of got my phone out and started recording,probably would of made $10,000 on that adsense YouTube video.

  • ihate_liberals

    insurance mean you do no have pay stupid $400 again just other scam phone companies collect money from people

  • MadMartigan

    Pretty sure John laughed. He’s got a good sense of humor. As the CEO, he couldn’t really respond that way publicly though, so did what he had to.

    People joke about the stupid things that stupid people do all the time. (No drugs or alcohol involved? Wow…)

    Heck, just seeing the headline got me smiling (Florida Woman? Great; looks like Florida Man got himself a girlfriend.)

    The jokes practically write themselves.

    • Drew

      I’m pretty sure he was not laughing in this situation here. John Legere is an actual sincere, loyal genuwine individual that would not have laughed at this situation here. I can however assure you that he was laughing at the running into the T-Mobile store part though(that part right there is funny, but not funny due to it being a T-Mobile store and someone being injured).

  • Noremacam

    I felt bad for her plight, up until she threw a $30k tantrum. Too many adults acting like children when they don’t get their way.

    • Jon

      Probably a millennial because they never learned how to properly deal with things in life. When you get a trophy just for showing up what do you expect from them later in life? They can’t handle disappointment, criticism, and the word “no”.

      • William Beach

        What are you even talking about? Probably a baby boomer who has had everything handed to her throughout life and then destroyed everything for later generations.

        • Ogrrre

          Destroyed what, sparky? The US has more acreage under forest now than it did when Jamestown was founded, and that’s despite the size of our cities and farms. We still have air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and so on. If you feel so sure of your statement, then you need to start living a hunter-gather life and live in a cave somewhere. Otherwise, enjoy a nice, steaming cup of STFU.

      • NapoPeb

        You realise millennials are the 1980’s generation, right?

    • Zark Muckerbarn


  • beefyelbows

    Oh, she was having a bad day. Case dismissed.

  • Guest

    We need like to banned Florida from the US. I swear ever time something negative happen it starts in Florida.

    • bkat11

      UGH! So true…I almost get into an accident everyday in FL

      • Ogrrre

        Then you should try driving in Houston or Phoenix or Chicago or … Conversely, you should examine the way you drive, and probably take a defensive driving course.

        • bkat11

          I’ve driven I’m all 3 of those cities. Conversely, I haven’t been in an accident in 20 years, not one single accident. Save your comments for those that care what you have to say…which I’ll assume isn’t many.

        • Ogrrre

          Oh, boohoo! How ever shall I recover from the devastation of your not caring? Oh, woe is me!

        • bkat11

          This article is over two years old! Get a life loser!

    • SirStephenH

      I’m more afraid of Floridians than Mexicans. Maybe we’re trying to build a wall in the wrong place…

      • William Beach

        That’s not funny and very racist. People could have been killed and you go making racially offensive comments.

      • Dannyjayfuller

        Us Floridians are a scary bunch, but there’s no need to be racist, bro. We have more than enough of that these days.

  • Nobody Special

    Due to this ordeal, can T-Mobile actually drop her as a subscriber?
    The story would of been even more sesationalized in the media if she (a T-Mobile customer) had driven into a Verizon store.

    She was having a bad day… and she became overwhelmed and Just Did It… We do not know this ladies life… so we can not judge her actions. Being robbed for $600 dollars by a street criminal is no different from being robbed for $600 by a well known cellular company. But she should of at least contacted T-Force or go online to the T-Mobile Support Website for guidance. Im sure the T-Mobile Customer Support could of relieved some of her burden that was upon her. Apparently T-Mobile asking her to pay to have a phone fixed that had insurance was the straw that broke the camels back :(

    and also… in situations like this, customers feel helpless!!!! The good thing is, she didnt die from the crash, and nobody else was seriouly injured.

    • lomsha

      There is no justification for this act no matter what’s going on in her life.

      • Zark Muckerbarn

        Agreed. I`ve known people with serious problems who have never behaved anything close to this way. Act like you were raised by a human being and not a volatile piece of organic shit

    • CRT24

      How Exactly was this woman “robbed”? Cracked screens are physical damage and require that you pay the deductible. Everyone who has any common sense knows this and for you to compare someone being robbed by a street criminal to a store employee telling a customer that they have to pay a required fee to replace a phone is ridiculous. Wise up

    • Critic4U

      Found your answer it was in the Terms and Conditions of T-Mobile >>


      Yes. Except as described below for Rate Plans with the price-lock guarantee, we may change, limit, suspend or terminate your Service or this Agreement at any time, including if you engage in any of the prohibited uses described here or no longer reside in a T-Mobile-owned network coverage area. Under certain limited circumstances, we may also block your device from working on our network. If the change to your Service or Rate Plan will have a material adverse effect on you, we will provide 14 days’ notice of the change. You’ll agree to any change by using your Service after the effectiveness of the change. We may exclude certain types of calls, messages or sessions (e.g. conference and chat lines, broadcast, international, 900 or 976 calls, etc.), in our sole discretion, without further notice.

      and this section on there also said this >>

      Examples of Permitted and Prohibited Uses of the Service and Your Device

      Permitted uses include:

      Voice calls;
      Web browsing;
      Streaming music;
      Uploading and downloading applications and content to and from the Internet or third party stores;
      Using applications and content without excessively contributing to network congestion; and
      Tethering your Device to other non-harmful devices pursuant to the terms and conditions and allotments of your Data Plan.

      Unless explicitly permitted by your Rate Plan or Data Plan, you are not permitted to use your Device or the Service in a way that we determine:

      Uses a repeater or signal booster other than one we provide to you;

      Compromises network security or capacity, degrades network performance, uses malicious software or “malware”, hinders other customers’ access to the network, or otherwise adversely impacts network service levels or legitimate data flows;

      Uses applications which automatically consume unreasonable amounts of available network capacity;

      Uses applications which are designed for unattended use, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections, or applications that are used in a way that degrades network capacity or functionality;

      Misuses the Service, including “spamming” or sending abusive, unsolicited, or other mass automated communications;

      Accesses the accounts of others without authority;

      Results in more than 50% of your voice and/or data usage being off-net (i.e., connected to another provider’s network) for any 3 billing cycles within any 12 month period;

      Results in unusually high usage (specifically, more data usage than what 97% of all customers use in a month, based on recent historical averages (updated quarterly)) and the majority of your data usage being Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (tethering) usage for any 3 billing cycles within any 6 month period;

      Resells the Service, either alone or as part of any other good or service;

      Tampers with, reprograms, alters, or otherwise modifies your Device to circumvent any of our policies or violate anyone’s intellectual property rights;

      Causes harm or adversely affects us, the network, our customers, employees, business, or any other person;

      Conflicts with applicable law;

      Is not in accordance with these T&Cs; or

      Attempts or assists or facilitates anyone else in any of the above activities.

      However where she is going she is not going to have the freedom to use a cellphone. Pretty sure what she did was a felony.

    • Asa

      The highest insurance deductible that is charged is $175, she wasn’t being robbed, she doesn’t understand how insurance works. If you crash your car you pay a deductible to your insurance company and they cover the rest, same with phone insurance. I don’t know where people get the idea if they lose or break their phone they automatically are a special snowflake and they shouldn’t have any repercussions for losing or destroying an $800 device. I know you’re trying to play devil’s advocate her but this lady could have killed someone because of her ridiculous sense of entitlement. She felt so entitled to a free phone that wasn’t broken that she severely injured an employee. Why don’t you contact the employee and tell them they deserved to be injured because obviously they were personally robbing her. Not an entitled woman who didn’t want to file an insurance claim.

  • lomsha


  • Phil

    She’s a Snowflake

  • Glenn Yudenfriend

    It’s just another self-absorbed psycho not even considering others besides herself

  • gmo8492

    Florida? How I’m not surprised.

    • Zark Muckerbarn

      True dat

      • Dannyjayfuller

        Floridian and T-Mobile customer here, also not surprised. I live right near Clearwater Beach, and believe me, I’ve seen crazier and dumber stuff happen.

  • aggiefather

    More of the Obama Legacy: A black woman had a ‘bad day’ and felt justified by her president’s own disregard for the rule of law and engaged in property destruction and a possible loss of life. Lock her up!

    • Paul

      OR You can provide more info to support your claim…unless it’s false.

  • SeanBear

    Its so ironic…Marcelo Claure is dumb enough not to understand the trashy nature of his comment…no wonder sprint service is as equally trashy.

    • eanfoso

      You’d be surprised, I have t mobile but where I live (east texas) sprint dominates over t mobile

  • Paul

    John went after Marcelo, but not Chelsea? She mocked the same situation, and Marcelo was commenting on her tweet.

    John, don’t be selective and tell her she was wrong to mock the situation as well.

    • tonkotsu

      One is a comedian.. The other is a CEO… Do the math.

      • Zark Muckerbarn

        CEO of what

  • coakl

    re: “It’s estimated that the store suffered more than $30,000 in damage.”

    Her T-Mobile bill next month will be $30,000 (“in-store adjustment”).

  • Cameron Zvejnieks

    I’m glad nobody got hurt but it actually is funny.

  • Ogrrre

    Awww! She was upset because she would have to pay for her phone even thought she had insurance. Anyone who has ever had to use insurance to replace a phone knows that there is a co-pay. The more expensive the phone, the larger the co-pay, and i-phones are expensive.. Also, when a phone is brought in like that, it is inspected. If there is water damage, the warranty is void, and you have to pay full price for a new phone, if you are not eligible for an upgrade. I suspect the woman was a welfare parasite who mis-used/abuse her phone and wanted something for nothing. Failing to get that, she “had a bad day” temper tantrum. Too bad, so sad.

    Edit: spelling