T-Mobile temporarily halting sales of and exchanges for Galaxy Note 7


After several replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire, T-Mobile has announced that it’s stopping sales of the device.

T-Mobile says that it’s temporarily halting sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and exchanges for replacement Note 7s. If you’ve got a recalled or replacement Note 7, you can take your phone to a T-Mobile store for a full refund and then choose any other device in T-Mo’s inventory. You can also get a refund on any Note 7 accessories purchased from T-Mobile.

If you pre-ordered a Galaxy Note 7 and got a free Netflix subscription, Gear Fit 2, or microSD card, you’ll be able to keep your gift if you return your Note 7.

T-Mobile is also giving Note 7 owners a $25 bill credit that’ll appear within two bill cycles.

Samsung hasn’t yet issued a second recall on the Note 7, and so anyone that owns a replacement Note 7 can keep using it if they’d like. However, anyone that’s concerned about their safety following the multiple reports of replacement Note 7s catching fire can go to a T-Mobile store and get a different device if they’d like, which is a good option to have if you’ve got a Galaxy Note 7.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Erik Papesh

    I got one of the “updated” note 7’s the day they went back on sale. After seeing all this crap, I’m returning it as soon as the v20 is released. Hopefully I don’t get burned before then…

    • Joshua Lance

      That’s my plan at this point as well. Even though I love the phone and the stylus. I really wish they would have gotten this right, just not worth the risk though.

    • Bobby

      my plan as well, the LGV10 was great, i feel the V20 with be better.

  • Walt

    LOL part II

  • Joe

    I’m sure Samsung can afford all these recalls. Looks to me they used substandard parts in their phones in the first place which means the cost to make one is chump change to them. Wondering how the S8 sales are going to be now.

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      “I’m sure Samsung can afford all these recalls.”

      Don’t be so sure.

      They sold off their printer business to HP, so they were already worrying about revenue & profit.

      • Captain Insano

        If you think Samsung is hurting as a whole you are dreaming. They are one of the largest companies in the world. Look up on YouTube how big is Samsung. I’m shocked if the don’t take over the world. Lol

        • SurvivingSunnyvale

          Being big doesn’t solve cash flow issues.

        • Captain Insano

          That company makes 10 billion a year. This won’t effect them as a whole. Does it suck for them yes. But companies flop products all the time. McDonald’s lost close to to 10 million on r&d and putting out failed products…..on burgers. You really don’t know how big Samsung is because it’s not as huge here as it is globally.

        • SurvivingSunnyvale
    • JOHN P

      Samsung as a company will be fine financially. They have enough revenue pouring in from other things. They are in no danger of going belly up.

      What they need to be concerned with is their reputation and still remaining an attractive option to repeat and future new customers.

      People are holding on to their phones longer and the “upgrade every year” mentality isn’t what it once was. And it’s not like there is not any competition for the consumer dollar.

      But I’m sure Samsung has a Slick Willie PR Department that can spray some perfume on The Note Turd

      • otis stansberry

        You are joking right? Phones are catching fire, reputation on the line big time, 2nd recall on the way and they can’t pinpoint the battery problem…..

        • JOHN P

          Did you bother to read my comment’s? Especially this part LOL

          “What they need to be concerned with is their reputation and still remaining an attractive option to repeat and future new customers”

        • Mike

          Some people are just too retarded to know they’re retarded

  • Joe B

    Just wondering others thought. I debating:
    *Handing phones in and moving to At&t, they have a promo for 2 lines with iPhone 7plus, unlimited everything and no hotspot would drop my bill 60 with Vet discount
    *Wait to see if any companies take advantage and put out a killer deal to move from Samsung
    *grab g5 w/tablet promo and jump to v20 in a few weeks.

    Thanks for any feedback.

    • keepitreal25

      Unless you already have direct tv which is necessary for att unlimited plans I don’t see how that would benefit you, or how you would save 60 dollars but that’s a lot of money so I think that would come down to sticking with a company you know or taking a chance with att!

      • Joe B

        We have direct tv and they’ll give me a discount for being a vet.

        • dtam

          sounds pretty worth it.

        • keepitreal25

          well then you can’t beat saving 60 dollars then, I would still say T-mo is the better choice, but you gotta do what;s best since you already have direct-tv

  • SeanBear

    Samsung Galaxy Bomb lol

    • Mike

      Was that suppose to be a joke ?

    • Fabian

      Samsung Galaxy No! 7

  • JOHN P

    Next time I am hosting a BBQ and forget to buy lighter fluid, I’ll be hoping that one of my guest’s has a Samsung Note

  • michael

    Keeping my Note 7 it’s been perfect, there really is no other phone that compares.

    • If the possibility of you and your loved ones dying in a fire while you sleep
      isn’t reason enough to get rid of the now discontinued device, how about the now almost guaranteed lack of updates?

    • Another thought, you could end up being personally liable for any damage the phone might do if could be demonstrated you were aware of the danger and negligent by not acting.

      • KrisKordova

        The replacements had been approved by the CPSC. There’s nothing about the Note7 from them or Samsung. This is just a move to limit liability IF there is another recall. Personally liable? No

        I’m sure these exploding Note7’s are really because of people putting the phone in their tight/back pockets and sitting on them. Batteries become volitale like this when they are of poor quality and/or have had trama to the pack. Design flaw? Yes. Preventable? Yes

        • RedGeminiPA

          Several reports state the phones were laying on tables or being held. If the tolerances for flexing the battery are that low, then there’s a problem. Besides, in most cases, the curved screen would crack before the battery would actually be jeopardized.

        • Bradley Karas

          I’m putting my money on the batteries catching fire due to aftermarket charging ports and cords bought at gas stations and grocery stores. Had an issue with the S6 overheating and Samsung told me to use OEM equipment or it voided the warranty if issues arise

        • Rob

          The phone should have protection built in to prevent any issues like that. In fact the batteries do. The most likely scenario is that there is a contamination in the cell that’s causing the problem. If a phone catches fire from using the wrong charger, it wasn’t properly made in the first place. All of these devices have over current, overcharging, over discharging, and temperature regulation built into them. Samsung screwed up and the most likely culprit after watching someone take one apart on YouTube and have it start smoking when the foil was removed (which shouldn’t happen) is that it’s a contaminated cell. Phones won’t charge with cheap chargers or bad cables. At least properly made ones. When my cable for my HTC 10 isn’t completely plugged into the wall wort, it pops up that it has insufficient current to charge with. When I plug it into a charger that higher amp rating than the stock charger, it pulls no more than what it needs to charge. I’m also a vaper and my cheap 45 dollar lipo mods all have these protections built in. If a mod that costs maybe 15 bucks to produce has the protections, there’s really no excuse for an 850 dollar phone not to have them.

        • If you’re willing to bet the safety of your family and others because you alone in your expertise are that confident then good luck.

          Hope I’m not on your flight or at your hotel.

        • Romdude

          Where was the outrage when an 8 inch flame came out of an iphone during a flight to Hawaii? There has to be a small amount from whatever manufacturer that will have a defective battery. Apple didn’t really apologize for bendgate but they just fix it. I think they should just have replaceable batteries, the soft batteries used in non replaceable battery phones seem to be the cause.

    • matt

      yah I’m sure there were people in the 1980s that decided to keep their extra strength tylenol, when it was discovered that they were laced with potassium cyanide also.

    • George Salcedo

      Good luck to you, eventually you will be forced to give it up.

  • gmo8492

    Looks like LG is going to have a good quarterly report this year.

    • DKBNYC

      Not sure If I’ll be keeping my Note 7. One thing is sure… I will NOT be buying anything from LG. In my experience they are not a reputable company and the products I’ve own from them in the past have all proven to be subpar. Their customer service boarders being offensive.

      • Acdc1a

        I sure wouldn’t take a phone that’s been recalled twice.

        • steadymobb

          Hasn’t been recalled twice… Yet. Feel like it’s coming though

        • Acdc1a

          Not yet…

      • noh1bvisas

        “In my experience they are not a reputable company and the products I’ve own from them in the past have all proven to be subpar.”
        how so? i would also question your judgement since you’re considering keeping the note 7.

        • dtam

          bootloop issue was annoying

        • noh1bvisas

          and a limited problem that was fixed. at least it didn’t explode.

        • dtam

          that’s why I called it annoying and not something like catastrophic. not really a limited problem though, a coworker and my wife both had the same issue with the earlier manufactured G4’s. But at least the replacements (and later manufactured) phones seem to be fine.

    • steadymobb

      Idk the v20 is a huge phone. I’ll prob just go back to my old phone before buying another lg

  • JTrip

    I was finally going to upgrade after 3 years with the Nexus 5 2013 to the Note 7. I guess I’ll wait another year for the Note 8. The N5 is still working pretty well.

    • George Salcedo

      Why don’t you try the HTC 10 or the new Pixel phones?

  • To repair their damaged reputation, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be bundled with a hoverboard.

  • vplaza

    What a fiasco for Samsung. The Note 7 had so much promise and was positioned to take away some of the thunder from Apple’s iPhone 7 launch. What a wasted chance.

  • Fabian

    Note 8:

    PP69 fire resistant
    Removable battery made by LG
    High temperature warning alert just in case

    Life is Good

    • DisqusNatin

      Add a feature to charge even when submerged in water. ;-)

  • BadBatz

    There’s nothing to halt because Samsung has, ahem, already halted the assembly line for Note 7.

  • Jazzyjeff215

    Wonder if I can trade my note 7 in for a 128gb iphone 7plus, for a even swap since they cost the same. Or just get another s7 edge until the s8 comes out.

  • Aleks

    No need to bring LG into this discussion. LG actually fixes their sh|t and doesn’t try to follow the manufacturer trends. They listen to what the people like and are innovative with those requests. For example, the iPhone killed the headphone jack but LG made it better in the LG V20. I suppose anyone bashing LG over a bootloop to hush up. That is nothing compared to the situation that Samsung faces with the Note 7. And no I’m not an LG fanboy, but LG and T-Mobile were always quick to fix my issues and if they couldn’t fix it, always found another way to rectify the problem. I guess some of you just whine a little too much and it’s not their fault your prone to phone issues regardless of the brand name. Don’t blame anyone else for getting the short end of the stick when it’s pretty much your own fault. Cheers!!!!

    • MattPortland

      Yeah, I am quite tired of the boootloop crap, too.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      I agree with you I had to replace mine with no problem. I think the reason for me was bc I overloaded with over 300 applications and. A super power user were battery only last me tops 3 hours so in a way I would be switching my battery an average 6 times per day. I use at least one of the apps once per year. Some way more then others I am already running out of my 200gb sd, and the 64 intenal memory, I need to work on using more cloud tech instead of using my sd memory. I am glad LG v10 offered through Google cloud 100 gbs for 2 years it certainly helps a lot I am at 90gb out of 200gb so I got some room! Thanks for sharing your thoughts it matters very much to me I was going to give a shoot one more time to Sammy however I will not after this issue shocking! Happy safe holiday’s for you and everyone!

  • MattPortland

    I wonder if the Note line will be renamed. Thoughts?

    • Paul

      They should, also because another maker has a “Note”.

      • MattPortland

        Samsung Galaxy S8 Pro?

  • Kevin

    Samsung Note 7 is da bomb! …..Literally.

  • Joshua Lance

    After already trading this thing in once, I may very seriously consider the iphone for the first time ever (7 plus). I have had all android phones since the G1 came out. Always been an Android fan, but I think Apple deserves a shot at this point. Can any non fanboys of either type give me an honest thought about moving for the first time from Android to Apple. Just want to know what to expect? I can jump again in December, so I might as well trade this “bomb” in and get a free test drive with an iphone for a while.

    • Joe

      Sounds like you’re already convincing yourself that you want to test using the iPhone 7. I’d say just do it and if you don’t like it, just jump to an Android in December.

    • Acdc1a

      You’ll miss the customization and hate paying double for apps. I’ve tried… wasn’t for me.

    • Jsun

      Go for it! I have friends who were fandroids that tried apple and stuck to it. I went from Apple to android and liked android just a little bit more. Apple felt plain but that’s just me. Since you have jump, I say try it for yourself.

  • Paul

    I had to do a down payment on the Note 5, replacing my Note 7.

    I got with T-Mobile’s customer service on facebook and was credited for the down payment amount, sans the taxes.
    We shouldn’t have to pay a down payment for returning a phone that will likely explode, and having to get a new one. The new one should be $0.

    • noh1bvisas

      you paid a down payment for the note 7, if i read that. why should you have to pay a down payment for the note 5? you should be getting a refund on the sales tax, since you returned it.

      • Paul

        Yeah, but companies don’t refund the taxes.
        I jumped to a Note 7, so $0 down to begin with. BUT since this is a recall I shouldn’t have had to pay anything to walk out the door with a replacement device of my choice.

        • They should, the government doesn’t charge taxes in returns why should a carrier?

        • noh1bvisas

          is this tmo jump on demand or something?

        • Paul

          The Note 7 was a JUMP on demand.

  • limeybastard

    Funny how the $50 off on the T Mobile website for the s7 edge and S7 are also gone right at the same time of them placing a stop on the sale of the Note 7. Some would call this price guoging.

  • Richard Nocon

    I ordered this phone when it first came out on 8/19 but TMOBILE took 7 days to ship so I ended up buying at Costco. Called to cancel original order and they said to just refuse it upon delivery – THAT WOULD BE THE EASIEST way to handle it. So silly me, I took their advice. Then the dreaded Samsung exploding battery recall and returned the one i did have back to Costco – Very easy and painless – reversed from my TMO account the next day! The one I refused per their instructions is still sitting open on my account and they WILL NOT REVERSE it until they complete their handset research request confirmation process which takes 2-3 days. Well it’s been over 1.5 months and they are still waiting to complete their 2-3 day process! Unbelievable!!!

    WARNING TO PAYING CUSTOMERS – Tmobile is turning into ATT – They lure you with their cheap prices but along with that NOW, comes their cheap customer service. Wasn’t the case 5-6 years ago. I’m going to go back to Verizon where at least I will have signal and rates are the same now almost anywhere. TMO customer service has been outsourced to some 3rd world country who tell you they will take care of you but never do. Accounts are not notated like they say they will and they truly lack any follow through! I’ve been with TMO for over 12 years and will now be shopping Sprint or Verizon cause I will never go back to ATT due to a very similar experience!!!

    TMO – Take care of your customers and they will take care of you!