Alcatel Linkzone mobile hotspot launching today at T-Mobile


Alcatel and T-Mobile are teaming up on a new mobile hotspot device called the Linkzone.

The Alcatel Linkzone is launching today at T-Mobile, though T-Mo’s web store lists it as “Out of Stock” as of this writing. The Linkzone is priced at $0 down and $3.34 per month for 24 months, and full retail price is $79.99 if you’d prefer to pay all at once.

The Linkzone supports 4G LTE speeds up to 150Mbps with LTE bands 2, 4, and 12. Also included is the ability to connect up to 15 devices to the Linkzone at once. Rounding out the LinkZone’s feature set is 128MB of RAM, 256MB of ROM, a microSD slot, and an 1800mAh battery that’s rated to offer up to six hours of use.

All of those features are packed into a body that measure 4.09 x 2.51 x 0.50 inches and weighs 3.17 ounces.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Frankwhitess

    What plan is available for this Hotspot?

    • Alex Wagner

      There are prepaid monthly mobile internet plans here, which range from 2GB to 22GB per month:

      T-Mobile says that these plans can also be added to an existing Simple Choice or T-Mobile One account.

      • noh1bvisas

        $95/month for up to 22gb is the least/per/gb plan. i have that much included in my cellplan now. actually, i can use up to 26gb as a hotspot before it is throttled.

        • Rob

          Actually that’s incorrect. Read the terms. If the majority of your data consumption is not on device, T-Mobile may contact you about getting a dedicated hotspot. At least 51% of your data use must be through the device, not the hotspot. One reason I love Android… I can grab any file I want to whenever I want to and transfer it elsewhere later without needing to tether at all.

        • noh1bvisas

          i did read my terms. i have a grandfathered plan. simple choice – but they keep upgrading me for free.

    • Nobody Special

      i posted the hotspot plans up above (scroll up)

  • tvelocity

    any recs on an unlocked hotspot that can be used with SIMs worldwide? Looking at taking one to SE asia.

  • Aleks

    I had a hotspot for an extra $10 bucks on my bill which wasn’t bad at all, however, the data usage was never correct and I often burned through 5gb of high speed data rather quickly. And that’s just doing normal tasking stuff such as browsing the web and etc. For small tasks I do recommend a hotspot if you will be away from your home/work wifi, but it won’t last you the full month if you check your emails periodically and browse the web as you normally would. Also, T-Mobile is expanding coverage but it doesn’t cover rural areas and this isn’t a substitute for home wifi if you’re 150 miles plus from the nearest city. You won’t get your money’s worth. Other than that, if T-Mobile offered unlimited hotspot for a good price, I’d be all over this. Otherwise my phone’s native tethering does just fine.

    • Philip

      5gb is not enough. I have 14gb a month on hotspot and I use it 5 days a week surfing only and its about enough. Software updates on laptop I do at home.

  • noh1bvisas

    i just had a IM chat with tmobile. they have no information about the dataplan cost for this device.

    • matt

      it will be same cost as the ipad and existing mobie internet. . 35 dollars for 6 gigs or 10 gigs for 50 dollars. if you get a month to month plan you do not get binge on. if you get a post paid plan then you get binge on and data stash. both plans will give you tmobile tuesdays. you just have to use the web based version and not the app. music streaming may not work with a hotspot. its only for music streaming on the actual device. however binge on video compression works on devices attached to the hotspot. you have to get a 35 dollar 6 gig plan to get video and it has to be paid at the end of the month. oh i almost forgot. instead of paying 35 a month you can just add it as an extra line to an existing voice plan for less money. the reason why you have to use the t-mobile tuesday web page for offers is because t-mobile can’t send text messages to a hotspot. however the web page works with your t-mobile id and password. i hope i helped. oh and adding this hotspot to an existing plan gives you unlimited with “t-mobile one” i in no way work for t-mobile i just know their plans.

      • Bklynman

        I had 7 1/2 gig plan for $50.00 a month,when I notice they didn’t have it anymore,only 6 and 10,71/2, downgrade to 6,I notice 71/2 was gone,so have no idea how long 10 gig was up for the same $50.00 amonth, Who should I call to ask about this? I figure they either own me money for the same time frame,or own me data,same amount time I was paying for only 71/2,while others were paying $50.00 If anyone who reads this has idea what dept I should ask for when I call, thank you.

      • Nobody Special

        FYI, you are able to get text messages with the internet data hospot.

    • BadBatz

      If you have a qualified data plan on your phone, you can get $10 off any data plan for any data-only device you add to to your account.
      My 5GB tethering on the phone plus a $25/month 6GB data-only plan(I get 9GB for some reason lately) plus data stash of unused leftovers, are ample for average use while traveling so I don’t need to connect to airport or (even worse!)hotel Wi-Fi networks.

      And to answer “matt” – hotspots come with a phone number and do have SMS capability so yes, everybody, T-Mobile T-Mobile included, can send texts to hotspots. You can visually see whether there are new text messages (the little envelope icon on the top of the device) and you can read/answer texts from the browser connection to the hotspot.

    • Nobody Special

      i have a 6GB data plan for a hotspot, I also have a 2GB data plan for a mobile hotspot i use a zte mobile hotspot for both . I dont understand why a tmobile rep will tell you they dont know the cost for the data plan for this device…lol. I dont work for Tmobile and I know the cost for the data plan fir this device. That tmobile rep probably had a long day and didnt wanna provide you with relevant answers to your questions.

      this is the information i know. The price of the data for the wifi hotspot depends on what plan you have basically. The tmobile rep should have explained that to you. But i think (because they were helping you via instant message) they did not have access to your tmobile account, so they could not give you a direct answer. But they should have explained all of the data plans.

      You get a $10 credit off the prices below if you have a qualifying voice plan with tmobile. So the 2GB plan would only cost you $10 dollars if you have a qualifying plan. And If you have the Tmobile One Plan it works the same. But, currently You can’t add a internet hotspot to your Tmobile plan to share your unlimited Tmobile one unlimited feature benefits. The tmobile One Plan is incompatible with the Internet hotspot, so you get charged seperately than if you had a tablet connected to your account. Because with a tablet under the Tmobile One plan you just pay $10 and you then share the unlimited benefits. After you use up your alloted data, your speed is lowered to 2G speeds.

      2GB $20 Music Freedom compatible ONLY
      6GB $35 Binge On/Music Freedom compatible
      10GB $50 Binge On/Music Freedom compatible
      14GB $65 Binge On/Music Freedom compatible
      18GB $80 Binge On/Music Freedom compatible
      22GB $95 Binge On/Music Freedom compatible

      if you only wanted to have the internet hotspot data plan with no phone plan associated with your account, you will thus pay the amount listed above, you will not qualify for the $10 Discount.

      • noh1bvisas

        i was wanting to know if there was a dataplan specifically for the modem device. someone did find in in another post.

        • Nobody Special

          What i posted above is the data plan specifically for the modem device & tablet devices for those who have the post paid tmobile plans. I have two internet modem devices from Tmobile and I have two different data plans for these internet devices so Im speaking from experience and not by talking about something I saw on a TV commercial.

          For Tmobile One customers the tablet plan cost $10 per tablet and you share your tmobile one data.

          For Tmobile One Customers the mobile Internet hotspot data plan cost as i posted above: 2GB $20, 6GB $35, 10GB $50, etc. (you will receive a $10 credit discount for having a Tmobile One Plan).

        • Dominick Vaughn

          hey i have tmobile one plan and i pay $20 for 2gb for my hotspot :(

  • BadBatz

    Geez, all the stuff I use is obsolete :-) HTC 10 and the ZTE Falcon router are both go-go-gone from the T-Mobile site. And the Alcatel is listed as not in stock… Alcatel routers are very popular in Europe but the ZTE works for me stateside very well so what gives, T-Mobile..? Another shitty equipment decision..?

  • Good Jeff

    This would kill you because after one weekend of watching HD movies you’d be out of data. Or T-mobile would throttle down and you’d only be able to watch things in SD.

  • pastorkelly

    I have a hot spot on my t-mobile Samsung phone with 7 gigs of unlimited data that I never use and it doesn’t slow down. Most of the new phones act as a hot spot anyway so why would I waste money on this. There use to be Clear Spot, until Sprint bought and ran them out of business. I see the same thing with this!!!

    • a d00d

      The chip used for this, according to Alltel’s website, is the MSM-9207 which Qualcomm calls Cat-4 at 150M down and 50 up–same as the Snapdragon 805 used in the Nexus 6 and some other devices. This device is primarily being marketed at IoT people that need decent speed. A relative, the MSM-9207-1, is only Cat-1 10M down and 1M up for low-speed IoT that would use GSM or CDMA or early 3G (EVDO or early HSDPA). This hotspot obviously has the former chip, which is probably the older chip and a much less powerful main CPU on a newer fab process for low power consumption.

      As for WHY, IoT is obvious, also PoS where decent internet isn’t available or possible and using a phone is overkill. There are also situations where, for security or other reasons, you REALLY don’t want to use a full phone with a screen and GUI. This device can be put in a corner, out of the way and unseen. (Not that Qualcomm is known for being secure: see the Replicant project for a thorough explanation.) Of course, there are devices for hostile (open weather, etc) environments, and this isn’t one of them, but for inside use where its price is justified (at $80, its probably too much for ATMs and the like where you have to deploy (tens? HUNDREDS? of) thousands of devices), it works.

      Still no idea why it has a microSD slot, though. Firmware upgrade? El Cheapo NAS? Truly no clue at all…

      • Nobody Special

        I thought the same thing concerning the Micro SD slot. I looked everywhere to obtain more detail concerning this device and ran into dead ends. Even the Alcatel website doesn’t provide information regarding the features of this wifi hotspot. But there was a samsung wifi hotsot sold by Tmobile years ago that also had an expandable sd slot. And this feature was very cool. You were able to store files onto the device and basically allow anyone who wirelessly connect to the device gain access to these files. I am not 100% positive, but i think that is the reasoning behinf the sd card feature.

      • DStudio

        That explains a lot. I just got one today – it was in stock in my local store.

        This is the smallest, lightest hotspot I’ve even owned (and I’ve had most hotspots the 4 carriers have sold since LTE became available). It’s the thinnest as well. When I first picked it up I was shocked at the lightness. Then I noticed the battery is 1800mah. So this must have been the design goal – low power draw that will allow for a smaller battery and a lighter, smaller unit.

        It also has nicely curved edges and back, for easily slipping inside a pocket (even a back pocket).

        I realize the Verizon Ellipsis MHS800L/815L is slightly smaller (though the same thickness), but I never bought one because it doesn’t seem like a “real” hotspot – just a low end device with too many mediocre reviews.

        Time will tell, but my first impression is that this is the best hotspot T-Mobile has ever sold. Speed and performance is similar to my iPhone 7.

    • Malkuth

      Check your tethered data, I believe that it is 14GB now. Mine is anyway.

      • pastorkelly

        Thanks I just checked and you’er right for what ever reason it’s been doubled….Thanks!

        • Malkuth

          No problem

  • Nearmsp

    I have a Verizon hotspot device for use in rural areas in my state where there is no voice or data coverage from T-mobile. But I pay $45 for a 2 GB. T-mobile is better than Verizon in the city but once you leave the city the data coverage is very poor.

    • a d00d

      I can personally verify it IS improving, at least in some places. I had access in July where I had none before while visiting family, and I’ll be visiting again next week so I can see how much more they’ve built out, if any. (The map hasn’t changed since August.)

      Of course, it totally depends where you are, as with any carrier. For instance, while TMo seems interesting in serving at least parts of Montana, they sold the Band-12 licenses in Wyoming in a separate transaction and don’t appear to want to serve that state at all; likewise, in most of rural Nevada outside of the originally-licensed Cingular areas there appears to have been no build-out and only minimal upgrading so far, while simultaneously killing data roaming on Commnet which DOES cover those areas.

      Covering rural areas, even with wireless, can be expensive, and that’s way before considering the tech upgrade cycles that have been happening since smartphones took off. There are still small rural carriers that run 15-20 year old GSM/CDMA systems with no plans to upgrade; many of them have sold out or, if no one would buy, just shut down because they couldn’t turn a profit. Like it or not, these are businesses not government-owned PTT ministries like in Europe 20 years ago, and the Universal Service Fund has been a corrupt mess benefiting the big carriers in big cities rather than rural ones.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    I’m confused!!!
    I thought tmo didn’t want to compete with the land based internet cartels.
    And I thought they wanted to conserve precious bandwidth.

    • keepitreal25

      what are you confused about? Tmobile has been selling wireless notebooks, usb network sticks, and wireless hotspots for years now? There is no unlimited data plans for the hotspots , so it’s not competing with residential internet providers.

  • Dave Slater

    Can I use my tablet match sim interchangeably between my tablet and a hotspot like this? I’m asking from a plan perspective not the sim size. Thanks!

    • PHAiz92


  • Al in SoCal

    Best UNcarrier move T-Mobile could make – get rid of tablet / data sim cards and let us use our voice sims. I would pay a + $10 additional fee for each sim card used as data as well.

  • michellesd7

    can I use my alcatel link zone in Finland ?

  • sylvia

    I’m in South Africa and I bought the alcatel linkzone however I have been using 1GB per day and that a lot because i only use it on whatsapp/facebook and emails but I think that is a lot because i also use 1Gb on my Iphone for a month. Any help.