T-Mobile cell service coming soon to Metro Red/Purple Lines in downtown Los Angeles


Good news, Los Angeles-based T-Mobile customers: Some underground cell service is coming your way.

T-Mobile has agreed to provide underground cell service to downtown Los Angeles Metro stations. Verizon service today launched between Union Station and 7th/Metro Center on the Red/Purple Line subways, and both Sprint and T-Mobile have said that they’ll be rolling out service in the next two to three months. They’ll be working with Metro and InSite Wireless Group, the latter of which is the company that provides the equipment for underground cell service.

It can be frustrating to not have cell service when you’re riding the subway, whether that’s because you’re not able to communicate with others, you’re not able to stream music or videos, or whatever other reason. Sure, you can always save some entertainment for offline use, but having a cellular connection for talking to someone or streaming something that you may not have remembered to download. And the good news is that T-Mobile’s underground cell service is coming in the next few months, so it won’t be long before you Los Angeles residents will have service in these Metro Red/Purple Lines.

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