T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Priv receiving update with battery life improvements


BlackBerry Priv owners, an update is coming your way.

T-Mobile has updated its BlackBerry Priv support documents to show that its version of the Android slider is receiving an update to build AAD442. No, it’s not Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but it does include improvements to the Priv’s battery life and device temperature.

This 51MB update is now rolling out over the air, and you can check for it manually by going into Settings > About phone > System updates > Check for update. You can also wait for it to be pushed to you, which should happen sometime between today and April 21.

Today’s Priv update may not be super exciting, but hey, an update is an update. Plus, better battery life is nice to have since it means that you should spend less time worrying about plugging in to a wall or battery pack.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • I cannot comment on the battery life yet, though I can say it runs cooler now! So that’s a plus and should translate to better battery life

  • aglee89

    Thank goodness those are the two biggest problems I have so far, hopefully this will help, other than that I love this phone.

  • ArchangelRenzoku

    Did they happen to leave any comment of why the phone was having those problems to begin with?

    And what did they actually do to fix it? Change governors and voltages or what?

  • guest

    I got an idea, the G5 should make a keyboard module with an extra long battery.

    PS: Sorry BB friends.

    • AS118

      That’s actually a brilliant idea. You should tell it to them directly. If they need to, they can license it from Blackberry. I feel like Blackberry would be more willing to collaborate with other companies like this nowadays, given that they worked with Samsung on Knox and put out an Android phone.

      • guest

        Or BB making a modular phone like the G5 would also be great. If they make that with a 5″ or less and reasonable specs for $400, I’d consider it.

  • Alex L.

    i have yet to have a problem with battery life or over heating. it gets warm when im playing a game or two but that is about it.

  • ncamacho3

    i had the phone for 2 weeks before i returned it, which coincidentally was when the S7 was released.

  • ACI

    T-Mobile didn’t update the build #. The correct built is AAE134

  • Kasey

    I received AAD442 When i got my phone on release day I just got AAE134 And AAE134 is the March security update.

    • ACI

      Does your phone say March 1st security level on the about page?

      • Kasey

        Yes it does. Recievevd the AAD442 update on the release day of the priv when i picked my phone up and AAD442 does in no way help battery temp the phone half the time get to hot to charge…

        • ACI

          So did AAE134 do anything to improve battery life and lower the temperature of the device?

        • Kasey

          Kinda But now my touchscreen will stop and have to force reset using power+Volup

  • HibikiRush

    Is this update also going out for non T-Mo Privs?

    • guest

      It probably is. BB has been releasing updates frequently, but I think the previous were only security updates and this security and performance.

  • Mike

    I received the update as well on my TMO Priv. This is way past due. The battery life on this phone was probably the worst I’ve ever experienced, especially for a $720 phone. I have Jump on Demand so I jumped to this phone to try it out. The keyboard and gestures are great but lots need improved for a Priv 2. Overall, I like the phone so I will likely return to a Priv 2. The battery performance is significantly better I have noticed so far after the update. Nonetheless, I will still be using upgrade #3 for the LG G5 to try that out as I’ve had this phone for about 3 months.

  • I have AAE016. I’m not sure if I have a different build schedule / update numbers since I’m using an unlocked, non-carrier specific BB, but I feel like the update that improved battery life for me was released a month or two ago. I’ve had this device since November. If that’s true, then it sounds like typical carrier delay with releasing important updates that improve performance in the name of making sure the update plays well with their network and software. So glad I went unlocked this time.