iOS 9.2 and watchOS 2.1 updates released by Apple


If you’re rocking an iPhone, it’s time once again to install a new iOS update.

iOS 9.2 is now rolling out to the iPhone and iPad, complete with a handful of new features and a bevy of bug fixes. The update brings some tweaks to the Safari View Controller, which lets third-party apps use a Safari-based browser rather than one from the developer. For example, Safari View Controller can now request a desktop site, and you can swipe from the edge of the screen to dismiss the browser.

This iOS update also brings some Apple Music improvements, including tweaks related to making playlists and saving songs offline. There’s a new Top Stories section in Apple News, a Mail Drop feature in Mail for sending large attachments, 3D Touch in iBooks, improved stability for Apple’s Safari and Podcasts apps, and many accessibility improvements.

To grab this update, head into Settings > General > Software Update. And while you’re on your iPhone, you can also go into Watch > General > Software Update to grab the watchOS 2.1 update for the Apple Watch if you happen to have one strapped to your wrist. This update adds support for many new system languages and also packs in some bug fixes. Finally, T-Mobile is pushing out Carrier Bundle 23.1, which you can get by going into Settings > General > About.

These updates may not sound super exciting at first, but there are some nice app-specific tweaks included in iOS 9.2. And I’d say that having a less buggy iPhone or Apple Watch is something to get excited about, especially when we’re starting to trudge through the middle of the work week.

If you’re curious about what the full iOS 9.2 changelog looks like, you can find it below:

New features

  • iPhone support for the USB Camera Adapter
  • VoiceOver can wake up the screen or invoke app switcher with 3D Touch gesture
  • iBooks now supports 3D Touch to peek and pop pages
  • iBooks now supports listening to an audiobook while you browse your library, read other books, or explore the store
  • Siri support for Arabic (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)
  • Apple Music
  • You can now create a new playlist when adding a song to a playlist
  • Your most recently changed playlist is now listed at the top when adding songs to playlists
  • Download albums or playlists from your iCloud Music Library by tapping the iCloud download button
  • See which songs have been downloaded with the new download indicator next to each song in My Music and Playlists
  • See works, composers, and performers while browsing Classical music in the Apple Music catalog
  • A new Top Stories section in News so you can stay up to date with the most important news of the day (available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia)


  • Improved stability of Safari and Podcasts
  • Fixing an issue that caused mail attachments to be inaccessible for some users with POP email accounts
  • Resolving attachments overlapping text in mail
  • Fixing an issue where Live Photos could turn off
  • Addressing search in Contacts displaying no results
  • Resolving Calendar not displaying all days in week view
  • Fixing an issue where Camera screen on iPad could be black when attempting to capture video
  • Addressing an issue that could cause instability in the Activity app during Daylight Savings Time transition
  • Fixing an issue that prevents data from appearing in Health
  • Fixing an issue that could prevent Wallet updates and Lock screen alerts from displaying
  • Addressing an issue where updating iOS could prevent an alarm from going off
  • Fixing an issue with logging into Find my iPhone
  • Fixing an issue that preventing manual iCloud Backups
  • Addressing an issue where using the iPad keyboard could unintentionally trigger text selection mode
  • Improved keyboard responsiveness using Quick Reply
  • Improved punctuation input on the 10-key Chinese (Pinyin & Stroke) keyboards with new expanded view of punctuation symbols and better predictions
  • Fixing an issue on Cyrillic keyboards where caps lock would be enabled when typing in URL or email fields
  • Fixing issues using VoiceOver with Camera face detection
  • Fixing an issue using Guided Access to end phone calls
  • Improved functionality for Switch Control users & 3D Touch
  • Fixing an issue with speech rate of Speak Screen
  • Additional security updates

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  • After updating to iOS 9.2, make sure you go to Settings > General > About and it will also update T-Mobile’s Carrier Settings to version 23.1.

  • Carrier update 23.0 comes with iOS 9.2, then open About in the settings and you can get carrier update 23.1

  • Jackson Cymerman

    Extended Range LTE works now on my iPhone 6 Plus after updating the carrier settings :)

    • Walt

      Lol you wish

      • Jackson Cymerman

        Lol, I’m not joking. Coverage is working fine.

        • Walt

          Band 12 is a hardware feature and not a software update

        • ronjon400

          always remember hardware is nothing unless you have the software to implement it.

    • Bradley Karas

      Negative ghost rider the pattern is full

    • The waterproofing feature that was thought to be in iOS 7 may be implemented finally in 9.2. Give it a shot!

      • Walt

        What do you mean?

        • Prode

          he is saying that IOS 7 made your phone water proof and it wasn’t working right until IOS 9.2 is was out. In the end he is making fun of Jackson for saying that IOS 9.2 gave the Iphone 6 plus Band 12.

    • 6 Plus or 6S Plus? I didn’t think the 6 Plus had Band 12?

      • Prode

        that is correct it does not have it. Just the 6s. He is being a dick and making ppl think it gave it.

  • steveb944

    Pretty ho-hum update. I guess I’ll download it on the work iPhone eventually.

  • Lit

    Any changes to band 12 connectivity? It’s supposed to be live in So Cal but i’ve only seen it like once..

    • It’s my understanding it’s only used as a last resort because it’s not as fast… so maybe you’re just in good coverage areas.

  • Walt

    Does anybody know what carrier update 23.1 does?

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      Last time I check T-mobile doesn’t charge activation anymore. +1 for ebates though

    • JLV90

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