Android 5.1.1 update for T-Mobile Galaxy S6, S6 Edge rolling out


In the early hours of this morning, T-Mobile began the rollout of the next software update for T-Mobile customers using the new Samsung flagships. Both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge now have the Android 5.1.1 refresh available. The update brings with it some performance boosters and Guest Mode.

In line with the update, T-Mobile has updated its support pages with a breakdown of changes and fixes. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge software baseband version is G925TUVU1AOF6 and weighs in at 635.45MB. Improvements include fixes for camera LED flash issues, reboot failure error message fix and a performance booster for the fingerprint scanner as well as other bug fixes and optimizations. SamMobile notes that theres a new parallax effect for backgrounds as well as some more precise camera controls.

With Guest Mode being added to the S6 and S6 Edge, customers will now be able to switch to a guest profile which prevents other people from accessing your personal information, messages, settings, apps and photos. Once guest mode has ended – and you return to your own account – the guest mode session data is wiped from memory.

[UPDATE – Apparently Guest Mode isn’t in this update. But it might in the next one.]

There’s a chance you haven’t received an OTA notification yet for this download, so be sure to go in to your settings and check for software updates manually. As always, let us know how you get on with the update and if you spot any new features we haven’t heard of yet.

Thanks, Muhammad

Source: SamMobile
Via: Android Central

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  • Humberto Aguilar

    Wait, I downloaded 5.1 already, I cannot find Guest mode on my Galaxy S6? Do any of you guys can find it?

    • Sean

      Me neither, guess not even T-Mobile knows entirely what they put in their own updates.

      • Humberto Aguilar

        Hey Sean, i just called T-Mobile and Samsung, they said Guest mode will be likely available on the next update. #smh

        • Sean

          Thanks for checking. It’s a shame that we can’t get a confirmation on that. A prized Android flagship phone missing what I’d like to consider an core Android feature…tsk tsk tsk.

  • Downloading 5.1.1 as we speak, hopefully it helps fix the RAM usage bug and improves battery life. Although I did notice an improvement in battery since Google Play Services updated last.

  • AWT

    When I got up this morning I had the message that T-Mobile had sent me an update. My phone was on wifi overnight while it was charging, so the update package must have downloaded automatically overnight. When I clicked on the T-Mobile message it went right into the updating mode, it didn’t show it downloading like it used to. Haven’t noticed any performance differences yet, but I do like that you can disable the S finder and quick connect, I never use them.

    • Jay Holm

      Me too, I already disabled them.

  • Grandy

    Fantastic. I don’t have one of those. When will the Avant get 5.0?

  • Mathew Colburn

    Just saw someone post about this update, checked for it and voila, it’s now downloading. Great start to Monday!

  • Philip

    Yah, the Note 4 update will be years away.

  • besweeet

    So is their Galaxy S4 dead?

    • TrippleJay16

      Asked the same question on their FB page. No response yet.

    • Cam Bunton

      I asked some official people if it would get Lollipop. I didn’t get a definite “no”, but a vague “it’s already had tons of updates, it’s old”. Which basically means, it’s probably not happening.

      • besweeet

        Gah… That’s disappointing. Maybe next year’s Android will bring better updates.

        • 1ceTr0n

          Not the G4 it won’t. Unless you root and do it yourself

        • Ozgur Sen

          You can root it and get Cyanogenmod 12.1 (Android 5.1.1) and get regular updates.
          the S4 is insanely fast on cyanogenmod. I used to have the stable version though not the night version.
          Samsung phones were the easiest to root for me and HTC was and still a pain in the ass

  • Muhammad Arslan Siddiqui

    No problem sir. I am glad you used the same pictures above which I sent.

    • Cam Bunton

      Thanks for sending!

  • mreveryphone

    Hopefully the memory leak problem is fixed…

    • 1ceTr0n

      More like battery leak…

  • Sean

    Just updated my GS6 and my two favorite improvements are the option to get rid of the wallpaper motion effect and the option to get rid of Quick Connect and S Finder in the notification area. Thanks Samsung.

  • itguy08

    How about some love for the GS5. Or is Samsung going to do like every other Android vendor and leave us with a buggy POS phone?

    Bring on the iPhone 6S so I can put the Android Nightmare ™ behind me.

  • Joe

    If this dose not improve lag by 75% and the memory leak/management than I will make T-mobile take my phone back.

    • Mike

      I rooted and put looper custom rom on my phone and my phone runs great

      • Joe

        I am all for root and roms but if a phone can’t run proper in Stock form than I don’t want to have anything to do with it.

  • Al Ferguson

    Will it fix this stupid Enhanced Profile Sharing message that keeps popping up?

  • Luck

    Enjoy this S6 owners from T_mobile. Remember, you will NOT get the last major update while everybody from verizon, att, sprint and others will get it. You will suffer the same fate as did by the s4, s3 and note2 owners

    • Bradley Karas

      What are you talking about??? S6 is already slated for Android M!!!

    • Jimmy James

      Wait. What? Anroid M bro.

  • TBN27

    I sold it off after trying it. It restarted on me a couple of times during my ownership and froze up. Still was smooth as butter but I am just disgusted and over those things still happening.

  • DStudio

    A year from now the iPhone 4S will still be getting updates (on a regular, predictable schedule).

    • 1ceTr0n

      Cool story bro

    • gmo8492

      More updates that make it lag like crazy, gee I can’t wait :P

  • Marco Arellano

    i just updated and seams like the phone has lag..i dont know if its just me but the phone is slower and heats up more!! .. damn tmobile

    • metalspy8

      sucks for s6 edge not heating up and feels smoother.

    • johhnybgood3

      Must be your apps. My S6 feels smoother and faster..

  • Android_God

    Hopefully the Note 4 will get this next.

  • 1ceTr0n

    PLEEEASE GIVE it to NOTE 4 users before I throw mine out the window at highway speeds because it fucking destroyed my battery life

    • Android_God

      I did a factory reset and it seems to be behaving better.

      • 1ceTr0n

        Did the same and mine is no better

  • Greg Victor

    5.1.1 seems to have fixed the insane lag that was plaguing my s6 edge. It’s couldn’t be happier. Way to go samsung!

  • Bordelais

    So sad Cam is leaving TMONEWS and Phonedog, however I am excited for him to move to bigger and better things.

    It sounds like a big adventure awaits him. Congrats Cam. You will be missed.

    • Android_God

      Where is Cam going?

      • Cam Bunton

        All will be revealed..

        • Jeff Martinez

          PocketNow! Lol hey that would be cool.

        • Cam Bunton

          Nope, it’s not PocketNow.

  • Jimmy James

    Moving wallpaper aka parallax, is all I’ve seen. 5.0.2 to 5.1.1 is usually a pretty big jump with software. To put it simply, I ain’t seen much else.

  • Henry

    S6 owners…. be aware that being on T-mobile means your amazing phone which should last several years in pristine condition will actually not be updated to the final set of updates that all other carriers provide their loyal customers. ATNT, Sprint, Verizon have updated all their phones including the Galaxy series to the most recent version of Android and continue supporting past models. T-mobile on the other hand decides not to support past models and not support its loyal customers – rather they decide not to update phones like the Galaxy S3 and the S4 because they want these users to go and spend another $700-800 on a brand new phone. If I were you I would only support the Nexus line which is updated by Google, since T-mobile does not care enough and is likely money-hungry in this situation. There is no other real reason.

    • Jimmy James

      T-Mobile updated my HTC phones faster than any other company. Your statement is incorrect.

      • Ozgur Sen

        T mobile just tested the update and pushed it OTA (over the air) to their customers.
        It is the Manufacturer who decided the update

    • mikejones1876

      Why would someone be complaining about updates for the s3 or s4……if u can’t up grade and ur still on the s3 or s4 ur Sol….just buy a new phone or deal with it….android moves to fast to worry about phones phones 2 to 3 years old I doubt the nexus 4 is getting android m but I can be wrong…..I had every s T-Mobile put out including the 6 I just went back to my note 4

      • Max

        Except all you guys are forgetting that the S4 is the only phone of its generation that was not updated by T-mobile. Though it was T-mo’s best selling and flagship phone at the time. While ATT, Sprint, and Verizon and all other international variants updated the S4 to Lollipop. So stop calling customers “cheap” and “poor” when it really is T-mobile that isn’t updating the Galaxy line while everyone else did.

        • Charmed79

          They didn’t update the note 2 either, 6 months after buying it, was already old, sorry but you guys complaining about people not buying new phones every 6 months need help! Not all of us can spend $600 every 6-12 months, and nowhere does it say you should have to in order to be with a company! So grow up!

        • Ozgur Sen

          It’s not the carrier but the Manufacturer who decides the update the OS and Manufacturer related issues
          Yes the carriers can push updates for the phone so it can use their network more efficiently and test the updates from the manufacturer’s but they can’t create an OS upgrade because they do not own any right to a specific brand of phones

    • Android_God

      Sounds like IT’S YOU! Sorry you can’t afford a new phone but that’s NOT T-Mobile’s fault and it’s NOT a conspiracy!

  • Henry

    Cam (or whichever moderator) thanks for deleting my post and another person’s post about how S6 owners should be aware that their phones won’t receive the latest android updates eventually, like the S3/S4/soon S5. T-Mobile likes to pledge customer support and loyalty but let’s be real, the only reason they refuse to support older devices unlike ATT, Sprint, Verizon is because they want customers to spend almost $1000 buying a new phone. Go ahead and delete this one too if you want.

    • thepanttherlady

      Are you talking about the comment you made an hour ago? The one right below my comment?

      If we deleted your comment(s) it would state they’d been deleted.

    • Android_God

      Uuuuuummmm NO CARRIER promises updates. Get over yourself.

    • Jess

      Uff you are annoying…..

  • Joe

    So far after 30 min of messing with it I am disappointed. Yes the lag is gone…for now cuz I only got it on for 30min. But the memory problem seems to still exist. After boot it is using 75% ram just like before. It can only keep 3 apps in memory like chrome with 3 tabs and youtube and a text messaging app and then it starts to close things out. Very very disappointed. My moms nexus 5 running 5.1.1 only uses 50% ram after boot and can keep a tone of apps in memory before closing them down.

  • Mike

    I sure hope TMO doesn’t forget Samsung Galaxy S4 users when it comes to updates. Heck, the S4 is not all that old. TMO wants to sell new phones, but many of us can’t afford the $500 plus new phones. Some of us are still paying off the S4.

  • Andy

    What about the lollipop update for the Galaxy S4?

  • What’s the new icon on the status bar? Square box with an n looking thing

    • Nvm

    • Awt

      NFC is turned on. You can turn it off in the settings menu

  • WhoWhen

    Does anyone know if the front facing camera and full screen brightness bug have been addressed?

    (Pink/purple spots in the picture and full screen brightness not at 100%)

  • Akimahc

    I hate that the default font is now black! I shouldn’t have to download a theme for something as simple as font color! Font has been white since the beginning, why change it now?! Ugh. Haven’t noticed too much else yet but this is annoying and makes my home screen hard to read. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Zbigniew Rodowski

    did the update yesterday, phone worked all day today and now it went dark , cant turn it on. WTF happened

  • Ivy

    So far everything with the update did good. However I don’t know why this is happening but I can be typing a message or even this message and the word be there and then when I go to space to type the next word the previous word will either completely disappear or it will change to something completely different. It is taking me 3X as long to type anything, is anyone else having this issue?