Archive | May, 2015

Microsoft Lumia 435 heading to T-Mobile very soon

It looks incredibly likely that the budget Windows Phone from Microsoft is going to be making an appearance on T-Mobile store shelves very soon. The Lumia 435 is the latest low-end device that promises to be great value for money. T-Mobile’s support pages now list the device, and Microsoft has its own page dedicated to the T-Mo flavored version of the small smartphone. Thanks to the ever-perceptive eyes of … [read full article]

My T-Mobile service is out of action

Chances are, if you’ve tried to access your My T-Mobile account online over the past 24 hours, you’ve failed. Account management site shows a “we’ll be back” message complete with picture of what – presumably – is the tech engineers’ team taking a canoe out for a stroll. We’ve been sent a number of emails by readers upset at not being able to access their accounts over the past few hours, so it’s … [read full article]