Enter our LG G3 and LG VR giveaway!

It’s been too long since we hosted a great giveaway at PhoneDog Media, so we’ve teamed up with LG to offer all of our readers and followers the chance to win one of five LG G3’s and LG Vr headsets. Marco Hanna explains it all in the video above. Head on over to this giveaway page.

The contest is open internationally and entries will close on Friday, May 1st, 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Time. Winners will be chose at random from a pool of entries and there will be five winners in total. Each of those five winners will receive an LG G3 smartphone an an LG VR headset. If you are selected, you’ll need to reply to us from the email you entered with to claim your prize. Winners will be emailed and announced on Facebook on PhoneDog’s page, so be sure to “like” the PhoneDog Facebook page.

Share the competition with your friends using the widget below and earn extra entries for every friend that enters using your link! Good luck!

Giveaway: LG G3 and LG G3 VR

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  • Ricardo J

    Hoping I win one!

  • Sean

    I’m rocking a superior Galaxy S6, but I’ll still take my chance to win a free phone any day of the week!

    • Android_God

      CLEARLY the Note 4 and iPhone are a far superior product BY A LARGE MARGIN

  • guest

    does anyone know how i can get out of paying my note 4 i regret getting that thing now im stuck with it. what will tmobile do if i report it missing do i get the same phone or something else. my 14 days are up

    • guest2

      Well, reporting it missing is fraud and illegal and a jerk move, so you probably should do that.

    • fhritp

      Call care and tell them your situation. They would probably memo your account allowing you to return the phone as long as you pay the $50 restock fee.

  • JenniferC

    It’s not a Windows Phone, but eh what the hell. I guess I could use it as a backup.

  • Joe

    I hope I win.

  • Justin Letandre

    I like the G series line of phones, i would love to win the G3. I have to G2 and was waiting for the G4 to be released but again I would so love to get this phone in my hands. Awesome video.

  • nycplayboy78

    Pfft…No one ever wins those damn giveaways nothing but an excuse to have access to your friends list and inbox to send out more crap and spam….PASS!!!!!

  • Allen Enriquez

    good luck everyone wins!

  • Guest