Samsung Galaxy S6 MWC invites are out, hint at Double-Edged phone


Yesterday afternoon, Samsung officially sent out invitations to its next Unpacked event which will take place at MWC in Barcelona next month. The live unveiling will be on Sunday, March 1st. And we’re expecting the tech giant to follow up on its popular Galaxy S5 with a new Galaxy S6, or perhaps two.

A couple of people online have spotted a huge clue on the invitation pointing towards what Sammy’s going to unveil. I’d initially thought nothing of the invite design, as I tend not to focus too much on “hidden clues” that may or may not be there. But, seeing these mockups/comparisons made it painstakingly obvious that we’re surely going to see an Edge-inspired phone.

The mockup below was put together by Pocket-Lint.


If the silver line on the official invite is the left and bottom edge of the phone, it could well be a double-edged device. With a curved screen, similar to the Galaxy Note Edge, but on both sides.

Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD on YouTube, posted similar thoughts on his Google Plus page. If the image is hinting at the right and top edges of the phone, it may just be a single-edged device:


For now, I’m siding with the argument that this is the left hand edge of the phone, and that it will have two curved secondary displays. Thinking of the way you normally see official press shots, and that it’s rare to have them taken from the top right corner of the phone.

At least one thing is certain: Samsung is going to release a new Galaxy S device. The company has used the event in Barcelona a number of times to announce its flagship non-phablet smartphone. Last year, I was at the Galaxy S5 launch at the same venue when the company also announced some smart watches alongside it, as well as the Gear Fit.

Samsung and T-Mobile have enjoyed a good relationship over the past few years, resulting in the carrier picking up the best of the Korean company’s products, and even offering up some great promotions on pre-order. And since T-Mobile is keen on keeping the best phones in stock, it’s safe to assume that our favorite carrier will have the next generation Galaxy S devices on its store shelves. The question is, will it be a Galaxy S6 and a Galaxy S Edge? Or just one of the two?

Sources: Pocket-Lint, MKBHD

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  • Ohhh

    If it’s true, it will be very different than other smartphones out there. Finally, Samsung will have a their own unique smartphone design. But I think I will wait for the S7

  • PASS. if they have those edge screens like the Edge phone. not interested in that “feature”.

  • SEBA

    Nice! Don’t say no until you have one. I’m happy they finally changing the design. S3 and note 2 were the best designed phones. I think s6 and note 5 will take over the market….

  • Whiskers

    I can see ac lot of broken screen edges in the crystal ball….
    Interesting idea but trying not to chip or break that screens edge will be a chore.

    • JJCommonSense

      Well they’ve already been selling a phone with one edge….. have there been any reports of the edge being particularly fragile?

      • Whiskers

        They have been selling a model with it but not many have bought them.
        That should speak for itself right there…..

        • JJCommonSense

          Not necessairly true.. they said from jump that it would be a limited production phone and I know from working in the industry that more people wanted them than were able to get them… there has definitely been consumer interest in having that side screen ability and, for some people the extra screen was pretty useful.. a novelty but not completely pointless… trust.. if “no one was buying it” as u so claim, I doubt they’d be wasting the R&D on further development.

        • Whiskers

          Many companies waste money on R&D and their phones still don’t sell.
          Hell , look at Blackberry , did’nt help them any even though they spent lots of cash making a phone that looked almost like an iphone.
          Look where they are now ……

    • Trevnerdio

      I haven’t dropped my phone in the 3 months that I’ve had it (thank God) and don’t ask me how I haven’t lol but my Edge actually seems pretty sturdy. There are only finite knicks in the metal bezel (as is to be expected)

      • bob90210

        I glad your phone has broken the laws of physics by having infinite kicks in it.

        • Trevnerdio

          Finite…meaning almost unnoticeable :D

        • bob90210

          Perhaps you mean infinitesimal because that is not what finite means.

        • Trevnerdio

          Well yes, but this is the internet and people generally understand what I mean haha

    • superg05

      you do realize there a metal bar in front of that edge and its a flexible samOled display bonded to glass

      • Whiskers

        It’s not the edge itself next the the metal barl that will break , if it’s going to break it will break at the curve part of the screen .
        And there won’t be anything at that area that will protect it because you will be covering the screen if you did .

  • Adrayven

    Held one of the Edge phones.. was awkward to me. Tried to see a common use-case for it.. As neat as it looks at first, not as practical as it is inconvenient .. I’m ambidextrous, so I use my phone in both hands.. yeah.. not fun..

    Guess we’ll see.. It’s the one ‘edge’ they have right now, who knows… lol

    • JJCommonSense

      Right! When I first read about the Note edge I was like “meh nothing really exciting there ” but after I held one in my hands, having smaller hands, I found the side screen to be pretty useful.

    • superg05

      it takes more than a brief look to learn a phone and that edge is awesome for multitasking on a large device makes it way easier

  • John

    And you wonder why Samsung has taken a hit in the cell phone market… They keep making junk like this…

    • JJCommonSense

      I wouldn’t call it junk. The note edge was pretty impressive and I found use for it in the time that I played around with it.. the good thing is, I’m sure the S6 won’t have an edge display.. this would likely be a limited edition or extra version like it is on the Note 4. People will have CHOICES u can go with or without.. and i think that’s what people are failing to realized. It may be to a fault but Samsung has always tried to have a product for anyone and everyone . U want a phablet? Samsung got that… u want a smaller more premium phone, samsung got that too.. u want a flip phone.. they got that too.. it gets to be too much when they try marketing all the different varying devices in the same markets.

      • John

        They are doing what HTC did. Saturate the market. It won’t work. Their sales show it.

        • JJCommonSense

          True, saturating the market can definitely have the effect of diminishing the brand…. the company is still selling millions of phones, they’re still turning a significant profit (albeit not as much as they were planning) but they’re having to adjust due to market forces..

        • espie

          It’s only saturation if you assume no one upgrades their phone. People on average upgrade their phone every 2 years, at minimum… so really, there’s no such thing as handset market saturation.

  • Oms

    I would only buy another Samsung phone if they promise to provide software upgrades for at least 3 years like iPhone does. I take good care of my phones and don’t see a need to be buying a new phone every 1-2 years only because the system software is outdated and not working so well with newer app versions.

    • superg05

      they already do that look at the S4 getting lollipop

      • Oms

        No love for my Note II. It never got an update past Jelly Bean. They promised Kitkat and nothing and here we are in the Lollipop era.

        • superg05

          It’s jumping straight to lollipop

        • Oms

          I hope so but where do you get this from? They were supposed to release the kitkat update back in June and still nothing for my T-mobile phone. They only released the kitkat update for the sprint model. I also don’t like that the updates are coming so late. My phone still doesn’t have a heart bleeding bug patch and that’s a critical vulnerability. I don’t like iphones very much but at least they are on top of those things, updating all phones right away for up to 4 years. That’s why they maintain a higher resale value and people trust the brand better.

      • MastarPete

        Technically the S4 has only been in the wild going on 2 years, the S3 has been out for 3 years and appears to be getting Lollipop. Other than a couple of their flagships they generally don’t. Case in point. This past summer I picked up a T-Mobile branded Galaxy light cheap on clearance at WalMart, it only has JellyBean. Meanwhile the MetroPCS branded Galaxy light has KitKat.

        • superg05

          Yes you are right

  • Paul

    I’m on the uni-body train but not sure about the edge, although we heard about this rumor late last year. I’m not sure the edge style will be successful if they offer a common style as well. That said, a uni-body design would, which one could see happening, would mean a body redesign and it may be just what Sammy needs. That and to stop putting out so many different phone models.

  • guest

    hope they make one without the edge screen

    • Trevnerdio

      Like…a Note 5? ;)


    Samsung needs to step up their game every year competitors phones have offered better alternatives except for their Note line they are pretty good…..I here they made the battery even smaller this year on the S6 Silly Rabbits,,,,

    • Bear

      did you know the battery is not Removable on the new S GS6 …

  • Zach Chadwick

    What Person needs rounded edges so screen real-estate can be seen? What functionality does this have? What person on earth would find the use of this phone completely natural and comfortable? Samsung is losing 64% of profits year on year. Why? Because Apple iPhones are completely enticing, enriching people’s everyday lives. What do Samsung’s phones do? Oh, I forgot. Not much. Considering that OS Fragmentation is so bad, that the majority of all hit games make it to iOS first. Why? Because iOS is easier to develop for because 95% of all iPhones, iPods, and iPads run iOS 7 and newer which support the SDK’s Developers need. iPhone doesn’t need the Snapdragon 810. That piece of shit can have all of the Specs it can cram in that die size. Apple has a lead on Software. Software that takes advantage of the hardware. So We could still have an iPhone 5 and it be on iOS 8, and have it run smoother than Samsung Galaxy S5 on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Also, let’s take 64-bit architecture into consideration. Everyone thought it was a marketing gimmick until they saw the benchmarks which blew out the Galaxy Series Devices. Apple is true innovators. So no matter What Samsung does, it WILL NOT affect the market in any positive way for them.

    • daniel_nvidia

      I remember when the original Galaxy Note was announced back in 2011, people posted rants about Samsung, not too dissimilar from yours today. Fast forward to 2014, and then Apple copied the Note. Just because something probably won’t hold the #1 sales spot when it comes out, doesn’t mean it won’t reshape your future.

      • Zach Chadwick

        Apple didn’t copy the Note if you’re referring to Screen Size. Apple knew that phablets was a growing sector in Smartphone demand. No way would Apple ever create a product just to have created it. You sound dumb. Bigger screen sizes were inevitable. Consumers wanted more pixels per inch (pixel density). They wanted games and/or graphics to look stunning on them. AMOLED only has few benefits. Apple has REMAINED on top for Screen Quality for years now. There is no over saturation that AMOLED forces it’s user to be witness to on Apples Retina Displays.

        • daniel_nvidia

          Agreed iPhone 6 Plus wasn’t a straight copy from Samsung. The back side of it, for example, does borrow some distinct HTC One design cues. Regarding pixel density, Apple is not terrible, but rather average. iPhone 6 Plus only has 401 ppi, whereas a Galaxy Note 4 has 515 ppi. The LG G3 even brings 538 ppi. That’s a huge difference and Apple looks ok, but a bit antiquated.

        • guest

          The point of a “retina” designation on a scree (and granted, it’s a marketing designation, not a scientific one) is that the pixel density is at a point of diminishing returns. What that density level is changes based on how far away from the eyes the display is held (Which is why a smartphone you use a couple of feet away from your eyes might have the same resolution at a fraction of the display size compared to a large screen TV mounted on the wall acros the room). The point is, at some point having “more” of something doesn’t make it better, it just makes it more. I personally can’t pick out the difference between a 2K display and a 1080P display on a screen that is sub-6″. Honestly, I think may users (especially older users) can’t tell the difference between 720P and higher on a display of that size (think G Flex and ZMAX. People who buy these phones are happy with the display, despite the fact that 2K is “so many more” pixels.)

          We’ve reached a point in smartphones where arguing over specs is silly. The bottom line is user experience, not numbers on a spec sheet. There was a time when having an nD resolution versus a qHD resolution made a difference in the user experience, but that time has passed. Similarly with arguments about CPU clock speed and number of cores and gigs of RAM, ESPECIALLY when you are comparing things across platform. The iPhone has less RAM than an Andrid phone because iOS is developed to use less RAM. Having three gigs of RAM in an iPhone wouldn’t really do that much for you, because the software isn’t designed to need that. Same thing with Windows phones. If you want to argue about which OS is more optimized, take a look at battery life reports compared between the HTC M8 runnign Android and the HTC M8 running Windows. It’s night and day because Android is designed as a resource hog, simply because the Android model involves being able to run on anything and make the mst of it. That’s not a negative, it just explains why Android phones have higher specs on paper.

          User Experience is really all that matters. If you like the way that an Android phone works or you like the way that an iPhone works, or you are still clinging to a Symbian phone somewhere and cursing Microsoft for buying Nokia, it really is all just a matter of taste. If you buy a phone based on numbers, not experience, you’re going to have a really bad experience.

        • Bear

          Great post.. thumbs up ..

        • JD

          To recap: Jobs launched iPhone and its initial updates with a 3.5-inch screen. When the iPhone 4 ran into trouble because it appeared to drop calls when users held it the “wrong” way, Jobs held a news conference. He was asked, why not just make the phone bigger, so that the antenna might have more space within the device and thus get better reception?

          He replied that he disliked the new crop of bigger phones from Samsung et al. “You can’t get your hand around it,” he said, “no one’s going to buy that.” He also derided big phones as “Hummers.”

          only after death did apple learn a lesson!
          also I used my Note Pen which acts like a true mouse and copied and paste this article! SOMETHING apple can’t do!

    • dtam

      OK apple fanboy. Apple hasn’t been the leaders in innovation for a long time now. they recycle and repackage ideas, albeit in a neat little package which can be nice.

      and why wouldn’t you want the fastest cpu and most amount of RAM? why wouldn’t you want specs that are overkill for the current OS? if Apple had that mentality, the iPhone 4 would still be a very viable phone. You would be able to skip 2 or 3 generations of phones. They don’t because they want you to upgrade every other year. Apple not being on the bleeding or even cutting edge of hardware is not something to be proud of.

      • Zach Chadwick

        Well, another question is why would you need an Octa-Core CPU for Android OS? Does Android Require such a rediculous amount of power? If so, you might consider that inefficient and outrageous and down right stupid. Apple is a great phone manufacturer, and doesn’t cram their OS with bloat ware. Thanks. Again, another reason people choose iOS over android is the fact that it’s convienant to use. It’s quick to snap a picture, send a message, listen to your favorite song without some sudden and unexpected lag. You can not count how many times people have complained about how their Samsung devices become so slow. But why is that? Android OS is slow, boggy and outdated. Let again, the TouchWiz Samsung has been implementing as the User Interface has been known to impact performance. iPhone 4 is still a champ. We all get 3 years of software updates from the phones initial release. It may not be the best performer against the iPhone Line-Up, but it still got updates for 3 years unlike the Galaxy S2, the S3, and the S4. Apple has optimized iPhones to run smoothly on its RAM. But what is the reason behind putting more RAM in Android Flagships? Quite frankly it’s because the android OS has been known to handle system memory poorly.

        • dtam

          typical deflect and ignore from fan boys. can’t even admit that they would have liked a faster processor for their precious phone or more ram just because apple products are always “perfect”

        • Zach Chadwick

          I’m not saying iPhones are perfect. But hey, if hats what you want to think that I think, go for it. It’s sad you stick to the label ‘Apple Fanboy’ only because I enjoy using my iPhone and everything it has to offer. I don’t believe you know the word of ‘innovate’ either. Innovate is when you take an idea, and you build on it. That’s just what Apple has done, and always will do. iPhone is just practical. It has the features that people want and not what they want. Half of the features that Samsung packs into their phones people will never understand or care to know and use them. When android is on the same vision as Apple and actually cares about how he phone makes an actual difference in someone’s life for the better, let me know.

        • DumbAppleFanBoys

          If Apple is so innovative, then why the hell haven’t they gotten some kind of Pen for use with their devices? I love my Note 2 and the all the features it can do. The Note has more practical use than the iPhone. It’s completely natural to write with the S Pen as I would on a piece of paper. Taking notes while on a phone call is so easy. No more trying to find a pen and paper. Just take out the pen and a little note pops up to start writing. The screen size had been perfect. About time Apple realized there is use for a larger screen size. I can go on how festure-rich my Note 2 is and I find more practical uses for it than any iPhone could offer. Glad you found a phone you like. Don’t hate so much on the Samsung.

        • Zach Chadwick

          Wow, did I ever say the Pen in Galaxy Devices isn’t practical…? No. You went on about nothing.

        • Mr Paul

          Maybe they’ll get to that by the iPhone 8P, P for pen instead of plus. Replacement pens only $299.99. For the 6S, probably just some minor tweaks and for the 6C, I can imagine how they’ll mickey mouse that and sell it for 700 or 800 bucks. For the 7, maybe they’ll introduce the revolutionary concept of expandable storage!

        • espie

          You are the definition of Apple Fanboy – “Label me all you want, I just use phones that work” – typical statement of someone who’s never owned anything but an iPhone since they came out.

        • Zach Chadwick

          You’re pretty sad. I’m 17 thank you. My first iPhone was in 2011 when Verizon released the iPhone 4. I’ve owned two Samsung Devices before that. A Samsung juke, and a Samsung Intensity. Don’t act like you know my life. I Know more people that have problems with their android then those that have an iPhone. ‘My phone won’t power on, what’s wrong’ Only to search the Internet because different phone manufactures such as LG, and Samsung have different wants to turn the chipset off by external buttons available to the user. ‘this app isn’t compatible with my phone’. Probably because the OS your phone is limited to is outdated, Hun. ‘I always find myself closing apps’ haha. On iOS, it’s great at managing RAM. No need to close Apps Manually as iOS will close the oldest app running in the background to accommodate for an app youre currently in. ‘the Picture quality is horrible, I wish I had an iPhone.’ Yes indeed. Everyone should wish they had an iPhone. The worlds best camera on a smartphone. Point proven.

        • Mr Paul

          Wow, not really the way to argue.

          So not only have you never owned a regular Samsung smartphone (the juke was some MP3 player experiment and the intensity a slider; both feature phones), but you’ve also never personally used Android and use hearsay as your source for why you think Android is problematic.

          Then you say:

          Everyone should wish they had an iPhone. The worlds best camera on a smartphone.


        • Zach Chadwick

          Oh, I forgot the Kyocera Rise. So I used Android OS 4.0 I wasn’t a big fan. Android is problematic, and Android owners can’t say it isn’t.

        • Mr Paul

          Yes I can. ICS was a piece of sh!t. Everyone upgraded to Jellybean the day it came out if they got it and never looked back. The market share for ICS is tiny now.

          KitKat is very stable. Battery life isn’t the greatest on KitKat, but I easily make it a little over a day to day and a half, whereas most iPhone users are notorious for getting to know where outlets are. Some Android phones like the Galaxy S5 have a removable battery, a huge plus.

        • Zach Chadwick

          I’ve made it 2 1/2 days on a charge on my iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, the iPhone hasn’t always had the most capacity wise, but iOS is a lot more power efficient than Android. Plus, why would I want a removable battery? It’s about Class with iPhone, so get some.

        • Zach Chadwick

          Some with arguing on his thread. Enjoy.

        • Mr Paul

          Why would you want a removable battery? It’s in the same category of reasons you’d want to even HAVE a memory card slot. What a stupid idea, expandable storage.

          Class my a$s! I don’t need a malleable iToy to feel I’ve made a good buy or fit my needs, or that Fisher Price UI they decided to replace their arguably decent old UI with and the need to jailbreak in order to customize ANYTHING with my device except bare system settings.

          Do you sport your phone naked? If not, the class argument is useless; most iPhone users suffocate their phones with ugly cases.

        • Bear

          Just bought a galaxy S 5 Removable battery and sdcard was some of my reasons for buying it tmo gave me discount it was sorta like a warranty replacement sorta…

        • Bklynman

          Really the best camera? You never had Nokia phone,they have the best camera phone,less not forgot, the phone Motorola, came out with, The Zine,I believe it was call, with a Kodak camera. CNET,at the time call it the best camera a phone ever had. Even those it only 5p. shooter. I am sure that phone camera,can run circles around today phones. Let not forget the Amaze, The 4G Slide. Both had great cameras.

        • Zach Chadwick

          Megapixels don’t make the best camera. Do you see any fortune 500 company using an Android to shoot commercials? Nahhhh. IPhones only do that.

        • Bear

          Carl Weiss lenses We’re in Nokia phones, my old Nokia C7 took great pictures ….

        • duscrom

          Girls, girls.. you’re both pretty…

        • LABeast

          bahahah ” Apple is a great phone manufacturer”. I hate to tell you this but Apple doesn’t manufacture anything on or in the iPhone. The iOS is all theirs sure, but manufacture? come on man, its time you did a Google search on FoxConn, Samsung(RAM, Storage, Chip-set), Sony(camera) and Sharp(screen)…companies that actually manufacture(the iPhone)

        • Zach Chadwick

          Okay, you’re correct. I incorrectly stated and worded that. Stop being asses. You all need something to do besides being pricks and online trolls.

      • koreachoosesiPhone6

        “#iPhone #GalaxyNote4 – In a strange twist, Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are outpacing the sales of the Galaxy Note 4 on Samsung’s home turf in South Korea. According to the Wall Street Journal, pre-orders for the new iPhone models reached 100,000 units on the first day, as compared to 30,000 for the Note 4. Sales were brisk at carriers KT and LG Uplus, with the providers processing more than 70,000 orders in the first 30 minutes of ordering. Rival carrier SK Telecom failed to disclose its sales figures, but confirmed it had sold through its first two batches of inventory and has opened up reservations for a third.

        This jump in iPhone sales may only be the beginning, with analysts such as Lee Seung-woo of IBK Securities predicting the new iPhones will generate five times the sales of the Note 4.”

    • bob90210

      So what? Apple or Samsung’s profit is of no concern to you*. Buy the phone you want and go on with your life.

      * unless you own Apple or Samsung stock. But this isn’t the motley fool so it’s of no concern to us.

    • YABD

      Also Apple makes the hardware and the software. Samsung make the hardware in South Korea and the software it is made in california.

      • JJCommonSense

        What hardware does apple make? None.. they design it… the screens are made by lg. The processor by samsung… the apple is nothing but a melting pot of the other companies side hustles… so even if apple gets more market share Samsung still getting it’s share.

        • espie

          A lot of uninformed Apple-obsessive people here today.

    • Reality

      “Apple iPhones are completely enticing, enriching people’s everyday lives. What do Samsung’s phones do? Oh, I forgot. Not much.”

      This sort of fanboy nonsense crack me the heck up.

      Here’s the reality: Apple’s phones do the exact same things that Samsung’s phones do. They run the same apps, have the same look and feel, and the iPhone 6 series (especially the Plus) is a clone of the big-screen Galaxy series devices that Apple itself declared it would never make.

      In the end, Apple couldn’t win by being Apple. They had to be Samsung instead. The iPhone 6 is a Galaxy clone.

      • Samsungfanboy

        Apple has yet to copy Samsungs amazing market share failure. No, Apple went ahead and had record sales $$$$$$ while Samsung lost a huge percentage of sales with warehouses well stocked with phones that they still cannot move. South Korea sold way more iPhone 6 that Note 4. Go look it up.
        The only thing similar between iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is size. Try and sue using size as a copyright issue.

  • JD

    Here’s something that’s true between Android and apple/ios: “you’ve got a new android flagship?what cool features did that one come with? IE: S pen,IR remote,smart stay,the phone brings the page down for me while I read,nfc,etc.”
    Oh you got a iphone? Yeah,do you wanna see it?NOPE,their all the same………

    • Gofigure

      Samsung Note 4 outsold in Korea by Apple:
      Apples iPhone 6 and 6 Plus outsold the Note 4 in Korea by a three to one ratio. And Korea even got to have an Octa Core processor (while we got quad core in USA) vs Apple dual core. But Samsung still was outsold in their own country. They were not impressed by all those Samsung/ Android “features ” or higher specs.

  • JD

    Just remember that even though Samsung gets out sold by Apple,Samsung still is winning because Samsung builds the iphone!Money in samsungs pocket!

  • Guest

    Except that it is a big complaint for the curved edge to interfere with one handed use for most people using their right hand. Perhaps they moved the curve to the other side.

    • superg05

      me and my sister have never had any problems holding the phone in fact its a better grip with the edge

  • Irfan

    at least Samsung trying some thing new

    • toolittletoolate

      Something new = desperation and huge loss of market share.

      • superg05


        • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          Wake up, time to catch the school bus.

        • Julia Williams

          Why would you want to pay more for old technology? Apple needs to look into better processer for one. Samsung is doing things right. Advancement in technology sells phones…

        • superg05

          I was replying to desperation comment I like and love Samsungs tech that pushes the world forward unlike toolittetoolate whom I was replying because the argument is tired I replied yawn

      • Irfan

        losing market share is the different story , tying new in technology prospective can challenge the other makers and will impact our life style.

      • Espie

        So, exactly what Apple did in the 90s when they got Jobs back. Right?

        • Zach Chadwick

          But they were successful.

        • Humblepie

          Samsung (NASDAQOTH: SSNLF) could soon lose its home market of South Korea to its rival Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). A recent report from Counterpoint Research claims that Apple captured a record 33% market share in the country last November, compared to 46% for Samsung. A year before that, Samsung controlled 60% of the market.

          With a 73% smartphone penetration rate on a population of 50 million, South Korea is a much smaller market than China, which has a population of 1.36 billion and a 43% smartphone penetration rate. However, the loss of its home market — where Samsung appealed to the “patriotic duty” of Koreans to support it instead of Apple — would be a humbling blow indicating that sales might never recover across Asia.

      • Ha!

        In Apple-land, market share doesn’t matter when you’re talking Android (80%) versus Apple iOS (14%), but it’s hugely important when you’re talking Apple versus Samsung. ;)

        • Notsofast

          Now that Google has reported earnings, we can add another incredible stat to Apple’s mind bending fourth quarter performance.

          For the December quarter, Apple generated $74.6 billion in sales.

          For all of 2014, Google generated $66 billion in sales.

          That’s really impressive. So is this…

          The combined fourth quarter revenue of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon was $73.9 billion.

          That’s less than Apple did over that same period.

          Just as impressive? Apple, against a bigger number, is growing faster than these companies.

          Apple’s sales were up 30% for the quarter.
          Microsoft’s sales were up 8%.
          Amazon’s sales were up 15%.
          Google’s sales were up 15%.
          We could be here all day marveling at Apple’s quarter. It’s nuts how much better Apple is doing than the rest of the tech industry right now.

        • chadwick

          I agree as a investor I don’t hesitate to invest in Apple. They make huge profit margins on everything they sell. If they can’t triple the price of something and sell the dog crap out of it they don’t do it. They make buckets of cash because regardless of what they put on the shelves it will sell. Case in point, the iWatch will sell out the day it becomes available and no one has ever used it. It is the most expensive smart watch out there but consumers don’t care. I cannot ignore this fact as an investor.

          As a consumer I would be stupid to buy Apple. They force, or close to it, you to purchase everything Apple. Their profit margins are enormous. That’s why the bought Beats, another company selling $14 headphones for 200+. I could get an 2015 16GB iPhone 6 with OIS and a 750p screen for around $700 or I can get a 2014 32GB Nexus 5 with OIS and a 1080p screen for $350. Both great phones. Android vs Apple aside, the hardware just isn’t there. You can argue about ram and processor but neither device lags and can play run all software fine (although Apple still can’t multitask and might not for some time) so it comes to screen, speakers, camera and battery. For double the price, I am not getting enough of those on a year newer iPhone to justify. Their computers are highly overpriced, search Marques Brownlee’s Hackintosh if you want an affordable PC with MacOS, and their lack of customization is deafening. Theres 4 models of Iphone that exists 4, 5, and the two 6s. All are variations of these with subtle features. It would be like going to Ford and they have 4 car models on the lot and charge more than Chevy, Toyota, and Honda which have 50 cars. Then Ford says you can’t modify your car, upgrade or change anything about it. We will make every and all decisions when it comes to how your car works, and charge you for it.

          But heck, consumers don’t care and throw money at Apple, so I invest in them but never buy them.

        • Bear

          Well said ,gave you a arrows up…

  • monkeybutts

    If Samsung really wanted the Edge to catch on they wouldn’t charge a ridiculous extra fee for it. It’s too much of a gimmick that people aren’t going to spend an extra $100 or more for when it’s the same exact phone otherwise.

    • Not1Not2Not3

      You sound just like one of the haters that was doubting Samsung before the original Galaxy Note came out.

    • Georgie1234

      Im not into the edge thing but to be fair thats the same thing everyone said about the note and look at it now. Everyone (icluding Apple) is copying it.

      • lookslikeacopy

        “Samsung opens first North American Apple Store — er, Samsung Store”
        Search that headline and you will find the photos to show the new Samsung store. Who is copying who??

        • TechHog

          Found the Apple fanboy.

        • Julia Williams

          Apple has always been slow at giving there phones good processers. Why pay more for old technology. I no Samsung has us people in mind when it comes to technology. I want the latest and most update processer in my phone, not old junk…

    • Bear

      They are hoping that those who need they’re device to have a replaceable battery and a sdcard will ignore these facts . I agree not worth the extra $100 for a see through edge. We still can not replace the battery and are unable to expand the memory space with an sdcard . for me this is not a win win. I just upgraded from an s4 bought a galaxy s5 instead . If Samsung insist on not Listening to their customer base Maybe when there’s a droid turbo for tmobile I will buy that…or something similar or better…

  • Jay Holm

    I hope there will be a regular version available also.

  • PJ Orlando

    People want to just bag on other people and companies they chose just because they have nothing better to do. Childred be quiet and let some adults talk for a change. :)

    I use Samsung and despite it being one of their least popular phones, the Galaxy s5 I think was best for me and I have no complaints. Every year or so I look at everything out there and make a rational decision of what is right for me not what marketing tells me. Having said all that I can’t see how an edge or two is going to make me jump over to an Gs6. I hope all phones in general find real uses for these things and make life better or eaiser as opposed to just draining our time and battery life.

  • Nearmsp

    After, SGS2, 4 and SGS5, i went for the iPhone 6+. I doubt, if I will ever buy something other than an iPhone. No comparison between these two brands. I just wished I had moved 3 years back.

    • Steve R.

      My mom’s S3 became so laggy and a friend’s friend had only had his S5 for like 3 months and was saying it was already becoming slow. Although it seems to be more of a Samsung problem, there are excellent Android phones out there.

    • Enjoy!

      Just don’t put it in your pocket, or it will bend and Apple will blame you.

    • TechHog

      Man, if only there were more than two smartphone brands in the world…

    • You did at least move 2 years back by purchasing an iPhone 6

  • Mark Troy


    why force multi-window on people by building it into the phone!?

  • Laststop311

    since 1 edge was such a great idea lets add 2 then next year all 4 sides can have it.