Get one year of Netflix free with a T-Mobile Galaxy Note or Galaxy S5 from today

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You may have thought getting unlimited free music streaming was a great perk of being a T-Mobile customer, now there’s an even sweeter offer available for customers buying qualifying Samsung devices. Customers buying the Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4 or Tab S will be eligible to claim a Netflix subscription free for 12 months. And it’s available to new and existing Netflix customers.

If you do buy one of the mentioned Galaxy-branded products between today, January 4th 2015 and January 17th, 2015, simply head on over to and submit your email address and receipt details to claim your 12-month free subscription. The link also contains all the fine print, T&C’s your stomach can handle.

Let us know if you plan on taking advantage of the offer. I know I’d find it very hard to resist.



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  • Jumpship

    Big Whoop

  • Dan

    The cost of a S5 is now $660. A few weeks ago and throughout the holiday season it was $509. This is similar to a “free” phone with 2 year contract from other carriers. The Netflix subscription is not really “free”… you are now paying more for the phone.

    • Eric

      $660 for a phone that’s approaching its first birthday. Hellllll no. Just wait like 2 months and get it discounted, then pay for Netflix yourself. That’s how you save money.

      • RLB63

        Actually you would be better to just wait for the S6. There is talk that it could be announced officially in Feb. It should be in a few months max. The S6 sound be much better than the S5.

        • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

          Better just wait for the S7

        • Austin

          You forgot about the S8

        • David

          What about the Galaxy A7? o_O?

        • samsung

          why not the S9

      • yankeesusa

        Or just get an s5 in mint condition on swappa and save even more money.

    • yankeesusa

      They do this all the time. When a promotion goes through they raise the prices. Not very uncarrier at all.

      • bob90210

        This is a Samsung promotion; it has little to do with T-Mobile.

        • yankeesusa

          That’s very true but they know they may sell more because of the promotion so why not raise it. But this price could have been there for a while now so i guess it could go either way.

        • J.J.

          But i Feel they are well aware. When Samsung had the $200 cash back if you preorder the note 4 and trade in a phone worth more than $10. Many phones that registered higher than $10 on tmo website mysteriously went to $5 (well before Samsung processed your potential $200) which made many ineligible after they traded in a phone that was estimated above $10. So tmo and Samsung sold more phones plus Tmo got many traded in phones to profit from, and Samsung did not have to pay out $200 for many transactions. Team work!

        • maanshu

          people still don’t realize that 2 year contract was still not a good deal. Knowing the right price of the device is still a great option. I’d atleast know the device cost, rather shady business of ETF and other charges.

  • Fr0ntSight

    Sucks…i bought a note 4 about 3 days ago :'(

    • steveb944

      I’m sure you can contact customer service or do some sort of even exchange and get it. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. Even if you were to exchange actual devices you’d still have savings with the restocking vs 1 year of Netflix.

  • steveb944

    Good timing, just outside most holiday purchases so we can’t try and exchange for this.

    • Tessana Nemenski

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Bought my Note 4 in November. Wish I would have waited :)

  • arejay

    If I buy two phones (one for my wife and one for myself), can I get two years of Netflix free?

    • p0nch0


    • Zek

      Per the Terms: Offer is only available one per household and is non-transferrable.

  • mnaz105


  • Jason Taclas

    Well nuts. This would be neat, but I bought my Note 4 a week and a half ago, and I don’t feel like exchanging it.

  • Jordan

    I will tell you guys where this really makes sense….So I have the upgrade twice every 12 months plan (which includes insurance, ect.) for $10 per month. I ALREADY own and pay $27.50 for the S5, and I haven’t used one of my upgrades yet (although I’m eligible to do so). So to trade it in, for another S5 will only cost me taxes (no upgrade fee or anything else)… $59.40 to upgrade. I get $108 worth of Netflix (which again, I already pay $9 per month for), saving me $50 a month, and I need a new fast charger anyhow. So That saves me another $10.

    For me, doing an “upgrade” to the same phone saves me $60…totally worth it.

  • GJD

    I’m looking to get a Note4 this weekend but, no hurry. Is this Netflix a good deal or does Samsung have something better in the works – this expires tomorrow 1/17. Any input is greatly appreciated.

  • Dissapointed in promotion

    I still haven’t heard a thing and I submitted my offer in January after paying full price for the S5.. “Live Chat” was useless, they gave me a # to call for some “prize” something or other who cannot even take my call because they are too busy assisting others.. now what?? AWFUL

  • LB

    I bought the galaxy 6 a few weeks ago…and signed up thru the Netflix’s/T-Moble link and still no response from Netflix’s…..