Happy Thanksgiving, TmoNews readers!


Today is a day of being thankful, resting, eating, enjoying time with family and celebrating all the good stuff in our lives. Although I’m not American, working for an American media company and virtually living in syncing with Eastern Time, I’d like to take the time to be thankful for everyone who reads this blog. There are very few sites online with the active community which TmoNews has, and you have no idea how much I love being part of it. You guys are great, and I’m thankful for you.

With that said, I’m taking the opportunity to work as little as possible today, and I hope you do the same. Have a great thanksgiving! And don’t eat too much pie.

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  • Mike Palomba

    Very well said cam. Happy thanksgiving to you too

  • Gobble Gobble

    Thanks Cam and all TmoNews readers! Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and eat lots of good food!

  • thepanttherlady

    Thank you, Cam! Is there such a thing as eating too much pie? =p

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Count your blessings not just today but every day.

    • redman12


  • scottle

    Thank you Cam and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all here!

  • Bklynman

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Cam don’t eat too much mutton today! ;)

  • jsun

    Ditto :)

  • CJ

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Goat

    *Snitches some of the stuffing* >:3

    • Black Stuffing Advocate

      Why you snitch on the stuffing? Was any of the stuffing black cuz when the cops come shot first, questions at trial in Merica

  • Bori

    Thank you Cam! Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone here!

  • lsuisme69 .

    Happy Thanksgiving to you also Cam. Now please give me a specific date 700mhz will go live in Lafayette Louisiana. Jk lol

  • 8inchesuncut

    Thank you Cam. Although I normally don’t celebrate this holiday, because of what becomes the fate of native Americans, I was wholeheartedly touched by your nice note to us your readers. Thank you for putting up with us and for providing news to this very vocal and diverse bunch.

    Happy Holidays

  • Susan

    My phone was dying and I had to buy something.
    I was long planning to get something fancier but I decided to go cheap and got a Nokia 635 for $90 on ebay. I might have got a 735 if tmobile sold it but saving money isn’t bad either.

    Thanksgiving is the best American holiday, it is good to have an attitude of thankfulness.
    The food is great too

    • Anthony

      I was walking down the street. I looked down and I saw a cellphone. It was a Lg something or another.

      Christmas is way better. Santa’s smile makes me want to do a cartwheel.

  • Eric

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    *Including the T-Mobile engineers hard at work to make 2G into 4G LTE*

  • bryck

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Enjoy the turkey.

    Cam, thanks for your hard work on keeping the site rolling.

  • Jay Holm

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Tmo enthusiasts!

  • CJ

    Thanks cam

  • Brad Wilson

    Thanks, love the site and your coverage.

  • JDM

    You know, I was slightly surprised how little Thanksgiving was mentioned by some of the U.S.-based tech blogs I read today. I appreciate that somebody living on the other side of the pond would take a few moments to wish us a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for everything you do, Cam! And happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  • Brian

    Thanks for the good wishes, Cam. All the work that you put into this blog is greatly appreciated and, although you’re across the pond and play a much different kind of game called “football”, your recognition of our family holiday is awesome.

  • TMobile Don’t Care

    I want to give thanks for tmobile for taking away my employee’s discount, raising my eip down payments, and for notifying me of a plan change 2 months ago that nobody at TMobile knows any information about.

    Thanks TMobile!!!

    • T-Mobile representative

      You’re welcome. Thanks for making us more profitable. May we both be better off next years. Thanks for giving.