Android 5.0 Lollipop rolled out to Nexus users


Today, Google finally pulled the trigger and launched the much-anticipated Lollipop update for Nexus users. Android 5.0 is easily one of the biggest updates since the original software was launched way back in 2008, and represents the most obvious graphical user interface change. And it’s now available to users with select Nexus devices. So, if you’re rocking an unlocked Nexus phone on T-Mobile, you should be able to download the software now, or at least, very shortly.

The announcement was made by the @Android Twitter account earlier:

If you have a Nexus 5, the update could be waiting for you if you check for updates. However, if you’re a little more tech savvy, and it hasn’t shown up, you can download the factory images directly from Google for the Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (both 2012 and 2013 models), Nexus 9 and Nexus 10. As long as you have an unlocked bootloader, you can load the factory image on to your device. If you’re not already familiar with that process – however – it’s best just to wait for the OTA install to arrive for you smartphone or tablet.


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  • anthon

    Is nexus 5 getting Tmobile wife calling with the new update OTA? Please anybody help.

    • Bill

      Yeah, but only if you’re married and have a “wife”.

      • penDeHo

        Bill, my brother, can you spare your wife? Lol, nice catch btw. That feature would be cool.

        Btw, no Nexus 5 update. cam, y u lie, bro?

        • Google pushes updates in waves, may be a day or two before you’ll see the update on your phone.

        • Cam Bunton

          Lol.. I didn’t announce it, Google did. Give it a while, they release them in “waves”.

    • TheVorlon

      “Is nexus 5 getting Tmobile wife calling”

      Not a feature I want.

    • Tanner

      They might, the feature won’t be released until January though.

    • Alex Zapata

      You don’t need an OTA update for that, I can take care of it for you free of charge!

  • Hmmm…. Nexus 4 owners are left out? Not that I owned one, but like 5 of my family has one.

  • David

    No OTA for me on my Nexus 7 (2013). Nothing from Google either. They didn’t push it to everyone with a Nexus for some reason.

    • Android_God

      They didn’t call you? Strange!

    • Larry Griffin

      Googled isn’t like apple …. They push updates in waves…. You’ll probably get it in a couple of days

      • penDeHo

        “Waves”, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. What, Google not have enough servers? What a fkn joke.

        • Derp Hurr-Durr

          Just because you’re too dense to comprehend the justification does not mean such justification does not exist. :)

          Google and many OEMs release updates in waves so they can halt them at any time if people start finding show-stopper bugs that were missed prior to launch.

          This may not appease your need for instant gratification or your overblown sense of entitlement, but it is a good thing.

        • TechnoRealz

          Man – smartphone owners are a misnomer…
          Never work in software release apparently…

        • John Johnson

          Smartphone owners, not smart phone owners. ;-)

    • Michael

      And didn’t iOS 8 have a bunch of bugs when it rolled out to all devices?

  • Sapphire3g

    This will be deployed in waves. Not everyone will get it day one. This will probably take a few days if not weeks.

  • Pitahson

    Spread running it on the one plus one. Nice refreshment. Only thing not working is Bluetooth

  • johnediii

    if you have a Nexus device you can download the factory image and wipe your device and install it with the Android SDK. Not for the the non-techie. The whole factory images are available for the Nexus 9, 10, 7 2012 & 2013 Wifi only models and the Nexus 5 so far.

    • Brad

      I think this is about the easiest thing to do with your phone… I AM techie, but it’s literally three lines of text that you type…

  • Jay Holm

    Get back to me when the S4 is getting 5.0

    • Larry Griffin

      Looks like you’ll be waiting til mid 2015

      • Jay Holm

        Nah…I’m guessing more like Feb, no later than April.

        • chriz

          Isnt april mid 2015?

        • Jay Holm

          Uh, no. April is the 4th month of the year, so the middle would be June/July.

        • Manny

          Except, it could be considered the middle. I mean if you want exactly the middle it’d be the day in which there would be the same amount of time prior and ahead, say a normal year (365 days), would mean day 183. Just trolling!

        • John Johnson

          “would mean day 183”

          …that’d be July 2nd. Still not April. ;-)

  • FILA

    Along with Nexus 4 people. Bout time Google. Cant wait

    • TechnoRealz

      About time? N4 has always gotten all the latest & greatest ever since it was released. We’re heading to almost 3 years now with updates on the N4. WTH does that except Google?!

  • Alex Zapata

    I wonder which devices outside of the nexus 6 will be getting the WiFi calling OTA update.

    • Brad

      It’ll be baked into the OS… so N5 will get it as well. It’s not a T-Mobile specific thing.

      • John Johnson

        I believe T-Mobile (et al) must still validate the SIM. They could still screw N5 owners if they really want to.

        (Not an outcome I am sure anyone is looking for here)

        • Brad

          I’d be very surprised given how hard they’re pushing the wifi crap… they want it on as many phones as they can. In fact: any t-mobile phone sold in stores… So, I’ll eat my words if need be… but I’d bet a large sum of money that this’ll come to the n5 users.

      • shadlom

        i doubt that.

        • Brad

          Enjoy eating crow in the first quarter of 2015 or whenever they said it’d be available haha

  • Bklynman

    I wonder what phones will be getting this update outside nexus,what kind of problems people will have with there phones,that they never had before.


      Sony Z3 and other Z line get Lollipop in a few weeks.

    • TechnoRealz

      You bring up a good point. All updates bring up a host of bugs or breaks. factor of life. OS agnostic them bugs.

      • Bklynman

        That’s why I never update my phones,right now using Note 3,have never updated it since I got it in April. I know there are updated for it, read too many stories on here , how people phones stop working right,after wards. What I don’t understand how some can have problems with the updates,others using the same phone will not.

        • Ky

          You are assuming your particular OS version is bug free.

        • Bklynman

          I believe my Note 3 came with kit kat 4.3.
          As now I have no problems with it what soever. No problems with the camera,gps,Internet etc. Can’t speak for everyone else.

  • Now or Never

    Day 2 and still no android 5.0, what a friggin joke. It’s the last time I buy anything from Google if I don’t get the update today. Releasing it partially is a joke. Only push it out if it’s ready and don’t half ass the release unless it’s a canary for bugs. I didn’t sign up for this. Even windows 8.1 was pushed out smoother than this – that’s pretty crazy.

    • Maximus

      Simmer down, dude. This update will not change your life at all. Nor should cause so much distress for you. The update will be nice, but not worth all this fuss.

      • Now or Never

        Are you kidding me? I set my alarm to go off every two hours and the update never came last night. WTF! It’s 1pm and still no UPDATE!!! This sucks. Everyone has 5.0 but for N5 owners. I paid good money for this shite. For what? Google should at least say between X and Y dates all A device owners should have android 5.0. The way they are doing its leaves us hanging.

        • dtam

          did you not read my reply? relax and download the OTA manually through the posted links. it’s the official OTA and won’t wipe your device

        • Now or Never

          I do everything on my N5 and with T-Mobile I have unlimited uncapped LTE data. So as a result I don’t own a computer or have internet at home. What you are suggesting probably requires a computer and home internet, both I no longer need or have. It’s just me and my N5. So, I need the OTA update, and I need it NOW! F you Google!

        • dtam

          you don’t need a computer, just download from your phone…

          this leads me to believe you’re just trolling because if you really wanted it you would have at least gave it a shot

        • Jose Hernandez

          So, if I download this on my phone, how would I run it to do the upgrade? Thank you!!!

        • dtam

          OK, I guess it’s not as straightforward as downloading the file but what I did was #1. root your phone (very easy with towelroot, just google it, hold onto the lamda sign to download in your phone chrome browser) and “make it rain”. #2 download Nexus Update Checker from playstore which will allow you to download the file and it will install the update for you, all from your phone

        • Jose Hernandez

          Thank you very much! Really appreciate the help.

        • dtam

          no problem, hope you enjoy Lollipop!

        • Now or Never!

          Its definately not straightforward. You might be giving some bad advice here. Its 7pm and still no 5.0 OTA for my nexus 5! WTF?!

          Like I said this is my only “computing” device and my only internet connection. If I try to install 5.0, I’d probably void my Warranty, and I’ve only had phone for 5 weeks. Worse case scenario I brick my phone and I’m out $400! No fN way dude. This is my only device, my backup if you want to call it that is my Nokia Astound. I would hate getting stuck with that phone now that I’ve used my Nexus. Good phone but leaps behind in features my Nokia phone is. Everywhere I’ve read about installing android instead of waiting for the OTA requires a computer, so I think you are misleading. Its not simple. And its not that I don’t want to try, I just don’t want to mess up my phone.

          Where can I call Google to complain? I know its not T-Mobiles fault with N5s.

        • dtam

          no, you can just follow my steps without a computer. but that’s entirely up to you, I don’t care anymore.

        • philyew

          Other than pure impatience, what drives your furious need to get 5.0 right now…?

          If this truly is your only computing device, you would be well advised to wait to hear if there are any horror stories from early adopters, before risking making your sole device less functional that it is now.

        • Now or Never

          Wow, that’s actually good advice. How long should I wait? I mean in general what’s a good rule of thumb. It’s 10:30pm and so I’m not going to wait any longer. I’m definitely not going to install on my own. But to be honest, if there’s a risk the OTA update is buggy then you have a point. If this update messes up my phone I’m screwed. I’m regretting getting an android phone. I thought a Nexus would be very user friendly and more stable than an android with other junk layered on top…. Argh

          Thanks for making me think twice about diving in head first.

        • Joe Hartley

          Grow the F up. The OTA with every Nexus device is staggered out they don’t release it to everyone at once. Apple does this and it kills the servers and causes problems. Usually within a week you will get the notification for the OTA.

        • mrpickem

          Shoulda got a Moto…lol

        • TechnoRealz

          Go back to your sewer troll. F u troll.

        • Bryan Sandoval

          Chill out side load it and get back to your regular scheduled program. Its not life changing at all.

    • dtam

      links are available, just google “lollipop ota links”


    Where is the love for my wife’s Nexus 4? I would love to flash both the Nexus 5 and 4 at the same time and be done with the update. Hopefully the 5.0 update will bring better battery life to our N5 and N4 (whenever 5.0 comes out) phones.

  • Jesus Puga

    For those of you complaining, download Wugs root toolkit and move on with your life. Did so last night, and took all but one hour of my time.Super easy. I’ve got to admit that I’m enjoying Lollipop quite a bit. Tasty.

  • dtam

    I just finished installing it on my Nexus 5. You can manually download the OTA files, just Google “lollipop ota links”

    • Mike Palomba

      I googled that but theres no link for the 2012 Nexus 7 wifi. Could you post a link?

      • Dave@TMO

        I wouldn’t trust this guy Mike… That’s just me.

      • dtam

        I don’t think that is out yet. the 2013 one is though….but apparently you can’t just download the file. I had to use a program on the playstore “nexus update checker” and had to root my phone with towelroot to install the update

  • bobblehead48

    Just got the ota update. 480 Mb download and almost one hour to download, install and reboot. Typing my first msg here. Nexus 5.

    • bobblehead48

      several days with lolli on my Nexus 5. No wifi issues or anything else – except Gmail took over my Exchange account and now Calendar no longer shows my Exchange meetings. Not very happy with that. Not really happy with Gmail integrating my Exchange account either. Sure, I can toggle between my gmail and exchange account – but why should I? I liked it the old way better – and I REALLY need my work meetings to show up in Calendar. I am already looking for another Calendar that works with Exchange.

  • Clem2011

    I love this on my N7 2012.

  • Common sense

    Can you imagine the amount of units they’d sell if Google wasn’t retarded and added a removable battery and SD card slot?! It’s ludicrous! Part of the main reason Samsung does so well…

  • idk

    bootloader is already unlocked but if i install the factory image will it wipe my phone?

    • idk

      someone please.. i have the nexus 5 and my phone’s bootloader is unlocked and also rooted… so if i install the factory image will it wipe my phone?

      • RLB63

        If you install a different os you will probably void any warranty you have with T-Mobile

        • idk

          ok thankyou!

      • iknowaeiou


        • idk


      • dtam

        search for “nexus update checker” on playstore. it won’t wipe your data

        • idk

          okay.. thankyou!

  • GamerLog

    i still have not got the update its 9:26pm i live in GA how much longer am i going to have to wait ……

    • PiCASSiMO

      Tap your heals together… and say, “there’s no place like google… there’s no place like google… there’s… “

    • Yoshi Hitorimato

      Did you get it yet? I’m still waiting myself… (play edition Nexus 5)

  • notpoliticalyet

    Android developers must be laughing at all the posts. They must feel really powerful.

  • Now or Never

    Day 3 and still no OTA android 5.0. Epic fail for anyone owning a Google nexus 5. Feel left down. In any case, I’m not going to stress, because it’s not like pushing it out in waves debugs the damn thing anyway. That’s why it’s stupid to distribute like this. Anyway, thanks to @philyew and his wise advice. I’m no longer gonna stress. But I’m never buying a nexus device again. NEVER. It’s meaningless to own anything by Google if this failure is any indication of what a giant sloppy company Google really is…

  • John

    Still not out for mine :( i’m really excited for this.

  • mark

    So my wife received the ota update last night on her n5, but I still haven’t gotten it. And the funny thing is she doesn’t even care. Since we bought them at the exact same time, I would have thought we would get the update at the same time.

    I have been checking my system status about three times a day for it for past few days. Would that have anything to do with it.. I doubt it. I guess roll out is random.. not sure..

    I have gotten a bunch of app updates in the meatime; maps, gmail, keep, etc, etc.

    • Mike

      Google know who cares…and wishes to torment you….

  • dunkinchris

    Nexus 4 Lollipop images are up on the Google factory image site. Working well

  • Now or Never

    Day 4, not a single Nexus 5 android 5.0 OTA update. Google android is for suckers, I just learned this the hard way. Oh well, I know my next device won’t be a Nexus….

    • LOL

      Same here. Probably not android as well, I have even less confidence for other android brands after my experience with samsung.

    • LibertyMonger

      Wow. The best device to receive updates, and they have some issues with the largest Android update in history and you whine about it. What a crybaby lmao

    • BD

      Your ignorant opinion versus the latest and greatest. Nexus users know what they’re up against. Did you think Google captures bug reports from a single end user? I’d way rather have the latest technology and pave the way for others. Life’s too short not to make change.

  • amva55

    4th day or night and no OTA for my g play store N5.

  • tomnewtn

    I was reading elsewhere that many who did receive it cannot connect to wifi, or stay connected. So it might be delayed again, which is why they send it out incrementally….to deal with any bugs and fix those before the masses receive it. Also, I read that many couldn’t get the OTA to fully install. I’d rather wait til it’s right.

  • vearn

    I can’t stream any shows now. It ruin my my Nexus 7. Tablet moves at a crawl pace.

    • dtam

      my nexus 7 is like that too. nexus 5 is fantastic.

    • Mike

      It rendered my Nexus 7 almost useless. Now what do I do?

  • Now or Never

    Day 5, no android 5.0 for Nexus 5. How long is it reasonable to wait? I think all these android apologist are lame for grabbing thiet ankles and thinking that somehow this situation is okay. Its not. Its bordering on fraud. I don’t think there is android 5.0 ready for prime time. Just a bunch of phony PR with vague promise of OTA updates that no Nexus 5 user appears to be getting. Had this been windows or iOS at least 50% of the devices would have been updated to the latest and greatest. For android the masses just wait. Its no mystery why the breakdown of android versions is so fragmented. If I had to guess a majority of android users aren’t on KitKat and Lollipop combined. WHAT A JOKE!!!

    • snowbdr89

      Your a moron

      • dtam

        it’s “you’re” but I agree

        • snowbdr89

          Thanks I was confused if this was a spelling b or not!!

        • tomnewtn

          Was that a rant? wow.

  • kderentz

    Well its good to see I’m not the only one that still doesn’t have the OTA update. Looks like a lot of us are still waiting

    • Now or Never

      Day 6 for me. It’s a bit ridiculous. No news from legit sources either. Just a lot of vague news from random blogs about bugs with android 5.0, including wifi connectivity, battery drain, and even bricking because devices don’t complete the install. I’m almost afraid to even update to what seems like a Beta update. Eventually I may try but it’s a bit alarming. I regret getting a Nexus. It doesn’t get updates first. When it does get updates, it’s not even stable and like I said sounds like Beta software.

      • kderentz

        Its the worst I have seen it as I have been a Nexus owner since the Nexus 1 and usually updates are there within days. The only exception to the rule was when I was on Verizon for a while and I had the Galaxy Nexus. That thing never got updates and was the worst nexus device made.

  • Isaac Lillington

    Day 6. No update. If it doesn’t come tomorrow I won’t be happy.

  • tomnewtn

    Mine just came and is installing right now. I’m in the pacific nw.

    • tomnewtn

      Looks great. Didn’t seem to take more than 10 minutes to complete. We’ll see how things go but wifi is all I use it on currently and it’s fine. I did a factory reset before the update came.

  • greywolf

    just got mine 5 mins ago. in northeast. installing right now :D

  • elarella

    Just received Android 5.0 on my Nexus 4. I am located in Houston. The phone seems to run a bit slower than before with KitKat, bit perhaps it needs a few reboots before all my apps settles in. If you’re still running Dalvik on your N4, it will optimize the apps prior to launching and that will be the long part, depending on how many apps you have. It’s a big update, so it literally took about 35 min from download to launch, so make sure you have a full battery or connected to your charger. When the update was completely finished, I had 50% battery remaining and that was from a full charge.

  • Michael McKeever

    Mine (N5) updated today. Miami, FL

  • Eric

    Nothing yet here in the Pacific Northwest! I am disappointed!

  • me

    I live in Portland, Or. and I got it this morning. It flipping sucks and I’m taking it off my phone as I type this. Screw 5.0!

  • skittle

    Located in Southern Cal. I am downloading 5.0 update on a Nexus 7, 2012 model. This will help me decide if I want a Nexus 6.

  • tomnewtn

    Left my Nexus 5 on battery all day, light usage, wifi on. Still at 95% this evening. Will see how 5.0 does with regular usage. Everything is working fine thus far. I suspect the delay was correction of more bugs.

  • Now or Never

    Day 7, still no android 5.0 updated. Is this POS company releasing the update to 0.5% of users each day? What a friggin joke. At this rate I may have android 5.0 by the end of Spring. In “waves” hahaha more like in trickles… My co-worker updated his iPhone a couple days ago to the latest iOS release and that’s already a couple updates enhancements since iOS 8 came out. May have consider getting an iPhone or Windows phone next year. I thought and read Nexus devices were great too bad they are poorly supported by Google.

    • snowbdr89

      Take you’re whiney ass over to the icrap family you will fit right in!!

      • Now or Never

        Why are you mad? I’m disappointed with the joke of an update android 5.0 has been. I paid a lot for my Nexus, I thought it got the update first and it doesn’t. You upset I’m unsatisfied? Oh well. I’m not sure why it offends you that this sloppy update is being called out for being exactly that, sloppy. Anyway, I’m not sold on iPhones, so why don’t you shove that suggestion. I’m leaning towards windows troll!

  • Jean

    . All Google devices should have this update before any other freaking phone. That’s why we buy their shit. I still haven’t received my upgrade and its been a week. PATHETIC

  • Kathy L

    Still waiting in Philly… My Nexus 5 ‘s WiFi hasn’t worked since the last update in August, this better fix it. They wouldn’t replace it do to a very small crack that was there for months before the WiFi stopped, but that is what they’re blaming it on. Otherwise I’m holding an expensive piece of garbage in my hand. Not happy Google!!

  • me

    Just got mine for my BYOD Nexus 5. In Seattle area.

    • D

      ditto, just got mine a couple hours ago in Seattle area

  • Deswaga

    Wow got my update 2 hours ago in NC, I was getting more and more impatient. Only took 30 minutes max to install on Nexus 5.

  • notpoliticalyet

    Got the OTA notification this afternoon for Nexus 5. Downloading now. Nexus 7 2013 still waiting. Looks like this download is slow but it is 500mb.

    • InYoFace


      • notpoliticalyet

        The 2013 7 or 2012? I have the 13 which has a bit better hardware. It runs great so far on the N5.

        • InYoFace

          mine was purchased in dec 2012

  • tony

    and just got mine today around 1230pm

  • Mike

    Nexus 7 2012 is really bad running Android 5. Don’t do i unless you like crash and freeze…

    • davidwal

      you are right I was hoping it would run better than it does with the update. I may have to break down and buy an ipad mini like I wanted to do this black friday. I hope the 2013 lte I gave to my Mother runs better with 5.0.

    • InYoFace


  • Anon

    My mom, who couldn’t care less about the updated, received it yesterday on her Nexus 5. My husband and I are still waiting to receive the updated on our Nexus 5s.I don’t know if it makes a difference, but her phone was purchased three months before ours.

  • hilton

    I would like to have kitkat back. :(

  • Lollipop OTA on 11/18 has rendered my Nexus 7 2012 to be so slow and unresponsive as to be useless. Dammit! Google please fix this

    • InYoFace

      Mine too!! Exact same issue the minute I installed it!! I’m pissed! Screen takes like 10 seconds to register a touch. Apps take forever to load and often it just shuts down without warning! What a pos update. Never had a prob with my nexus 7 until this update. Fun idiots.

  • Now or Never

    Day 8 and my piece of shite Nexus 5 has not updated to android. Something must be very wrong with the OS to take this long. I’m going to sell this expensive POS if after 6 months I am not absolutely satisfied with it. I already know it won’t get updates on time so my patience has reached it’s limits. Definitely won’t be buying an android tablet unless it runs windows or iOS this coming Black Friday…

    • neversummer89

      Why do you continue to whine about not getting the update? you are not the only person with an n5 or did you expect to have the update with in seconds of it being released? There are thousands upon thousands of devices out there it takes time to reach all those devices so in other words stfu!!!

    • hieuman

      I got the update. I have no idea what you’re complaining about, as it doesn’t really change the experience much at all. However, I’m happy to see they’re keeping it out of your hands. The schadenfreude is strong in you, keep it up!

      • Now or Never

        Wow, your comment really hit a chord. Why would you wish this on anyone? Doubt google needs anyone to come to its rescue. Bad for the consumer and great for big corp. Not sure how that would make anyone happy…

  • Archon

    November 19, just got my push of lollipop to my nexus 5 here in Iowa.

  • InYoFace

    Wow. Do not update the 7. Took me 9 minutes to type this reply. This has destroyed my n7. Useless now. Im kdone with android.

    • David

      Yeah.. This is bs.. My 7 is worthless now… Battery is dead within two hours.. Slow as hell..

      • InYoFace

        you can go into settings and turn on battery saver. It drastically increases life if battery at the expense of performance. Normally this would be fine, but since this update ruined the tablet any hit in performance may cause you to shoot yourself. in settings –> battery –3 dots at top right and it’s in there. have to turn it on.

    • notpoliticalyet

      N7 2012 or 2013?

      • InYoFace

        I bought mine in Dec of 2012

        • notpoliticalyet

          Got mine in July, 13 which was the 2nd generation version. Not sure how it will perform on my version.

  • cashey1

    My n7 is now scrap. Do not download 5.0.

    • InYoFace

      YUP. you should have read my post directly below this one. That will teach you.

  • Llanita

    Getting 505 error when trying to install a game that the update uninstalled. Now I can’t install it again.
    Changed how photos were previously saved. Now have to go through Google + , I preferred it the old way.
    Now also have to go through GMail to access my server’s email account.
    Don’t like that either because I don’t like GMail.
    Nexus 10

  • karl

    I got 5 for my N5. I’m really liking it thus far. Battery life is better, but I’m not thrilled at using Gmail for my company’s exchange server email. I like the change in Chrome where tabs go away and the OS supplants that with the “recent apps” button to flip through Chrome tabs. I am going to need to get used to the notifications quick menu being a different color set, but overall I’m really liking it.

  • snowbdr89

    Got mine today with no problems better battery life and snappier!!

  • JTrip

    Just got the notification. Downloading now.