Looks like Android L will be “Lollipop”, version number 5.0

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Android’s dessert-themed version names look set to continue this year with Android L. For weeks, or months even, predictions have included Lemon Meringue Pie, Licorice and Lollipop. But if today’s leak is anything to go by, it’s almost certainly going to be the latter of those three. Sad really, because I’m a big fan of Licorice (or liquorice as we spell it this side of the pond). Especially if it’s salty.

Sorry, got sidetracked for a second…

A screenshot in the Chromium issue tracker has been discovered (now removed), and includes Android L-style status bar icons. One of which looks very much like an Android head on a stick:


And if that wasn’t enough, the Android YouTube channel published this teaser video, which pretty clearly indicates that the version number will be 5.0. But teases us with Lady Finger, Lemon Drop and even Oreo as possible names.

With T-Mobile having been a big part of Android’s early beginnings on the global market (and not just in the US) it would be nice to see some kind of tie-in between Google and T-Mo again. Perhaps a Nexus 6 that can do Wi-Fi calling out of the box? Or that’s available for the same price as it will be on the Google Play Store?

Or even more important: a commitment to update all its latest Android flagships to Android 5.0 when it drops.

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  • vmode

    nexus 6 with tmobile wifi calling would be a game changer!

    • TheVorlon

      I’m hoping that Apple supporting wifi calling in the iPhone will motivate Google to start supporting it in android and with Nexus 6.

      • dtam

        afaik it was because tmo built in wifi calling to their builds but hopefully Google will do the same…and support my nexus 5 while their at it

        • Adrayven

          maybe, I guess the newer wifi calling that Apple/T-Mo are using now is based on VoLTE to support handing off from LTE to WiFi and back, so if nexus 5 supports VoLTE, in theory it should be able to handle it.

        • JamesG

          They aren’t using anything new. Any phone that supports VoLTE and Wi-fi calling can do the handoff

        • Alex Long

          The wifi calling support is baked into the OS by Apple. You can insert a T-Mobile SIM into any unlocked iPhone and wifi calling and VoLTE will work.

    • monkeybutts

      I’m hoping for a smaller whale in addition to shamu probably won’t see it though :(

      • Dakota

        Didn’t Android watchable Sea World documentary on CNN? Shamu ain’t for everyone. Why not just add a dialer to the tablet at this point

  • Willie D

    Salty Licorice is known as Salmiakki to us Scandinavians.

  • Willie D

    Salty Licorice is known as Salmiakki to us Scandinavians.

  • Rick Wilson

    Didn’t John Legere that all new smartphones coming to TMO are going to be WiFI calling enabled and TMO confirmed they will be carrying the Nexus 6?

    • monkeybutts

      No confirmation for Nexus 6, it hasn’t even been announced by google yet so T-mobile has to keep quiet about it if they know anything.

      Supposedly there’s a google event tomorrow for the Nexus 6 and 9

      • Dakota

        Not an event but announcement expected

  • Toasted_Cracker

    This article says different. Just putting it out there.

  • vinnyjr

    Any new phone coming to T-Mobile in the future must have wifi calling and support band 12. This was announced by Batman himself.

    • Alex Long

      I don’t think band 12 was a requirement. It was Wifi Calling and VoTLE.

  • steveb944

    “Or even more important: a commitment to update all its latest Android flagships to Android 5.0 when it drops.”

    Huh? Flagships for Google are the Nexus 5 and 7. Guaranteed those will receive L. And very likely N4 will, but probably the old 2012 N7 won’t.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      they have been testing L on N4 so why wouldnt it come to 2012 N7?

      • steveb944

        I haven’t seen anything that they’re testing on the 2012 N7, that’s why I say that. It’s pure speculation on my part.

        • Rob

          Images are for N7 2013 and N5, haven’t seen anything else.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          One can only hope

      • Dakota

        In the past, they’ve said they only guarantee updates for only 18 months (really lame). So for example, the Galaxy Nexus didn’t get the Kit Kat upgrade. I dont think Google has publicly Statd yet which devices will get the update. There has been speculation those 2012 devices may fall through the cracks. If the os works, its another bad move considering Ios updates… Even more so this year when not everyone is interested in a phablet

  • mingkee

    Will Android M become “mooncake”?

    • JosephLagalla


      • elchepe


    • Laststop311

      nope i got reliable info from a google employee ( my best friend works there) the name hasnt officially been chosen yet but so far android milkshake is the most popular, android milky way is in second place

    • JamesG

      Moonpie….seriously “mooncake”?

      • HeatFan786

        With a picture of Sheldon Cooper?

  • Laststop311

    how in oreo a possible name for the L android. What crack has someone been smoking

    • Dakota

      Maybe product placement? Although there are lemon filled oreos these days. Aside from a few tweets, I never saw the big kit Kat promotional campaign last year.

  • John Johnson

    No Nexus phones on T-Mo according to their last Uncarrier event. Google won’t let ’em delay updates with WiFi Calling and T-Mo won’t sell a phone without it.

    Don’t worry guys – I’d love to be wrong on this one, so if you’re going to post about how wrong I am here; please know I pulling for ya!

    • Dakota

      Maybe that’s why therewas a screen leak of the phone on sale with contract at ATT. The leak had a 49.99 price so maybe the phablet will retail for 500? Did Nexus 5 not have wifi calling on Tmobile? I know that’s a must for certain Tmobile customers

      • Guestoday

        Sadly no the TMO sold nexus 5 didn’t have wifi calling! Even tho some CSR’s thought it did…LOL

  • Dakota

    Another site had a screen shot leak from ATT offering the Nexus 6. (i think last year, Tmobile was the only carrier to directly sell the Nexus phone) I was personally sad they’re actually giving users less choice than Apple by only releasing a phablet. Too big for me. This after the Android statue artist kept generating headlines by talking about his love of licorice. I’m sure some reviewer will choose the lollipop

  • Deadeye37

    I love that L try outs video. That was pretty funny!

    Cam – salty liquorice (since we’re talking your side of the pond) is really the popular way of doing liquorice there, or is it just a thing that you can only get from a few candy makers?

    My personal preference is Australian licorice. MMMMmmmmmm……

  • robert

    I liked that last part in the article, that be amazing if all tmo devices got updated shortly after release of “lollipop”