iOS 8 beta 3 enables Wi-Fi calling for devs, hurrah!

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Just a quick heads up, I’m sure you guys will love to hear. Wi-Fi calling on an iPhone is finally here, and can be used. iOS 8 beta 3, which has just been released to registered iOS developers, includes a feature we read about during WWDC – Wi-Fi calling. Within the Settings app, the Wi-Fi calling feature can be toggled on or off.

In the menu – above – it states that “Wi-Fi calling will not work without entering your address. The address will be used when making emergency calls.”

Almost as soon as the discovery was made during the WWDC keynote, T-Mobile was quick to confirm that it would be supporting Wi-Fi calls on the iPhone. The fact that it’s taken three beta version to get here might be disappointing to some, but at least we can be sure it’ll make the final software. We also know that it’s going to be an option in the Settings menu that doesn’t require a third party app.

If any of you are developers, or have been using iOS 8 beta, be sure to let us know how you get on using Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone. That’s if you manage to get it working at all. Beta software is often full of bugs that need squashing. This could be one of them.

Via: iPhoneHacks

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