Is Spotify still using data from your monthly cap? [UPDATE]


It’s come to our attention over the past few days that T-Mobile seems to be having a few minor teething issues with its new music unlimited phase of Uncarrier. And it relates specifically to Spotify. According to a handful of users, some of whom contacted us directly, others in a Reddit thread, that Spotify is still using data from their monthly data caps.

What’s particularly frustrating for the users in question is that when reaching out to T-Mo customer care, they get different and – sometimes – incorrect responses. Those include “it’s the album art and track info” or “you’re not on the $80 truly unlimited plan”.

In most cases, the data seems right on track for the individual MP3s being streamed, using around 5-6MB per song. Which is clearly too high to just be a small, square image for the album art, or text-based track information. As for the $80-plan response, T-Mo made it clear that every Simple Choice user can stream music without paying, regardless of plan. The only added extra obtained by the higher plan customers is the UnRadio service, which costs $4 per month to anyone else.

Andrew, over at Freezing Penguin reports:

For most of the services included, everything works as it should; data used for streaming music is not counted against the high-speed cap. For Spotify, however, the data still counts.

I have tested this repeatedly on my own smartphone, the LG G2, as well as on other phones at a local T-Mobile store. Checking usage by either T-Mobile’s (terrible) app, or through the dialer code #WEB#, Spotify will use a few megabytes of data for each song.

I was curious therefore, to see how many of you guys had experience the same issue with Spotify specifically? All other included music streaming services have seemingly been working fine. Have you been using Spotify over a cellular network? Have you noticed any data being used from your monthly cap?

At the moment, it seems like it’s only affecting a very small portion of customers. This is judging it based on the number of people who have joined the Reddit discussion, and those who have emailed. If it was very widespread, we’d have received many more complaints.

So if you’re experiencing the issue as well, be sure you get in touch with T-Mobile’s customer service team (if you haven’t already), it is still the best way to inform the company that something’s not working quite right. Especially given the – presumed – scale of the issue. If it’s working as it should be for you, also let us know. Because, clearly, it’s not an issue that’s affecting everybody.

UPDATE – Helpful statement and pointers from T-Mobile:

We aren’t seeing anything indicating that Spotify or other apps are using customers’ 4G LTE data bucket, but if you’re seeing this, please ring T-Mobile Care.  They’ll take care of you, but there are a few steps you can take first to verify the issue:

1)      Make sure you’re looking at data traffic after June 18, when Music Freedom was introduced.

2)      Keep in mind that your phone may be doing other stuff that uses your high-speed data while you’re streaming music (e.g. downloading email, updating apps, etc).

3)      Many phones come with apps that report total data usage, but this might not use your data bucket.  Check your account on your phone or at to see how much of your 4G LTE data bucket is being used. 

4)      Some non-music content (e.g. album art) may not be covered when it comes from a different data stream.  In apps that serve up non-music content, it generally represents a very small percent of total data the app uses.  In our quick check with Spotify, it was roughly 1-4% of data used.


Via: Reddit, FreezingPenguin

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  • JTrip

    I’m not on the Simple Choice plan. It has a high speed “cap”?

    • Cam Bunton

      It depends which plan you’re on. Only the old $70 and new $80 Simple Choice plans have unlimited high speed internet. All the others have caps/limits. Once you hit them, your speed is reduced. Music streaming shouldn’t be counted against those caps at all, or be recognized as using measurable data. If you have an unlimited Simple Choice plan, obviously this makes no difference. I just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this too.

      • JTrip

        Okay thanks. I have the old $70 plan so I wasn’t sure how the Simple Choice plan worked.

        • brand1399

          I’m pretty upset that we (people that are grandfathered in the 70(now 80) dollar truly unlimited plan) cannot use un-Radio from Rhapsody. We are being punished for not paying the new price, even though we have the same plan.

        • AJ


        • Random

          I can’t get mine to work. 20 seconds into a song and I get a message to upgrade.

        • Daniel

          Really? You are being punished? Even if you pay the $4 per month you are still saving $6 per month over those on the $30 unlimited… Seems like a win to me.

        • Crazy

          Punished: inflict a penalty or sanction on (someone)

          Yes, anyone on the 70 dollar plan is. We should get the radio for free because we have the unlimited plan.

        • You do realize that it’s a premium service, right? It’s not a punishment; it’s a perk for people paying $80. You can’t consider it a punishment for not being allowed a perk. That would be like complaining to the gym that gives free smoothies to their yearly subscribers that, as a monthly subscriber, you deserve them too. Furthermore, by the very definition you’ve given above, it would follow that they would have to sanction or penalize an existing service that you already have (like a cap on your high-speed unlimited data). Because they add perks to different levels of membership, that in no way affects your existing service and terms of your agreement. Ergo, it’s no punishment.

        • Rose Yvette Mosher

          To be more specific, if it was a perk of paying 30$ for data instead of 20$(70$/80$ respectively) then they would offer both the 70$ and 80$ plans, and get rid of the 4$ upcharge similar to how the tier’d plans you pay more for more LTE data, and offer it as an exclusive service to the 80$ plan. Want free unRadio? pay 30$, want just basic unlimited data? pay 20$. The fact it’s available ‘free’ on a plan that is identical to the ones that have the older 70$ just have to pay an extra 10$ for profit reasons is in by no way a perk.

        • The fact that they’re different in price means that they’re not identical plans. The services were the same, but now they’re (rightly) not because perks are being added to the more expensive plan. Calling them greedy for not making a difference between people paying $70 and those paying $80? That’s amusing. They don’t HAVE to do anything, and if they wanted to, they don’t even HAVE to honor your $70 unlimited plan…or mine :-). That they’re letting us have it but not giving us the extras in a plan that is $10 more is perfectly reasonable and even fair.

        • Hurlamania

          Thats why your R.T. , they didn’t have to but they did, they promoted it as a buy now and lock in the old rate (RATE) specific rate meaning price not saying you would be subject to not being treated like a unlimited customer in the future nothing about a lack of (FEATURES) in the future.
          Any yes the have to honor it.
          they made it clear the price was going up to make network improvements, not because they wanted to ignore the current unlimited plan holders.
          don’t be stupid

        • You’re not LESS of an unlimited customer because they added features to customers who are paying more. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? You’re importing “rights” language where it is neither warranted nor relevant. You are paying for a service and are receiving the service that you believed you were getting. When they add features to other plans, they’re entitled to do so and they’re not obligated morally or legally to do so across the board because you perceive there to be some social equality in the standing of customers that have unlimited data plans. IF PEOPLE ARE PAYING $10 MORE, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SAME PLANS. PERIOD.

        • Hurlamania

          it’s called a price increase, they are still unlimited data plans PERIOD. The un radio for free was promoted by the CEO as something special for people on unlimited Data. guess what we both have unlimited data no matter our rate of pay. I suppose since your a man you should get more money than a women doing the same job,
          prices go up on things from time to time but companies don’t treat customers who paid the old rate any different than new customers. they would get sued out of business. luck for T-Mobile being #4 wireless company no one is paying attention at the moment.

          Not to ignore the fact T-Mobile promoted heavily to buy unlimited now and lock in the current rate before the rate increase Not buy the old plan before a new magical one arrives, that will cause us to ignore you from now on.
          PhD in stupidity

        • So now you’re bringing in sex discrimination? And I’m the one with bad analogies? LOL. You’re something else.

          You’re right about price increases and not treating old customers any different than new customers. They usually make them pay the newer prices. Ever try going into a GNC and telling them that you used to pay $30 for their protein? I’ll bet the first thing the owner WON’T say is, “Oh. Okay. $30 it is!” Be glad you’re not paying $80, but if you want the additional perks, pony up.

        • John

          They as in John the CEO said our newest unlimited plans would get the unradio free. That would negate the $70. Therefore it is a perk. Stop being so bitter and just enjoy life.

        • Hurlamania

          Oh contraire it is them who keep it going, i find pure enjoyment in pointing out their ignorance and i usually ignore them for a week then check in and tell them their stupid and watch em go, didn’t have a problem with you i see… LOL

        • Rose Yvette Mosher

          They do have to honor the 70$ plan as long as you’re paying an EIP

        • Hurlamania

          It is a perk, it was promoted as a perk for unlimited customers by JL himself and now he cowers in a corner somewhere afraid batman will get him.
          it doesn’t matter what I pay I am an unlimited customer once you start segregating unlimited customers you’re starting down a bad road. the issue isn’t unradio itself it is just the starting point of bad business.
          prices go up on many things but people who paid the old price aren’t treated any different because of it, until T-Mobile. It must be stopped for the protection of all consumers in the future

        • Rose Yvette Mosher

          Again, if it was a perk of the unlimited data plan presence, both the 70$ grandfathered plan and current 80$ unlimited plans would both get it. If they want it to be a sole ‘perk’ to only 80$ consumers, they either need to change the name of the plan, or do away with the 4$ up charge and bring back both the 70$ plan and 80$ plan with the 80$ plan getting the ‘perk’ of unRadio exclusive access. As it stands they have set a stage that the 70$ plan isn’t internally considered an unlimited LTE simple choice plan anymore. Which could be bad for us older plan users.

        • Hurlamania

          it is very bad and i only see it getting worse in the future so im trying to get people to see that no before it is to late but instead of seeing that and helping they prefer to argue instead of being quiet.
          I see this as the start of a bad trend.
          John legere announced it as something special for it’s unlimited customers, and at this point even though my bill say’s it Im not an unlimited customer. what other features will i not be offered just because I pay a rate that T-Mobile encouraged people to buy at that rate before the rate increase.
          clearly you see the road ahead as well and this is not focused on the un radio feature but what it means to customers and the segregation of unlimited customers.

          Thank you for being smart

        • Matt

          Actually the $70 does have other differences from the $80 plan then just the Unradio app being free

        • Hurlamania

          they got 2 gigs of tether for their $10 that doesn’t change the fact that it is, and they both have an unlimited data feature, again let the big boy’s talk who know what they are doing. is your summer school class out already? keep tryin hard you may get a GED one day

        • Hurlamania

          Hey! R.T. Elliot do you realize it was promoted as a free service for unlimited subscribers hey guess what $70 customers are unlimited subscribers shock to you I know since you a R.T. your analogy is the dumbest thing i’ve heard in a while well since the posts above you but all the same, how about this genius free smoothies for yearly subscribers but if you signed up at the old rate that they promoted for you to by now before the increase you don’t get any. this has nothing to do with monthly gym members. is is about segregation of unlimited customers and discrimination. If anyone with an education visited this site they may see the forest.

        • Proper grammar would significantly clarify your posts? Segregation?! Discrimination?!? Please…

        • Hurlamania

          for you nothing would clarify anything

        • That’s cute. Great way to advance the dialogue. Any more personal attacks?

        • Stan

          The man saves $6 a month on his mobile bill and still complains? You make no sense Hurlamania. Even if you and I paid the $4 unRadio montly fee we still save $2 a month. You’re complaining because you feel we $70 customers deserve the free service that the $80 customers get. You’re wrong. Even if we did get it for free we still save $6 a month. That isn’t fair for the people paying $80 a month. We would need to have a price hike. And don’t say it’s not the same because we are grandfathered in because honestly you’re defending what benefits yourself and not the entire US customer base.

          You are just one of those people who feel entitled to everything. Your perk is $6 off your bill a month. There’s is free streaming from unRadio. It’s either or not both. So stop being such a child.

        • philyew

          They’re not getting unRadio free because they are on an unlimited plan, they’re getting it because they pay $30/month for data. See the difference?

        • Hurlamania

          No they get it because they are on a unlimited plan, we don’t get it because we pay $70, get it.
          although the feature was promoted a for unlimited customers

        • philyew

          They said quite clearly at the launch press conference that you had to be on the NEW unlimited plan to get it. That’s the $30/month data plan, not $20/month that’s a part of the $70 plan.

        • Hurlamania


        • Matt

          Actually you are incorrect. Do some research before posting crap messages

        • philyew
        • philyew

          Mike Sievert introduces the product as “a totally new internet radio product that takes things to a totally new direction. It’s $5 a month for the public, but you might not be surprised to hear for our unlimited 4G LTE customers ON OUR NEWEST PLAN it’s free.”

        • Hurlamania
        • Hurlamania
        • Ffssmdh

          Hahahahaha!!!!! You’re an idiot!!!

        • Please

          So out of all the people in this thread you have found two people that feel strongly for our cause. You are hurting us more than helping. Please stop posting if you cannot have a civil discussion. You turn likely petition signers against the issue. Where if you were at least polite, you might have been able to change their mind.

          Your behaviour is very bizarre for someone that is trying to gain support for something. You either are very sincere in your intentions and are miserable with communication skills OR you really don’t believe in our cause and are trying to dissuade people from siding with us.

          Either way if you can’t be polite, just please don’t post. If T-mobile does decide to change their mind, it won’t be because of any of your efforts. So please Sir, I want to get un Radio as much as you and don’t want to be left out from other bonuses down the road. But, you are making a bad name for the rest of us that feel the same way.

      • Hurlamania

        hey Cam while your doing nothing in between your puff pieces you write for the site when you fell like it. why don’t you write a story on how T-Mobile is Unfairly treating it’s unlimited customers into to factions (segregation) They told one group to keep there price point then promoted the increase with a buy now to lock in the old rate. And now are offering features for unlimited plans and excluding the very customers it wooed. you may be one of the many on here who think it’s about unradio itself but it is a much bigger issue, it’s about customer neutrality. Unlimited customer should be treated equally no matter what they pay or why they pay it. By ignoring this and other issues you give this site less credibility not that it has much left, perhaps you should think about finding someone with a better interest to run things around here because you don’t seem interested in T-Mobile or it’s practices.
        T-Mobile is headed down a slippery slope.

      • B

        Hey Cam, is there any way we could ban “Hurlamania”?

        He is childish, ignorant, and extremely degrading the professional and enjoyable atmosphere of this site. You might want to look into some of his violence-promoting posts, and rude remarks towards you and your efforts.

        Thank you.

        • Hurlamania

          This is far from a professional site any longer, any one can notice the lack of posts themselves and lack of anything anti T-Mobile, Cam has no effort on this site he is in the UK and has no connection or care about T-Mobile US and it’s policies or services. a daily news scrape and you can see many stories that are not covered by this site that would have been under the creator of the site.
          Cam is a iphone blogger…
          not a T-Mobile news reporter, uge if you can’t handle the truth then you leave.
          we have freedom of speech here I don’t know where you are from

        • Tinger12

          Freedom of speech DOES NOT APPLY TO A PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS. Go back to school and learn what our Constitution really means.

        • Stan

          You’re really picking at straws Hurlamania. Stop crying and grow a pair. You must also be upset at the people who bought a fully loaded Toyota and got the heated seats as a bonus but you bought a basic model and feel you should get the heated seats as well.

          Those who pay more get more perks. That has always been tradition. People like you sicken me. You shop in a bargain bin and get upset when the $1 calculator you bought doesn’t get the same warranty plan as the $15 calculator. If it hurts you so bad just switch plans. Im truly unlimited before the price increase and I honestly don’t care what is free and isn’t. This streaming announcement didn’t exist 3 years ago and it isn’t going to make me change my plan for it. Stop crying already.

        • notyourbusiness

          I just love how you’re whining about someone else when you’re throwing out obscenities left and right. Grow up.

  • zee

    You have to be on simple choice plan, not specifically an unlimited one just simple choice.1gb plan would work too

    • Cam Bunton

      From what I understand, these customers with issues are on Simple Choice plans.

      • Rose Yvette Mosher

        70$ Unlimited SCP here. Spotify does indeed count towards data usage still. I’ve used over 1GB since the announcement. Not that I really care…I have unlimited anyway, just chiming in for the info!

        • Astrid

          Was told last night that this is a “grandfathered” plan and doesn’t count towards this new unlimited streaming…….so I replied well I have unlimited internet so I don’t really care :-)

  • philyew

    Just tested about 10 songs and once I had only Spotify and My Account running it seemed to download 0.3MB initially with each new song and around 0.2MB during the course of the song. The ads however used 0.7MB.

    • philyew

      Under the same conditions, Pandora seems to account for no more than 0.2MB of data use per song.

  • Alex Zapata

    Hmmmm, I guess being on an unlimited plan I never bothered to check. Now I’m curious……

  • Jonathan

    Make sure you’re not connected to a VPN. I accidentally left Onavo running and my Spotify usage was counted because T-Mobile can’t see that you’re streaming on a VPN.

  • Jonathan

    Hmmm… I just did a little test. It does appear to be using a little bit of data for each song. I have Spotify Premium, so there are no ads to load.

  • UGEplex

    There’s a lot of confusion between Music Freedom and UnRadio/UnRhapsody. When speaking to a TMO rep you have to ask them to look up the new Uncarrier Music Freedom initiative. Repeat the term “T-Mobile Music Freedom” a couple of times. Many reps either haven’t been trained on it yet, ignored the training, or “weren’t in that day”. Once they get the idea they have to “research” Music Freedom, they’ll read the FAQ on it while you wait. IF they ask another rep about it, they may be misinformed as some reps mix up the details of the two offers as much as costumers do.

    Also note, most grandfathered preferred data plans have been converted from having a limited amount of high speed data to Unlimited HIGH SPEED data. This change has been made quietly, so many customers with $20 grandfathered preferred data plans still think they have a 5GB high speed cap. There accounts don’t need Music Freedom, but it may apply to them anyway. And, they don’t qualify for the free UnRhasody app. But, they do get the discount on the UnRhapsody app.

    UnMusic/UnRhapsody is a free app promo for only $80 Simple Choice plans. It’s not about having unlimited data, it’s about promoting the current all-you-can-eat Simple Choice plan. The rest of us get a discount on the app. It has nothing to do with Music Freedom.

    • Hurlamania

      You are un correct about the promo for $80 plans , if you watched the uncarrier event it was announced as a gift as you will something special for it’s unlimited data customers so it’s all about having an unlimited data plan unless you/re saying John legere is a liar?
      also i wouldnt really call .99 cents a discount for BS-Radio

      • Matt

        Actually you are incorrect. The Unradio is only free for the $80 plan. It even says that in the FAQs on their site.

        • Hurlamania

          you are stupid truly stupid… yes it says that now after all the bitching about it, but that is the point it shouldn’t be and it wasn’t announced that way. and it is about treating all unlimited customers equal. this issue isnt about un-radio it is a bigger issue for big people to discuss people with higher intelligence

        • AK

          Actually it was announced by the CEO at the uncarrier event in Seattle.

        • Hurlamania


        • philyew

          Mike Sievert, not John Legere, announced unRadio.

        • philyew

          It was a part of the first statement that Mike Sievert made launching unRadio at the Uncarrier 6.0 event.

          ” It’s $5 a month for the public, but you might not be surprised to hear for our unlimited 4G LTE customers ON OUR NEWEST PLAN it’s free.”

      • philyew

        Here’s a transcript of the words used in the unRadio intro by Mike Sievert where he says the product is “a totally new internet radio product that takes things to a totally new direction. It’s $5 a month for the public, but you might not be surprised to hear for our unlimited 4G LTE customers ON OUR NEWEST PLAN it’s free.”

  • best regards

    Fascinating. I wonder how many people feel jilted about the unradio and $70 unlim plans. What about how the $80 folks would feel if $70 did get it for free? You’d think these people would have a war to determine the true Unlimited Clan of T-mobile-eros. And the winner keeps the irunRadio and all the glorious unCarrier treasures that follow it. $70 is a grandfathered plan and like all the other grandfathered plans pre or post Simple Choice, sometimes you don’t get all the nice things. As long as they honor the price and features from the time they discontinued it, there’s no problem.

    • Hurlamania

      They would need to feel anything
      they pay $80 dollars because they purchased the unlimited plan after the price increase that had fair warning and encouraged people to buy now and lock in the old rate. the $70 plan is part of simple choice it is a data add on to simple choice, simple choice is a rate plan, data is a feature. i have the unlimited data feature added to my simple choice plan.

      you don’t even understand rate plans and data add on’s how can you discuss this?

      it’s about more than an un radio feature

      • best regards

        Meh… I just wanted to see if you’d respond. Goodluck in your campaign. I suppose there will come a time when us customers will have to vote with our money. Maybe for you that time is now?

      • Alex V

        Jesus…how much more are you going to milk this dude get a life.

  • sidekicker89

    I’m using the speed test app and it’s still throttling me. I’m on a value plan but I was told it applies to everyone.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      I thought it was simple choice

    • Evan Lam

      Nope, its doesn’t apply to everyone, I am on the Classic plan still (didn’t expect that did you ;)) and i tried already and i am still throttled as well. Its only the simple choice plans and I’m pretty sure most, if not all of the uncarrier stuff is only for the simple choice plans.

    • cinsu

      I’m on a simple choice plan and it clearly isn’t throttled for me. It only applies to simple choice. I am 200 MB over my limit and I got a 70+ Mbps test

  • Ffssmdh

    In order to have Music Freedom, you MUST be on a Simple Choice plan, not a grandfathered plan.

    In order to have UnRadio for free, you MUST have unlimited data, otherwise there will be a fee.

    And finally, you MUST stream your music thru the app and not your browser. And there will be minimal data usage due to album art and lyrics.

    • Tony Yayo

      For UnRadio, you also have the have a 5gb hotspot plan or higher or you will be charged $4.

    • matt

      people with PAID iPad plans also get music freedom., its not just simple choice.
      however your 200 mb of free data will burn up before the music freedom coverage kicks in

  • ATT user 213 976 7070

    Any idea how this works for people with a data only mobile spot device? I use a basic phone on AT&T bc it’s my primary phone and require solid and robust phone coverage and service. As a luxury I have a mobile hot spot device from T-Mobile so I can use my iPad mini for music during my drive and so that I have a means of quickly accessing the internet in an emergency on my laptop, ipad or iPod touch. This would be expensive on AT&T so I split my wifi / Internet needs this way. At this point though, my music usage requires up to about 20% of my 2GB plan at most. It would be nice to know if T-Mobile doesn’t count my music usage any longer.

    • Herb

      ….. Does your username really have your phone number in it?

  • notyourbusiness

    That sounds like bullocks, but it doesn’t affect me personally because I usually listen to my offline mixes on Nokia MixRadio. Such an awesome music app.

  • IgnoreThePetition

    This guy going on and on about the unlimited plan is just bizarre. He’s saving six dollars versus all new unlimited subscribers and is mad about it. It is a bizarre reaction. I am assuming that the petition can’t be doing well?

  • Hey, I’m Andrew from Freezing Penguin, as referenced in the article.

    I find the update from T-Mobile to be odd, as it doesn’t seem to fit with the information stated here and on my site.

    I checked data usage with the #web# (#932#) dialer code, which all the T-Mobile reps I talked to agreed was the best way to check. I did also check in the T-Mobile provided app and their website. Checking in this way, Pandora and others show no usage, but Spotify shows usage.

    Additionally, I had help from the local T-Mobile store testing on their phones, with the same results on every phone tested.

    T-Mobile is welcome to contact me – my contact info is on my website, as linked in the article.

  • Yg

    I’m on a plan that has the unlimited streaming, and Spotify is coming out of my data , it will use 10 meg in a few minutes. I have a Galaxy Note 3 and when I check data usage with the built in android app (im talking about in settings-data usage not t mobile app) its showing spotify as using nothing at all even if I stream for an hour, but when I check t mobile data usage it shows my data go up instantly.

    Pandora I don’t have this issue its working fine, its not using my t-mobile data and it shows up as using data in data usage in the built in android app.

    Im wondering if maybe spotify on some android phones are not showing that the data is coming from spotify to t-mobile

  • StankyChikin

    Unlimited High Speed = Problem solved!!!

    GO BULLS!!!

  • Astrid

    I called last night in regards to another issue on my bill (trying to make payments on my EIP and it is all screwed up) and was informed that if I switch to the Unlimited plan I can get free music streaming……….I then informed the rep that I do have unlimited so I can get free music streaming…..Nope not how it works…….Since I’m on the “grandfathered” plan it doesn’t count for me. Well I told her since I’m unlimited I don’t really care but I think it is total BS how T-Mobile handled it then. So Unless you have updated your plan recently (since the rate increases happened) it looks like the streaming music for free doesn’t count for you. That is a little ridiculous!

    • Tony Yayo

      but…. you’re already unlimited so who cares?

      • John

        I think he probably meant to say that since he’s on the grandfathered unlimited $20 plan he dosen’t get rhapsody unradio for free. Which stinks because it’s like everyone on T-mobile has to pay $4 a month if they want rhapsody unradio unless they have the 30 unlimited plan


          Eh its an OK feature…. I mean most music streaming services have a radio option on it.

    • guest

      I dont stream music that much, but I tried the iheart radio app just to see if it’d work. I have the classic plan with 5gb from a few months before simple choice came out. It seemed to work for me. I streamed 50 mb per my phone data usage but tmobile app showed no increase at all.

  • Daniel Marchand

    I’ve just blew through my high speed allotment for the month, which is making this spotify data issue very apparent… it pauses every few seconds to buffer while throttled on high quality. I’m 100% sure that means the music traffic is not exempt on Spotify as it should be. I can run tunein, iheartradio, pandora, etc. no issues, with spotify it keeps pausing throughout playback on throttled speed. Another odd thing I noticed is my “Spotify” data usage is only 2.47MB and I played several songs, this is telling me android is counting the music streaming elsewhere and is unique as the other streaming apps it all goes against the app in use vice guised under say “Android OS” (not sure if that’s it, but it’s a lot higher then Spotify usage…)

    • Yg

      Exactly the same thing is happening to me the built in android data usage app is not showing that spotify is using any data usage when it should be.
      I commented on that a few posts down

  • Darran

    Hi all, I just realized that my Unlimited 4G add-on now includes up to 3GB of wireless hotspot where it used to not have it. Is anyone else getting this?

    Adds Unlimited Nationwide 4G data on T-Mobile’s network. Includes up to 3 GB of Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (SMH) service.

    • Andrew Paul Moulton

      lol whenever i wear crocs in public I get that SMH service

  • wsj

    its using up data, called CS, was told need the 5g plan. Let them know it was music freedom, said will get back to me.

  • rmtworks

    I use Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio on my tablet data plan, and I’ve also seen increases in data when using Spotify. Pandora seems to work properly, and I’ve seen small increases with iHeartRadio but I think it is just due to loading various things in the app, like station searches and what not.