Android 4.4.3 coming to Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 today?

nexus 5

Android version 4.4.3, looks set to arrive on the Nexus 5 and last year’s version of the Nexus 7 today. At least, it is if T-Mobile software support documents are to be taken notice of.

Sadly, there’s nothing more specific than “security enhancements” and “various bug fixes” mentioned in the post when it comes to features. Not exactly exciting, but it would seem to agree with previous leaks which suggest 4.4.3 will be nothing more than a bug-fixing update. We certainly wouldn’t expect a major software revamp this close to Google I/O.

If you have a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 on T-Mobile, you’ll be prompted to download the new software update anytime from today through June 9th. Of course, you can try updating manually by going through the usual Settings menu options and checking for updates that way.

If you do, be sure to let us know what changes you notice.

Source: T-Mobile 1, 2

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  • Anon E Mouse
  • symsoul

    No Nexus 4 love yet?

  • James

    Got a Nexus 5 and I am ready for this update I have too many bugs on my device

  • sushimane

    Waiting for it!

  • Does this update apply only to those who bought them through TMUS or also to those bought directly from Google?

    • Kidney_Thief


  • impasse

    long as they roll out that fix for the damned google play services battery drain to everything else that uses it!

  • Jaramie Black

    I hope it comes soon!

  • kanakamaoli

    Cam, can you find out when the Sony Xperia z1s is going to get 4.4.2? It seem like about
    a month ago you reported that it was going to be released real soon? I don’t understand how a flagship phone on T-Mobile is so slow to get updated?

  • shadlom

    Random reboots fix i hope.

  • James Elliott

    Bluetooth fix, please!

  • Frankie

    Coming for HTC One?

  • Guest

    Nothing yet on mine. Does this include the GPE Nexus 5?

  • Alex Pilaia

    Nothing yet on mine. Does this include the GPE Nexus 5? Havent had any issues what so ever with my device, so I welcome any bug fixes I haven’t noticed yet lol.

    • Dan, From The Internet

      …Google Play Edition Nexus 5.

    • NinoBr0wn

      There’s not really such a thing as a GPE Nexus 5.

      • Alex Pilaia

        One sold directly from Google and not Tmo is Google Play Edition… If you buy it from Tmo, it is branded with Tmo, includes their bloatware, and you must first wait for Tmo to approve the update b4 it is released… GPE phones get updates instantly from Google

        • NinoBr0wn

          Except ‘Google Play Edition’ is really reserved for phones that aren’t a Nexus. T-Mobile just happens to sell the Nexus 5. What bloatware are you talking about?

        • chriz89

          I bought a T-Mobile nexus 5 and it comes with no bloatware also the update is not controlled through T-Mobile its by Google regardless of it being sold through T-Mobile or not

  • Michael

    I recieved the update but I got it off the developers page at google just a few minutes ago…

  • Jaramie Black

    still nothing….

  • Michael

    My last comment last night was moderated and removed probably because I posted the external link to the file on Google developers site. But it is released there and does work , the main visual difference is a new dialer card. I installed it on my device all up to date with 4.4.3 .

  • Greg

    Received OTA today.

  • Archon

    Received Ota at 330 cst on June 4th. Quick install. Can’t say that I notice much. Dialer looks a bit different.. Texting, surfing, camera all seem to be working like before. I read that this release has over 7000 bug fixes.

  • Zack Schaeffer

    Got OTA at 330pm also. Chicago, Il

  • Devin Pearson

    Got the update on my wife’s N4 today there seems to be a battery drain now. Phone sat unused for an hour and dropped 15%. Anyone else see this?

  • Good Jeff

    Haven’t received the updated yet on my Nexus-7 in Baltimore/DC area. Tried the manual thing but nothing yet.

    • Irfan

      No try Its rolling out today at DC Baltimore area – Not surprise because No VoLTE added