A peak at Galaxy Note 3 VoLTE update’s new features [gallery]

By now, we should all know that T-Mobile has begun the VoLTE revolution. And although not every handset on T-Mo has been updated to make use of the new service, one device to get updated was the awesome Galaxy Note 3. But, the software update didn’t just include the ability to make VoLTE calls. It featured a whole host of new additions, some of which already exist on the Galaxy S5.

Most noticeable were the download booster, kid mode, and the clever network-switching capability.

If you received the update, please let us know what your experience has been. Have you made a VoLTE call yet? Did it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

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  • SEBA

    Not everyone got the update yet, Philadelphia is still waiting. I guess they will update devices as soon as the service is available in the area we are from.

    • TMOguy

      it’s only available OTA in Seattle. If you want it anywhere else you have to use KIES.

      • SEBA

        Thx, I’ll try to download it shortly.

      • SEBA

        Ok, I did it. It took 2 attempts to do it but It’s still not live in philly yet

        • TMOguy

          If you’re talking about VoLTE, no, that’s not live in Philly! If you want to come to Seattle you can certainly check it out..

        • SEBA

          NYC it’s closer…

  • mingkee

    I got mine updated manually through xda.
    It has three major features added:
    Kids mode
    Download booster
    Voice over LTE

  • mnaz105

    I’ll probably get it when the Note 4 is released.

  • Frank

    If you really want it just plug into samsung kies, the first thing it does is that. It automatically did it on both of my Note 3’s

  • Dats

    I updated it the first day it became available on Kies…yes you get the kids mode, VoLTE, and download booster.. the only drawback was my battery life was destroyed…I was normally averaging 12-18 hours of normal use to not even getting 7 hours! Had to do a factory reset 2x and now battery life is finally back to normal.. El Paso, Tx

  • Jim

    The voice quality to noticeably better and you can understand subtle phonetic differences immediately without thinking of context. Super happy with the update.

  • Alex Zapata

    Just out of curiosity, but for those that have tried the VoLTE feature out does it allow for simultaneous voice + LTE operation? I remember there being a discussion about that for the iPhone and now I’m curious to see how it works on other devices.

    • TMOguy

      Yes. I have a Note 3 in Seattle. I was on a call with my wife and did a speedtest – I still got 40 down and 20 up while on a voice call. It’s super cool.

  • UncleFan

    Looks like someone is a K-pop fan, judging by the name of the wifi router :)

  • Bill P

    No update yet in Columbus, OH

  • Sims Koger

    Salt Lake City UT has the update

    • TS50

      Haven’t gotten mine yet. But I guess I’m in Orem.

  • TMOguy

    Remember, it’s only available OTA in Seattle. You have to use Samsung Kies to get it anywhere else.
    Cam, maybe you should remind folks of that in the article above???

    • JBLmobileG1

      Wrong, I tried KIES and it doesn’t even say an update is available. You think Las Vegas Nevada, where they hold CES for crying out loud, would have been among the first to get the update, but nnnooooo. I tried KIES with my Note 3 and it doesn’t mention any available updates. Either it’s because of where I live or Tmobile somehow pulled the update. I just don’t get why they can’t push it OTA where when you manually check you can’t just download it. What if I were to go to a place that actually takes advantage of the update, could I download it then? It just doesn’t make sense.

      • tmo fan

        My guess is it has something to do with their headquarters being right across the water from Seattle and the whole puget sound region having a dense cell grid..

  • Niko

    So ever since I updated my Note 3 with VoLTE this morning from Samsung KIES, I noticed that my location settings (gps) won’t work unless I keep it on at ALL times. For an example if you have a weather widget on your screen, it won’t show your exact location whenever you’re traveling out of town if your gps is off. You literally have to keep it on at all times in order for it to auto-update your location every time you go out of town. It didn’t do that before until today! I regret this update even more along side with this buggy 4.4.2 update, Sigh… OH and every time I turn on my gps, I now always get an annoying message from google saying this: “Location consent: Allow Google’s location service to collect anonymous location data. Some data may be stored on your device. Collection may occur even when no apps are running. (disagree) (agree)”. It shows up everytime you activate your gps regardless the amount of times your selected disagree or agree.

    • TMOguy

      I would check your phone settings… My Note 3 hasn’t had any of those issues since the update.
      Settings > Connections Tab > Location > Mode > make sure high accuracy is checked.

      • Niko

        That’s strange… I even updated my boyfriend’s note 3 and his comes up with that Google message every time he turns on his gps as well. We even both took out our battery along with restarting our phones a couple times and it STILL gives us that “Location Consent” message every time we turn on our gps (location) button in the notification tab. The only thing we haven’t done is a factory reset and that’s our absolute last resort. I already selected ‘high accuracy’ and it works fine. But it’s when I turn off my gps, the mobile network, which is 5 bars in LTE over here, won’t even load my location when the gps button is off. Once again, it worked flawlessly before this minor update, now it does not.

        Moral of the story, what I’m trying to say is that the only time I turn on my gps is when I’m using Google Maps, otherwise I turn it off at all times because it generally sucks out the battery life. Otherwise my weather app should auto-update my location wherever I ago along with my location whenever I post on Facebook. It’s not a huge deal, but it bothers me that I have to leave my gps on in order for my location to auto-update itself wherever I go out of town, I don’t like these ‘restrictions’ that we never had in the first place. There is a “power saving” mode you can select in your Location’s settings, but it just uses your wifi and mobile network to auto-update your location, which is fine too because it auto-updates my location, but when I use my Google Maps/any other GPS app, it asks me to put it on High Accuracy mode and then that dumb Google Location Consent message pops up EVERY TIME. Kitkat 4.4.3 can’t come soon enough for our Note 3. All I can do is cross my fingers that it will truly fix all these errors from Kitkat + this minor Tmobile update.

  • volvoV70guy

    Nice typo in the headline, there.