T-Mobile takes on Tim Fisher as Director of Loss Prevention


Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that it has appointed Tim Fisher as its new Director of Loss Prevention. Previously, Fisher has held various positions at Best Buy in corporate, and in the field and has been in similar roles at Target. The news was originally reported by LP Magazine, information provided by Loss Prevention Recruiters.

Official press release spiel:

Tim joins T-Mobile after a successful career at Best Buy where he held a variety of leadership positions for both the field and corporate. Tim also held leadership positions with Target and is a member of the RILA Asset Protection Steering Committee and a member of the Board of Advisors for the LPRC.

It’s not massive news, but, it’s nice to see someone join the ranks of Team Magenta. If any of you bump in to him on your travels, at work, be sure to give him a good reception. Welcome to T-Mo, Tim.

Source: LPMagazine

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  • Galaxymaniac

    If he’s director of “Loss” prevention, he will always be at loggerheads with Mike Sievert who proposes customer grabbing schemes that cost millions and are not sustainable in the long term. These customers have no brand loyalty and are here for the cost savings which don’t seem to be much after competitors have started cutting prices

    • Chardog

      Do you even know what Loss Prevention is? LP has to do with theft, burglary, security, etc., not monetary losses due to a company’s market position strategy…

      • Galaxymaniac

        Do you even know what “sarcasm” is? When something has quotes around it, it means something other than the obvious in context use.

        • Bman

          Do you even know what sarcasm is?you took a totally unrelated subject and tried to pass it off as sarcasm

        • Bman

          And “maybe” I know to how to reply to the right person

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah, loss prevention is the guys who deal with any stock (phones/tablets/SIMs) or money that goes missing, predominantly from retail stores. Nothing to do with profit and losses on the corporate scale.

      • Galaxymaniac

        It’s called sarcasm, hence the quotes for “Loss” and a volley against Mike Blackbury Sievert.

        • randomnerd_number38

          So you took a completely unrelated subject and used it to lob an attack against someone. Classy.

  • SteveNote

    While he was with LP at Target, LP often works closely with InfoSec, and that has been a strong point for Target (not)

  • Laststop311

    yea this guy prevented a lot of loss at best buy. Lost opportunity not loss of profits.