MetroGUARD, insurance from MetroPCS re-branding and price change from July 13


According to a PDF on MetroPCS’ website, the T-Mobile company will be making changes to its phone insurance plan from July 13. MetroGUARD will undergo something of a rebranding and price change.

From July 13th, MetroGUARD will be no more. Instead, it’s being replaced by PHP (Premium Handset Protection) which offers the same coverage against damage, loss, theft and out-of-warranty faults. Along with the name change, premiums and deductibles are rising. The new monthly premium for tiers A-E will be $6 per month, only $1 more than current pricing. The deductibles, however, are increasing quite significantly for most tiers.

If you’re not sure what tier your device is in, head on over to

Full pricing changes are below.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.46.28

As for the extra features to be included in PHP, MetroPCS will be offering a number of services already available through other sources. It’ll be offering a new app to download, which can protect you from malware and viruses on your device. It can also locate, lock or erase your lost device, also sound an alarm (features currently available as standard on some devices), you can also securely back up your contacts and photos.

If you’re a current MetroGUARD customer, changes will take place automatically. Of course, the program is optional, but you don’t have to do anything to change over.

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  • Paul

    Quite the price hike on the deductible. I don’t regret paying for mt coverage. I’ve replaced a Note 2 for screen damage and a Note 3 for playing in the rain…stupid rain.

  • taron19119

    Maybe iPhone is coming to metro pcs

  • Willie D

    With devices actually getting cheaper and monthly insurance rates getting higher, the deductibles are sure disproportionate.

    • bob90210

      Cell phone insurance has always been a rip-off. It is just more of a rip-off with the higher prices and deductibles.

    • xmiro

      the costs are based on the device being insured. A $700 iPhone will obviously have a matching insurance premium

  • OZ

    Haven’t had insurance for 12 years. Back in the day it was really cheap. Fortunately, I have not lost or broken a phone since.

  • Samo

    If you still want insurance, why not just buy Square Trade insurance instead?

    $100 for 2 years and $75 per claim. Up to 3-4 claims… I just moved mine to this plan and seems way more cost effective. Haven’t used it yet for phones, but I did for a TV and it was great.

  • Daniel Darnell

    For an iPhone AppleCare+ is far better and it’s a one time $99 charge. You have 30 days to add it from date of purchase and you get 2 years of software/hardware service. Two accident’s with just a $79 deductible. Granted it doesn’t cover lost/stolen devices but minus that it’s far better and cheaper than carrier insurance. Carrier insurance is honestly quite a rip off these days unless you need that lost/stolen protection you are better off getting AppleCare+ for an iPhone or Square Trade for any other device.