HTC One M8 Unboxing and Official First Look videos published

No sooner had the HTC One M8 been unveiled when countless online publications begun publishing their reviews and unboxings. HTC One itself published a trio of First Look videos showing off the key features of its brand new Android flagship device.

The first takes a brief overview of the entire device, highlighting its design, UFocus camera feature and motion-activated features, as well as highlighting the new BlinkFeed.

The second is a 1 minute video going a little more in depth on the Duo Camera. It does seem a bit of a gimmick, but a cool gimmick nonetheless.

Lastly, again, all about the camera. This time we’re focussing on UltraPixel, and how – supposedly – it allows you to take better pictures in all conditions. I’d have to say, after last year’s experience with the original HTC One, the extra light it pulls in is impressive. But its lack of sharpness is a pain. Nevertheless, here’s the video spotlight:

And lastly, who doesn’t like a good unboxing? Marco Hannah from our mothership, unboxed the brand new device:

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  • Fr0stTr0n

    Phonedog is all but a ghost site anymore. Gee, wonder why?

    • Thomas Vu

      For me it was cause Aaron Baker left, then Taylor Martin, and then Aaron Baker again.

      • Chad Dalton

        where did aaron go?

        • Fr0stTr0n

          Doing private work in Dallas apparently

  • jake glans

    Wait why?

  • mreveryphone

    Painfully just went into a Vershackle store to check out the M8, here’s my take; phone is beautifully made, feels really solid in the hand. I can appreciate the roundness of it compared to the boxy style of my M7. Screen is nice nothing new there, sense 6 felt the same moving around in the menu’s, if you’ve had a htc product in the past couple of years you’ll be right at home. The camera features are nice, the refocus is pretty slick, but all in it’s still smartphone cam, don’t go booking wedding photo shoots with this thing. Everything else felt pretty snappy, the 801seems up to the task. It will be interesting to see how that battery holds up in the long run. Now all I need is some solid G3 news and… Oh who am I kidding I’m going to get all these phones and try them out… That’s why they call me mreveryphone…

  • Enzowned

    I thought they were all coming with that case/cover with the dotted holes…

  • kalel33

    Funny how all the HTC apologists have stated that nobody buys phones for expandable memory but then HTC reverses course and adds a microSD slot. Guess HTC realized it was hurting their sales or they wouldn’t have added it back in. It’s the main reason why I didn’t get an HTC phone last time.

    • Paul

      Totally on the same page.

      I love the speakers on the front, but the lack of an expandable SD memory was a deal breaker. Now that they’ve included it I’m more inclined to consider this model if/when I decide to change up.

      It’s also a MAJOR flaw that iDevices will continue to have.

      • Fr0stTr0n

        Apple doesn’t care what you want

    • DirkDigg1er

      Wasn’t removing microSD slot due to patent infringement?

      • MastarPete

        I’m not sure about that, but they did get in trouble for the microphone that ended up being used in the One.
        As far as I know, HTC officially only ever claimed the lack of SD slot was due to design aesthetics and not having any room left. That was quickly turned against them when it was revealed that the dual SIM version of the One had an SD slot and was only slightly thicker.

      • kalel33

        No, it was a design and cost cutting choice.

    • AndrĂ© On

      It totally makes sense for Samsung flagship phones having expandable memory since 4K filming is possible on their devices.
      But HTC….HTC is just correcting the mistakes from the past.

  • hd2fan

    How about the SD card slot? Is there any other device out there that is 32gb an can add 128 GB via add on memory? Except for Samsung, I bet no one else!

    • notyourbusiness

      Yeah, the Nokia Lumia 1520 can take a 128GB SD card.

  • love the Gary Oldman commercial but a 4MP camera? C’Mon man.

    • Chad Dalton

      but its “ultra pixel” that has to be “way” cooler!

  • tomarone

    UFocus seems gimmicky. How is it not? Time for samples of the camera, plain and simple.

    • kalel33

      There are samples on the web and it doesn’t look good. It just looked like someone added blurring with an app. It doesn’t look real at all.

  • Decalex

    Holy Snaps! I had totally written off HTC because of their lack of SD Card slot. So cool to see them listen, finally. Depending on the development community, this looks interesting now.

  • DirkDigg1er

    I’m glad to see HTC back to greatness. This phone is sexy and sleek.

  • Steven D.

    I AM DONE with HTC. Don’t flame me for this, each to their own, but I just had to let it out. One S was plagued with problems, went to Verizon for a while and got the DNA – plagued with problems. Came back to T-Mobile, got the One and suffered the dreaded purple tinted camera issue, and shoddy quality control.

  • Chrisrj8084

    I personally am looking forward to getting this phone in June when my Jump! kicks in, I don’t crop photos so I was happy with the current One’s camera performance. The missing sd access didn’t matter to me but it’s nice to have now, the increase in size is not so great but after seeing the tear down of the phone I can see why they had to make it bigger and leave the black HTC bezel so no issues there.
    Overall I am pleased with this iteration and I look forward to picking one up.

  • None

    That looks like an incredible amount of bloatware from Verizon on that phone. I shudder to think that TMO is going to put on there.

    • corona10

      Tmobile isnt nearly as bad as the others. You might have 3 that they install but they can be hidden.

      • GinaDee

        I wish Android OEM’s would allow us to simply delete what we don’t want like Windows Phone.

        If we want it later we could always go back to the Play store and re-download but it should be our choice.

        Yes I know you can root but we shouldn’t have to go that far.

  • pete

    did Aaron quit phonedog?

  • pete

    wow is this the first unboxing of the year? this new guy sucks wheres Aaron hes always putting videos on everyday

  • tomarone

    Even though I like HTC more than anything, it seems I’m heading over to Nokia. Is this simply problems with patents? More generally, technology but patents in particular? Relating to camera, and they also had a patent problem with Nokia over the microphones.

  • AndrĂ© On

    I have watched many reviews and some of them didn’t like the camera and sound. And it’s thicker.

  • tomarone

    I’m often initially put off by new HTC phones. Then they start to grow on me. It looks funky but it probably takes good pics in bad conditions, like they say, and has some kick to it. I like big funky things, it might be very very cool. So,…Reserve Judgement!!!

  • tomarone

    Plus, tech out of Taiwan is often very very solid, a bit tank-like. Don’t forget Lenovo got their heft from IBM. (Lenovo is China not Formosa) I have an Acer Android Tablet and it’s a big heavy thing but has the coolest blaster speakers i’ve ever heard!