T-Mobile leading the way in customer monthly spend

According to a survey released by Cowen and Company yesterday (picked up by Ars), T-Mobile has the lowest average bill size when compared to the other 3 major nationwide carriers. Including taxes, fees and the rest, Tmo’s average user monthly spend is $120. Compare that to the others and it’s a pretty huge saving. AT&T customers spend around $141, Sprint customers cough up $144 each month and Verizon subscribers are the most out of pocket with monthly bills averaging $148.

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The average was worked out including all plan types. Family, corporate and single lines were all included. Verizon’s average spend may have been distorted slightly based on the fact that they have a higher than average number of people on family and corporate plans.

This is the same survey that revealed the number of people likely to leave their carrier in the next 6 months. A survey which also showed T-Mobile in a good light, with just 15% of the respondents wanting to ditch magenta for one of the other carriers.

Via: Ars Technica

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