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Yesterday, Yahoo! Tech streamed a live interview with T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere. In the interview the talked about a lot of things. As you can imagine, topics centered mostly around the new Uncarrier 4.0 phase, including the LTE rollout and explanations behind that and spectrum plans. Sadly, I can’t embed the video here, so you won’t be able to watch it on this blog, but, if you follow this link, it’ll take you straight to the interview. It’s about 45 mins long, but it’s well worth it.

In the interview Legere is his typical, relaxed, no-nonsense self. And I guess one of the questions I found interesting is that regarding this character John Legere plays. I’ve often been skeptical, and seen it as an “act” to further increase the impact of the Uncarrier movement. A personification of the disruption T-Mobile’s trying to cause in the wireless industry. His answer was pretty simple. He stated his belief that what T-Mobile is doing would have the same impact regardless of what he was like, and it’s more about returning to being the person he always was, before he got in to the business world. He was a long-haired, t-shirt wearing kinda guy. His claim is that he wants to show you don’t have to be a stuffy, suit-wearing business man who only speaks “corporate talk”.

Although many industry watchers see benefit in getting in to the home broadband side of telecommunications, Legere doesn’t seem that interested. When asked directly, he simply stated that the company doesn’t need to do it.

Of course, discussions glance briefly at the AT&T party crashing, being thrown out, and all the rest of it. I highly recommend watching it.

Link: Yahoo! Tech 

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