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Yesterday, Yahoo! Tech streamed a live interview with T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere. In the interview the talked about a lot of things. As you can imagine, topics centered mostly around the new Uncarrier 4.0 phase, including the LTE rollout and explanations behind that and spectrum plans. Sadly, I can’t embed the video here, so you won’t be able to watch it on this blog, but, if you follow this link, it’ll take you straight to the interview. It’s about 45 mins long, but it’s well worth it.

In the interview Legere is his typical, relaxed, no-nonsense self. And I guess one of the questions I found interesting is that regarding this character John Legere plays. I’ve often been skeptical, and seen it as an “act” to further increase the impact of the Uncarrier movement. A personification of the disruption T-Mobile’s trying to cause in the wireless industry. His answer was pretty simple. He stated his belief that what T-Mobile is doing would have the same impact regardless of what he was like, and it’s more about returning to being the person he always was, before he got in to the business world. He was a long-haired, t-shirt wearing kinda guy. His claim is that he wants to show you don’t have to be a stuffy, suit-wearing business man who only speaks “corporate talk”.

Although many industry watchers see benefit in getting in to the home broadband side of telecommunications, Legere doesn’t seem that interested. When asked directly, he simply stated that the company doesn’t need to do it.

Of course, discussions glance briefly at the AT&T party crashing, being thrown out, and all the rest of it. I highly recommend watching it.

Link: Yahoo! Tech 

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  • taron19119

    great interview he talk about covering rural areas

    • JDM89

      What did he say about it? Unfortunately, I don’t have time to watch the video right now.

      • KingofPing

        They plan on utilizing the new low-band spectrum they bought to spread out their coverage to “that spa in Montana.” was pretty much the gist of it.

        • bob90210

          Legere also mentioned the upcoming 600Mhz auction. He didn’t say if T-Mobile will participate but only that he’s lobbying the FCC to make sure that process is fair and not allow Verizon and ATT to simply overbid and buy all the licenses to prevent smaller carriers having low band spectrum.

        • JDM89

          Thanks for letting me know. I’d love to see it, but I was under the impression that none of that spectrum they got from Verizon covered Montana. I hope he’s alluding to future spectrum acquisitions.

        • AndroidProfit

          Ya that was a bizzaro moment!

    • AndroidProfit

      While he did talk about needing coverage it was almost insulting the way he downplayed it. I mean implying that customers are jet setting off to a Montana dude ranch…WTF?! To minimize the issue like he did was insulting. Sometimes going off the script can get you into trouble.

      • samsavoy

        I didn’t get that impression. Did you watch the full interview? He actually said he didn’t want to be a metro-only carrier.

  • Aurizen

    its good that they plan to get more spectrum even with the A-Block Spectrum. I want 4-5 bars indoors.

  • AndroidProfit

    “Joe should have porn, he’s a young kid he’s got a lot to learn”! HAHAHA!

  • JP

    Best part was “there’s your son surfing porn”.

  • Abe_The_Babe

    Just finished watching it, it was pretty damn entertaining and informative. If everyone in America watched this, T-Mobile would be the biggest carrier by Q2 LOL

    • AussieB

      A clue that they need to do a better job with marketing and advertising. Since he’s become such a public face, I wonder if he needs to be out front like Lee Iacocca or Dave from Wendy’s. He’s a better symbol than a random chick on a bike. If they continue to gain more customers, it will be interesting to see what ATT and VZ do. They’re still way ahead

      • donnybee

        I agree! I want John to be the face of T-Mobile to the world!

        • Jay Holm

          He’s a good consumer advocate!

      • Abe_The_Babe

        Yes, they do need better advertising. I’ve always felt that they need to explain why the price/service is better than the other 3, and I when I read the comments on T-Mobile Facebook posts it confirms it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are really stupid, and many post saying why should I pay 600 for a phone instead of 200 somewhere else. Damn people don’t have enough brain power to realize they should compare prices over 2 years to see what’s the better deal.

  • Pat

    love this CEO

  • Oliver Jackson

    TMobile is getting better all the time and once they deploy the 700mHz A-Block spectrum esp.into rural areas it’s game on. Now all these other carriers will have to fall in line.

    Nothing beats T-Mobile period.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile or Mr. John Legere that’s for sure.

  • kev2684

    he said he will start building on rural areas with 700mhz spectrum, not on urban areas only as rumored earlier. hope they win nationwide spectrum on 600mhz auction

  • KingCobra

    Nice interview. He addressed the concerns about rural coverage as well which seems to be their biggest issue right now. Says the 700mhz they purchased from Verizon in combination with hopefully obtaining 600mhz spectrum from next year’s auctions should be able to fix those problems. He did admit as well that if tons of customers begin pouring into T-Mobile suddenly that they would definitely have to purchase more spectrum soon. Never seen a wireless CEO like this one before. That was actually interesting to watch.

  • samsavoy

    That set is ugly.

  • donnybee

    This interview was fantastic! I love this company and I love that they fight for the customers for once, unlike the other thieves (aka wireless carriers) in the U.S. market! I hope they can keep putting Legere in front of the public and keep pushing. We need this company to screw the others and become the carrier of choice! GO T-MOBILE!!

  • SpaceGhost09

    Anybody have another link to the interview? Its not popping up for me?

  • Luis Espinal

    I think this interview was awesome. Besides the facts discussed, I did pick up on something which is irritating. Did you see when David Pogue was asked why he hasnt switched to magenta, he said he lives in CT. Simple answer lol. This resonates with the notion that Tmobile hasnt changed one bit from a couple years ago. I posted on Pogues twitter…maybe he may wanna lookup his coverage in Westport, CT. 2 years ago Westport was all EDGE and the surrounding towns 3g. Now theres LTE all over Southwestern CT, its a metro NYC area. Many who accuse magenta of their speeds and coverage should try lookin at their coverage maps again…things have changed 4 the better! So it comes as no surprise that when I tell my silly coworkers im on magenta….they immediately judge and ask .e a out my slow speed and dropped calls lol. Im like …I have neither…sorry lol. Then they shut up once we do a side by side speedtest lol. John was right….everyone I know depends on the Ookla app. I sure do, it helps me make my point.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      As a Northeasterner, you are 100% correct. Those who say T-Mobile is no good in the Northeast are ignorant.

    • Jay Holm

      Guess what! I am in Westport Ct right this very moment, and I have 4 vbars LTE, and am pulling in 30-40mbps!!! So there’ya go!

  • Marco H.

    When he starts talking about the future plans for tmo, you can see the passion in his eyes. He resembles that crazy kid that the bigger guys don’t want to fight from his story.