Cyber Monday: $0 down on iPhone 5s, Galaxy Note 3, LG G2 and others online at

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Black Friday weekend is over, but Cyber Monday is here and T-Mobile has extended a few of its offers. Available online only, you can now get the following handsets for $0 down:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – $25.50 x 24 monthly payments ($612 – down from $708)
  • 16GB iPhone 5s – $25 x 24 monthly payments ($600 – down from $649)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – $21 x 24 monthly payments ($504 – down from $600)
  • LG G2 – $25 x 24 monthly payments ($600) – Save $48 with code G2PROMO
  • Sony Xperia Z – $19 x 24 monthly payments ($456 – down from $504) + free Sony Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 – $18 x 24 monthly payments ($432 – down from $482)
  • HTC One – $23 x 24 monthly payments ($552 -down from $602) + free Beats urBeats earphones worth $100

If you’re after an iPhone 5s, you’ll be glad to know that both the 32GB model and 64GB model have been dropped by $50. 32GB will cost you $99 up front, the 64GB will be $199 up front. Both subject to 24 monthly payments of $25.

Nice to see that not only is the upfront cost going down, the overall cost for the handset has been dropped by around $50 on each of the features handsets. The question now is: Which are you going for? Personally, $0 down and $96 off the Note 3 looks quite tasty.

To check out the deals and/or order, head on over to T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday offers page.

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  • luis

    Wht happen with the note 2 update was supposed to be today n no update

  • sidekicker89

    Anyone experiencing slow data speeds? I’ve noticed that when I send picture messages to AT&T customers they don’t get them but when it’s another carrier it works but it is still slow.

    • kendra

      i have this issue when i send a picture with text. if i send the picture on it’s own, it will go through

  • luis

    Wht happen with note 2 update was supposed to be today n no update n dnt remove my comment again thts rude brother

  • kendahlut

    What makes me mad is the fact that the pricing is only available for new customers

    • AndroidProfit

      No doubt! You would think that they WOULD WANT us to buy a new phone or 2! MORONS.

    • HillaCilla

      It is available for existing customers if you speak with the “Customer Loyalty” department. Read my post. Hoping it helps! :o)

  • 21stNow

    There’s also the Moto X for $150 off regular price direct from Motorola. BlackBerry had a sale on the Z10 ($200 off contract and unlocked), but I don’t know if it’s sold out yet or not.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Both of these, plus the Moto G are better values then the above.

  • Sigh


    Nice to have a new post on the site 6 days after the last one…

  • pramarama

    Doesn’t look like this offer is available for upgrades. At least it wasn’t last week. I can’t get into my account now.

    • HillaCilla

      Read my post. It IS available for existing customers, you just have to speak with the “Customer Loyalty” department. :o)


    I was looking at the MSRP price of the UrBeats headphones which are asking $100 for the pair, and selling them for almost $90 on Amazon. Like Apple’s profitable iPhones, these are on the same boat that cost $15-$20 to manufacture and sell for 5 to 7 times more.

    So when you get them free with your HTC One, you are already overpaying the $550 reduced asking price for the phone (worth to me about $450 tops), so you are not really getting that much of bonus if they include $15-20 headphones.

    I would jump on this deal if the headphones and phone came in at $400 today, like it is for the Motorola Moto X at $400 for the 32GB unit.

    • Sean Walsh

      My Uncle works for Beats, & he gets the $400.00 for $70.00 & the company still makes a profit. The new Beats headphones are not as good as the ones that were made by Monstercable. The new ones seem lose sound quality after 3 months.

  • AndroidProfit

    Ready to pull the trigger and get a new phone for my son but TMOBILE is so damn cheap this is ONLY for new customers. Under the old business model I could COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND this but one would think they would want to encourage customers like me who currently have NO phones financed with TBLOW to potentially add a phone or 2. Guess Google will get my money for the 5 instead of TBLOW. CLOWNS.

    • Tblow -good one *sarcasm

    • Dakota

      Tweet legere
      They keep pulling stunts that are more typical sneaky carrier than UN carrier. You need your current base to help bring others to T-Mobile.. Passing them off doesn’t work. Seems no contract customers should switch to a gsm prepaid for a month before holidays & then sign up with T-Mobile as a NEW customer on sale days

      • AndroidProfit

        HAHA! Ya no doubt!

    • Raul Mendoza

      Give them a call. I’ve been with TMo for over a decade, and they had no problems upgrading me with the same out of pocket costs ($0) as if I were a new customer.

    • HillaCilla

      Read my recent post. I called 611 and spoke to “Customer Loyalty.” They gave me a discount and $0 down. :o)

  • Andrew Wong

    Anyone existing T-Mobile users have luck getting new customer pricing through Retentions/Customer Loyalty?

    • Raul Mendoza

      Give them a call. I called them and I was able to purchase at the new customer prices without any question at all. They were more then happy to make it work out. I’m not sure what problem everyone else is having.

  • jmfos

    I called tmobile and they say the iphone 5s discount is only available on new lines on there new rate plan. Not allowed on value plan existing plan.

    • HillaCilla

      Read my post and call 611 – ask for “Customer Loyalty.” I got a discount and $0 down. :o)

  • Jess

    As of 3:22pm EST the website has conked out and isn’t letting me attempt to buy one of these Cyber Monday phones. Before that the purchase page refused to accept orders, saying that my email address was invalid regardless of how many times I changed it or what I changed it to. I called T-Mobile attempting to complete the order by phone but was shuffled around to three different help desks (with 3 different on hold waits) only to be presented a final offer that was NOT the Cyber Monday deal I was one step away from completing on their site. Somehow the Galaxy Note 3 went from $0 down + $58 dollars tax/shipping to $99 dollars down + $58 tax/shipping. The rep said that was the only deal he could offer me and suggested I wait til the website is working. I’ll bet the website conveniently doesn’t work again until this sale is over. What a run around.

    • Raul Mendoza

      The rep should have taken your order and completed it themselves applying the Cyber Monday deals. Call back and talk to another agent, or ask for a specialist. I believe that some of the first response individuals aren’t aware of how to make it work in the system. I called less than an hour ago and was able to get the $0 down plus tax and shipping.

    • HillaCilla

      If you read my post, it should help. I finally got the phone I wanted at $0 down with a discount. :o)

  • Brian

    The black Friday deals excluded existing customers and now the cyber monday deals are excluding existing customers. Worse is on Black Friday they failed to mention the deals were for new customers only. I had a rep agree with me that it did not clearly state the deals were for new customers only and yet still refused to give me the deal. I filed my complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau.

    • Dakota

      That sucks. You should tweet Legere.. He tends to respond some time. Loyal customers shouldn’t be discriminated against

    • Dakota

      There probably was some fine print somewhere.. They shouldn’t take customers for granted

    • HillaCilla

      Please read my post above. I was able to get a discount and $0 down. :o)

  • Dakota

    They need to promote the total savings in addition to the zero down. With everyone else offering sakes, rebates, cash back, gift cards, T-Mobile needs to be aggressive

    • HillaCilla

      Read my post. They offered me a discount and $0 down. :o)

  • Enrique

    The website is still down. What a huge mess

    • HillaCilla

      Read my post above. It should help! :o)

  • Gregg Delfiner

    About ready to move from T-mobile, they have some nerve giving these so called wonderful deals to only new customers. I have been a T mobile customer for a long time.

    • Ian Harrington

      It isn’t for new customers only, it is for everyone on approved credit

    • HillaCilla

      Read my post above. Hope it helps! :o)

  • Raul Mendoza

    The information everyone is sharing in regards to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals being solely available to new customers is a bit counter to my experience today. I too was having a bit of an issue getting the $0 down on a Cyber Monday phone. After cancelling the order, I called TMobile, because as many of you all have discussed and were concerned about, it did not make sense that TMo would offer a deal solely to new customers, something that would almost instantly caused me to switch carriers. After speaking with a first response operator, the individual pushed me to a “specialist” who was able to apply the deals accordingly to my account so that I could take advantage of the sale without additional explanation or heartache. In many instances, I’ve noticed that “first responders” tend to be less informed of the current marketing roll-outs and how to get them applied to an individuals account. Keep probing until you find someone who can. I was lucky enough to make just the single call.

    Hope this offers up some encouragement before Cyber Monday 2013 is officially dead.

    Good Luck

    • $84341397

      I talked to a T-Mobile rep earlier today and he indicated I would be able to get the 0 down and 96$ discount on either a Note 3 or S4. I wasn’t sure which one I wanted so I went off and researched, finally deciding on a Note 3. I called back this evening and after a 40 minute wait on hold was quickly told that since I was a current customer I could not get it..

  • HillaCilla

    T-Mobile WILL honor the $0 down on the Upgrade for the iPhone 5s ONLY through the Loyalty department. I spoke to 3 different customer service & sales reps and none could honor the Cyber Monday special. Once I called 611 and asked for “Loyalty,” I spoke with a guy who not only honored the $0 down, but he also gave me a 30% discount on the total cost of the phone. I paid $27 in taxes up front and the monthly installments came out to $18.95 per month, which made the phone’s total cost only $454.80. There is a backorder for the Gold iPhone 5s (from 5-7 days to 2-4 weeks), but it will be worth the wait! I hope this helps!

    • kendra

      this worked for me with the Samsung Galaxy S4, but only after I spent 2 hours on the phone with other representatives expressing my frustration with their lack of customer loyalty. Once I finally was transferred to customer loyalty by a representative, Clarissa in Albuquerque was friendly and so helpful! The 30% off is a better deal than the one I was fighting for..but it certainly meant a lot of frustration first!

  • Sonia

    I’m really disgusted with T-Mobile right now. I’ve been a customer since 2006 and got the run around for hours on Saturday when I tried to take advantage of the Black Friday deals for the Galaxy Note 3. Finally, someone agreed to credit my account for the shipping and $48 off that new customers were receiving with the code SAVENOTE3. Now I log in to find out that the deal has changed to $0 down and $96 off? I’m strongly considering cancelling my account at this point. It’s the principle that REALLY bothers me.

    • Stephanie Jay

      I’m in the same boat. Pisses me off!

  • Paul

    Who really wants to spend time calling T-Mobile to go through hoops to get a deal that should be easily accessible on their site. Decade long customer here and I hate calling them for anything… Grrr.

    • Andrew Wong

      I agree 110%. I tried calling Customer Loyalty twice as previously suggested and they weren’t able to do anything for me. The 2nd time, they transferred me to the web department and I’ve been on hold for over 40 minutes now.

      Why are these deals so shitty? Verizon offered the LG G2 for $449.99 OFF CONTRACT, a few weeks ago. Yet it’s still $600 on T-Mobile. And every other carrier has it for under $100 on contract.

      *Edit* Wow, thank you T-Mobile customer loyalty for transferring me to the wrong department. 50 minutes of waiting wasted.

    • Angry

      Exactly. New customers don’t have to wait on hold and be pissed for days afterwards to get the deal, why do I?

  • Lyn

    When I attempted to ADD a LINE… the web states that the payment processor was down.

    • seann

      i Couldn’t add a line the entire day and lost my chance to get a note 3 for my younger brother for his Christmas gift!

  • JBrowne1012

    A lot of “loyal” customers willing to move carriers for something as trivial as a discount and eligibility? Its not even a deal considering you are not getting discounted off the phone itself but on the end where you can have a walk out price at $0 w/ a higher monthly EIP cost which covers said upfront costs. So not only are you willing to Switch for no discount, you are mad that t-mobile is trying to bring in new customers? people don’t want to wait to save money

    • Paul

      JBrowne1012, This was a deal. Yesterday, Cyber Monday, the deal was $50 off the price of the phone itself.. i.e. the iPhone 5s was $600… but only new customers were easily able to take advantage of it. It was not just manipulation of $0 down and EIP.

      • JBrowne1012

        When I looked at it before it showed as a higher monthly charge

  • Stephanie Jay

    Personally, I’m pretty pissed that I got the 5s before cyper monday due to the FALSE ad that said it would be $49.99 down and the payments would be raised!

  • Your Mother

    Whining …

  • Stephanie Jay

    The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

  • phillyundead

    I find it funny that their website was down ALL day and cost me my chance to get a Note 3 for my little brother for his Christmas present. Thank Tmo!