T-Mobile Third Quarter 2013 Results: 1 million new customers, 254 metro areas covered by LTE


Our beloved carrier is set to have its quarterly earnings call at 9am this morning (Eastern Time) in which it’s planning to discuss all results from last quarter. All in all, the third quarter of 2013 has been a fruitful one for Tmo. The carrier added an impressive 1 million net customers, 648,000 of those were branded postpaid customers. What that means is that for the second quarter in a row, T-Mobile has beaten its rivals in regards to new customers. Certainly seems the “UNcarrier” plans are paying off for magenta. T-Mobile now has 45 million customers.

Other highlights included postpaid churn of just 1.7% and a growth in revenue for the second quarter on the bounce. 4G LTE coverage is now available in 254 metro areas with 203 million people able to gain access to it (at least, if they were on T-Mobile, they would). Of course, last quarter’s biggest story was the launch of Simple Choice global data which introduced a breakthrough plan offering unlimited international texts and data in over 100 countries. We also saw the “Free Data for Life” plans for anyone buying a tablet, offering 200MB free each month to anyone and everyone buying a tablet on Tmo.

T-Mobile’s press release also includes some interesting developments on the MetroPCS front.

  • More than 1.5 million MetroPCS customers on the T-Mobile network

  • Expanding the MetroPCS brand into an additional 15 markets on November 21

In October, Tmo also acquired 10MHz AWS spectrum from U.S. Cellular bringing coverage to 32 million people in 29 markets in the Mississippi Valley region including St. Louis, Kansas City, Lexington, Nashville, Memphis, Birmingham, New Orleans, Louisville and Little Rock.

Things are certainly looking bright for T-Mobile. With it offering up more competitive pricing and plans as well as growing its coverage, it’s becoming the “one to watch” the US wireless industry.

For full details on the quarterly results, head on over to the full press release.

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