Android 4.3 available for original Tmo Galaxy S3 now


As you may well know, we’ve been trying to pin down a release date for Android 4.3 on the Samsung Galaxy S4 for the past couple of days. After a leak last month suggested it was coming today, people have been waiting with great anticipation. Sadly, it’s still not here. But things are seemingly moving in the right direction.

T-Mobile Galaxy S3 models should now be showing that an OTA update to 4.3 is available. If you haven’t received a notification yet, check for updates in your settings menu. It’s important to note, this is for the original SIII, not the LTE version. Full details on what is included (also available on Tmo’s support page):

  • Version:
    • Android version 4.3/Software version T999TUVUEMJC
    • Approved 11/19/2013
    • OTA manual pull down and Samsung Kies update available
  • New Features:
    • KNOX
    • Samsung Galaxy Gear support
  • Prerequisites
    • T999UVDMD5
    • Device software is not rooted
    • 50% battery life
    • Latest version of Kies software downloaded on PC or MAC
    • Data connection
    • File size of update is 486 MB

No word on when the LTE version’s update will be available. But for those of you with GS3’s, let us know how you get on with the update.

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  • Darrell

    Woot downloading now

  • Deadeye37

    My big question is if this update is plagued with the same problems as the international versions of the GSIII with this update. I’m hesitant on pulling the trigger for this, even though I really want Jellybean 4.3 on my phone.

    • Nathan S.

      I would be interested as well. Thinking about picking one up for my Wife, her S2 is finally starting to die.

  • Joe

    My sister’s S3 is showing that the file is 527mb

    • antonio

      yep thats the size of mine also

  • Yoda

    Someone tell me — other than gear support and knox (yuck, avoid at all cost!), what’s actually being updated here? still that ugly 3+ years old gingerbread interface (and the outdated font)…still laggy (totally amazed at how smooth and fast android CAN BE with my wife’s Nexus 5, but we galaxy owners are stuck with the unoptimized, memory-hogging touchwiz loaded with sammy’s bloatwares, errrr). And this phone will likely never get android 4.4 because of the 18-month support period.

    • Nathan S.

      I had the tmobile S3 for about 10 months and it ran awesome. I don’t think I ever had a instance of thinking ohh man whats up with this lag. It was awesome. I sold it recently and bought the Note 2 and have enjoyed it as well.

      • Guest

        I have had mine since it came out and have not had a single problem either, other than the GPS app being a pain in the ass and that’s not the phone’s fault…Zero lag

        • Nathan S.

          I really wanted to keep it as a back up but unfortunately, I had to sell in order to buy the Note 2. it was awesome though.

    • g2a5b0e

      I disagree. The highest selling Android phone of all-time will more than likely get 4.4, although that will probably be its last update.

    • kalel33

      HTC One X won’t even see 4.3, so be happy that Samsung keeps updating their phones long after other manufacturers abandon their phones.

      • silverhawknike

        Yeah! Even Samsung updated their GS2 to 4.1 JellyBean. Im quite shocked when Samsung did it. Thats why I bought GS4 so Samsung can keep updating my phone

  • luis

    My wife s3 is updating

  • Bangincrazy

    And the S4 is left in the dark

  • HELP ME!!!

    This update messed my device up i hope they fix it

    • Phil Shobo

      what exactly happened?

      • HELP ME!!!

        Ok many apps not working(google keyboard/ crome, football manager 2014 and tons of more apps), Battery Drain, pop up notifications of apps not working(viber and bump had to be uninstalled because of the annoyance),Music and pics were not loading(edit now they are) Wifi constantly being turned off(fixed by turning battery defender off) notifications of past downloads reappearing non stop(i turned it off the notification from app info). And i forgot where to turn off notifications (my fault) but it does seem snappier.

        • Phil Shobo

          that’s strange. the only thing I suggest is a factory reset. I’ve updated and have no problems

  • Sir Nick

    At least this is a sign that something is going on with T-Mobile and the 4.3 update. But clearly it’s just one guy doing everything because this is a complete mess…

  • mingkee

    Watch out Knox as it can screw up your phone.

  • antonio

    i got the update and seems pretty stable but of course i do a factory wipe with every update so idk if thats why or not …. but also the battery dont seem to last as long but was at 80% start of update and 69% at end of update and woke up at 43% battery so seems like it not bad but with the screen on for 30 min lost almost 20%

    but so far wifi seems stable network seems stable and havent dropped a call yet in the 4 calls i have done so my fingers are crossed

    • Phil Shobo

      interesting…to be honest I think battery life takes a ding with every software update. If I’m not mistaken when it first got updated to Jelly Bean I noticed a slightly quicker drain. thanks for the feedback!

      • antonio

        same here i see it with every update…. but you dont HAVE TO do the update its optional

  • antonio

    also the ui of phone is redone message is alil better browser looks same new multi window features lockscreen changes light effect , lockscreen widgets,,,, new message notifacation on lockscreen tabbed settings like s4 ……. knoxs ….. new group play …..

    • antonio

      also you get new sound and shot in camera 2 new widgets i can tell new video app clock app looks different, new s-voice,s4 calendar daydream, new system fonts, new keyboard

  • antonio

    ohhh and move to sd card options on none system apps

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    There is a post on another big site saying there have been many issues with the update that was released. I was actually surprised they released it for the original S3 because it wasn’t on the list TMo news posted a while back.

    I was going to download it but I’m going to wait and see what happens for another few days at least. My phone works fine now and I’d like to have the update but not if it’s going to make my phone unusable.

    Anyone having any problems after they updated?

    • antonio

      my wife, mother-inlaw, father in-law,and i all have s3’s from t-mobile and all of us have updated and no problems so far and i updated at 5am this morning and its now almost 6pm and no problems out of any device yet

      • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

        cool thanks I’ll still wait a few days and see what happens

    • antonio

      only thing i can tell is battery dont seem to last as long but its not as bad as the update relesed in the uk that got stopped by samsung

    • Jason Taclas

      I assumed that it wasn’t on that table because they used that spot for the LTE capable S3, but on that note, I assumed this one would get the update later, not sooner.

      • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

        I figured the same thing, I didn’t plan on getting the update but I’m glad to have it as long as it works properly. I’m getting a new phone soon anyway so it wasn’t that big a deal for me 4.1 still works for me

  • Paul

    If you have a rooted S3 I’d wait until the developers at XDA remove the garbage from it. None of us like the KNOX stuff, and it’s pretty much removed on any custome ROM.
    If you don’t have a rooted S3 I’d hold out for a lil bit. I’m sure there will be issues; the S4 has had the updated “delayed,” although AT&T shutdown the update, and I’ve read that a few phones didn’t take the update very well.
    Tread cautiously.

    Otherwise, 4.3 is pretty nice. I have the Note 3 and think 4.3 has some neat stuff.

  • Ethrem

    KNOX? Bad move, Samsung. I guess that the only option for a developer device in the future is going to be a Nexus device or HTC (as long as they continue to allow the bootloader to be unlocked the way that they did on the One – very little things need S-OFF on my phone even though I have it anyway).

  • Slev

    Downloaded and installed the update. Now every 10 minutes it gives me about 20 notifications in the status bar about files being done downloaded that I downloaded months and months ago. I clear the notices, and then they reappear in 10 minutes. Cleared my downloads folder, still happening. Restart device, still happening. I really don’t want to have to factory reset. Nice work here guys.

    • antonio

      hold down the notifacation till app info pops up and clear data and made mine stop doing that

      • antonio

        i also deleted all files and restarted my phone and all has stopped

      • Slev

        Thanks that seemed to have stopped it. That’s a pretty glaring problem though if it’s not just me and you have to go through steps like that to stop it.

        • HELP ME!!!

          happened here too

        • Happening to mine too… will try the clear data the next time it happens.

        • antonio

          hold down the notifacation till app info pops up and clear data and made mine stop doing that

      • mrcoolcat

        Thanks. That helped me as well. (It was the download manager whose data I had to clear.)
        But I had to reboot my phone on two occasions before I could make a call.(Hitting the call button would do nothing). Hopefully it is not a recurring issue.

  • Andrew

    My phone will not boot and it’s stuck on the SAMSUNG screen for an hour now.

    • antonio

      you could always come down to pulling battery as a LAST RESORT!!!!!

      • andrew

        master reset using power + volume up + home, let’s see how this goes..

        • antonio

          Should work

        • Andrew

          yeah, this worked, and it was up to 4.3 when it came back alive.

          the reboot screen showed it had trouble mounting the encrypted /data, even though it did prompt me for the password on reboot.

          perhaps decyprting before installing would ahve helped.

        • Trevnerdio

          Or just hold the power button for 10 seconds.

  • HELP ME!!!

    crome and alot of other apps dont work

  • rell

    What is knox

    • antonio

      crap and once you turn it on it cant be turned off

  • MarcusDW

    Wife is downloading now after checking for an update.

  • Jason Madura

    Good job TMo!!! Very Very well done!!!! You updated GS3’s before the Goog could even kick the new 4.4 update out to their own Nexus line OTA! Very well done on your part!!!! KNOX is a bunch of crap…. but overall….. I am continually impressed by the fastest updates on good phones compared to other carriers!!! Thank you and Good Job to all of the hard working employees behind the scenes to make things like this happen!

    • Theo S.

      You know this is an upgrade to 4.3 which has been out for months.

    • antonio

      um u must not read alot of android news lol …… but its nice to see t-mobile step up and fix problems and release the update !!! not samsung they messed up there models lol …. but the update is very nice

  • ov1

    I will wait about a week as well. I was shocked to see that tmo released it with the known over seas issues.i called samsung to see if it was resolved and they coud not confirm since it was a carrier release.

  • MarcusDW

    Success! Updated and running smoothly.

  • kyo251

    would be awesome if tmobile buys verizon airwaves

  • rhay

    Knox i think is optional. i saw knox apps but you still have to donwload which i did not.

  • Jpack207

    For what it’s worth, my phone had been suffering from the Black Screen of Death, sudden death, or whatever you want to call it. Installed the 4.3 update last night and it seems “so far” (and I stress that) to have fixed that issue on my phone. If you’re having that problem, it might be worth trying but ymmv so proceed with caution.

  • TXG4229

    I installed the update last night. I must say that my phone has been running smoother since the install, kinda weird as in the past I had some lag issues but 4.3 seems to have fixed that.

    • nogoodnamesleft90210

      I noticed the same thing, too. Animations are running smoother and more quickly than before.

      I bought the S3 back in February and originally it was nice and snappy. Then maybe a month later I installed an update and it was a bit sluggish, especially when first woken up. Now with 4.3 update it’s back to how I remember it originally.

      • ikeepzitreal

        Same here, much more responsive :-)

  • Ozzie

    Nice update!! the home screen is better, Daylight Dreaming is nice, the setting menu is more organize and easier to navigate, I can choose the order of the buttons on the drop down notification panel, the sock icons are a bit nicer but what I like the best is that I can finally turn off undesired apps; this is like uninstalling but better because you can turn then on if you change your mind and don’t need to root your phone.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Maybe the issues in other updates were due to LTE? Maybe thats why the LTE version isnt out yet?

    • antonio

      i thought the same but the others in the uk without lte have the same phone without lte and they pulled that update

      but my s3 is updated 4.3 and i love it and works just fine

  • shack180

    These updates need more testing my gs3 rebooted 3 times from since the update . And it reboots when I try to pull up the clipboard.

    • Awt

      I get the same thing with the clipboard

      • shack180

        Smh its ridiculous that the updates Breaks simple features in your phone.

        • Awt

          I do like some of the changes, so far it’s just the clipboard that’s giving me problems.

  • JaC

    I installed 4.3 on my t999 yesterday night and never had any issues so far. Its been 24 hours since the update. Had only one prob, I started receiving notification from my past downloads and it keeps on flooding my notifications. All i did was cleared my downloads list and that went away. The UI is snappy and moreover the battery life in this 24 hours is excellent. So far I’m happy with the update.

    • lastxit

      I had to clear cache and data on my download manager app to fix the notification loop. Otherwise, no major issues as of yet.

      • Arias

        Thank you. This worked for me after numerous clear/turning off phone and removing battery to no avail.

        • lastxit

          Not a problem. Glad it worked for you. To add to my experience; I was noticing some oddities ever since my 4.1.2 update, which seemed to carry over to 4.3, and worsen to some degree. I did a hard reset to factory and now it’s running very smooth. The soft reset hung on me so I had to revert to the vol+/pwr/main-button reset method.

  • ikeepzitreal

    So far so good, a few apps are screwy but I’m used to a few glitches whenever a new version rolls out. Battery usage a little worse but nothing significant. I didn’t get an ota notification, i juat went to “about phone” and hit “check for updates.” I’m fairly pleased, considering that allegedly the non-lte sgs3 wasnt going to get 4.3 :-) I’ve noticed on other forums that many sgs3 users who got the update haven’t been as lucky, so hopefully the kinks get ironed out soon

  • GinaDee

    If you do a full factory reset after the update the phone will run better. Yeah you have do download your apps again but we’re phone geeks. We like doing stuff like this.

    • J.D.

      Salma Hayek being a phone geek? That makes her 10x hotter! LOL.

  • Irfan

    its good to get 4.3 but many apps r not ready yet , one thing I noticed on note 3 security wise its pretty solid but still many small issues , informatic apps like engaged etc u cant run videos on full screen … need fix .

  • rox

    Just updated to 4.3 and I am liking it! Everyone is upset that the LTE model didn’t get it first which doesn’t make sense at all… simple question… Which one came out first? I am glad to say I have stuck with my LTEless sg3 in hopes of one day getting an update. To actually get it proves Tmobile’s thought process in taking care of its customers is superior to any other carrier available. No need to get all fussy “LTE versions”… I am more than sure yours is on its way…

    One thing I did notice is that the dial pad did not change from the blue squares to the cleaner version that simply had the numbers. Also, no auto complete option is available. The camera as well, I had read was supposed to be updated to where you would long press and a wheel selector would appear with options… am I missing something, or was I miss informed because these options were were not included in the update.


    • rox

      Also that problem that everyone was facing with the notification bar of the images from download manager… I just cleared the history and presto! Thanks guys!!

  • Jason Taclas

    I updated yesterday, so far so good. It may be draining battery faster, but having read reports of issues like that may have added an observer-expectancy bias.

  • sj

    Updated to 4.3 yesterday and found no major issues at all.Phone is running faster than
    before.Also no major issues with battery draining fast.On mine i don’t see that much of
    a difference on the battery than 4.1.2.I also like the new features that come with it.I’m also
    going to wait to upgrade till i see what the s5 has to offer.Overall it is a good update.

  • Awt

    Updated to 4.3 yesterday and the only problem I had was if I tried to access the clipboard it would cause the phone to reboot. I found out today that you can go to the app mgr and turnoff apps you don’t use to save memory. When I did that the clipboard is now working fine.


    I updated my phone a few days ago and generally it works well. I have had one significant problem and a few minor issues.

    The significant issue is that the phone sometimes starts to drain battery very quickly. The only way I am able to stop this is a reboot.

    The minor issues are a lot of lost setting (e.g., ring tones, account sync., etc.) and the download notification issue that has already been mentioned by many people.

    As far as I am concerned, the new features aren’t a big deal. if I had it do over again I would wait for the next release.

  • RonJeezy

    Downloaded it last night. Notification issue happened to me as well. Fixed it. Not sure about the battery life yet. Mine has always been pretty lame. My problem is when I get a message on the lock screen and click it, some invisible outline of a box appears below that. Not sure if it’s a glitch or what.

  • Philsterl

    Aside from a font change and some small additions a la the S4, the update is a bust for me. Major Gallery pics and music SD card problems, several apps not compatible (4.3 will not allow airplane mode control), battery drain is quicker and charging slower (probably could tweak it), Lock screen weather options gone, and a few other limitations.

    Anyhow, new unit en route from TM as Fac Reset did not solve the issues, if given the choice hold off on the 4.3 update IMO.

  • brian90

    Only HUGE benefit is the ability to now move apps to your SD card. Wifi is a bit worse though.

  • digitalfreaknyc

    LOVE the new update…but now my google play store doesn’t open. I constantly get errors that pop up. Anyone else have that happen?

  • courtney depriest

    So now since the update everytime I try and open the clipboard in a text message or in a email or even online just anytime I wanna open the clipboard now it automatically put my phone throw restart???? Anyone else phone doing this please so advice

    • Awt

      If you go to the app mgr and turnoff apps you don’t use the clipboard will start working again, it has something to do with memory usage.

  • Patrick Valdez

    So far impressed with the update but I was disappointed that Android 4.3 dumped the T9 keyboard for portrait mode (which I used thanks to my fat fingers) but a quick download off the market fixed that.

  • Billy Suy

    So i downloaded the new update for my S3 and my screen ended up being frozen on the “Samsung” start up screen. I ended up taking out the battery from the back to try and reset the phone, but now the phone won’t turn on at all. I plug the phone to a charger and there was no response from the phone, and I also put in another S3 battery (a spare one) and still nothing. Did I basically kill my phone? (I’m not too worried because my S3 was my backup phone, but I still want it to work)

  • Bummed business

    Caution…. If you use Kies to sync your calendar and contacts with Outlook you will loose your availability with the upgrade. Kies 3 did not included it. Really sucks when you use your phone for business.

  • ray

    unable to put widgets on lock screen when you put a password/pin. theres also a horrible looking white box when you get a miss call on the lock screen.

  • longtimeCustomer

    This is turning out to be a good update for me. Things are faster and less lag. I did get a problem with gallery crashing when I tried to share a pic so I simply downloaded QuickPic and use that. Works great.

  • teknodogg

    faster for sure, no issue so far 5 days in … one thing I did notice for video player when it’s in the vertical mode…it does not scale to right size =/ it cuts off the video on the sides

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    Finally updated via OTA, no issues thus far. Disabled a few apps and cleared the cache on any apps with large amounts of internet data. Working smoothly, no lag and I haven’t noticed too much extra battery drain other than the fact I’m using the phone non stop checking everything out.

    I like some of the new menu and settings changes and some of the new additions but not all. The others I won’t use but it’s good they were included, they covered all their bases it seems. You can disable any apps you don’t want to use so that’s not that big a deal. This will hold me over until I decide what phone to get next.

  • Tony

    Downloading now for my S4. Wouldn’t allow it via mobile network, wifi only. Im located in Wisconsin

  • Nicole

    Since updating my GS3 last night I keep getting download notifications for past PDF files that have been deleted from my phone. I have gone through all my apps and files trying to find where they could be located but they are no where to be found. If I click on the notification it says file not found. And before I get the obvious answer yes I have restarted and pulled my battery more than once now. I don’t want to have to factory reset my phone but I’m thinking it may be my only option any other ideas????

    • Erica Davis

      if you figure out an answer to this, please let me know. I am having the same issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nicole

      Go into application manager, scroll over to all, find dowmloand manager and delete the cache works perfect now.