New Image Offers Timetable For Samsung Galaxy Devices Android 4.3 Software Update


Samsung fans looking for some concrete news surrounding the Android 4.3 update just got their first look at when this update might happen on the Magenta network. A leaked document provided to Droid-Life indicates tentative dates for the Galaxy Note II, S III, and S4. The release of Android 4.3 will also add compatibility with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch.  The update will also add OpenGL 3.0 support, a faster TouchWiz launcher, improved RAM management, a reading mode and improved camera firmware. Last but not least are more software enhancements including Samsung KNOX, Smart Switch, HomeSync, and GroupPlay2.5. While the the image itself is awesome, I still feel compelled to point out the obvious statement that these dates are “subject to change” so don’t put this on your calendar using a sharpie that won’t erase. Let’s just hope Samsung doesn’t fall down the same rabbit hole as HTC and push the update back a few times before launch, eh Samsung?

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II: 12/2
  • Samsung Galaxy S III(LTE): 11/25
  • Samsung Galaxy S4(LTE): 11/18



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  • nd5

    Sooooooo…. from what I see, the non LTE SIII will not receive a 4.3 update?

    • Deadeye37

      Exactly what I want to know!

    • Jason Taclas

      I am also curious as to a possible timetable on the 4.3 update on non-LTE versions of the S3.

      • AllThingsReviewed215

        It will come when you get the LTE model. Other than that root your phone and install the 4.3 Tw rom

        • Jason Taclas

          If T-Mobile sends me one of those letters about forced migration, I’ll probably upgrade, but I somehow think your reply is more about cynicism than any word coming out from T-mobile.

    • afranci703

      OK, now I see four of us that want to know if the non-LTE S3 will get an update…

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile may be making great strides to win over new subscribers, but existing subscribers haven’t fared quite as well. The S3 (non-LTE) snub must be an attempt to drive more upgrades, presumably with the argument that users should be taking advantage of their LTE network.

    • Binny Gupta

      We s3 originals have been screwed time and time again by tmobile.

    • Rob

      Its easy enough to root it and install a custom ROM. You think that my HTC One got 4.3 the other day? No way, I’ve been running it for a month now. And I’ll get Kit Kat as soon as it drops for the Google Edition.

      My S3 is running a 4.3.1-based ROM so its even more up to date than my One!

      I do feel for all of you though – I was so angry with T-Mobile when the S3 LTE came out, especially because they assured me that my S3 would be compatible with their LTE network – even with the notes on my account saying that I was told this they wouldn’t do anything about it.

  • scarfacemario

    Yeah what’s gonna happen to the non s3 lte versions ?

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      You get a rock

    • Bklynman

      You get to put your phone on Ebay,sell for $200-250. Unless
      others best you to it,then I can be lucky $150-200 for it.

  • i’ll believe it when i see it. no way TMO pushes that out in a timely manner or Samsung or whatever/whoever is responsible. i’ve been seriously disappointed in the lack of updates on the S4. one of the big reasons i even went Samsung was because of timely updates over HTC .. and that hasn’t been the case. haven’t even gotten the Apps 2 SD update that all other carriers’ S4 received.
    and now we’re just jumping straight to 4.3? including the Apps 2 SD update or is that just gone now for TMO S4? who knows.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Yup. If I had to place a bet, it would be for the updates to be late.

  • Chimphappyhour

    I went for the sure-fire 4.3 update on my Note 2 and future updates. It’s called the Note 3 plus JUMP.

  • Annie Nomynous

    And here I am, an early adopter of S3, before LTE version announced, and what do I get? Bupkis?

    • bob90210

      No, you have a galaxy s3.

      • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

        And enjoying that S3 a solid 4 months before the rest of us.

  • Tim0619

    Why is T-Mobile the last provider to get the update for the Samsung S4????

  • James

    Strange HTC got the 4.3 update for the One before Samsung did for the S4. Wasn’t Samsung supposed to be the judicious one?

    • kalel33

      At least Samsung phones from last year are getting 4.3. HTC is updating how many of their 2013 phones to 4.3? Even the One S is left at the alter with 4.1.

    • AAAA

      When did the One come out and when did the S4 come out?

  • ozuniga

    Tick Tock…

  • S. Ali

    Meh, Cyanogenmod will get me the latest update

    • guest

      They already have for quite sometime. The only problem it takes quite a while to work out all the bugs. I won’t even touch CM until RC3 or so. Oh well…

  • Nick Cannon

    Early Xmas

  • ImSoDallasTexas!!!

    Bullshit ughhhhh!!!! 12/2

    • jonathan3579

      That’s my birthday so it’s not bullshit. :P

  • nerdlust

    My note2 runs so good now. They can take thier time with 4.3, im very happy the way it is , so 5 or 6 weeks no big deal. Im happy waiting.

  • Nate595

    So the non LTE S3 variant isn’t getting 4.3, that kinda sucks…

  • MarcusDW

    Just what ive been waiting to hear for my Note 2 but now my wife is REALLY gonna want a new phone when I tell her that her (non-lte) GS3 is too old for the updare.

  • TMoFan

    At first I thought “wow s3 is getting 4.3 impressive” then I read that it’s limited to the LTE variant. Damn that sucks.

    • Patrick Valdez

      I think Tmobile should have taken some of that time they spent upgrading to LTE and fix the vast spaces between cities that are lucky enough to get home network GPRS connectivity. I’m a truckdriver and I have a Verizon spare phone to fill in the massive gaps that Tmobile has in coverage. I hate paying premium rates for what seems to coverage barely better than Cricket.
      Consequently I am not surprised that non LTE phones get no attention.

      • guest

        I can understand. If I traveled constantly, I’d have to dump T-Mobile for sure….

  • kenneth

    I really hope that this is not no joke and I hope that the Galaxy 4 LTE really get set up date

  • jonathan3579

    T-Mobile is dead last on every device listed out of all the carriers…yet somehow, I think it’s true. Sigh

    • gsm1900

      it takes longer for T-Mobile because they have to cook in Wi-Fi calling and do additional testing that the other carriers don’t do.

      • guest

        Exactly, well worth a couple extra days…

  • JBLmobileG1

    Note 2 owner here. I personally don’t mind getting the update last, as long as we are getting it sometime this year. It will give them time to iron out all the possible bugs and hopefully have the most stable version of Android 4.3 available for the Note 2. As for non LTE S3 owners, which I am also the owner of, hopefully, Tmobile and Samsung don’t forget about us, considering we helped with making the Galaxy’s brand what it has become today.

  • Matt

    Will this apply to MetroPCS customers as well?

  • manolo

    Got all those features already on the note3

    • guest

      Troll #2

  • Danny Calderon

    By the time Galaxy phones get to 4.3 my Nexus will be on Kitkat

    • guest

      Troll #1

      • Danny Calderon


  • SZ

    Uhh…I better f*cking be getting 4.3 on my non LTE S3 or else I’m gonna have to kill a h*e! lol but no seriously! I’m stuck in a contract for another year. UGH

    • frigadroid

      Same boat here but I knew going in if I take this free phone it’s likely the reject screen will crack and it will probably never be updated. Well they did surprise me with one update and of course the weak screen cracked ;(

  • jojo

    Non LTE S3 should get a verrrrry verrrrrry good price to get a lte on trade in (no contract changes ) Or great deal to upgrade to s4.

    Tmobile not Samsung does not support my galaxy tab 7 or 10 from last year. What should we expect anymore from our devices ..paper weights.

    When you try to install newer apps, sorry won’t work on your tab because of your android version.

    Same will happen with non lte s4. If its not updated it’s potential value to others is very little compared to lte version.

    To make matters worse i would have waited for lte, T-mobile had to know lte version was in production but no salesperson said anything.

    I know i could sell it on ebay, root etc.

    T-mobile where the heck is your support. PLeaSSSSe address these issues for all 3 devices. These were bought about a year ago.

    Samsung is core to your business. Word of mouth about these issues is serious when making a new phone purchase.

    Especially for a $600 or > device

    Expections from a major company samsung and a major provider t-mobile should at least be able to update the core operating system to latest version when it is clearly shown others have been able to do it.

    I know this is different but

    apple got sued for their ipods

    Apple first released the iPod in the
    fall of 2001. By 2003, several plantiffs had filed suit against Apple
    alleging that the iPod did not have the battery life Apple represented
    in advertising and promotional material, and that the battery’s capacity
    to hold a charge diminished substantially over time.

    my expectations and others my differ but having to root your device within a year (tabs and phone) is a piss poor solution. When you know the device has been shown to work on newer versions of android.

    class action anyone?

    • Phillie Blunt

      I have the LTE version but how do people know if u don’t have one

  • edfranco1

    These phone service providers are taking there sweet time with updating there older models because they want you to jump ship with a newer model, something that I am not willing on doing until there is an amazing product. I have the Note 2 and still love it. There is no bloody need for a switch.

    • Phillie Blunt

      I had the note II also I got the s4 I feel its a better Phone and it’s not as big the ski is a super sized s III

  • JTrip

    Hopefully it doesn’t screw up as many Samsung devices as it did Nexus 4 phones.

  • Frettfreak

    WOW… theres a shocker. TMO LAST for EVERYTHING!

  • redhot

    That’s indeed a good news. is there any update news for US version Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket and Samsung Galaxy Note ??

    • Herbert Portillo

      Those phones are end-of-life. The highest they’re going to get is 4.1.2. Samsung doesn’t support them anymore.

      • redhot

        many other low tech Samsung phones are releasing with 4.1.2 these days. Samsung SII, Note, Skyrocket still very popular and powerful phone. I don’t think those loss their hardware capabilities to have 4.3. lets see.

      • Phillie Blunt

        I have 4.2.2 in mine stock no foolery

    • Luchiano02

      what you can do is go to XDA and add a custom recovery, once thats done you can add a custom rom, I’ve seen 4.4 kitkat developed for the s2 in the S2 development Forum. Once there everything is broken down in steps, just read the description before doing anything. Piece of cake. Good luck. Plus you get Free tethering.. :)

  • TXG4229

    I noticed that t-mobile is the only one not updating the SIII but the SIII LTE. Thank you T-Mobile for shoving it to me again. Every time I upgrade my phone, you release a newer model and than you update and shaft me. I’m not going to update any more with you and I’m thinking about leaving you all together. I’ve had enough of your draw me in and then leave me out to dry policies.

    • a guest

      you will get updated to 4.3, don’y worry

    • Cruise Guy

      You should leave if it bothers you. Funny how every device I buy from them gets updated quickly and all the way up. If you aren’t picking the right devices that get all the updates, you may have just as bad of luck at one of those other carriers that charge 2x as much for the same service. Oh, just sell your phone and buy another. It makes it a hell of a lot easier to upgrade. By the way, 4.3 isn’t really that amazing. Doesn’t do anything much for me except my Galaxy Gear.

      • TXG4229

        Cruise, thank you for your comment and I wish it was that easy. At the time, I needed a phone and the SIII was the flagship, how was I to know that a month or so later they would be releasing an LTE version? I do make valid and good decisions it’s that my company makes bad decisions

        I’ve been a long time customer with T-Mobile and have been pleasantly pleased with their service. My frustration is with the SIII because only T-Mobile issued two separate SIII phones, a non-LTE and a LTE version. There lies my frustration, if a new OS is going be released and the flagship phone only 6 months ago will not get it, then as a consumer, I’ll have to think my future decisions. I do believe that T-Mobile is responsible here since they had the maker create a newer SIII with LTE.

        Just sell your phone and buy another one sounds so simple but why should have to do that? It’s the company’s error for not releasing the proper phone with the proper equipment in the first place. I will wait and see what happens and go from there.

    • Tulio

      see this isn’t true and now your stupid for it lol, i have the LTE and i never got the update and my mom has the S3 regular and it got 4.3

      • TXG4229

        @f4465eaae5f01433e39e2cd02b767a5c:disqus Your “stupid” remark us unnecessary. Just so you know, I had contacted T-Mobile and spoke with several different reps regarding this before I posted and they confirmed to me, at that time, that the non LTE phones appear not to be getting the update. I guess they didn’t know either. Still, I’m frustrated with android devices due to the fact that updates are not sent out in a timely manner but that’s a discussion for another day.

  • Ibous

    There seems to be some confusion here. AFAIK the non LTE SIII will get the 4.3 update. The way they wrote it could just as well mean both as only LTE. SIII (LTE) = SIII & SIII LTE.
    Check out the last few pages of the root66 sticky on xda. You can even score the non-lte modem from 4.3

  • Brianb

    It would be odd not to include the non LTE Galaxy s3. It was their premium device just 6 months ago. The also never updated it to 4.2 which would have been the minimum they could do.

    • silver_arrow

      Hopefully it will get it soon but IIRC no Galaxy S 3’s got 4.2 and instead they skipped it to work on 4.3

  • HeatFan441

    HTC One got 4.3 before the Galaxy lineup? I am stunned.

  • havenmayor

    The least Samsung could do is do like they did with the SII and make the 4.3 update for Non-LTE SIII available via Kies. I don’t see Samsung leaving us out to dry like that.

  • JTrip

    I wouldn’t worry about 4.3. Isn’t 4.4 being developed to fix the fragmentation for most android devices? We’ll probably all be on that.

  • Randall Lind

    Are all updates via Kies?

  • Jimmy

    Why does tmobile have to be last?

    • Razo_E

      Because they make the most changes. Not just bloat-ware, but they’ve been good about NOT locking the bootloader in the past, hope this continues. You win some you lose some.

    • Randall Lind

      T-Mobile is like my cable company getting new channels always last to the party. However everyone ripped off their Uncarrier idea.

  • JAM

    What about the original note?

  • Secret Squirrel

    Any word on updating the Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G?

  • Satvir Singh

    Anybody got their update?

  • Pasha Demchenko

    Nothing on my end. Anybody got their update?

  • daboibanks

    Nope been checking all day

  • ImSoDallasTexas!!!

    My wife has the update foe her S3 like 5 days ago, when will the Note 2 get it??

  • Patrick Valdez

    I got my update on my non LTE S3. Glad to see Tmobile didn’t forget about us!

  • tulio

    i haven’t gotten an update for the SG3 LTE ._. and its the 25th boo Tmobile Booooo

  • statica

    Well, my note 2 isn’t showing an update today… :(

    • Waqar Khan

      buy directly from the source and you’ll get kitkat….

  • mjs64

    Another estimate gone wrong. But never seen one come on time in 5 years.

  • luis

    No update for note 2 booo

  • luis

    No update for note 2 before u put tht the note 2 is getting updated please make sure u are right u was wrong