HTC One Android 4.3 Software Update Now Rolling Out

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Some great news for HTC One owners out there as the Android 4.3 update is making its way out to your smartphones as I type this very sentence. The update, which was originally set to roll out last week was delayed a few extra days for reasons unknown. Still, we’re just happy that HTC has finally unleashed the update and I’m expecting to see smiles on every T-Mobile HTC One owner this morning.

As a quick reminder: The update will include new lock screen widgets, numeric battery levels in the status bar, a new quick settings panel in the notification bar, options to configure the home button (hooray), improvements to the camera (always welcomed), and an easier to manage file format for Zoe clips.

The update is 560.18MB in size so I would suggest using Wi-Fi for the quickest way to download and install your Android 4.3 goodness. Happy downloading!

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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  • ocbenji


  • Supa Producer Posta


  • jmfos

    installed! Or shall I say updated!

  • remister

    Downloading it as we speak

  • installed baby! :D

  • truckeemike

    Got our at 8:00 am! Super easy update, zero issues. Seems faster. I’ve put ten minutes into checking it out. But it had arrived!!

  • max4942

    Mine can’t complete the install. Anyone have the same issue? possible solutions?

    • John

      im having the same issue. i went and uninstalled one app (powerline) dont know why i chose that one but now its working. i also took off my custom wallpaper

    • Corey B

      I am having the same issue. I don’t know if I should keep trying or just wait…..Any suggestions?

    • BrownTae

      Do you have Fast boot turned on? If so, uncheck it at Settings>Power>Fast boot.

  • Tmo

    Schweeet! Running great so far!

  • Rudy Belova

    Mine didn’t give me an option to download over my mobile connection. Wifi only but it has dramatically improved my LTE signal. I’m getting 2-3 bars in places I only got 1 bar or 2g

  • ROB

    hope we get the kitkat when it comes out

  • Dakota

    Is numeric battery levels in the status bar a Sense feature? I dont see that option on my standard 4.3 Android device. And of course, in a couple of weeks, the HTC One Android version will be out of date once again.

    • GuyBorg

      Yes, the numeric battery level is part of the update.

      ” And of course, in a couple of weeks, the HTC One Android version will be out of date once again.”
      Can’t please everyone… We(HTC One users), got the 4.3 update before GS4 users and you’re still bitching. Buy a nexus device if you want updates right away. Kids these days and their MTV…

      • Dakota

        Im not bitching. Im just stating a fact about the fragmentation issues with Android and Google’s attempt to put many apps on Google Play so people can update them on their own even if they dont have the latest OS version. Not sure what you mean by kids and MTV. And thanks, I do have a Nexus device which gets updates a few days after they are announced. Couldnt care less if its before or after a Samsung phone.
        Theres also a lot of speculation about 4.4 where Google says it wants to bring the experience to all

    • Supa Producer Posta

      It’s in the Power Menu

      • Dakota

        On a Nexus device? I dont even see a power menu. Ive been using apps alll along, and theyre often inaccurate. To clarify, Im not talking about an HTC One or a device with sense – just generic 4.3

  • Brennon

    After updating my Bluetooth will not even turn on. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Whiskers

    Just downloaded 4.3 , took about 10 minutes over the air with wifi.
    Unfortunately it did’nt fix my problems with the call quality and i’ve been through three HTC ONE units in less than 3 months.
    Hope it works great for everyone else.

  • nav525

    Anyone know how to get the battery percentage? Also, is there a way to change what shows up in the new notification panel?

    • Joseph Tongret

      Battery percentage is under settings>power. Unf ortunately, I don’t believe there’s an option to customize the notification toggles, but if you search the playstore for “custom notification toggles” iI seem to remember an app that did that fairly well, but I can’t recall the name.

      • Dakota

        That must be a sense feature since I dont see it on other phone. Theres an app I use called Notification Toggles. It has an array of toggle switches you can put on your notification screen for easy access from anywhere. It also allows you to create shortcuts for all of your most frequently used apps. I know there are other apps that do the same. It also does allow you to put the battery percentage on the status bar (or the temperature or date if you want)

      • Ryanide

        I prefer Widgetsoid myself… It’s a free app & it lines up toggles in a nice & neat row in the N.C. Also, you can customize it to place the toggles in which ever position you choose.

  • Dom214

    Updated yet my camera still displays the purple hue in low light situations. Hardware problem? Sucks you can only have one widget in the lockscreen. Was expecting pages of widgets.

    • Adolfo Garza

      I’m having the same issue. I flashes my phone to stock 4.3 “Google edition” and I continue to have the purple hue. So I’m thinking its a hardware problem.

      • J-Hop2o6

        No purple hue on mines at launch, nor with Sense 5.5 (via custom rom).

  • guests

    glad i sold that phone

  • TJ

    How can you download through Tmobile’s LTE not wifi since I’m at work?

    • Moses JC

      You can’t …Smh

  • Travis Hammelsmith

    Galaxy s4 4.3 please !

    • Abe_The_Babe

      I think they’re going to skip to 4.4..

      • Satvir Singh

        i hope so too.

      • Paul

        Not gonna lie, mad props if Sammy skipps to 4.4 but they need to tell everyone.

        • kalel33

          Looks like they’re doing a staggered rollout. It’s now been confirmed in India and AT&T Galaxy users can download and install the update manually.

      • JointhePredacons

        Nope, theyre updating to 4.3 on 11/18

  • sorandkairi

    Got it and it finally got LTE stabilized.

  • keasycase

    Y can’t I download over mobile network… I got unlimited everything :-(

    • Realest Ever

      I have the unlimited plan as with 2.5 GB of tethering and was thinming the same thing. I believe they are doing it that way to prevent stress on T-Mobile’s network. I understand the decision but I definitely agree with you.

      • Rudy Belova

        Well, a 560MB update might blow through the cheap $50 or so plans with only 500MB of data to begin with. LOL

        • Realest Ever

          That is true Rudy lol, another valid point

      • Dude, there aren’t that many HTC Ones out there to begin with. That has nothing to do with it. I actually LOL’d!

        • Realest Ever

          So let me get this straight “Michael” , you work for T-mobile and you are a member of the retail team or executive team so you know how many users have an HTC One on T-Mobile’s network, or did you seel them yourself…Let me know when I’m hot.Meanwhile, you should lol at yourself!


  • cakes

    Just updated and it is EVEN MORE snappier than before…and it was fast already to begin with! Sweeeeet

  • JR

    Mostly under the hood tweaks, very anti-climatic……

    • PhoenixPath

      Quick Settings, Home button mapping options, lockscreen widgets…just to name a few?

      Do you just not use the thing?

  • I downloaded it, but I thought this came with that dual camera feature, but I don’t see it anywhere. Nevermind, that’s with the new sense *le sigh*

  • Jason

    Seems like big release day… BBM just rolled out for iOS and Android as well.

  • and yet the TMO Galaxy S4 update (neither the 4.2.2 or 4.3) are anywhere to be found. gotta say i’m shocked at this to see HTC update before Samsung.

    • kalel33

      The Galaxy 4.3 update has already starting rolling out in other countries and AT&T phones can do it manually through a computer but the OTA hasn’t started yet for the US.

  • Realest Ever

    Downloading 4.3 greatness now. Hopefully it fixes the issue of my proximity sensor randomly going out sometimes

  • Corey B

    Phone not updating, anyone else having any issues?…..any suggestions?

    • steve tabarez


      • Corey B

        Hey Steve, still not able to update?

        • steve tabarez

          Haven’t tried in a while. Don’t have wireless access at work. Still awaiting call back from HTC customer service tech.

  • tomnewtn

    Got it first thing this am. I love the quick access to controls like my Nexus has. Two finger swipe down. It also fixed the prox sensor issue with google voice. The screen would go black whether it was held to my ear or not when listening to voice mail. Now to find that egg. It sure took awhile to dload over wifi.

  • kuest37

    Anyone having issues in the messages (text) screen the faces that are linked to fb aren’t showing up even though phone is linked up with fb? Some times faces show sometimes they don’t as if not linked up

    • Go_HTC

      Some of my pics from regular (google) contacts now don’t display in messages. Otherwise loving it.

      • Go_HTC

        Wait, now they do show up… weird.

        • kuest37

          Yeah they show up then go away then show up randomly. Its a little thing like that that’s gonna bug me haha

  • Ruben YMCMB

    I have tmobile .. n I update my phone( HTC one) n I dont see nothing new..

  • ac

    I have an HTC one and when I would press the home button it would take my to all my apps. Now it takes me to my BlinkFeed or any of my panels. Is there a way to change it back when I press my home button? if that makes sense

    • J-Hop2o6

      Hold a blank area on your homescreen and drag one of your panes to Set as home?

      • ac

        It use to take me to my app bin not my panels that I created or my BlinkFeed and now I only have the option to set my panels or BlinkFeed as home.

        • J-Hop2o6

          The home button never was able to open your All Apps screen.

    • JT

      Same problem here. Not sure if disabling BlinkFeed would help? I never use that feature.

  • thevuman

    I heard 4.3 sense had the messages bug where in the messages app, the contact picture would not show up. Is it still present in this tmobile update? Anyone know? Thx

    • LFerrin

      You have to go into contacts and save the picture again and it will show up in messages again

  • LFerrin

    I haven’t had any issues. I don’t care about the delay. My LTE is 1000% improved after this update. I used to get 2-3 bars where I work and top out at 20 mbps download speeds. After update I’m constantly at 4-5 bars and hit around 33mbps download. Huge huge LTE difference. I’m thinking maybe they were working on improving LTE signal that’s why Tmobile took longer.

    • Rudy Belova

      I’m getting better signal too. Well, in a way. I watch the signal using signalcheck pro and in my room, it’s -112 RSRP and before the 4.3 update, I’d have 1 bar, maybe 2. Now I’m full signal and still -112.. It’s almost like they adjusted the radio for proper signal

      • LFerrin

        Yeah. I’m not sure exactly what they did. At work I used to drop in and out of LTE all the time. Since the update I get a constant lock and it doesn’t drop out anymore. Plus my data speeds are faster.

    • I seem to be getting better WiFi signal, I think. lol. Have to consistently test that out though.

  • JKR404

    Still waiting for someone to address the many out here with upgrade failure. I’m not the only one that gets the alarming red triangle/exclamation mark!

    • Corey B

      Any new info?

    • David Biggs

      Nah, getting the same issue and haven’t seen any fixes as of yet.

  • steve tabarez

    problems. Keeps saysaying download corrupted. Called HTC. Weren’t much help. Reps didn’t even know about update.

    • Blond Angel

      I had that issue until I opened my browser and logged in. After I logged in the wifi hotspot, my issue was resolved.

      • steve tabarez

        Logged into where, from where? Your phone? Thanks

        • Blond Angel

          From my phone. My point is, generally, when you access a public wifi hotspot (like starbucks), you will connect to it. However once you use your browser within your phone/tablet/computer, you are redirected to a login/acceptance page (“you agree to the following terms, blah blah blah”). Once you accept the terms, *THEN* you can download the system update. If you do not accept the terms and when you try to download the system update, you will get the ‘download corrupted’ error.

  • tmo_employee

    i updated my phone fine along with my two other co workers. so far the update seems faster

  • Nick Gonzalez

    If I didn’t have wifi at home, i’d be kinda upset. Have to wait till I get home.

  • superg05

    geez its the size of a full os

    • JointhePredacons

      Well it really is a “full OS” lol.

  • Miek

    Thanks Updating Now !!!!

    Hope the LTE get fixed

  • tomnewtn

    I wonder if Sense 5.5 will allow ZOE clips back into Blinkfeed. I accidentally triggered it recently but can’t get it to work again. I heard HTC put the kybosh on that feature. Anyone?

  • Joseph Tongret

    Significantly improved LTE connection! I went from having 1-2 bars at home and averaging 12mbps down 8mbps up; and now I’m showing 4-5 bars and hitting speeds 30-37mbps down and as high as 19mbps up! That’s actually a little better than my home wifi…

  • darkcarib

    I got the update for my HTC One but Sense only says 5.0. Shouldn’t it be Sense 5.5? Anyone?

    • Nick Gonzalez

      Naw not yet. That update was mainly for 4.3. Sense 5.5 update isn’t rolling out yet.

  • williejackbrainer

    Just curious is there a way to turn off the Blink Feed?

    • Chong

      Only in Sense 5.5 which I a using now if you root your phone and install cook ROM.

  • Methuen Man

    I’m enjoying this update. Is anyone having any issues with the camera regarding the pink tint in low lights situations?

    • JointhePredacons

      Never had it. Perhaps you got a defective phone and wrongly assumed it was software when the problem was with the hardware.

  • c

    Omg what a complete bust of an update! My update basically has bricked my phone! My GPS hasn’t worked since, nor my internet. All of my notifications quit working but the ringer, my syncing goes on and off and the picture icons for my contacts keep disappearing and then reappearing. Also it updated my Google maps and gmail to the latest versions which a dislike with a passion. They also won’t let you uninstall them and go back to the previous version.

  • c

    Omg what a complete bust of an update! My update basically has bricked my phone! My GPS hasn’t worked since, nor my internet. All of my notifications quit working but the ringer, my syncing goes on and off and the picture icons for my contacts keep disappearing and then reappearing. Also it updated my Google maps and gmail to the latest versions which a dislike with a passion and it won’t let you uninstall them and go back to the previous versions. Last but not least…I also did not get the battery percentage in the notification bar that was promised.

    Called Tmobile and they acknowledged it, stating they have read plenty of blogs with my same issues, and are sending me out a replacement.

    • Brennon

      Did you just call T mobile’s customer service number? My bluetooth will not turn on after the update.

      • c

        I called Customer Retention. Say that department when it prompts you on the customer service line

    • Erik Papesh

      You have to manually turn on the percentage meter.

      • c

        Thank you!

  • emcdonald75

    I am experiencing a strange bug with my Android 4.3 HTC One. The battery meter jumps from 94% to 100% once I plug it in to charge, once the phone indicates that it is fully charged (green indicator light). When I remove the charge cable, the battery meter jumps from 100% to 94% again. It has never done this before until I updated my phone. That is the only problem I have experienced.

    • Brandon

      I have not seen that with my phone. Have you tried a soft reset by holding down the power button till it shuts off and turns back on?

      • emcdonald75

        I have reset it so many times and I am experiencing more issues. The battery meter now jumps all over the place. When I pull the phone from the charger. My GPS is very slow to lock on. The pictures of my contacts are slow to load in the messaging app

  • Brandon

    I’m also having a strange issue in regards to assigned pictures I gave my contacts. When I’m in the text message app, only some of the pictures will show up. Other times, none of them will, and other times, all of them do.

  • Chiilguy

    I guess I am lucky that much improved battery & lte performance. However, I have the disappearing contact pictures in sms. It happens for fb sync or gallery pictures and not consistent other than they only disappear when new sms arrives. I went into recovery mode and cleared system cache but no luck. Any suggestions? I am too anal to let this go.

    • Brandon

      I am having the same exact issue. I’m glad to know I am not the only one,

  • TimHitchings

    Ok battery percentage is a nice to have in the status bar. But both percentage and the battery status display in the status bar? Not so much. Way to much stuff in the status bar as it is. Use your brains UI devs…combine the two displays already!

    • emcdonald75

      Also, why is there a power save icon in the notification bar, even if you turn the option on? To many icons in the notification bar. The pictures of contacts in the messaging app showing and not showing is driving me crazy.

  • steve tabarez

    Ok. Have had for a week. Finally. Although in recent downloads says it is still in progress. Software section says it is updated. My battery life is actually shorter, and although am able to get more LTE coverage, is less constant than before update. Thought it was supposed to strengthen contact with signal. Phone tends to freeze (internet) when switching back to 3g. Have to reset connection to continue navigating.

  • Wolphman007

    Wow, why did I now know about this???!!! Also, why didn’t my phone know about this? Downloading now…