(Update: Motorola Confirms Sales Begin Today) T-Mobile Moto X Order Page Spied On Motorola’s Website

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Update: Just a few minutes after this post went live, Motorola confirmed that the Moto X for T-Mobile is now officially for sale on Motorola.com. 

Moto X is now available in the US at AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless – and starting today – T-Mobile via Motorola.com. If you’d like to create a phone that’s uniquely yours through Moto Maker, the design experience is currently available with AT&T.

T-Mobile’s Moto X availability is still very much up in the air and with the carrier remaining silent, this order page found on Motorola.com by the folks at Android Police has us constantly hitting “F5.” The listing itself says the device will be “exclusively available on Motorola.com,” which contradicts an internal T-Mobile image suggesting the device would also be available through Google Play.

Regardless of where you can buy it, the $599 price tag is the same as Verizon’s off-contract price and $20 higher than AT&T. There’s no indicators on this page that Motorola will offer T-Mobile’s Simple Choice rate plans allowing for monthly installments of the $599 price tag. This may end up being a one-shot deal, at least until T-Mobile decides to put these devices in store…though it’s unclear if that will ever come to pass.

As expected, only the Woven Black and Woven White will be available to order at first, with MotoMaker design options likely arriving after AT&T’s exclusive period ends.

The real question is whether the $599 price tag on the Moto X is worth the price of admission? Personally, I love the device and I would pay a big number just to have the battery life and size…however, Motorola needs to work on that camera before I can recommend throwing this kind of cash out the door. You can read my full review, including more detailed thoughts on the camera to find out why I think that’s the case.


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  • VG

    At that price, not interested. HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are much better phones at around the same price.

    • Whiskers

      My HTC ONE is cheaper and smokes the X for breakfast !
      Don’t know why someone would lay that kind of cash down for less specs and is considered a midrange phone.

      • ssl48

        Have you compared the two phones or are you just assuming it smokes the X?

        • Deon Davis

          No It does. The htc one is till very competitive phone even with the snapdragon 800 phones coming out.

        • johnediii

          You’ve obviously never used the X. It is way smoother than the HTC or the GS4. I’m not saying I like the $600 price tag, I’m just saying, it’s a better phone than either one of those. Both of those other high end phones have terrible lag to their UIs compared to the X. If T-Mo offered a payment plan and wifi calling on this, it would be my next phone.

        • Spanky

          The only reason why the X has smoother performance is because it lacks software overlays. Do a trial run of the X alongside the GS4 and HTC One Google Editions and you’ll be singing a different tune. Even if you don’t feel like spending the additional $50 on the GS4 Google Edition, the HTC One Google Edition is a far better purchase than the Moto X. The Moto X is not even in the same league.

      • kalel33

        Say that again when the Moto X gets the updates to Android in a year and a half and the One is abandoned, because HTC doesn’t like updating their phones.

        • Whiskers

          By that time Both will be outdated.
          Something new with better everything will be available in 18 months from now.

    • cheeto0

      The moto x is faster and a better. Unless u get the google editions of those phones.

      • Whiskers

        Even if you think it is , it still has midrange specs while they demand a premium price.
        Not to mention the speaker placement on those phones are pathetic , better love holding that phone to your face just to be able to hear anything unless you have ear buds super glued to your ears.

        • cheeto0

          It has the same gpu as the s4. It’s by far the smallest phone with a 4.7′ display. It’s faster in every way than the htc one with touchwiz. Not faster than the google edition htc one though. IMO its another flagship phone and a matter of preference between the htc one and the moto x. Which I think are currently the 2 best phones. You’re wrong about the speaker too its louder than the htc one’s so that makes up for it being in the back.

        • Whiskers

          No matter how loud the speakers are they are worthless if the phone is sitting on it’s back and you are listening to something.
          The speakers will be covered against the table and your not going to hear it very well. That to me makes them worthless , they will only project well if your holding the phone in your hand.

        • kalel33

          Well, the biggest negative on the HTC One is that it’ll probably be abandoned and not receive updates, like every HTC phone has for the past 2 years.

        • kalel33

          Same GPU but not CPU. It does make it slower on benchmarks but not in real life usage. That doesn’t mean the S4 and the One won’t be faster in future Android versions that’d show that difference.

        • Spanky

          Correct. The Moto X has a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, which is the same processor that the Nexus 4 has, although the Nexus 4 has the quad core version. Any way you slice it, Motorola is charging a 2013 price for 2012 technology. No thanks.

        • cheeto0

          Chances are it will be because it uses stock android and not heavily skinned touchwiz. Also because its stock it will likely get updates faster and be supported with updates for longer.

  • jksong83

    Not sure if this device justifies $600 – I can see $550, but $500 was more along the lines of what I was expecting.

  • WiFi calling enabled?

  • moises1204

    at that price tag it won’t see my money any time soon.

  • Henry Pham

    Struggling with this. Really want this phone. But at this price, they should at least give us the option to customize. I think I’ll just wait for the developer edition with the 32 gb to see if it’ll support all of Tmo’s bands and the price.

    • kalel33

      I think the lack of customizing is going to be a downer on sales, until they quit the AT&T exclusivity on it.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    They are crazy, I’d opt out for a Galaxy Note II at the price.

    • cheeto0

      I wouldn’t, The note 2 has touchwiz and is filled with samsung’s junk software. I rather a phone with a few useful features that dont’ bog it down.

      • KB

        It appears that you’ve never used a Note 2 extensively. I have for almost the last year on the factory rom, and it has been smooth and virtually lag-free. And the features are incredibly useful.

        At $600, I’m not even remotely interested in the X. That’s just X-orbitant.

        • cheeto0

          I used a note 2 as my daily driver for 6 months. Touchwiz is really bad. I don’t see how you can say the moto x price is high and the note’s isn’t. Now if you prefer the larger size I can see going with the note, but otherwise the moto x is better. Have you used stock android?,,,its way better than any other UI , especially touchwiz.

  • I accept the arguments for Moto X’s hardware choices – I don’t need the big pixel and mhz numbers offered by competitors – but I’d expect a lower price! Are they aiming for higher margins? Paying for the more-expensive US labor?

    • steveb944

      It only costs $10 extra to make it in the states, there were numerous articles about this.

      • Oh, cool – I hadn’t seen them. Margins it is, I guess.

        • kalel33

          The screen isn’t much smaller than the HTC One, they included 2 more dedicated processors in the phone, and they offer made to order colors and backings. Other than the main processor being cheaper, I don’t see much that isn’t higher end.

        • Whiskers

          Better screen on HTC One ==1080×1920 verses the X with a 720×1280 screen.
          Better speaker placement on front where you can lay the phone on a table and watch or listen to music/video/visual chats. Not everyone holds their phones 24/7 or has ear buds shoved in their ears.

          Better Camera !
          Better screen glass=== Corning Gorilla Glass 2
          Just to name a few and the ONE is cheaper before you get into personal customization which T-Mobile won’t offer , you get Black or White .


    No thank you. I can finance about $350 for next gen Nexus 4, but not $600 for a Moto X. I’ll take the LG G2, pay $100 up front and 24-easy installments of $22. Net cost is $630, but well worth the extra $30.

    • kalel33

      I hated LG phones when I was a T-mobile rep. I don’t see anyone that has worked for a carrier who owns an LG phone, because they make great hardware and screw up the phone with glitchy software. Maybe they’re doing better now but I’d have to wait a few months to see what issues the phones were having.

  • ceegii63

    the NEXUS 5 would be a better option at that price and considering its a NEXUS it might have a better price

    the one thing they had on the SUPERPHONES was pirce but pricing a $399 spec phone at $599 guarantees hardly anyone will get this

    • kalel33

      Are you talking about the Iphone 5($625) or the Moto X?

  • Hello NEXUS 5! You’re looking mighty nice about now. I would only pay that much if it were available on Jump (Which it’s probably not, since Jump hasn’t even been out for 6 months), with installment plan payments.

  • Jose Medina

    If you want 600 for the MotoX atleast let me choose my colors and give me a wooden back and 32gb of storage.

    • kalel33

      I would love to have a wooden back. At least that feels “high class” over aluminum.

      • Whiskers

        Until you have reception issues with it.
        The jury is still out with this one…..

  • besweeet

    The price… Umm, NOPE.

    • redman12

      It will tank. It’s not even an upgrade from Nexus 4.

      • kalel33

        It’s LTE, faster than the Nexus 4, better screen. much much better battery life, and it has the Touchless Controls and active display, which I think are very cool features all phones should have. I still won’t buy it because of the lack of a expandable storage.

        • Kenan Jackson

          The screen is not really much of a difference from the Nexus 4. And the “touchless controls” and active display are all features solved through software. Just check out XDA’s Android apps section to find the active lockscreen and utter! or Moto X Google now apps.

        • kalel33

          Yes, you can do the same thing with Touchless Controls on any Android but you’d kill your battery pretty quickly. That’s the beauty of the 2 dedicated processors. Software can’t fix something missing in the hardware.

          Read the article on XDA about the active display app there. It only works for Amoled screens, which the Nexus 4 does not have and Android 4.3, which pretty much all phones don’t have.

        • Kenan Jackson

          that’s not accurate. I am running utter!, a voice activated assistant which offers the same “OK, Google” functionality, and controls many more features on my phone, with negligible battery drain. The same is true for Dynamic Notifications which gives the pulsing and swipe lockscreen notifications (The article you read is old, it does not only work on 4.3, it’s 4.x and up. Also it is confirmed working on the Nexus 4. just check the actual app page in the Play Store). My battery still gets e through the day with heavy usage.

        • cheeto0

          The features are not solved through software. Both features have a hardware low powered hardware component. if you run the software that copies the features on another device it will kill your battery fast.

  • Henry Pham

    At this price, does anyone have any idea as to why Tmo isn’t carrying this phone? I had guessed, apparently wrongly, that Motorola would offer it cheap leading Tmo to decline carrying the phone themselves. But at this price, this doesn’t make any sense. Not being able to buy it on installment is going to cause many people to not buy a Moto X. Perhaps Tmo didn’t think there would be demand for this phone? If that’s the case, I think Tmo screwed up here.

    • cheeto0

      It seems like they will eventually carry it., maybe they are waiting for moto maker

      • kalel33

        Wood back FTW!!

    • Dakota

      Somethings fishy

  • bcbbc2202

    6 bills for a meh phone? good luck

    • cheeto0

      I wouldn’t call it meh, but the price is high. Its one of the best phones out there and prices simliar to the others that are the best. The only phone that is priced alot better than all of them is the nexus.

  • Mondo

    Wow, the price just killed it. No thank you.

  • Bob Archer

    So, does this support the 1700Mhz band, or will it only work on refarmed 1900Mhz? They “specs” on the buy page aren’t very complete.

    As others have said, I also wonder how this will compare spec wise and price wise to the Nexus 5. We’ll have to wait and see.

    That all said, I’ve only had my iPhone 5 for 3 months now, so I’m sticking with it for at least a year.

    • TechHog

      It has full T-Moblie support.

  • cheeto0

    Is it sold out or not up yet?

  • steveb944

    What the hell Motorola? They expect us to pay $599 full price?! I rather get a Nexus experience HTC One over this. All my hopes of a Moto, out the door. Fingers crossed for a cheaper Google Play variant, a la Nexus.

  • guidomus_maximus

    LG G2 will be $30 more than this phone?
    This is priced crazy. Maybe it was supposed to be $499
    G2 price changed, its only $4 more!

    • kalel33

      LG makes great hardware but their software usually dooms their high end devices. I won’t buy an LG device until they get their crap together on not ruining a phone with their “tweeks”.

  • Mark

    Does the X have the MotoBLUR widgets (News, combined Messages inbox that aggregates email, FB and Twitter), etc.? Those are what I miss about my old CLIQ.

  • prasad

    $599, I am good with my Nexus 4..I better wait till Nexus 5.
    Now that I have used Nexus 4, I will never pay $600+tax for a freeking phone..
    Thanks Nexus and Thanks Google for spoiling me.

    • Dakota

      Have to see if Google will keep that 350 $ price tag…and not going above 16gb

  • RefarmAllPCSnowPlease

    Hey David. The LTE version of Nexus 7 is up. Just in case you want to report it.

  • RefarmAllPCSnowPlease
  • moise

    So how many gigs is it????? 16 or 32. If 32. I will get it tomorrow.

  • Dakota

    599 at one shot for a Moto X in only black and white is not gonna fly for most people. I thought Motorola was planning a huge ad campaign for this phone. I havent seen any TV commercials for it or much of anything outside tech blogs

    • Kenan Jackson

      Not only the lack of customization, but the specs just don’t add up to a $600 phone. You can outright buy the S4, One or Xperia Z. All phones with much higher specs. The way I see it this phone is worth about $400 with customization included.

      • cheeto0

        moto x runs better than those phones and has a few features added to stock android that are actually useful.. I don’t see why it should be worth less

  • Turb0wned

    I really want this phone but at $600 for 16GB I can’t… Anyone know if the Dev edition will have AWS on HSPA?

  • JBLmobileG1

    The one thing that I don’t understand is why phones are so overly priced. An actual computer, or better yet, a tablet which in some ways can be like a giant version of a phone, minus the radios, are a lot cheaper than a high end smart phone with similar specs. In fact the tablets in some cases are better yet cost half of what the smart phone does. Now you figure that more people probably buy phones than tablets so the manufacturing costs should be less. To me this is just greed on the phone manufacturer’s part because you know darn well they aren’t spending $600…. $700 to manufacturer the phones. I would be surprised if a phone around those prices cost even $150 to make. It’s sad, but we fail and give in to pay those prices. And why? Because a phone has become such an important part of our lives that we are willing to pay those ridiculously, overly priced, prices.

    • bob90210

      If a phone is overpriced then don’t buy it. I doubt that any particular phone is so important in your life that you must have it.

      • JBLmobileG1

        We have come to rely on the phones and what they do that we are willing to pay the cost. They are like a drug. Leave your phone at home and you may feel lost without it. I use mine for just about everything and not just for calling, but for entertainment while on break at work or waiting in a line, to paying bills etc. etc. And good luck about the don’t buy it part, unless you want just a phone to make calls, most smart phones that’s are decent cost $300+ unless you buy used and even then they can be expensive.

        • bob90210

          So the $600 phone is worth it so you’re not bored waiting in line.

          Remember that phones you can buy for $300 now did not even exist more than 5 years ago. What did you do then?

    • Spanky

      Although I buy top-of-the-line phones about once a year, I completely agree that they are extremely overpriced. I recently bought a high-spec’d ultrabook for $750. About a month prior to that, I bought the GS4 Google Edition for $650. Value is determined by what the customer is willing to pay, not what the product is actually worth.

      • bob90210

        Why would you buy an overpriced phone every year? I don’t understand why you would spend more than your perceived value of the product.

        Unless you take overpriced to mean more than what you want to pay instead of more than your perceived value. But if that’s the case, then everything is overpriced and the word doesn’t mean anything anymore.

    • Coffee

      You probably aren’t far off on what their manufacturing cost is. But you have to remember that everyone in the distribution chain has to make money, otherwise why would they sell it? Fully absorbed manufacturing cost is usually about 25% of the retail price, depending on the distribution model (one step, two step, direct, etc…).

  • sd

    no wifi calling correct?

  • krazytrixxxsta

    $600 for a mid range phone.

    • cheeto0

      Its not a midrange phone. Its way smaller than any phone that is 4.7″. It has features other phones dont’ have, and ones that are actually useful. S4, iphone *, and other so called high end phones have things about them that are midrange too.

  • cheeto0

    Both black and white are now sold out!