T-Mobile Now Rolling Out BlackBerry Q10 Software Update With Wi-Fi Calling?

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I wouldn’t exactly call this concrete, but according to some early reports on Twitter, BlackBerry Q10 users should be on the lookout for a software update. This update will welcomed with open arms by Q10 owners as it brings a much-requested feature with the addition of Wi-Fi calling. The update itself only seems to be 2MB in size so any other features are likely to be minor, if they exist at all.

T-Mobile’s support site has yet to update with any sign that new software is rolling out so its possible this is premature. Still, that some users are receiving the update is good news for all Q10 owners out there. Let us know if you’re seeing the update BlackBerry fans.

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  • Anne Dryod

    Man you’re printing garbage. The Note 3 is going to have a standard 32G internal memory, but you haven’t reported that or any else that current.

    • Adrayven

      Does it directly apply to T-mobile? Nope.. T-Mobile news site..

    • I didn’t catch that, and because something doesn’t interest you I don’t see how it qualifies as garbage. This is a T-Mobile news site, that means T-Mobile news big and small. Random rumors about the Note III aren’t my cup of tea unless there is something definitive or a universal agreement on it.

      • BlackJu

        While I think the Note 3 comment was garbage itself, I do find it odd that you cover a Q10 update but not GDR2/Amber for Windows Phones. 521 & 810 owners just received this much needed update. Oh well…

      • Mobilewolf789

        Sorry David when you say random rumors, this is opposed to concrete rumors or definitive rumors? Like if you were to ask your readers to confirm rumors?

    • Alex Zapata

      I didn’t realize that Wi-Fi calling news was garbage. Maybe I’m a fanboy though.

  • 21stNow

    Hopefully, this makes all seven of the Q10 owners happy!

    • Even that might be generous.

  • lifeisgr84all

    awesome news for Q10 owners

  • Zacamandapio

    Wherever I go I have great T-mo coverage. But I still downloaded just in case.

  • J

    Great news for the Q10 owners. Now where is Wi-Fi calling for iPhone owners?

  • weezy34

    Yesterday I was in a beachfront home without a decent overall tmo signal. Got my friend and I with a Note2 on the WiFi network for WiFi Calling and BAM. Back in biz. Now my friend isn’t so weary about moving into the Crib.

  • bill524

    I’ve got the update, but even though I’m on WiFi, when I open the app it says “Disabled”, There is an on-off slider but it is grayed out and not selectable. Not sure what the issue is, or if there is something on the back-end that T-Mobile hasn’t enabled. I used the 8900 for years and have been awaiting WiFi calling on the Q10, so I hope they enable it soon.

    • bill524

      Found out at another site, that I have to call TMo and add the service. However, when I called, the rep. (who’s personally using a Z10) says they are working with BlackBerry to resolve the issue, but no timeline on when a patch will be issued. So still in-active.

  • Bklynman1

    The Q 10 doesn’t have wifi? Wow no wonder they are going down. I was thinking about getting this phone too. Rim if you read this you should of gave Q10,4.5,the other
    new BB,4″ sceen. What a shame.

    • Alex Zapata

      It has Wi-Fi, but just recently received Wi-Fi calling. Big difference.

  • stillwaiting

    Wasn’t released back in May? And it did not have wifi calling? I heard that the wifi calling update would be 10.2, and it would roll-out the first week in September.