HTC’s First Robert Downey Jr Full Length Ad Leaks Online, But Is It Any Good?


Update: Moments after this post went live, HTC posted the full 2:02 commercial on their own YouTube page

HTC’s first Robert Downey Jr. (inspired?) commercial for the company’s recently announced “Change” campaign has leaked online. With the actors recent string of movie successes, I expected a real “wow” or “cool” factor with this $1 billion dollar campaign. Instead, all I have to say is…wut? Can someone explain to me how this is going to convince me to buy a HTC device? Don’t get me wrong, I get the inner meaning, that HTC is anything you want it to be. But Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran? Hold This Cat? Wut? And what is going on with these green trolls?

Will this ad Help Turn Company around? That’s seems unlikely and it’s unlikely this particular spot will boost HTC’s bottom line as green trolls aren’t likely to get people running out the door to buy a new smartphone. Still, it’s RDJ and I’m interested to see where HTC can go with this campaign. I just hope $1 billion dollars buys more than cats and green trolls, otherwise it’ll be Help This Company.

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  • ccnet005

    Truly a “jumping the shark” moment.

  • thatoneguy

    HTC needs to hire a new advertising agency.

  • kev2684

    i fail to see the point of the ad. captain?

  • PS

    HTC has officially lost to other OEMs when it comes to marketing.

  • othercents

    Good or bad, it is different which in marketing is good since it will cause more discussion, however they need to focus their marketing on their product. If you don’t know what the company sales you are less likely to buy their product.

  • besweeet

    For a video, it’s fine, but it doesn’t help those who don’t know what HTC is all about, figure that out.

  • JB

    I loved the play on words with the acronym (Here’s To Change is actually quite brilliant) but man, this commercial was bad and a waste of RDJ. As bad as the their last one with James Van Der Been was, at least you knew what they were selling…

    “Help Turn Company” I see what you did there, David! Haha

  • 21stNow

    This seems to be as effective as the BlackBerry Super Bowl ad, which is fine if your goal is to form a committee to review options to include putting your company up for sale. If your goal is to increase sales, then Hope Totally Ceased.

  • philyew

    Horrible Trade Concept

  • D Velasquez

    hopefully it won’t go as bad as it was with BlackBerry and Alicia Keys

  • Deon Davis

    I believe what we are missing here is this commercial is most likely for international markets. They have a different concept of “commercials” then we do. Most of this commercial is not meant for “us”

  • 21stNow

    I had to actually stop and look at some of the stuff at the end in slow motion. Hawaiian Tickle Ceremony?! Hungarian Tuba Concert?! I didn’t realize that there was a contest going on for the most pointless commercial.

  • Deadeye37

    Personally, I enjoyed the commercial. I think its more of a commercial for HTC than for the HTC One. They’re showing that they’re going to change. Also, I think its somewhat effective in helping with the brand recognition – HTC.

    However, I think they need to utilize RDJ to get some good, high quality commercials specifically for the HTC One.

    If HTC wants to build back their brand loyalty, they need to SUPPORT THEIR OWN PRODUCT! Don’t just release 1 major update and call it good. They should be taking a page out of Samsung’s book and keep the phone alive for a couple years at least. Let the HTC One become the mid-tier phone next when the HTC Two is released like Samsung did with the SGSII.


    Makes me want to go out and buy an HTC phone.


  • Eric

    Come on TmoNews, where is my news about T-Mobile LTE? :D

    • When I know, you’ll know!

    • Eric

      It’s already out depending on where you are ;P

  • clell


  • rob

    Who should of really left HTC months ago was the marketing sector! Horrible Trashy Commercials is what I’m seeing.

  • ozzmanj1

    As someone who has been overseas to China, Japan, and Korea. Many commercials there would seem weird or odd to westerners. That being said I can see how this will stand out in Korea, but to the rest of the world…. what?! I am sure this will not be the last commercial, so here’s to hoping that for us Westerners we see one from HTC (Hate That Commercial, Hope This Ceases) will be more in tune with how we see ads. So while it doesnt make sense to us, I am sure each part of the world will see a different commercial specific for the mentality of that market

  • Xanderalmighty

    So when does he turn into iron man?

  • love Downey Jr. but this effort from HTC makes little sense .. obviously his involvement is purely money but at least make sense of it .. it does nothing to move me into buying anything HTC.

  • Brian T.

    I hope this is just a “really trying to get you to remember the letters HTC” type of ad (which it does, I suppose) and not the first in a string of strange ads featuring H___ T___ C___ things…

    And hey, for a company reinvention ad, it could’ve been worse:

    • Techngro

      I hate that you made me relive that commercial all over again. I had wiped it from my memory years ago.

      I hope this doesn’t become the next rickroll. (face-palm-roll or pre-roll?)

  • ** Check Please!

    Keep Robert Downy, Jr. and fire the marketing team. They have a real talent and cool factor in him and do not need to waste it on senseless commerecials.

  • weezy34

    Roberts’ Agent knows that a lousy mobile commercial, won’t harm Roberts resume or damper his piggy bank. The Agent gets a cut of Roberts royalties for each airing. Robert is laughing all the way to the bank. Would love to see Roberts rider for this video shoot…

  • rod

    I remember when HTC phones used to be cool, the thing to have. This is the company that brought us the Wing, the Dash and the G1. What happened? #HelpThisCompany

  • Techngro

    What a stupid commercial. Made no sense. You can’t just throw a celebrity on the screen and expect it to be genius. Oh well, my next phone wasn’t going to be HTC anyway, so maybe I’m not their target audience.

  • barondebxl

    This commercial sucks balls