Triple Video Fun: T-Mobile Announces New LTE Markets, Uncarrier 2.0, JUMP!

In the off-chance you missed T-Mobile’s live-stream of their July 10th “Boldest Moves Ever” event, the carrier has posted a number of videos from the event that highlight the major announcements. We’ve already seen T-Mobile’s CMO unveil Simple Choice with no credit check, but this time around we’re looking at the carrier announcing major LTE market launches, JUMP! and “boldest moves ever.”

CTO Neville Ray announces that T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network now reaches 157 million people across the United States – far exceeding the company’s stated mid-year goal of reaching 100 million people. The advanced 4G network is live in 116 metropolitan areas.


CEO John Legere unveils Un-carrier 2.0 and welcomes customers who have switched from AT&T to T-Mobile.

Watch CEO John Legere and CMO Mike Sievert explain why JUMP! attacks the single most offensive wireless practice — waiting 2 years to upgrade your phone.

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  • Deihmos

    Is LTE in Brooklyn? Why don’t they have a map..

    • Jon

      If you don’t have an LTE phone it won’t matter if there is LTE in your area. Make sure you have an LTE capable handset then you should see it appear. I’m getting LTE in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Long Island so you should be able to get LTE in Brooklyn. Also depending on what phone you have it may need an update like the Note 2 did to enable the LTE radio.

      • eanfoso

        He’s talking about on the website, it just says 3G/4G/LTE

      • ShermCraig

        From what I understand, even if you don’t have an LTE phone, if LTE is available in your area, everyone’s speeds should increase. Not sure if it is because fewer people are utilizing the older frequencies, but that’s hwat I read….

        • MastarPete

          it’s probably just a side benefit of upgrading the towers backhaul to support LTE speeds. With most web and app traffic being small transfers the faster speeds mean the network spends less time on each transfer, giving the effect of improved performance all-round.

    • mingkee

      It’s almost everywhere, but you need LTE supported device in order to get access.

      • Supreme

        I had it pretty much all throughout bk and Manhattan

    • Danny Lewis

      It appears so:

      This is a crowd-sourced map, therefore it may not show all locations, but should give you a good idea.

  • Chad Brendelson

    How is he corrupt? All the other companies are corrupt.

    • Alex Zapata

      Corruption in big business? Bite your tongue!

  • Tmo1082

    This guy is on every web site with some article about T-Mobile saying this same thing. If “John” is such a bad guy then why did he give all employes stock in the company? You must have never worked at a company with a change in management. I can grantee you if what you are saying is true that “John” wasn’t the first or last CEO to do that. I know AT&T has done something similar to my friend.

  • vinnyjr

    Hey Jeff, no one wants to listen to your cry baby bull shit on this forum. It’s obvious your ass was fired due to incompetence. Maybe you should call up one of those so called (honest) Carriers and put your job application in and see just how good they treat their employees. See You Later and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  • exeot

    The entire presentation was casual, and yet respectively professional. Exciting stuff.

  • vinnyjr

    Just got my LTE, live in suburb of Boston. I get very fast HSPA+ speeds and yesterday woke up with five bars of LTE. Yikes my phone is like a stick of lightning it’s so freaken fast. These speeds along with my unlimited data plan makes me a very happy man.
    Thank You T-Mobile.
    PS, I have stuck with T-Mobile for years, this makes me very happy that I did. T-Mobile in my area has the fastest data and the best plans, you can’t beat that.

    • sushimane

      Boston!!!! im from Lowell aka the mill city.

      • Supreme

        I’ve had spots of lte in western Mass (Springfield, Holyoke) as well. None in Worcester yet…

  • Richard

    tmobile got lte in los angeles i have an s4,wife iphone 5 ,daughther s4 but lte and yes i checked our phones say “4G ” LTE” is about the same as hspa on the download speed in LA 90022 About 12-15 only thing i noticed thats different is upload speed on hspa it was 1-2 mbps on lte its 8-10 ,does anyone know when the download speeds will get faster sometimes it gets slower than hspa drops down to 5-7 with LTE then i switch to hspa and get 10-12 does anyone know when will that get fixed?

    • john

      LTE at 1mbps is much more faster than HSPA. IF you get LTE signal there is absolutely no need to switch HSPA if you see that in your speedtest there is a difference in 2-3 mbps. HSPA has higher latency times therefore even at high speeds it feels slower than LTE.

    • dtyt

      i think your area is not covered on 100 % and you can start having 50-60 mbits like me when you find a spot with -57 dB if i’m not wrong for the number, in my home is 99db and i’m getting 20 down 12 up :) my sightings are lte has really alwis ping times lower than 40ms and can carry more data on low signal.hspa is oooold :)))We just need LTE voice codec in order to stop switching automaticaly to H+ to make a telephone conversation.I am with the nexus 4 now extreamly satisfied hahhah

  • mavricxx

    :( I wish T-Mobile would bring 4G whether LTE or HSPA+ to zip 88101/88103.

  • mavricxx

    T-Mo can we get the Nokia 1020 and some Moto love!

  • sushimane

    im hoping for the best for tmobile im gonna stay with them for a good long time.

  • Shuang Li

    After they update the network or program . The service is getting worse .

    just tested and get a 1.93Mb/s down 0.03 Mb/s up . Way to go TMO

    • Shuang Li

      I am in SF, CA94114

    • Napster87

      Good thing i don’t live there! Here in Sacramento, the coverage has gotten significantly better.

  • JadedNYer

    Looks like TMO raised the price of the GS4 to $149.00.

    • Napster87

      No, they didn’t. the S4 and the Note2 were $50 and $30 off. It was an unadvertised promo.

  • s10shane

    i love the jump commercial videos. the one where the guy had to keep plugging in his cell phone charger in well he was on the phone. that is so htc phones back in the days. lol

  • Nearmsp

    I have been lately getting low speed (15 earlier now 1.5 Mb/s) in some areas in my cities on my SGS2. But lower speed is not a problem on my iPhone 5 (pre T-moble unlocked version). On another note, when will T-mobile provide updated maps?? They are yet to provide maps for the refarmed frequency. Now the LTE too is needed on a map? It is easy to claim 157 million “covered” but harder to show the actual upgraded areas on the map!

  • Michelle

    The thing that bothers me with Tmobile is the fact that the people who already live in metropolitan areas most likely already had HSPA+ while people in rural/suburbs (like me) are on edge. And now the metropolitan people are getting LTE while we’re still stuck on edge. Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen or heard anything from Tmobile saying how they’re adding better services to areas that only receive edge. They should be helping the people who barely have service before helping the people who already have ‘4g’.

    • joe

      i agree they can put down at&t all they want to but where i live at least at&t 3g blows tmobile edge away. im thinking about switching to at&t even though i been with t mobile for years.

      • sushimane

        how are u gonna compare 3g to edge? u know edge is slower then 3g?

    • Z-MAN

      PREACH! same here. :(

  • khalidalomary

    how many times r u going to post that everytime you post that not our fault t-mobie laid u off

  • Josh

    I wish they would roll out LTE for the largest city in SC. The smaller cities in SC have LTE, why can’t Columbia?