T-Mobile Rolling Out New Website Design With Cleaner Look, Lots Of Free Space

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.06.58 PM

I wouldn’t say a new website design for T-Mobile is monumental news but as someone who appreciates simple and clean websites, the new look is something I’m digging. For some there may be a too much white/empty space, but the site is definitely simplifying the number of options one must choose to move through T-Mobile’s smartphone and rate plan selection. Gone are the scrolling “featured” sites and replaced with one HUGE section promoting T-Mobile’s JUMP! program. Moving further below takes you to the company’s smartphone selection with an option to “Shop now.” Scrolling further down will bring you to the coverage, accessories pages and finally a “Switching is painless” section, a “Why T-Mobile” section and Live chat.

I believe the rollout is happening slowly and might require a cache clearing to show, but it sounds like plenty of you are already starting to see it as “live.”

What do you think about the new look? Is cleaner really better?



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  • g2a5b0e

    I hope it eventually grows on me because I happened upon it last night & I was not a fan. Reminds me of the other carrier websites. Slightly ironic that in becoming “uncarrier”, their website now looks like all the others.

    • Juju99

      What about it reminds you of the other carrier websites?

      • g2a5b0e

        To be honest, I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for 10 years now, so I haven’t spent a lot of time on the other three’s websites, but I would just say the layout in general. Very reminiscent AT&T’s in particular. Not a big deal. I just think it will take some getting used to.

        • xmiro

          nooo, AT&T’s website is a hot hot mess. If anything it’s closer to Verizon

        • g2a5b0e

          I could be getting them confused. Like I said, I don’t spend much time on those sites. I’ve probably visited each one of their sites no more 5 times in the last few years.

  • warpwiz

    I’ve never had a beef about the TMo site design. But it is soooo slow. Latency between pages is gawdawful and has been for years. Pretty screens that take a long time to use are not so pretty.

    • Zacamandapio

      Must be on EDGE

    • lion7718

      I hate having to go to their website…I sure hope it loads faster.

    • MacRat

      I agree.

      They really need to stop giving that money to designers to change the site every month and instead invest it on better servers.

      The servers running their customer accounts is even worse. Especially when using the T-Mobile app.

  • DT

    Yawn.. give me Phase 3 scoops. Data-only plans, giving a new customer credit for ETF from another carrier, ANYTHING! C’mon Beren!

    • ghulamsameer

      I’m pretty sure he posts on the website after he receives the information. It would only make sense.

      • What he said. I can’t post what I’m not sure of or don’t know. I do have an idea what Phase 3 is about but I’m not posting anything about it until I’m more certain.

        • Jermaine Coakley Sr.

          Cmon @davidtmonews:disqus, give us a hint or something LOL.

        • RefarmAllPCSnowPlease

          I am hoping for rollover data.

        • bob90210

          Yeah, I want to be able rollover my unused unlimited data from last month.

      • superg05

        he just started getting direct tweets if he plays his cards right he could get press invites eventually

  • Yes! being on the clean modern face lift.

  • Jose Hernandez

    It might take me a minute to get used to it. it is kind of nice looking, but it does take a while for it to load.

    When I just went to the site to try it, it asked me if I wanted to try the new Beta site. Anyone else get this message?

    • Chilehead

      I got it as well. Much simpler UI but still kind of slow.

  • sidekicker89

    is there an LTE coverage map yet?

    • This is the best they’ve got, for now: http://t-mobile-coverage.t-mobile.com/4gcitylist.aspx

      • superg05

        what a bunch of wankers using shades of pink to differentiate services that people can hardly tell apart

      • BlackLighted

        Thanks for that, now my eyes are bleeding magenta.

      • Trevnerdio

        So, is this their official coverage map now? Can’t tell if I like it or dislike it…

        • naw this is a version that Neal Gompa stumbled across.

      • MacRat

        Which doesn’t say anything about LTE coverage vs HSPA coverage.

        • It does… you have to click on the pin… Clunky right?

  • TBN27

    The new coverage map still doesn’t show where there is LTE, HSPA+1900. Also th the faded out names of towns and roads needs to be more visible.

  • gadget_hero

    I think the new site is a lot cleaner and helps people focus more to be completely honest.

  • metalchick719

    I think it looks good. It’s easy to browse through and you can find whatever you’re looking for pretty easily.

  • sirlancelot

    I just want them to allow for passwords longer than 15 characters…

    • MacRat

      That would require them investing in upgrading their servers and server software.

      Clearly they only care about funding pretty web pages and not customer service backend.

  • Mirad77

    Looks nice and makes for better navigating .

  • xmiro

    that site is always being redesigned for as long as I can remember

  • nenes78

    It looks good. I really like the mytmobile beta site. really clean and easy to navigate.

    • VinnyMac

      how did you get to the mytmobile beta site? and specific address?

      • nenes78

        A link was offered when I logged in. The URL is beta.my.t-mobile.com

  • bob90210

    The new site is work great for Phase 3 but where was the press conference?. Can’t wait for Phase 4 where T-Mobile adds racing strips to their logo so it looks really fast.

  • themak

    Now when is TmoNews going to get a much needed makeover?

  • UncleFan

    What they really need to do is fix their website so that you can do *everything* you need to do without calling a CSR and make sure *every* possible plan is available. There are tons of current plans that are not visible from the website.

  • Trevnerdio

    First, they need to bring back chat. I really miss that feature. And second, they need to really speed up the MyT-Mobile part of the site. It’s really slow.

    • william43


      • Trevnerdio

        Still not finding it. If you could provide a link, that would be fantastic.

  • william43

    I ordered from the new website and got an invalid tracking# :-(

    • psychoace

      UPS and FedEx tracking numbers take a day to become valid. The reason is, they give you the tracking number when they buy the sticker. They still need to wait for the UPS or FedEx logistics guy to come pick up the package. If he already picked up todays route that means you have to wait until tomorrow. Otherwise he will be there later in the day. Until then both carriers either don’t have the tracking number listed or just state that it has left the sellers facility (meaning it’s on the truck to the nearest carrier distribution center). So yeah T-Mobile didn’t give you an invalid tracking number (unless somehow it did but most likely it didn’t)

      • william43

        the website forgot to put a 92 in my tracking number. I called and the lady told me within the first few moments of the call to put 92, so it was a known issue.

  • MrClean

    Cleaner is usually better, but it can also be a marketing disguise to less helpful. Put all the answers we need on the site first and then worry about looks. Like the guy said above, why do I have to call to find out when my contract expires?

    Oh almost forgot, cleaner doesn’t help server speed and capacity much. I still remember a couple occasions when they had a good sale only to see their site crash under the volume and being told to visit a store instead.

    Get mo’n’better servers, get all the info in and then worry about the looks.

    • tmo_rep

      ” why do I have to call to find out when my contract expires?
      Well that’s simple, when customers inquire about their contract, there is a good chance that they are thinking about canceling. We want to get a chance at winning back your business before you make your final decision. So with that being said, we want you to call in so we can find the root cause of you inquiring about your contract status. It would be a poor business decision to do otherwise.

  • javierE186

    Forget the website they need to fix their mobile app like yesterday. It’s horrible and half of the time it doesn’t even work on their own data you need to use wifi.

    • Bill Berry

      Do they have their wifi caling app available for jellybean devices?

  • Tmo1082

    I’m liking T-Mobile’s new website and stores design, its starting to look a lot like Apple’s stores and website. Now T-Mobile needs to work on better rural coverage and adding more tablets to their line up of devices.

    • sarcasm

      I never get tired of hearing people complain about coverage :-) :-) :-)

      • rfgenerator

        It is the single biggest issue between T-Mobile and future wide scale success. They need to address the issue, but currently the attitude T-Mobile’s mucky mucks is to belittle rural coverage that other carriers have. Not exactly a good omen for the future. Who knows maybe their plan is to be an urban only carrier, if that’s the case they may be profitable but that will certainly cement their position as a 2nd tier carrier.

      • Bill Berry

        It’s a big deal for those of us who don’t have any coverage at all. Worse, AT&T is now HSPA+ on 1900 and it’s as fast as T-Mobile in cities that offer HSPA+. The problem with T-Mobile is, leave any city and bang, you’re back on 2G. There are cities in GA…not rural…I mean cities, that once you leave the Atlanta and Columbus metro areas…you go directly from HSPA+ to no coverage, HSPA+ to 2G…but zip! What good is MetroPCS if one, you don’t live in FL and two, you don’t live in thee biggest cities in the US. Travel Talk is great but there’s a catch, it’s CDMA and it is doubtful it will exist after 2015.

  • Randall Lind

    I like the new look of my t-mobile looks good here

  • VinnyMac

    Did they update mytmobile? Whenever i click on mytmobile from the new website it brings me to the old one!

    • Tmo1082

      Yes, but its in beta and T-Mobile randomly selects customers to try it out. If it asks you to try out the beta version you can check a box in the bottom left corner and keep using the beta version every time you log in to myT-Mobile.

  • Low IQ

    I find that having a Black background with white fonts are much easier to see, and battery savings as well?…When you try to read the T-Mobile site at night, it is so BLINDING because it’s so WHITE!!

    • tmofan

      Those are the incredible savings shining through

  • I really liked the old one with the grey bar up top. #1 rule in marketing is… always assume your public is stupid so dumb things down and make them simple.

    In this case I think the site looks like @$$.

  • Irfan

    The truth is about t mobile , its cheap package deals , a nd many of us like this , att&t better in coverage , and tons of devices which t mobile ceo always lie as our mr obama doing with nation… t mobile have not much choices as we can see other opertors …changing website pattern doest make any sense