(Update) HTC One Software Update Rolling Out, “System Enhancements” Included


Update: It appears that a number of HTC One owners who have already received this update it appears to enhance the functionality of the capacitive buttons, which seems to be welcome news all around.

Admittedly we don’t know a lot as this software update is out of the blue, but it does bring the HTC One up to version 1.27.531.8 on Android 4.1.2. According to a few people who have already found the OTA update waiting on their devices this morning, the update includes unknown “system enhancements.” What that means exactly we don’t know, but I’d love to hear about any changes HTC One owners notice as this update arrives. Stay tuned for more info.

Keep an eye on T-Mobile’s HTC One software update page for any changes: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-6671


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  • MvP77

    Already running 4.2.2 with sense 5 thanks to android revolution HD

  • Gdm Laz

    they should have upgraded them to 4.2.2 like the galaxy 4 came

  • melon3531

    4.2.2. is already starting to roll out to international versions, hopefully this is a preparatory update for an imminent 4.2.2 update.

  • Evan Rosenberg

    Probably similar to the update on Sprint that was meant to improve the sensetivity of the capacitive buttons. Personally, coming from a Galaxy Nexus that was running 4.2.2, I have no problem sitting with 4.1.2 for a bit. 4.1 always felt smoother than 4.2 to my taste, and the only feature I miss at all is expanding a notification with a long press instead of a pinch. It just wasn’t that big of an update.

    • an0nim0

      Also, 4.2 borked Bluetooth, so… yeah, I’ll be sticking with 4.1.2 until 4.3 is proven stable.

  • robby

    Dose any one see anything different ?

  • alvin

    after the update, the home button is more sensitive. Things load faster and smoothly.

  • Omegajb

    Like Alvin said buttons seem much more responsive. Not sure if this update has any changes to the camera, I believe the Sprint update had it.

  • I received this update earlier while I was at work, double tapping home to get to Multi-tasking seems to work a LOT better now.

  • Jim Mack

    I was able to push this update by checking for updates in about phone area of settings

  • Wilma Flintstone

    The only System Enhancement I want to see is a MicroSD card slot added.

    • I don’t, its Over Rated and honestly “crippled” in Modern Android since you can’t even store App’s on it and cause Lag with it’s other uses. Yea, no thanks. INternal storage all the way.

      • an0nim0

        I’d still gladly take it for nothing more than photo/video/music storage; 32GB hasn’t been enough for me since the 3rd-gen iPod.

        • Ever heard of Cloud services on Unlimited data? yea, the only way to go.

        • s10shane

          sorry but the cloud sucks. it means nothing if you dont have fast data speeds in the area you are trying to access your stuff. at least a micro sd card i can view my photos and videos without relying on a data connection.

        • steveb944

          I’m glad there are some of us that see the FUTURE. Cloud is new unlimited fast wherever you want it space. SD is cumbersome changing sizes wasting money keep track of what device has it annoying tech.

          I think I stuck my old micro sd into a Wii with an adapter to put store/use it somewhere.

        • HoooHaaa

          Again, the cloud is only good if you actually have a connection. I can think of several scenarios where that would be a problem. Guess you don’t travel much. Also, the “cloud” is slow unless you have a good connection. I have no issues with my Nexus 4, but I can’t speak for everyone else, obviously.

        • steveb944

          I actually work in a dead zone (National Park) I have no signal whatsoever for X miles. I download everything I need throughout the day, apps do it automatically, and I can access anything extra I need on the same cloud on the computer. Problem solved.

        • yerdumb

          ever hear of not having an data connection whilst taking the train?

      • RonJeezy

        Pshhh if a phone doesn’t have a sd card slot. It’s not worth getting. Period.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Good luck running up to your cap trying to download all 16GB of music or all 32GB of Video from the cloud (that is of course if you have a connection).

    • Tiny

      this would be a hardware enhancement makes no sense o_O

      • Wilma Flintstone

        System can = Hardware. It doesn’t necessarily mean Software on all occasions. What do you consider the PS3/360/Wii? They are Consoles or Video Game “Systems”.

  • Chris G

    I just checked for update, and got it in a second. First time that actually worked, lol.

  • tomnewtn

    Installing now. That was quick. I noticed the home and back buttons seem more responsive. Not too shabby. By the way, using power save function with ONLY CPU checked, battery life improved a LOT.

  • Technibility

    YouTube video I did showcasing Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 for T-Mobile US HTC One – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1_qdB-yYqo

  • leozno1

    I wonder why the T-Mo version is so far behind. The Sprint version is running 1.29.651.10

  • khadu

    Just updated. Seem to have new options for taking pictures

  • JimmieDubose

    can anyone please tell me the avaible storage on the htc one?

    • it’s a little over 25GB out of the box, Sense takes up about 7GB of space out of the 32GB.

      • JimmieDubose


        • Que Zheng

          By the way, the 4.2.2 took around 300-400MB storage more above 4.1.2

      • g2a5b0e

        Well, technically it’s not just Sense using the 7GB. It’s Jellybean, Sense, & all the bloatware.

  • Paul

    How about a update with a microSD slot? Then HTC would really be doing something. Even if it is 10% heavier or slightly larger, who cares? That is only reason I am not buying an HTC One and likely not waiting much longer before I go for the S4 since it has a microSD slot; you know, something so basic that it should be on every cell phone.

    • tomnewtn

      I’ve had cards go bad….buh bye whatever is stored on them. I like backing up to my PC and cloud. I was wary of the One as a Nexus and unlocked phone guy but thus far, I am very impressed with it. Feels like quality in the hand too. Not too light, and not cheap plastic.

      • Tiny

        I started thinking about this myself, why is that people want the sd card I’m not an iPhone man but iPhone has never had sd card slots and I don’t think or at least I’ve never paid attention but I don’t see them complaining… just saying 32gb is more than enough, but this is my opinion of course

        • tomnewtn

          I think there are some who will really appreciate and take advantage of sd cards. It’s my impression that most will not. So luckily there are options out there like Samsung. After having a couple go bad, I began to think it’s not worth the trouble (for me). Nor have I needed that much storage (on the device itself).

    • tmoemployee

      what you need more storage for? for music? ever heard of google music? pictures? move them to drop box.

      • Guest

        well, not only photos BUT if the phone’s motherboard someday decides to die on me, I can easily retrieve my contacts,games,apps,etc from the SD card without having to download them again, etc. Again, if the S4 managed to put a slot on their state of art phone then what is HTC’s problem then?

      • Paul

        well, not only photos BUT if the phone’s motherboard someday decides to die on me, I can easily retrieve my contacts,games,apps,etc from the SD card without having to download them again, etc. Again, if Samsung managed to put a slot on their state of art phone then what is HTC’s problem then?

  • 24k

    I also noticed that the navigation voice now works when connected to bluetooth speakers in my car. I used to have to turn off bluetooth in order to hear the navigation voice.

    • My bluetooth worked fine in Navigation even before the update, must be your headset.

      • 24K

        I was talking about the NAVIGATION VOICE, not Bluetooth in gernaeral, the Bluetooth worked fine before with music and all. Just the naviagational voice did not transfer over the speakers when it was connected to my stereo system.

  • robby

    Lol why do you guys need more than 32gigs ? Are you serious. And I like not having a sd slot it makes it feel more premium

    • Que Zheng

      Unless you have class 10 speed sd card, otherwise you don’t have the same preference speed as it’s internal storage. Also you can not install apps on your sd card. Last but less, you only get 8gb out of 16gb of internal memory. Peace, I love 32gb, it’s good enough for me.

  • Kit Pogi

    I’m just glad HTC is moving away from their past bad reputation of lagging on software updates. Capacitive buttons working much better now. Had delay issues on back button before from time to time. Since update, a lot snappier and no more delays.

  • James

    It also charge faster!

    • Que Zheng

      Charging is even faster on 4.2.2. I have AR HD 10.0 rom. Best rom now with original battery percentage.

  • BadVibrations

    My phone no longer vibrates after this update.


    Anyone check the official T-MOBILE notes,updated JUNE 3,2013 @ 06:30:


    Supposedly visual voicemail is the only thing improved upon.

    • tomnewtn

      I saw that too but will see what else is reported. Had HTC already sent out the fix for the capacitive buttons for TMO users? It seems like mine are more responsive now. I just received mine a week ago. It seems like there was more to the update than VV. Other sites are indicating cap buttons improved like others received.

      • tomnewtn

        One other site said it also fixes the buttons, and another said “The HTC One update has version number 1.27.531.8, and is coming via OTA. You may notice this isn’t even the 1.29 HTC software revision containing fixes for the camera and sluggish buttons. In fact, T-Mobile says all this update does is improve the performance of Visual Voicemail.” So who the heck knows. It sure seemed like my cap buttons were more sensitive after the update. Maybe it’s all imagined.

    • tomnewtn
  • Will

    If you haven’t gotten an ota notice, just go to settings/about/software update.

  • berrywr

    My wife’s device is 1.29.1540.16. It is the 64 gig DE and we use it on Straight Talk (AT&T). I’m looking at the 32 gig version T-Mobile has but it most have their Wi-Fi calling app for me to buy it.