T-Mobile Puts LG Optimus L9 Jelly Bean Software Update On Hold

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For reasons unknown T-Mobile has halted the Jelly Bean rollout for the LG Optimus L9. As of 3:50pm this afternoon, T-Mobile updated their support page for the software update with a brief statement:

“LG has paused the update to improve performance on the new software version. Customers cannot download the update. T-Mobile does not known when the update will resume.”

The Android 4.1.2 update brings Jelly Bean to the mid-range LG device that has recently found its way to T-Mobile’s prepaid lineup. With no sign why the update has been pulled and no real indicators as to what was the performance issues were, we’re just going to have sit tight and wait for T-Mobile and LG to gets things started again. We’ll update you as soon as the update is live.


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  • Bratty

    I have the update and while overall my device is working fine, there are some issues with it – battery performance, setting are off, bluetooth powers on randomly etc. None of these are major so hope nothing else is off!

    • Luis Medina

      I have a network connectivity issue and the touchscreen is glitchy on my device with the update. the browser also suck it doesn’t have private mode.

      • Bratty

        Actually, the wifi connex has been glitchy but I assumed it was my network. Hope the fix (or whatever they do) comes soon.

        • Luis Medina

          no I’m talking about the connection to the tower the speeds are dismal after I disconnect from wifi and use my cellular network.

        • kimani

          I can’t use equilizer anymore. The audio effects are not in the settings menu. Any suggestions?

  • guest

    The update was messing up alot of phones. I have had to do alot of warranty replacements because of the update

    • Can I do a warranty replacement in a T-Mobile store .?

      • kalel33


        • Why not.?

        • kalel33

          They don’t have refurbished phones in the store to replace it with and they won’t give you a new one, unless you’re trying to have it exchanged with one that you upgrade in that store within 14 days of purchase.

        • Okay thanks. I will call customer services Hopefull they will resolve my
          Issues. Luckily I purchased a Nokia 521 last week because I wanted to try out a Nokia wp
          And use it as a
          Backup. I kinda like how smooth it operates and no lag at all.

  • ceegii63

    aaawww and i wanted to get it since it was getting JB and now this…

  • j5ive

    I know it sucks to reset the phone but after the update, immediately do an factory reset and start from scratch, login with your google account and restore. I did and it works great! Battery is the same and all my apps/settings are fine.

    My friend took my advice and did the same and his works well too.

  • TechHog

    Watch it never come back.

    • Brian T.

      That’s what happened to my old little Optimus T and the Gingerbread update. LG said it was coming. T-Mo said it was coming. Sprint’s version (the Optimus S) actually got it. But it never did show up for the T…..

  • I haven’t had any issues since i updated about 2 weeks ago. My extended 3080 mlhp battery is performing great i usually have charge once every two day with heavy usage. The only thing i have noticed is flipboard has forced closed about four times in the last two days. ?

    • Baxter DeBerry

      where you get a extended battery for it?, and what brand?

      • zx6guy

        X2. The only one I can find is from Mugen but since I’ve had a bad experience with them previously I’m staying away.

  • mjb1994

    The initial update left my phone in a complete unusable state, it was super slow, and it messed up my messaging app. To make matters worse after a second reboot, it self uninstalled my messaging app. However after a factory reset my phone has been better than ever :D I have great network performance and Excellent battery life (both of which was horrible while on the previous ice cream sandwich versions).

  • landmarkcm

    Hmm I had got tired of waiting & did the trick that was listed to force the update to show which worked fine & I have done a factory reset too . I like the update especially because of the “siri” like enhanced search function but battery life is slightly worse. I presumed it had something to do with Google Now. But now im not sure. It’s not horrible but def noticeable . I hope we get the fix..

  • rob

    I doubt they came across something, if anything there must be a new LG handset ready to launch in the horizon. If I’ve noticed anything from T-Mobiles OS updates, it’s that they don’t delay to test them, as the manufacturer usually already did that for them, they delay them so a newer handset/predecessor with the same new OS can launch and not be cannibalized sales wise by it’s prior counterpart from the same manufacturer.

  • That is why I just went ahead and bought the Nexus 4. For reasons like these. All you hear from these companies is that it’s going to be released soon. And you wait and wait.

  • steveb944

    Why would you want the L9 over the One S may I ask?

    • mdosu

      …the plight of the unluckiest tmo android customer

  • steveb944

    Wow I had no idea the update was en route. This device keeps looking better and better for recommending purchase.

    • mjb1994

      Ya, it has been being slowly rolled out for about a month now, I sold my iPhone 4 to get this phone and I have no regrets about it :D I always loved android and ios both so switching between both of them is not really a problem each time I do it.

  • Brian T.

    Why does it always take so long for Android updates to hit phones after the updates are announced by Google, and then sometimes cause major headaches if/when they’re finally made available? Is it because of all the unique hardware variants out there? I thought that maybe could do it, but other operating system updates (like the PC version of Windows) seem to work just fine across vastly different setups. Is tweaking the skins what takes so long? Manufacturers not devoting much effort to supporting older phones?

    • zifnab

      Its manufacturer skins and carrier bloatware. Google wants manufacturers to add their own skins, so every time an update comes out its up to the manufacturer to update their skin, make it work on the phone and then push it out to the carriers. No single android phone has enough demand for the carriers to accept an android phone withou ttons of bloatware, so after it goes to the carrier they have to update all their bloatware, make sure it works, then they send bug reports back to the manufacturer because carrier bloatware isn’t working with manufacturer bloatware and back and forth they go until finally an update comes out 8 months later… or in the case of LG a year and half later (maybe).

      • TechHog

        Google doesn’t *want* manufacturers to add skins. I don’t know how you even got that idea. It’s an open source OS, with means that manufacturers have the option of doing it. If it were up to Google, they’d probably prefer that more manufacturers use stock Android.

        • Mark

          Where “stock Android” == “only laden with Google’s bloatware” (no sense in leaving the money on the table). Google is huge; if they had wanted to promote a closed-source OS instead of using the Linux kernel they’d have created one and done it. The reality is that Google knew out of the box that their customers were going to skin the OS as a way of differentiation (no one wants to sell a commodity), and they leverage that flexibility in marketing as a way to set themselves apart from the iMonolith.

          So really, I think when people say “I wish everything ran stock Android,” what they’re really saying is “I wish Android was just like the iPhone, only without the App Store rules and the annoying Apple fanboys.” Personally, I’d rather see what’s interesting about the OWM skins and not worry about what Google does.

        • TechHog

          That doesn’t mean that Google wants every OEM to use a skin; it means it wants them to have the option of making skins.

    • TechHog

      Yes to both of those second questions. It’s the downside to an open source OS, but the upside to open source is that you have other options for getting the latest software.

      • Brian T.

        That’s a good way to put it. I really wish a couple of manufacturers would just commit to vanilla Android and focus on competing with device quality. Think of how silly it would be if PC manufacturers started skinning Windows in an attempt to differentiate themselves. They don’t, so it forces companies to build better products (better batteries, faster processors, more RAM, better build quality, larger HDD/SSDs, better graphics, etc.) to win business, which is awesome and so much better for the consumer rather than trying to woo customers with the likes of Group Play and BlinkFeed….

  • zifnab

    And 0 people were surprised. This is LG with every phone (other than the nexus)

  • Kevin

    An LG rep has confirmed with me that the LG Optimus G2 will be released for T-Mobile sometime in August.

    • Did they also give you any

  • 98clru

    No issues with the update. Actually had some more memory available after the update, but I keep the apps installed to a minimum, found from other phones less than 200 megs available and you have issues. Battery life seems a little worse but for all the nice extras that JB brings plugging it in more is worth it and I’m thinking it’s power drain less than I expected Now would cause.

    The one issue I have with the phone is a major annoyance but not a deal breaker JB didn’t cure. Once the phone is charged to 100% for a while it will say charging but after while it will start using the battery. I charge it like I have all my phones, when I go to bed so I’m not awake to notice when it goes from “charging” to not, all the indications are it’s still charging but charge level tells me otherwise. I’m assuming this is due to an energy saving mode but 5 hours after put on the charger it’s at 100, 3 hours later (8 total) it’s down to 94 (about the same drop when on standby without the charger). If I unplug it for a few minutes than plug back in it will resume charging. Anyone else show this behavior?

  • Derrick B.

    did the same thing with the G2x and the G-Slate, it must be an LG thing

  • jbhotnessmon


  • laura taylor

    I got the update on Sunday. It killed my battery life, so I shut off all location services and now the battery life is about the same as before. But I can’t use Google Now.

    It also seems to have killed Chrome. Try to open it, it automatically closes. Downloaded Dolphin and it works fine.

    Will be interesting to see what happens when I have to start using the data functions more heavily (i.e. not just a few texts and Twitter).

    • OZ

      Battery issues similar to the HTC One S. What a nightmare.

    • Baxter DeBerry

      same here Chrome is dead in the water..

      • Peter Jen

        You can uninstall Chrome then download it from the Play Store again.

        To uninstall, follow this sequence:
        Play Store, menu, my apps, scroll to Chrome Browser and tap it. You can now uninstall.

        • Baxter DeBerry

          thanks for that, uninstalled, then re updated and worked perfectly

  • Sam Huffman

    I didn’t have any battery life problems, but I run very few apps on my phone. I do use Google Maps, Realtor.com app, navfree, and maybe 1 or 2 others that access the GPS. Still, battery life appears to be exactly the same as before on my phone.

    As for Chrome, I had to uninstall the updates and now it works again. I didn’t like that part of the update was a bunch more bloatware, but with Android 4.0 you can always go into the application manager and do:

    Main menu -> Settings button -> App settings

    All -> Find the app you hate and click on it

    Force stop, Uninstall updates, Disable

    At that point the bloatware is no longer consuming extra space due to updates, and is no longer able to consume memory, resources (including turning on your GPS), or even appear in your list of Apps.

    Other than not being able to apply Chrome updates I’m actually very happy with the update.

    • Sam Huffman

      As a follow-up to my message above, I saw what others have written and it turned out they were right. You uninstall the updates to Chrome, then re-update it from the Play store. I now have even Chrome updated.

      I also realized another thing; I don’t use Google Now, in part because it says Now uses location services extensively to keep you up to date on things. This makes sense and it’s a tradeoff. For example, I had run ROOT metrics with background data collection turned on a few times and found that because it turns on the GPS every few minutes I was burning up battery at least 4-5x faster. If Google Now is anything like the ROOT metrics app, then I can totally understand why your battery usage is dramatically worse.

  • Beginning July 10, the LG Optimus
    L9 will have a software update to
    Android version 4.1.2/ Software
    P76920f via Over the Air (OTA). This
    update changes the OS to Jelly
    Bean and includes security

    Announcement expires on July 24,

  • Angel Torres

    I been.had update sense original release but i need updated version bcus some apps foreclose alot -_-