HTC Posts Two New BlinkFeed Commercials, Takes Shot At “Digging” For Apps

I don’t know if HTC is taking a shot at Apple, Samsung, Nokia or all the above with this new pair of HTC One BlinkFeed-specific commercials but they are certainly poking fun at someone. Regardless, Sense 5 may or may not be your thing and if you don’t want BlinkFeed on your home screen, there’s no rule saying you have to keep it. Still, the idea that all of your information is right there when you first unlock your device says a lot about how HTC determined what their users want.

With HTC BlinkFeed™, simply pick the social networks, news and feeds you want to stay updated on and they’ll all stream live to your home screen. The pulse of your world is in the palm of your hand.

YouTube 1, YouTube 2

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  • g2a5b0e

    I find these ads rather lame. Digging for apps? I mean, c’mon. Does anyone actually do that on their phone? Everyone has their most commonly used apps front, center, & easily accessible. And even those that you may not use as often aren’t but a few seconds away. Also, I take a bit of exception to the tag-line, “the new ‘all-metal’ HTC One”. Technically, it’s not all metal. But, anyway, we all know they’re talking about the chassis. That’s fine. But, they say it as if being all metal is a clear advantage over everything else. I guess that’s their way of appealing to the uneducated masses. Anyone with a shred of intelligence understands that the different materials which can be used to make a phone all have their advantages & disadvantages when compared with other materials. There’s not necessarily a superior one. Like almost everything else, it really comes down to a matter of preference.

    • Dakota

      You overestimate the knowledge of the education of the general public.. Most people don’t read tech blogs.. The metal is probably to get people to think it’s like the iPhone and also means quality.. Not some plastic… There are also so many Androids, all with different features… You have to stand out and make it easy for a lay person who only gets into phones every 2-3 years when they replace one.

      • 21stNow

        g2a…’s post clearly said that this commercial appealed to the “uneducated masses”, which is what I thought when I saw these commercials. No matter what, everything is not going to be in BlinkFeed, such as EverNote and KeyRing. You still will have to “dig” with a One.

        • g2a5b0e

          Thank you.

    • Ikem

      Their all-metal line is a direct attack against the Galaxy S series being that they have a reputation of being made of cheap plastic. In general most people don’t even give a damn but people like us who read these articles know all the issues about phones. That line was meant for us.

    • Come on man sometimes everyone is digging for a application that’s new or a friend told them about. I no i
      Have been in that situation a time or two

      • g2a5b0e

        Not the same thing. It sounds like you’re talking about finding new apps on the Play Store or otherwise. I’m talking about finding apps that already on my phone. I never have to “dig” for any apps that are already on my phone.

  • franktronic

    Oh, please. If anyone is “digging”, it’s HTC, and they’re trying to find a way to justify this tripe they call BlinkFeed. I like a lot of things about the One but that sure as hell isn’t one of them. You can’t disable it but luckily you can set a different panel to your home screen, thus generally avoiding it unless you accidentally swipe over to that panel. It’s nothing but a useless jumble of Twitter and Facebook posts.

    • D6E

      Let’s just be honest. If Samsung did this then it would be revolutionary and a game changer. Sorry HTC executed it better and made it their focus.

      • 21stNow

        And for me, that’s a good thing.

      • Sapphire Rage

        It’s called flipboard ….

      • sean

        rss feeds have been around for years…the only thing new about blink feed is that it is the first non removable widget…all i see is restriction of customization

    • Niqueeeee

      i changed my home screen from it instantly but i find myself checking blinkfeed a couple times a day. it definitely grew on me people dont like new things though i guess

      • D6E

        I love BlinkFeed. I had a GS3 previously and I was always digging for apps. This just makes it easier for me to stay connected.

        I also like how HTC groups apps with Sense 5. Nobody should have to download a secondary app to do that. TW is awful and Samsung fails when it comes to software.

        Let’s face the facts here. Samsung bloats the GS4 with garbage and then tells everyone to buy a slow-ass microSD card.

  • bleeew

    I thought they were playing Minecraft…

  • so yeah Windows Phone does that already .. and better .. but for those who want an Android Windows Phone, this is it.

    • Whiskers

      Good point.
      Now if HTC could build a high end WP like this with front facing speakers I think they would have a complete winner.

      • The htc 8x is a outstanding wp device.

        • Whiskers

          Yes it’s nice but It’s not even close in comparison to the build quality of the ONE with the speakers on the Front of the phone . What good is beats audio through tiny speakers mounted on the back of the phone . That’s worse than the sound coming from the bottom of the phones like most others . Not to mention all current WP’s on the market seems to be built with cheap plastic but still weigh a ton compared to the ONE or Iphone built with metal.
          HTC can do it if they really wanted to. I would be happy with a 4.3 screen and Front facing speakers if they would give it the same quality build and design of the ONE .

  • Ikem

    Who Digs for Apps when you can just say or type what your looking for in text area then hit search. If you don’t see what your looking for withing a couple of scroll strokes than people generally stop looking.

    I have the note 2. It has S suggest. a similar app to blink feed. I never use it.

  • Too bad they can’t even get their product in stores. May 12th and still not stocked in most T-Mobile stores.

    • Phil

      Heck, they can’t even get it stocked on their online store, unless it’s the developer version. My date for delivery keeps changing.

    • kenjab

      I haven’t found a single T-Mobile store that’s ever gotten it yet. I live in the Baltimore/Washington area, which is one of the few places T-Mo has launched LTE so far. You’d think they’d want to have one of their few LTE phones available here, if no where else.

  • FILA

    Def a hit against Samsung with the whole “All Metal” line, lol

  • Chris

    Good job HTC, start advertising. Still not leaving the Note 2 but Samsung needs competition to keep things moving along. But “The new, all metal, HTC One” sounded pretty stupid to me…

  • 100

    They have these ads for it, but none of my local T-Mobile stores have it in stock! I ordered online, and its back ordered

  • T Mo

    Uh. OK? Kinda like the article above says they are coming at somebody. I just think it’s funny if you praise a phone who’s hardware design and even supporting videos are a full rip from the iPhone 5 marketing material AND you renamed Microsofts LiveTiles to BlinkFeed and we celebrate this as a hooray to HTC. I want and support competition for sure but this is pretend.

  • tmo_rep

    Isn’t this similar to what motoblur attempted to do?

    • kalel33

      Yeah, but hopefully the end result isn’t the same. Motoblur would be fine on phones at first but those phone had horrible problems down the road and Motoblur was the culprit.

  • Will

    First thing I did was download and install Nova launcher to get rid of this crapware

  • Caerolle

    It doesn’t do much good to advertise something you can’t actually produce. I need to add a phone in the next few days, went into my local retail store today, and was told that they are not going to carry the One. So, I asked, are there some larger stores in town that will have them? And nope, no plans for them to be carried anywhere here! And this is a metro area with over 1 million people. The S4, on the other hand, will be in this store on Wednesday.