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With the launch of the iPhone 5 upon us and the HTC One/Galaxy S 4 coming up, there’s plenty of ways to follow TmoNews as we learn more about their respective releases. So follow us (and me) on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to stay up to date! Anyone who follows TmoNews on any of our social media channels knows I’ll do my best to respond to right away to any questions, concerns or comments you might have. Engagement across our social media channels is part of the TmoNews appeal and I’ll do my best to make sure each and every one of you get some TLC!

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TmoNews is coming soon as App.net as soon as I can set up a method to auto-post RSS. Here’s our page!

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  • Sure would like to get updates from you guys on App.Net as well! ;-)

    • That’s coming as well!

      • the2000guy

        That will be awesome to have an app and eliminate the bookmark created on iOS :D

        • MacRat

          Get an iOS app that checks RSS feeds.

          Much less trouble.

        • the2000guy

          I havent check that but I noticed what you indicate of RSS feed apps. Thanks

      • dp4609

        Any possibility to make TmoNews work ” better” in Google’s currents. I know you can set it up as a feed but if possible it’d be great to see the whole article with out having to click around and wait for the pages to load. Either way great work regardless on how I have to access it. :)

      • Dion Mac

        $5 a month tho? I love tmonews, but not that much.

        P.S. I’m in my feelings right now, so don’t judge me.

        • Then get a free account. Hit me up on Twitter and I’ll send you an invite. @Jaxidian <–

        • Dion Mac

          Thank you!

  • mnaz105

    When’s the app coming out David?

  • taron19119

    whewhen is the iPhone for Android coming

    • Nick Gonzalez

      February 31st, 2014

    • 21stNow

      Didn’t XDA already do that ten years ago? ; )

  • Jared Wolfe

    David! Thanks for all your hard work. I for one GREATLY appreciate the news and rumors. I check daily to see what’s new. THANKS!

  • Dion Mac

    Question… I hear that T-Mobile paid $4 billion to have there edge network upgrade. So does it only take hardware upgrades or do that also have to purchase more spectrum in these edge only areas?

    • the2000guy

      I think that they haven’t change those areas because they don’t have enough customers and they focused on LTE and refarming the main areas of most traffic. I know because where I live there is some areas that still have Edge and around that area they have 4G working flawlessly. Its all about business. If your area have a lot of consumers of Tmo then that could be a loss for them.

      • Dion Mac

        No offense but that doesn’t answer my question. They’ve already paid to have the entire edge network upgraded hardware wise, I just want to know if thats all it takes or will more spectrum be required.

        • the2000guy

          They need to add the antennas and other modifications require to work properly. If it is worth it to do it then they will eventually do.

        • It’s just a hardware upgrade. Spectrum is already there nationally for at least WCDMA service on AWS.

        • Dion Mac

          Thank you!

  • Chris

    I have this site on my google reader (because I check it every day), but on my phone, it wont’ display the full article. It displays the beginning and then I have to click through to read the rest, which is annoying on a phone.

    Can this be fixed? Other websites I read I can see their full article with pictures and videos right in the reader app!