HTC One Retail Box Pictured As Device Appears To Be Free Of T-Mobile Branding

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 8.24.23 PM

With news of a solid release date for the HTC One finally arriving earlier today, it’s time to take a look at the packaging you’ll find when you pick up your very own One. The good news is that box is pretty much the only T-Mobile labeling you’ll find on the hardware and minus some bloatware, the HTC One is pretty much brand free. There’s no clear T-Mobile markings anywhere on the hardware and we see around five apps that are T-Mobile bloatware. That’s not to say other bloatware doesn’t exist on the device, but it won’t be directly from T-Mobile.

We’re finally putting all the pieces of the puzzle together with the release date, the price, and the packaging — so now we’re forced to watch the minutes tick away until T-Mobile stores open on April 24th.

Thanks Space Taco!
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  • Very Excited for this to be my Newest handset, minimal branding is a definite plus also. – )

  • help

    general one or galaxys4 for more of a business, serious phone?

    • superg05

      s4 but a note has more productivity software so????? note 3 :)

    • bleeew

      HTC One looks like a business phone by design. The S4 looks like a tweenager phone. HTC One.

  • Trav Montana

    Wooohoooo can’t wait. Yes thank god for no branding…they’re finally learning :)

    • MacRat

      The “beatsaudio” tramp stamp on the back isn’t branding?

      • Trav Montana

        We’re talking about T-Mobile branding on the front of the phone

        • Kit Pogi

          HTC did the right thing this time…lov’n in, can’t wait for my pre-order to arrive in a couple of days…

  • Great looking device, I just HATE that UI… Yuck! Put Stock 4.2, and it would be nice. Could root though, I guess.

  • I was honestly close on getting this. But due to the poor Android OS upgrade support on the HTC One S and even before that with the HTC Sensation I’m done with HTC on Tmo. Moved on to the Nexus 4 and never looked back.

    On another note: hope the people who does get the One, enjoy it.

    • MrJigolo

      I honestly think HTC will step it up with this phone considering they’re on their last breath. I expect the One to get updates fairly quickly.

      I could be wrong, though.

      • kalel33

        The phone is coming out with an OS that is already behind by one update than the rest of the new phones. I don’t see them changing. Just like with expandable memory and removable batteries, they think people don’t care about them. They might be right. There are quite a few people that don’t have a clue what OS they are on but many do.

        • Nee Austin

          This is my #1 concern (I have this phone on pre-order as a long time Verizon customer)

          Let’s just get it out there that when Key Lime Pie is released there are going to be a lot of unhappy One owners for a terribly long time.

      • Jeff Martinez

        I really hope HTC does, I loved my Amaze 4G, but with no Jelly Bean love and with minimal support, I decided to go the Nexus 4 route and I’m a Nexus user or nothing. But I agree I hope they do a better job this time around cause this phone is wicked nice.

    • DaddyM

      You make a very valid point.

      I, have a Sensation and its very slow and losing its touch by the day….I never could understand why the one S was even made. Horrible screen on that one and no official Jelly bean to my knowledge. This new One is decent but I don’t think hTc has made their best phone yet.

      • rnb0806

        the One S is GREAT! I have it. I’ve had it for a year now. I can only imagine how much better the ONE will be!!

    • gpt2010

      I agree with you. After the Sensation, I am done with HTC. The Sensation had the worst speakerphone I have ever heard. Yes a speakerphone is important to me. It does look like HTC more than addressed this problem, but it is too late. I made the switch to Samsung and I don’t think I will come back to HTC. But only time will tell for sure. HTC looks like they are going in the right direction now. I just hope they can survive. I love Samsung products, but I don’t want to see the competition die. It makes Samsung stay on their game.

    • ecdy

      The One S is really a terrific phone–once you root it. I’ve got AOKP JB 4.1.1 on mine and am very pleased. Lots of performance in a very convenient envelope and I can update the software any time I want. The HTC One even if rooted would not be enough of an upgrade for me to want to trade my rooted One S.

    • rnb0806


  • Btbcc12859

    How come we cant get the international version, with removable battery and expandable memory.

    • and flimsy plastic back? No thanks!

      • Geek Man

        what’s the deal with plastic back if you yourself put case on your current phone? I bet that you will put case on an aluminum phone even more since once they get nicked, it stays there forever.

        • Dave

          Nope no case, just a skin protector. Still get the solid feel of aluminum.

    • This is exactly the reason it takes so long to get updates you get a different variation than the original. Let T-mobile keep the phone as close to original as possible.

    • Deon Davis

      Um we are getting the same version as the international except for support for T-mobile frequencies. There is a China only model with dual sims you might have seen but that is a China only model.

  • jonathan3579

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! This just made me even more impatient. :(

    • RNB0806

      I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!

      • optimus0000

        Na mean!!!

  • Hoggles

    Can’t wait!

    Just like other ONE releases overseas & on AT&T (prob Sprint too)…no external carrier branding.

    • kk888

      ATT’s One does have carrier branding on the back. The att globe.

  • Qbancelli

    Played with this phone today at an AT&T store.
    Yeah it looks good and all that, but I like my Nexus 4 better.

  • MrJigolo

    Ahhh yeah. No branding is great. Good job HTC.

  • Can you tell us if it has WiFi calling

    • Deon Davis

      Yes it does, confirmed on XDA by a member that has the phone.

    • skinybone

      Yes it does

  • Omeer

    I for one proudly rock any T-Mobile branding. It’s so weird but I’ve become so akin to T-Mobile that I feel weird and uncomfortable in a way with any phones that have the AT&T, Verizon etc. branding. There were numerous times I passed on unlocked phones from the other carriers because of their branding, it’s as if I was cheating on Tmo or something lol. Anyway I’ll be happy with seeing the T-Mobile logo on the menu bar of this little beauty :)

    • JJCommonSense

      glad i’m not alone in that feeling.. LOL

  • trife

    This phone is beast! But….there are a few glaring issues I have with it.

    1. The non-removable Flipboard clone.
    2. The button layout–not sure I can get used to just 2 buttons down there.
    3. HTC support. We all know the deal with this.
    4. This is nitpicking, but I HATE the “Beats Audio” logo on the back in red. It screams “Look at me–I’m trendy!!!”

    Everything else looks good and the lack of T-Mobile branding is very nice, too. This may be a game time decision for me.

    • Aznmarine30

      I played with the One at AT&T and compared it to my Galaxy note 2 and found it my note 2 sounds better when playing music. The AT&T Rep also agreed with me that my phone was louder when listening to the same song, on both devices

      • DDroid45

        Hahaaaaaaaa, man I jus compared my one x+ to a the note 2 and ththe note barely won, am I suppose to believe the note sound better than a dual speaker phone

        • Aznmarine30

          Yes, even the AT&T representative was surprised

        • DDroid45

          Well I guess the only thing to do is test it out myself,

      • Joe

        Dude we all know Samsung is paying people to hype their products over HTC. The jig is up!

  • rob

    Well after hearing about the battery and browser glitch issues on the Z10, I think the One is now my next gadget. Until BLackBerry10 matures a bit at least.

  • Clarkkent113

    I love my Note 2, but part of me is really tempted to sell it and get the HTC One. That is one sexy looking phone, and if I didn’t rely on the S-Pen so much I’d probably do it.

    • superg05

      just get a note 3

  • Nick Gonzalez

    Ok cool, but will T-Mobile get the black version?

    • Goliath King

      Yes this is the Question I want to know also

      • jray

        No T Mobile will not up the black version but ive held both and trust me the silver is definitely better dont trust the pics

        • Goliath King

          And what is your Source on this that TMO is not going to carry the Black one?

        • he doesn’t have a source .. every carrier will get the black one.

        • Nick Gonzalez

          PLEASE!!! I hope so. But I keep hearing around the web that T-Mo isn’t getting the black One.

        • the black version isn’t exclusive to any carrier .. only the 64GB version is .. I don’t know at what point the black will be available to order but all carriers will offer it.

  • Thank the Wireless Gods, My Visa is ready.

  • Rizo

    No removable battery, and no external SD… I just can’t do it. Looks aren’t everything, but this One cuts it close (pun intended).

  • So how do we buy this phone unlocked from tmobile? Seems online they only let you buy phones full price with a plan attached. No store within an hour of me.

    Want to hold on to my $30/month plan.

    • chantie

      htc is selling it off their website as well

  • Gio G

    omg… this is amazing

  • Goliath King

    I know I’ve asked this….. Hey I’m persistent (I’m a Scorpio so I can’t help it) WHEN IS TMO GOING TO CARRY THE BLACK ONE?!

  • Kit Pogi

    mine should be arriving in 3days….booyah!

    • GwapoAko


  • Alxndrv

    Does anyone have any info on the black one? I’m really interested in this but in black. What carriers are going to get the black one? Hopefully Tmobile does if not this will do, I really need to dump AT&T ASAP.

    • the last thing I heard was that black would be available to all but you’d have to get it online

  • jray

    No Branding cause honestly where would you put it have a loot at the front boom speakers on each end and then the bezel is too small for print!!! none of the carriers have branding on the front cause it wouldnt fit

  • Shawndh

    Thank you! I love my sleek little HTC One S but I hate that T-Mobile logo right on the front. People always ask me ‘what kind of phone is that?’

  • Alex

    i will wait & see if they get the 64GB

    • chantie

      only at&t and the unlocked developer edition will be 64gb

  • Realest Ever

    Beautiful device and I am a loyal fan to HTC since my G1 as I stated in my other post. Bloatware is going to exist on any carrier phone unless you purchase a pure Nexus device from Google. i feel though Tmo’s bloatware is no where near as bad compared to how much bloatware other carriers put on their phones.I don’t mind branding though because 9 times out of 10 I will have some type of case or something on my phone, Plus I am proud that T-mobile is my first and only carrier so let the brand show!

    • predation

      iphone doesnt have bloatware.

      • Realest Ever

        Well, i actually was speaking about android phones but since you interjected so kindly, are you 100% sure that Sprint,verizon,and AT&T don’t include per-installed apps on thier iPhone? Like a tv app or something? i do not have an iPhone(thankfully) so i can not verify this. Me personally i feel like Apple maps is blotware, then again I am an Android lover so to each is own,Predation.

        • msohail

          There are no pre-installed apps on the iPhone from any carrier.

          The build quality is this phone is awesome .. now only if it came with pure Google android.

        • Realest Ever

          I was thinking the same exact thing. If HTC used the same build quality,The improved speaker,added wireless charging,and wrapped in a pure Google Experience people would be camping outside of T-Mobile stores

    • WW

      I would actually love to see some kind of TMo implementation (bloatware) of Wi-Fi calling on the Nexus 4 or iPhone sold by T-Mobile.

  • Randall Lind

    it has wifi calling right?

    • It does!

      • PiCASSiMO


  • JustSaying

    Does anyone else think there is no T-Mobile branding because they didn’t have time to do it? Maybe they were trying to hurry up with the production of these phones to get them to stores because of that delay. I know that the AT&T HTC One’s have branding but i’m assuming they were made first since they are launching before T-Mobile. This is just a guess though…

    • chantie

      at&t’s has branding, t-mobile and sprint’s are not branded.

  • Billy Bridgett

    Hey Guys , Do anybody know if this phone support BOTH 4G and 4G LTE

    • PiCASSiMO

      Yes… both. 1700/2100 AWS and Band 4 LTE.

      • Billy Bridgett


  • David Lebron

    Can’t wait to be seated with it :)

  • me

    Damn that’s a nice looking phone. Love the build quality of HTC.

  • raverCWB

    What are the frequencies listed on the box???? UMTS 1800,1900, 850, 1700/2100 (AWS)? What about LTE? only AWS????



  • IAmSixNine

    Lets hope the Black One is available soon.

  • Josue

    im tempted to get this phone….lol

  • RNB0806


  • FrillArtist

    How much is it? Fully unlocked and carrier free?

  • How do we buy this unlocked from t-mobile? It seems like on their site, you can only buy phones for full price if you purchase one of their new plans.

    I’m guessing in stores would work, but there isn’t one within an hour or so of me…

  • David

    Updates updates! You all sound like a bunch of cry baby’s. Just root the phone guys!