Hello There, My Name Is Brad


Since you’ll be seeing me around here a little bit, I figured it’s only polite to introduce myself, right? So, hello there. My name is Brad. I’m the intern here.

Originally from Delaware (delawhere?), I’ve lived in TN for the past year since marrying my dream gal. I love technology, saving people money, writing, high-fidelity music with good headphones, and running. My smartphones/platforms of choice, in order, are: jailbroken iPhone, Nexus Android devices, stock iPhone, and skinned Android. I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I’m an equal-opportunity technology fan and in a past life I was a metal vocalist, though I much prefer jazz these days. Oh yeah, that’s me and my moms up there; I’m the one with the beard.

I’ll be glad to answer any additional questions in the comments below.


  • RotaryP7

    Hello and welcome Brad.

    • Brad Lopez

      Thanks, Carlos!

  • Brooks Barnard

    Welcome Brad!

    • Brad Lopez

      Thanks, Brooks!

  • Ruvim

    Hello and welcome to the internet :)

    • Brad Lopez

      I’ve been here a while, but formerly just as a stalker.

  • Mike Shaw

    Howdy Brad, dont worry we dont believe any of the bad things that David has told us about you.

    • Brad Lopez

      They’re probably all true. That’s why I just pour the coffee around here.

  • Woo, David’s finally getting some help. That guy’s a beast.

    • Brad Lopez

      Yeah he is. He’s been juggling this whole thing by himself for a while now! It’s an honor to help bear some of the burden alongside him.

    • Why thank you sir! Blogging is a rough job, but someone has to do it!

  • Bud

    Welcome Brad! 😜

  • idk

    So I assume your a big fan of magenta???

    • Brad Lopez

      That I am. I like what they stand for,

  • Nice beard.

    Also what headphones do you use with your phone, day to day?

    • Brad Lopez

      Lately I’ve been rocking Sennheiser HD 558s. I love the wide sound stage that the open-back style affords, as well as the tight and punchy but tamed bass presence.

      And that beard was but a shadow of what it become before I parted with it.

      • I’ve got some Sennheisers myself for at home use. Those Germans really know their stuff. If it fits the style of TmoNews, maybe we can look forward to an at-length post of your audio gear of choice.

      • Jay

        Very nice set of cans. I use Bose AE2 for my day to day. Very hated on but I personally love them for the price I got them for lol. Welcome

  • rob

    Welcome Brad, keep up the good work

  • Jared Wolfe

    Brad, favorite brand headphones and pre amp?

  • TMoFan

    Hi Brad nice to see you’ll be writing more here.

    • Brad Lopez

      I actually Don’t have a preamp at this time, but I really love the sound of Sennheiser’s open-back headphones. I’m a low-budget audiophile wannabe.

  • chasoo

    Welcome to the club, Brad!

  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    Brad welcome! Besides headphones do you know of any good ear phones? Thanks in advance

    • Brad Lopez

      I really like the sound signature of the Klipsch Image S4 series, personally. I got the S4i’s for $35 as an open-box return on eBay. They easily outperform several of the more popular brands in their $100 retail price range.

      • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

        Thank you very much Brad :)

  • Steve Raycraft

    Welcome Brad. Glad to see David get some help.

    • Brad Lopez

      Me too! He was swimming.

  • carlos

    Bienvenido brad

    • Brad Lopez

      Es un placer estar aquí.

      • carlos

        Si llegan a saber noticias de tmobile puerto rico pues nos gustaría saber. Ej. Noticias como LTE q ya lo anunciaron. Pero tmobile usa es quien manda.

        • Brad Lopez

          Lo qué lleguemos a saber, sabrán ustedes.

          Espero oír más de LTE en general, pero estaré especialment

        • carlos

          Gracias brad

  • igusjason

    hi brad! WELCOME!! im switching to tmobile in teh next month… ill make sure to bug you when i make the switch! BE READY! twitter?

  • Guest

    What’s up bro!!!

  • SJ

    A lot of the MP3 type players on phones or my iPod sound almost tinny. Are there any headphones that will help with that without breaking the bank.

    • Minch

      LG Quadbeats or Sony MH1c.

  • trickinit

    I also speak Spanish and Portuguese, and I’m just curious where you learned them. I spent 2 years in Brazil.

    • Brad Lopez

      Aprendí español por trabajar con hispanos en Chick-fil-A y me auto-enseñé Portugués.

      • trickinit

        Que legal! Eu sei que não é fácil de aprender uma língua, ainda mais sem morar no país onde se falam. Bem vindo a TmoNews!

        • Brad Lopez

          Onde eu moro ninguém fala português, assim e bom conhecer gente que fala português aqui no sítio!

  • Ian Wilson

    What type of metal band did you sing for?

    • Brad Lopez

      I was in a decidedly mediocre metalcore band. Lot’s of breakdowns, easy melodies. No good recordings exist. I’m still in practice, I just don’t pursue it professionally.

  • Jose Hernandez

    Bienvenido Brad, un placer y gracias por tus artículos. Saludos de Detroit y Puerto Rico. Great having you on board.

    • Brad Lopez

      Es un placer estar aqui. Muchísimas gracias por sus saludos.

      • NextBig313

        Did he just say he lives in

        Detroit and he’s from Puerto Rico?

        • Jose Hernandez

          I sure did. Got it just right.

  • Chris

    Welcome Brad :)

    • Brad Lopez


  • GS3

    Hello brad :)

    • Brad Lopez


  • lifeisgr84all

    Welcome Brad,
    What exactly you will be doing here? Mr. Legere might have been so impressed by David’s work that he got him help. What do you think of Galaxy S4?

    • Brad Lopez

      My role is flexible and will be determined as we go along.

      The GS4 is an exciting device. I’m curious to see which features are useful and which are relegated to the gimmick bin.

      • lifeisgr84all

        Awesome! I am sure we be getting more on TmoNews now :)

      • As far as useful im sure the no touch feature is useful

    • Ha, I don’t know if he’s my biggest fan these days!

      • Brad Lopez

        I don’t see why he wouldn’t be.

      • lifeisgr84all

        I am sure he is :) wanna bet?

  • 21stNow

    Welcome Brad!

    • Brad Lopez

      Howdy doo

  • taron19119

    David well run T-Mobile news side and brad well run metro pcs news side lol all jokes aside welcome aboard brad

  • lzc753

    Bienvenido Brad!!!

    • Brad Lopez

      Gracias por tenerme.

  • enzo

    hola brad. saludos, siempre leo las noticias de tmobile aqui y sobre las ofertas que hay, y ne da gusto que hay alguien que hable espanol para asi enterarme mejor de lo que pasa,

    • Brad Lopez

      Cualquier pregunta, estoy dispuesto.

      Es de PR usted?

      • enzo

        no, yo soy de Mexico y recido en Sc

        • Brad Lopez

          Órale. No tan lejos de dónde yo estoy. ¿Cual ciudad?

        • enzo

          en Columbia. y creo aprendiste ESP con mexicanos

        • Brad Lopez

          Aprendí de mexicanos. Me gusta usar vocabulario que pertenece a la la región de la persona con quien converso.

  • glad to have you with us Brad! We’re quite a lively bunch and you seem to be just as much, you’ll fit in very well. – )

    • Brad Lopez

      I was definitely a long-time reader before writing here. I’m a big fan of the community on this site. I’m glad to be here.

      • so you basically already know a lot of us…. uh ohhh ;)

        • Brad Lopez

          Oh yeah, and I like it!

  • mreveryphone

    Welcome to the fam Brad! I look forward to reading more of your articles.

  • John

    So Brad will you be bringing Just T Mobile News or also Metro PCS news?

    • Brad Lopez

      Whatever I catch wind of.

      • John

        cool thanks

    • The site will cover MetroPCS news moving forward in at least some capacity, I don’t know that I’ll post every bit of news, but definitely a lot of it will be make its way to the blog, especially as time continues on and the companies begin moving closer and closer together.

      • John

        OK thanks

  • Wiggycat

    Are you single?

    • Brad Lopez

      Happily married to the girl of my dreams!

  • Aaron

    Nice to see another Delawarean into the smartphone tech world

    • Brad Lopez

      Delawareans unite!

  • Razius

    Woohoo! Someone else also in Tennessee!

  • Ginadagelatina

    looks like ima be coming here more often just cuz brad is hot ;)

  • I’m still laughing over Delawhere? I like this guy. Cheesy jokes and puns are a must.

  • Seeyawing

    Hey Brad,
    ATL checking in to say Hi and welcome aboard.

  • spritemoney

    Excited for you to write up more articles. I’m a frequent reader, so great job seeing somebody new!

  • JMA

    muito boom

  • scuttlefield

    Welcome, Brad! What an exciting time to start writing for TmoNews! Don’t let David boss you around too much. :D

  • spritemoney

    Do you have a twitter Brad?

    • Brad Lopez

      I’ll be making one shortly.

  • Gerrie

    I noticed you have iphone listed twice. Welcome anyways Brad.

    • Brad Lopez

      It’s true, it’s true. But I’m equal opportunity. That being said, I haven’t had enough hands-on experience with a Windows Phone device to draw any sort of conclusions about that platform yet.

      • GiveBBaChance

        If you’re truly “equal opportunity”, I hope you’ll be giving a new Blackberry some fair time as well (either a Z10 or the Q10 when it’s released)…I know it’s a big deal that T-Mobile finally got the iPhone, but I’ve been really disappointed in the lack of coverage for BB10 of late. Come on sheeple…

      • Peter

        I’ve tried everything. I swear by Windows Phone now. The only sad part is that T-Mobile doesn’t have a flagship Windows device. I still prefer my Lumia 810 to any Android or iOS device. Check them out!

        • Nearmsp

          Microsoft is it own enemy. I hate Microsoft every time they bring a new office version. It is like learning a new software. All menu’s change. So I run from WP as far as I can.

      • James Harding, Jr.

        I have used all of the platforms and I love Windows phone. People who talk bad about WP obviously haven’t used it or didn’t understand it. In Windows Phone the mid and low range devices are actually viable

  • Klaatu Nikto

    There’s no such thing as a jailbrocken iPhone. iPhones are so fucked up in Apple jail they remain iPhones foreva.

    • Brad Lopez

      Tell that to my iPhone.

  • Welcome to the family! Glad to have you aboard helping out David alleviating some stress with keeping the site updated with news.

  • Mike C

    Hi Brad. I too am from Delawhere and also left for greener pastures (the desert isn’t really green, but we are pretty warm). I am a T-Mobile manager and look forward to reading your updates.

  • kevev

    Portuguese Woohoo! Beautiful language. Welcome to the wonderful world of T-Mobile fandom. :o)

  • First story you could post is how the Xperia Z just got approved for T-mo LTE bands

  • Ben Jammin’

    Welcome Brad!

    My only complaint about TmoNews … the fact that it just turned 5 years old (I’m an astute stalker) and there was no hoopla over the half-decade mark.

    Which means I’ll be expecting MAJOR hoopla for the 10th anniversary. Just sayin’.

    • Hahahaha I know I know, I totally overlooked it, that’s baby brain for you!

      • gpt2010

        Welcome Brad!! More employees of TMONews means more coverage of T-Mobile. Got to love that! David, can we please get an app for TMONews for Android and iOS in the future?

        • carlos

          Good idea! David would be best if we had an application for mobile phones

        • Working on it, it might be basic, but something!

        • gpt2010

          Lot of us are loyal to your website, so we will take anything!

  • Stephen.

    You’re super cute brad. ;)

  • el_perezo

    How about tmobile’s lack of a good rugged phone. I’m a firefighter and been with tmobile for about 5yrs now and would like a rugged phone like att’s samsung rugby pro.

  • PhantomWraith

    well you have my respect at least you openly admit the iphone is your main bias as thats your preference unlike some other editors here who won’t reveal their phone of choice.

    • Brad Lopez

      The iPhone is my preference, but I’m definitely not closed-minded. I’m an equal opportunity tech fan.

  • tonyfatex

    HI Brad!!!! Been a TmoNews reader since the start! Welcome aboard! TmoNews…. how about a layout change? LOL =)

    • Maybe! I’m thinking about how best to change the layout in the future based on what direction I want the site to go now that I’ll be broaching some MetroPCS news.

  • Nearmsp

    Welcome Brad! We are hungry for tmonews on the weekends. i can’t blame David, but this is an area where you can contribute. As an intern, if you can take on a project to hitch tmonews with an existing forum app for iOs/Android/xx that would be real cool. Look forward to double the tmo news now! Updates on coverage updates will be cool too. You know David does an excellent job, leaking upcoming phones and plans etc. But the refarming project and LTE project and towers covered in each district has been a closely held secret in T-mobile and even their non Engineering employees have no clue. Please crack that nut!

    • Haha that’s still my nut to crack! As for the Android app, that’s on my radar and I hope to have some news on it soon!

  • ShoeVixen

    Welcome Brad to TmoNews! Love that we are getting some new insight (not that David wasn’t doing that). Look forward to reading more from you. BTW, love your sense of humor!!

  • bobby

    hey Brad, i have been with tmobile since before it was tmobile. i also live in TN.
    thanks goodness nexus was second at least in your list.


  • Milad

    “I am the one with the beard ”
    Very funny … Welcome Brad :)

  • Nice to have you here. I welcome you with open hands.

  • Guest

    Hey Brad, Could i post

  • Carlos Hery Aloma

    Hey Brad, could I post a link here for those who would be interested in learning how to earn their T-Mobile service free every month or better? Thank you!

    • No. No Solavei links.!

      • Carlos Hery Aloma

        Copied and thanks! â–º Rock On!

  • Whitney

    Hi Brad

  • Brad ur Hott… Anyway I’m thinking of switching to AT&T could be a sad day for tmobile anything u can say to change my mind? I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4S no 3G yet maybe never but coverage map shows only 2g in my area anyhow was thinking of upgrading to a tmobile iphone 5 because its frequencies are compatible with the 1700/hspa or whatever it is but either way there’s only 2g coverage in my area:(

    • I guess my real question is if tmobile’s coverage in my area will ever be 3G?

      • Brad Lopez

        I don’t have access to their roadmap, so I can’t say. I’d assume it will get better over time, especially with all the spectrum deals they’ve been able to secure lately.

  • OnlineRefugee

    Brad? Have you been resurrected? I thought you were taken out in Pulp Fiction:


  • Mario

    Bienvenido a tmobile new !!! Yo vivo en memphis y ojalá ye valla bien

  • Welcome, Brad. I’m sure you’ll leave us enraptured with your posts.