Deal Alert: Walmart Prices The HTC One At $148.00 With Two-Year Agreement

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Disappointed by the lofty price tag Best Buy is throwing out for Classic Plan subscribers at $299? Here’s some good news as Walmart is undercutting Best Buy by slightly more than 50% with a $148 price tag on the HTC One. Quantities are limited and not all Walmart locations will have them in stock, but if you can find it, buy it. Don’t ask questions, don’t stop and consider it, just buy it. The One at this price on a two-year agreement is quite possibly one of the best deals in T-Mobile-land now. Happy hunting!



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  • Dj Chea

    isnt that the same amount your down payment would be after taxes and no contract… if you went to the store…

  • If I were to get this or the S4, I would go ahead and get it on contract to get the lowest out of pocket price. Paying for it monthly while billed to your account is the same as a contract, and you get the same service. So save the money upfront. Just my thoughts. Because $148 is a steal for the on contract price!

    • tmo

      Out of pocket cost is the same on value plans 99.99 down + tax on the full price of the device

    • TechHog

      In addition to the below, you save $20 on your bill after you pay it off, and you have to pay the tax on the full price of the phone at the start which means that the installments don’t get taxed.

      • You are still under contract either way, so it doesn’t matter.

        • TechHog

          Saving money doesn’t matter?

        • tmo

          You are not under contract for the service you are only obligated to pay the phone off

  • ok

    Buy it, cancel the service, and pay the $200 ETF. You get yourself a nice brand new phone for the price of a Nexus. Will this work?

    • bleeew

      Thats a douche bag move.

      • Khalints

        It wouldn’t even work, no need to worry ;)
        If it was that easy everyone would be doing it, there’s a reason that’s not the case.

      • ok

        Maybe if HTC actually cared about their customers I’d feel guilty.

        • thepanttherlady

          How is screwing over T-Mobile going to make a point to HTC exactly?

        • ok

          HTC is too out of touch with reality to understand anything at this point. T-Mobile is short $200 which they made up with their misleading insurance plans I had between 2004-2008.

        • thepanttherlady

          You’re a piece of work and a big reason this industry is as screwed up as it is. Congratulations.

        • ok

          “The industry” is screwed up because I asked a question on a T-Mobile blog? I’m a monster! :(

        • thepanttherlady

          Not a monster, just dishonest with apparently no ethics.

        • mdosu

          go for it, and report back to us how well it worked. You realize your credit will be hit too?

        • Magenta Fl

          Ehem…. Don’t worry panther lady. Let him do that move. That dishonest move will cost him that if he cancel his service like that, everybody know that if he doesn’t pay those $200.00 Collection agencies hit the account and his credit damaged. Oh and we could possibly block the IMEI , I forgot that… Also, when he speaks about misleading insurance plans reminds me also that maybe he just “LOST” his phone more than twice in a year and because he is a liability to Asurion they just deactivated his insurance, or maybe because he never returned those equipments to get new ones, plus money selling them. At the end of the day, because people like ok, is that the telecomunications industry has become a danger to our economical standpoint here in USA… That’s why every single company may strive some quaters and cannot have enough revenue to buy new spectrum and be on par with Europe, ASiA, CHiNA and other international countries. They not only hurt themselves with that focus, but also other consumers and the Nation.

    • Khalints

      Try it, you’re going to be in for a BIG $urprise

    • goma

      doesnt work anymore….TMOBILE would still let u pay for retail price of the phone…coz youre stuck with the 24month 20$/mo contract on the phone itself…tried it before with value plans on the NOTE 2…. was worth a shot tho lol….

      • TechHog

        This is the subsidized classic plan. No phone payments.

      • thepanttherlady

        I thought after 30 days on a Classic plan you can cancel, hence the reason for an ETF?

        • Adrayven

          They seem to be thinking value/simple choice payment plan.. Not subsidized / contract.

        • thepanttherlady

          They’d have to be. The article is regarding a Classic plan so I guess I figured they knew. :)

    • You won’t be to happy when ur imei gets blocked for cancelling the agreement … You can have the phone you just can’t use it :(

      • ok

        Finally a real answer. Thank you.

      • mdosu

        would they do that for classic too? I thought it was just for people who walked away from the new uncarrier plans.

        • Classic plan will end when the contract is over there will not be any contracts any longer

      • thepanttherlady

        They can’t blacklist an IMEI # if the customer pays the final bill.

        • Adrayven

          True, if ETF is paid. however, this is why Verizon, ATT, Sprint raised their ETF prices.. and likely a contributing reason why contract plans wont last long in 3rd party stores t-mobile. Betting they go simple choice as soon as they can..

        • thepanttherlady


        • They can & will black list the imei if that customer buys on classic cancels & pays the final bill T-Mobile will consider it to be fraud. If they do this to early in the agreement… Idk what the specific time period this would be

    • jj

      you get charge for monthly service, 30 internet with its taxes, activation fee and tax on etf, 150 for the phone + sales tax

    • banksaveli

      You better read the contract my friend. When you sign through Walmart or best buy or any other store, if toy cancel you pay the store cancelation fee which I remember was either $200 or $300 plus the $200 to Tmobile.

      • jonathan3579


        • We have a winner!

        • Fabian Cortez

          Chicken dinner!

      • Chantie

        incorrect Wal-Mart does not have their own ETF the ONLY ETF will be the $200 from T-Mobile!

        • thepanttherlady

          From their website (which you also have to agree to keep your account in good standing for 180 days):

          Rate Plan Changes, Deactivations, or Cancellations After 14 Days
          We are able to offer our customers amazing prices because we are an online retailer and because of our sales volume with the nation’s most popular wireless carriers. Our business model is simple. We earn commissions from our carrier partners for activating and upgrading customers on their services. We use our commissions to offer an Instant Savings Discount (ISD) on our wireless devices, enabling us to sell them to you for very low prices or free. By accepting the ISD, you agree to keep your account in good standing and keep your wireless plan and features as activated for at least 180 days.

          You agree to repay $200 of this discount ($400 for smartphones, tablets, and netbooks) and authorize us to charge your credit card in repayment of this amount if, you signed up for a 2 year agreement and during the 181 days after your new equipment is activated, your carrier notifies us that the services you purchased have been suspended, disconnected, or deactivated, or if you return your purchase outside of the return and exchange provisions of our 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

        • chantie

          If you go into Wal-Mart and get the phone there is no additional fees if you go on line you are no longer dealing with Wal-Mart. They use another company for their online phone sales and they have different pricing and terms and conditions

        • thepanttherlady

          You may be correct but unfortunately, I’m not at liberty right now to actually go to a store and prove or disprove the OP’s claims and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve purchased a phone at T-Mobile.

          That’s all I had to work with.

        • She is correct and I can verify he would know this information. Thus ends the debate!

        • Paul

          according to this website though the B&M can sell the phone directly to you but sells through an authorized reseller letstalk

          When I bought the phone in store today there was no mention of a
          secondary ETF nor was it in the paperwork I signed.

          Even the website that is from mentions it is BECAUSE it is an online retailer they must do this.

        • Billy

          What if you pay with cash? Best Buy or any other place wouldn’t be able to charge your credit card.

      • Magenta Fl


    • Dakota

      Is the etf only $200… that seems pretty low…I thought they were more than 350

  • mdosu

    everyone has a different service needs, etc, but at $150 on a classic, this deal might beat all existing grandfather plans….

  • yussi

    Best buy does price match so if you go in the store and tell them the phone is cheaper @ walmart they will look it up and give u the same price.

    • jonathan3579

      That’s incorrect. Best Buy does not match cell phone prices.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        Yes they do price match on cell phones.

        • jonathan3579

          You better check again. They said as of the beginning of April, they no longer price match phones. This has been said at EVERY Best Buy store I’ve gone to. (Which is over 5 in Houston.)

    • H Fawaz

      Most Best Buy stores dont sell T-Mobile in store-at least in Michigan they dont as far as i know. But they do sell it online for $299. Yikes!

  • drhom direct price $579 no contract, is better than Walmart $149 with contract $650 direct. simple mobile or will get you into a 4G plan for less than $50/month. So why bother with writing props for Walmart David? are they paying u to sponsor them?

    HTC One $579 is a better deal then $650 for Samsung S4. (this comment should foment a bunch of opinions).

  • Wondering

    If I go to a T-Mobile store and sign up for a simple choice plan… how much is the activation fee? Also, If I decide I don’t want T-Mobile anymore after a couple months can I cancel my service plan payments but still keep my $20 payments over 24 months? Or do I have to pay in full at the time I cancel my service plan? It would be nice if I could just pay the phone off and just be billed the $20 a month.

    • thepanttherlady

      I’m not sure if T-Mobile is still charging activation fees.

      Yes, you can cancel your service; however, the remaining balance of the device payments will be billed in full on your last bill.

      • KOLIO

        No activation fees & free standard shipping on all phones.
        I was inadvertently charged an activation fee on my 1st bill,however,T-Mobile was very quick to credit my account/remove the charge.

    • AM505

      How it works is there is no Activation Fee but a sim starter kit purchase of $10 only when activating a new service then when it comes to the payment plan once the service has been canceled the phone must be paid in full with partial charges of the service used before or after the cycle date not due date cycle date

  • ShadyPenguin

    If you go to a T-Mobile branded store, there are no activation fees($35) on new lines. However, there is a $10 fee for a sim starter kit for a new line. No matter how you cut it, the new simple choice plans even with installments are cheaper than the comparable classic plans. Plus, there will be no contract to the service. For a phone like the Optimus L9 you’re only doing $192 in installments at $8/mo for 24 months. So to get truly unlimited with the installment you’re looking at $78 a month prior to taxes. The comparable classic plan is 89.99.

  • Justsayingthetruth

    Its all about the iphone 5 anyways

  • You can quit tmobile anytime you want but you have to pay it off no installments

  • Debra Premo

    any word on the black version.. or any news of a mother’s day sale?

    • FILA

      ATT has the exclusive black version, which looks better. T-Mobile will never see it. Feel free to pay the 600 or whatever it is off contract and bring it to T-Mobile, lol

      • uknoTJ

        its not exclusive to at&t anymore. sprint already has the black version available on their site while at&t doesn’t yet. so its possible it will come to Tmo as well

      • H Fawaz

        ATT had an exclusive on the 64Gb version of the HTC One only. Black is available or will be available from all carriers sooner or later.

    • Alan713

      i saw black version on Expansys, unlocked they sell

  • Binny Gupta

    Hello i would like to know which would be better 4 people on value plan (all smart phone)
    or all classic ( smart phone)

  • Can someone clarify this – am I able to get this phone from WalMart, extend my contract by another 2 years, but not change my existing grandfathered T-Mobile service plan? My current plan for 5 lines is way better than anything T-Mobile offers now. Thanks in advance!

    • chantie

      yes you may. depending on your data feature it may have to be changed in store however if you call customer care after they can change it back as long as it’s a smart phone data feature

      • Thanks! Will try to pull this off tomorrow. Unfortunately Costco doesn’t carry T-mobile HTC One yet.

    • IPlayIngress

      Same here. Plan is much more affordable. Will def. be looking into this..

  • rschauby

    I’ve got a Preferred plan which only costs me $95 dollars including taxes for 2 phones with essentially unlimited everything. If I can score this and use my $100 rebate coupon from HTC then I will be a happy camper.

  • rschauby

    Just went to my local Walmart and scored one of the only two they received. I was able to keep my Grandfathered Preferred Plan. The price was $148, came to $161 with taxes. I will also have an $18 upgrade fee on my net bill. I have the $100 rebate offer from HTC so I should come out with a final cost of $79!!

    Just opened the box. No headphones included :(

    • gchainani

      I got one as well from Wal-Mart. Can you please share the link to the HTC rebate offer

  • MrWar

    ships when available


  • bear fludd

    Went to Walmart was about to buy it but Tmobile wont allow me to purchase the pnone they say I have to go into a Tmobile store to purchase it and pay that 20$ installment plan

  • I want this phone, haha, it’s beautiful. I only got my S3 in November, for $1 (Black Friday), abd I recently cracked my screen. Why pay $150 to get a replacement, when I could get this. And still probably get a little cash for my S3, haha

  • OZ

    I got the unlocked version and about to return it. I was not aware that It won’t be able to work with T-Mobile’s WCDMA band. I get EDGE speeds.

    Beautiful phone though. Gorgeous screen.

  • Kaia

    Is this is Wal-Mart and Sam’s Clubs or just Wal-Mart? I happened to be in a Sam’s Club last night and they had the AT&T HTC One for $149 but for T-Mobile were charging $278 with contract, $678 with no contract. I don’t understand why the discrepancies, especially since the stores are right next to each other.

  • mikelam

    got my beats audio earbuds with my htc one fr. sprint.

  • Yoda

    Went to the At&t store to check out both the S4 and the One…since they are the first carrier to have both in stock from what i heard…and was sold on the HTC for it’s industrial design and polished interface, and the darn phone just feels snappier than the touchwiz equipped s4 (I have no idea why Sammy’s gallery still takes 2 seconds to load even with the quadcore cpu and the DDR3 2Gb ram). So made my way down to a local Walmart (SoCal) afterwards and got the last available unit of the One for exactly $150 plus tax and $18 upgrade fee. Thanks for the info Tmonews!

  • alex b

    I’m up for an upgrade…would I be able to still keep my current classic plan and get htc one for this price?

    • Gamesoul Master

      Yes, I just did the same thing myself when I got the phone a while back. Walmart *only* deals in classic plans, so you’ll be perfectly fine if you’re due for an upgrade.

      • alex b

        Ok thanks, gonna have to hunt one down now!

  • CoreO

    Wait.. 2 year contract?? I thought they (T-Mobile) did away with the 2 yr contracts.. with their “Uncarrier” move. Someone clear this up 4me please. Thanks ;-)

    • I’m not 100% sure and so take this with a grain of salt, but if I had to guess, it may just be referring to subsidizing the phone over a specific period of time (in this case, two years). It’s a “contract” in the sense that you agree to pay the money for the phone on a monthly basis until you’ve paid the phone off, but it’s not a “contract” in the sense that nobody is stopping you from canceling your plan or upgrading plans. Of course, you would still have to pay the balance you owed for the phone. It’s kind of like taking out a loan to purchase a car. If you decide you no longer want the car but still have a balance on the life of your loan, you’re still on the hook for it.

      Again, this is just a guess. I just upgraded to an Uncarrier Plan tonight and I didn’t upgrade my phone. So I’m not exactly sure what goes into it now. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

  • hugh

    Got mine last night. Was the 1st one to buy it at that store.

  • Mike in FL

    Is it possible to do this and keep the $20 Android Preferred Data Plan?

    • I did the upgrade yesterday, no changes to my plan. I have a $20 Unlimited Android Preferred data add-on. Hoping to get another $100 from HTC for a trade-in phone. I think the promotion is still valid at

    • famished


  • Eric QaOne

    Anyone with the $30/100 min prepaid plan able to get their paws on this phone anywhere?! T-Mo store told me they wouldn’t sell to prepaid customers even at the $579 full purchase price (and this is not an available option online)!

  • GSM Helper

    Will this phone work with t-zones or old data plan ($5/$10 preferred whatever…)?

    • Gamesoul Master

      I don’t have it myself to try, but I saw at least one user on XDA try who said it was working fine for him. Although he bought the phone outright.

  • Ty Christensen

    Just called the Walmart closest to home and they got two HTC Ones in and still have one left.