Samsung’s Galaxy S IV Will Continue Their Quest Toward Plastic Smartphone Domination


Samsung’s efforts to dominate the world of plastic smartphones will continue with the Galaxy S IV, according to Y.H. Lee, executive Vice President of Samsung’s mobile business. “When Samsung looks at what materials to use, it isn’t just taking into consideration the aesthetic quality of the device, Lee said.”

Lee went on to say that Samsung assesses “how quickly and efficiently it can manufacturer the product, knowing that it will have to ship a high volume.” Because of this, Lee said that Samsung considers the manufacturing requirements and durability. As for Samsung’s now staple plastic back cover, Lee said it gives devices an overall lighter feeling and “is more durable than those of other smartphones because its bendable and can better absorb physical impact.”

Samsung’s decision to continue the use of Samsung comes at a time when competitors like Apple produce metal frames that offer a premium product feeling. The same can be said for HTC’s upcoming One device, with the aluminum body providing a premium feel. Ultimately, Lee says Samsung looks to hit the right balance between what’s practical and the want to offer a more premium-feeling product.

“I think the next product has a nice balance between this,” she said. “We listen to the market and try to accommodate.”


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