Public Service Reminder: New Premium Handset Protection Coverage Rolls Out Today

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A quick public service reminder for all you in T-Mobile land as today, March 17th marks some changes to the carriers Premium Handset Protection plans. As of today, an “additional PHP tier has been added for higher end devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note and Note II. In addition, the existing insurance deductible for the current Tiers will be updated to better align with our increasingly powerful and expensive phone lineup.”

The new Tier, E, will introduce a $175 replacement deductible with a monthly charge of $11.99 per month. If you choose to go the insurance only route, you’ll pay $7.79 a month and $5.99 monthly for extended warranty only. As a quick reminder, warranty services only covers mechanical or electrical defects, not lost, stolen or damaged.

As we speculated back in December when we first got word of the new plan change, we believe the new tier has been designed to welcome the likes of higher-end devices like the iPhone and potential Galaxy Note II successors. Existing deductible costs are also changing today:

  • $25 – $20
  • $40 – $50
  • $90 – $100
  • $130 – $150
  • New Tier: $175

Monthly costs for Tiers A – D covering existing handsets as shown in the above image cost $7.99 a month for both extended warranty and insurance coverage. As  standalone features, insurance is $4.79 with warranty costing $3.99 as individual plans.

All customers with existing Premium Handset Protection packages should have received the above mailer alerting them to todays changes.



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  • art

    So right now I have a note 2 can I take off the warranty and just keep insurance so Im covered when its lost or stolen

    • You could

      • sushimane

        how about if i got the insurance plan can i jump down to the extended warranty?

        • You could but I wouldn’t recommend it. $3 more a month for relief? I’d take it. Too many times have I seen people break their phones only a month after they got it.
          Do the math. $3 x 12 mos = $36 x 2 (if you keep it for 2 years) = $72. I would pay $72 + the deductible to protect my investment.
          I just took my insurance off and guess what happened? I shattered my N4.

    • Jay

      You could but I wouldn’t recommend it. With the warranty, you can call tmobile anytime with a problem and they will basically overnight another phone to you without much hassle. Insurance is basically only used when you break the phone, lose it, or its stolen. Also have to pay the deductible Lets say your screen dies, or its a hardware issue. Wouldn’t you rather just call tmobile and get another one sent for free.

    • CRT24

      No you cannot change that coverage on an existing phone. You could change at the time of purchase of a new phone.

    • CJMTC

      You can remove or downgrade your insurance bundle any time; you can only add it at the point of sale or during a qualifying warranty claim event.

      • CRT24

        You can cancel insurance any time but you can only upgrade, downgrade, or add it within 14 days of a phone purchase. A “qualifying warranty event” has nothing to do with adding insurance, it is solely based on when you purchase a new handset.

        • moss

          What you just said there is absolutely incorrect. If you work for T-Mobile and tell that to customers you are doing them a disservice by not knowing the policy. Warranty replacements are a qualifying event for adding any php package. Also you can down grade from php bundle to either of the other options at any time but once you choose an individual package you are you can not go up or down, only cancel the coverage until another qualifying event comes around.

        • CRT24

          I just said above that a warranty exchange qualifies for you to add any coverage you choose and with all due respect, the policy is that you cannot change the coverage outside of the 14 day purchase/warranty exchange even though the system will allow you to change it….if you cancel the bundle and try to add insurance only and then try to file a claim then you will likely see that claim denied because the it will show that it was added outside of the 14 days. Don’t confuse being able to make the changes in the system with policy.

      • CRT24

        Or you can add it to a phone sent to you under warranty exchange…..that may be what you meant by “qualifying warranty event”

        • CJMTC

          Yep, that’s what I meant.

  • Jtothada

    I wonder what tier the gs4 falls under and the iphone

    • Get_at_Me

      Most likely the new tier

      • whiteiphoneproblems

        That’s my guess, as well. I have a feeling that the GS4 will be very expensive…

    • Jay

      Most likely the same tier as the GS3. The new tier is basically for the NOTE, since its more expensive

    • UglyPete

      verizon note 2 insurance deductible is $99…. Iphone 4, 4s and 5 is $169….. explain that lol

  • CalicoKJ

    Hence why I cancelled the insurance on all of my lines. Idaho law won’t let me have it on any financed phone anyways and I hit my final BTV in < 2 months.

    • Jason Crumbley

      That sounds like a stupid law. I wonder if they would do the same with a car… no insurance on financed cars. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

      • LC

        I’ve always thought that was a strange one myself…never quite understood it.

      • Coolgeek

        I believe that law is that the institution financing the product can’t also sell you Insurance for it. People in those select few states are still able to insure their phone through either homeowners/renters insurance; Or they can purchase separate insurance from a third party provider.

        • CJMTC

          Nailed it.

  • Aurizen

    i guess the iphones will be done by apple?

  • cielomoreno127

    Sidekick 4G, Touch Pro2 and BB 8900 have a $150 deductible, yikes.

    • steveb944

      Aw man my sister has the Sidekick, she better not lose/break it.

  • Mike Goetz

    I’ve always believed that the deductible should be reduced based on how long you’ve had the phone, too. After 18-24 months the cost of replacing the lost/stolen/broken phone with a refurbished (that’s what they give you anyways…) model significantly decreases.

    • RedGeminiPA

      The older the phone gets, the higher the failure rate is. That doesn’t make sense.

  • kalel33

    I never buy the insurance. I just sent the phone in as a defect and get hit with the out of warranty fee, which is much much cheaper than the deductible from Asurion and I don’t have to pay the higher insurance costs. The only thing my phone isn’t covered for is lost/stolen. Extended warranty covers everything else.

    • Not sure what you’re talking about but most people have their phones completely lost or damaged beyond repair. The “fee” for sending a phone like that in can exceed $300.
      Like I said before, paying $3 extra a month IMHO is worth it.
      If you have a broken screen or whatever, it’s probably just cheaper to get it repaired at a shop than to deal with the warranty exchange fees.

      • kalel33

        That was years ago when they charged that much. I sent my broken Mytouch 4G in for warranty exchanged and was charged $70 for the out of warranty. Sold it, and bought an HTC Amaze. I sent it in recently when I spilled some water on it and part of the screen didn’t work. $80 for the out of warranty fee. The ONLY reason you buy the insurance is if you have it stolen or lose it.

        I do it that way, because I used to work there and the math just didn’t add up to have insurance. Keep paying it if you like but I’ll save $3 a month on the charge and $40-$50 on the deductible when compared with the out of warranty fee.

      • Kalel is right… Often it is cheaper to send to the broke phone to T-Mobile & get charged on ur bill for it.

  • These plans are terrible and only worth it if you were into scamming like selling your phone to overseas and getting it replaced. I can’t believe some people would actually buy them for legitimate reasons.

    • Spanky

      I’ve always found phone insurance to be a waste of money. I take care of my devices, so I never needed it.

  • bruce

    I am trying the wells fargo cell phone insurance. Has anyone tried it? Paying your monthly cellular telephone bill with your Wells Fargo Credit Card is the smart way to pay. Why? Simple…you’ll receive cellular telephone protection for damage or theft at no cost.1 To make it easier, have your cellular telephone bill automatically charged to your Wells Fargo Credit Card every month. Protection is subject to a $25 deductible and maximum benefit limit of $600 per occurrence. Protection covers cellular telephones billed to your Wells Fargo Credit Card, subject to a maximum of two claims, per twelve month period, per Wells Fargo Credit Card account number. Protection covers cellular telephones that are stolen or damaged; protection does not cover cellular telephones that are lost. The cellular telephone protection coverage begins the first day of the calendar month following your first cellular telephone billing on your Wells Fargo Credit Card and remains in effect when you continue to charge your monthly cellular telephone bill to your Wells Fargo Credit Card. This protection may not be equivalent to or better than other applicable coverage you may have in force presently or in the future, such as your homeowner’s or automobile insurance policies, or through a plan provided through the seller of the telephone. Read all thecoverage benefits and exclusions for this protection.

    • RedGeminiPA

      They’re making interest on everything you just said. Of course they’re going to give a little something back, which makes them seem less evil.

  • kev2684

    T-Mobile asked me for a $120 deductible in exchange for a refurbished Galaxy S II. worst insurance ever.

    • Jason

      Refurbished device, which was better than your initial phone. Otherwise you wouldn’t need it, right? Take better care of your phone next time.

  • It’s come down to keeping a spare $500 in the bank just in case you need to replace your device on eBay or craigslist I mean $12 a month is to much lol might as well go thru someone else. Lost or stolen shouldn’t cost so much, damage should be the same just different deductibles. I’m not against the deductible if I lose my device or damage it $175 is a lot better than buying a new device. But with a higher monthly premium and higher deductible I see no value

  • They only doing this because of the stupid Apple iPhone. Yes the note is a different style device but a slightly larger screen and s-pen don’t wqualify qualify for a higher price jump from a s3 .If the s3 is 7.99 a month at 150 deductible is cool so the note is 175 cool too , not 11.99 sans 7.99 lllol for dollars adds up

    • RedGeminiPA

      And Apple sells AppleCare+ for the iPhone for $99 with a $50 deductible. On top of that, a damaged (or out of warranty) iPhone without it can be replaced at an Apple store for $199. Don’t blame the iPhone (which T-Mobile doesn’t even sell yet) for an increase in insurance costs. Do you really think some of these new high-end Android phones are much cheaper? Welcome to 2013. The iPhone isn’t the only very expensive smartphone on the market anymore.

  • OZ

    Have not paid for phone insurance since 2006. Would rather put money on the side and get an alternate phone if anything happens to mine.

  • John J

    typical Assurion, keep finding ways to make their service undesireable. I have gone to just extended warranty ONLY.

  • UglyPete

    damn that sucks. verizon note 2 insurance cost is $5.18 and deductible is $100.